Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 882

Chapter 882 Necessary Sacrifices

Chapter 882: Necessary Sacrifices


Deep inside the secret base on the Skeleton Island, inside a secret chamber that was piled up with obsidian and had glamorous patterns carved on all the four walls, Yuchi Ba, who had just recruited a batch of new warriors, appeared alone.

The disobedience and intimidating aura around him were hidden. Reverence was written all over his face.

He was by himself inside the secret chamber, but there was a bottomless hole in front of him that seemed to be leading to the heart of the planet.

Around the hole were circles of complicate stripes. Yuchi Ba span the stripes as if they were a password lock. Then, a click echoed somewhere deep down in the ground. A moment later, a stream of slightly red smoke popped up from the hole and hovered in midair, condensing into a fuzzy shadow.

An obscure voice drifted out from the smoke. “Is there still no news on the Divine Blood of Chaos?”

Yuchi Ba shook his head and said, “I’m sorry for my incompetence. I was too busy preparing for the hunting of the subordinates of Elder Nether Spring and did not expect that Jin Xinyue would jump out of nowhere. The three false teams fooled Elder Nether Spring but not her, and she took the Divine Blood of Chaos from Elder Ning by following the real team easily.”

“It is not because of your incompetence, but because I miscalculated.” The voice in the smoke continued. “Jin Xinyue is not to be underestimated. She seems to have recruited a super expert in secret who defeated all the hunters that were chasing after them.

“Then, Elder Nether Spring seemed to reach a deal with Jin Tuyi. They declared to the public that Saintess Jin Xinyue of the Pantheon of Demons had been killed on the battlefield to suppress the Riot of Bloody Blade.

“However, I know for a fact that Elder Nether Spring and Jin Tuyi have not captured Jin Xinyue or taken back the Divine Blood of Chaos.

“Even now, both Jin Xinyue and the Divine Blood of Chaos are missing.”

The shadow formed by the smoke paused for a moment and continued. “But we can’t afford to wait any longer.

“If we keep on waiting, chances are that Elder Nether Spring will locate the Mausoleum of Chaos earlier than we do. Should Elder Nether Spring dig out the secrets of God Chaos, there will never be a comeback for us!”

Yuchi Ba sighed and said, “Without the Divine Blood of Chaos, our safety inside the Mausoleum of Chaos cannot be ensured. Many brothers may die miserably deep below the ground.”

“This is a war,” the shadow of smoke said. “A war comes with sacrifices. That is why I asked you to recruit as many new members as possible without caring about the cost. When the operation begins, let the newcomers explore the way first and try to save the core members of our organization.”

Yuchi Ba nodded and said, “Understood. I have selected three hundred suitable newcomers over the past three months. After a period of special training, they will be ready to go.”

“That’s good.”

The smoke suddenly turned from scarlet into crimson, like a furiously burning torch that was spurted out from the center of the planet. The voice in the flames was both coarse and high-pitched, giving a strong feeling of weirdness and discordance. “Remember, the Mausoleum of Chaos is of the utmost importance for our organization. Whether or not we can cut off the shackles that have been bound to us for tens of thousands of years all depends on the operation!

“Therefore, we must calculate carefully. There cannot be any unexpected factors!”

“So many warriors!”

“Such a vast ground!”

“The gravity here must be at least three times that of the Blood Demon Sector. The body movement is rather difficult!”

Two days later, Li Yao, who would prove to be the biggest ‘unexpected factor’, stepped into the real training camp of the Blade of Chaos together with Mo Tiesheng and the other gladiators who had all recovered from their wounds.

Naturally, the underground of the Skeleton Island could not accommodate a training base of such a scale. But the Blade of Chaos had secretly grasped a batch of world fragments. The teleportation arrays leading to the world fragments had been installed under the Skeleton Island, through which the gladiators could reach the training space conveniently.

The greatest features of this particular world fragment, besides the increased gravity, were its vastness and desolation.

As far as one’s eyes could reach, there were gray and brown rocks. Hundreds of camps had been established on the ground, where countless tough warriors were training hard under three times the standard gravity.

On their left side, ruins that looked like a forsaken temple had been set up.

On their right side were iron tanks almost a hundred meters tall with signs of crossed skulls that represented danger painted on them. There was no telling what was stored inside.

The newcomers did not expect that their organization would boast such tremendous resources. They were all excited and could not wait to try.

“Why are you still standing? Get into the training camp!” the tutors responsible for them shouted loudly.

There were three tutors in totalthe Death Teeth Guards as well as those who had ‘killed’ them in the Hell Bone Swamp.

The Death Teeth Guard who was adept at stealth techniques and once slashed at Li Yao’s back was named ‘Hidden Blade’.

There was also a plump man named ‘Venomous Liquid’, who looked like a meatball and grimaced all day round. Other than the crimson complex eyes, there were not many features of a demon on him.

The leopard demon who was agile and best at strangling techniques had a rather strange name that was completely unrelated to her features’Electric Boa’.

The three tutors were not only responsible for the one month of special training but also going to work together with the newcomers during the exploration of the Mausoleum of Chaos.

It meant that they were the ‘subordinates’ that were allocated to the three tutors. Naturally, they were very passionate about the progress of their subordinates.

The three tutors brought the newcomers to the right side of the camps next to the high and majestic iron tanks.

It was not until they were close that the newcomers began to realize how enormous the iron tanks were. They were almost skyscrapers, and even the tallest chaotic-blood demons did not even surpass the shelf at the bottom of the iron tank.

The surface of the iron tanks was silver, carved with words in a foreign language. The eyes of the skull were glittering, and they seemed to be staring at the newcomers wherever they were standing, enveloping the newcomers in fear and stopping them from looking back.

Electric Boa, the leopard demon, had climbed up a giant iron tank, leapt onto its top, and crawled in!

Venomous Liquid, the plump tutor, smiled and said, “You are basically the last batch of teammates that are going to join the operation to explore the Mausoleum of Chaos. There is not much time left for your special training.

“You used to be hunters in the wilderness who must’ve been good at hunting and fighting. After more than a month of strengthening on the Skeleton Island, there is not much room left for you to boost your combat ability.

“Besides, nobody can anticipate what will happen in the next second when you are in the Mausoleum of Chaos. Every choice must be made according to the situation. You might not get a chance to utilize your combat ability at all!

“Therefore, the most focus of our training is your teamwork. When your cooperation with each other is good enough, we will go to the ruins nearby and conduct simulated battles.

“The ruins are an imitation of the Mausoleum of Chaos that we built based on what we know. It is definitely poles apart from the real Mausoleum of Chaos, but it is better than nothing.

“But most importantly of all, you need to learn”

Venomous Liquid put on a mysterious smile and stopped talking because an iron tank almost a hundred meters tall right before everybody was suddenly emitting dull noises, as if something gargantuan was about to jump out of the container!


The upper cover of the iron tank was fully opened. Cold air spurted out in earsplitting noises and froze the water in the air into a cluster of hazy, icy mist.

An enormous black shadow crept out of the iron tank, half covered by the icy mist, like a dragon that had climbed out of an abyss. Blood-freezing sounds were echoing while the body of the beast rubbed against the shell of the iron tank.


The faces of many newcomers were pale. Even Li Yao had a vague sense of danger, too, and constricted his eyes.

The hazy mist gradually dispersed, unveiling the full appearance of the black shadow, which was a massive snake-type demon beast that was almost a hundred meters in length and more than three meters in diameter.

The body of the snake was so large, thick, and hard that it could be called a crystal train that had come to life instead of a ‘snake’!

Hexagonal scales were connected to each other and covered the demon beast in multiple layers, like the breastplate of generals in ancient times. Sharp spurs also protruded out from the joints of the shells.

As the muscles twitched, the spurs extended and contracted with spluttering electric arcs dancing around nonstop!

It was not hard to imagine that any enemy tied up by such an enormous beast would be completely torn apart by the spurts and the electric arcs before their bones were shattered!

“Hiss! Hiss!”

Three eyes could be found on the top of its head. Besides the two regular yellow eyes on the two sides of the head, there was a complex eye resembling that of an insect in the center of its forehead.

Electric Boa, the leopard demon who had vanished into the iron tank just now, was sitting right above the head of the snake. There seemed to be a dent on the top of the snake’s head, allowing the lower half of her body to be melded into the head. Strands of translucent nerves connected her to the enormous snake through her spine.

“Most importantly of all, you must learn how to harness a biochemical beast!”

Thunderous noises burst out of Venomous Liquid and the lightning boa, almost deafening all the students on the spot.

“Biochemical beast!”

It was not the first time that Li Yao had seen a biochemical beast. But just like every time he encountered such huge beasts at a close distance, he could not help but feel that his mouth was dry, and his heart was pounding.

As the ultimate products of the biochemical technology of the demon race, biochemical beasts were the only weapons that could compete with the ‘crystal suits’ of human beings.

No. A more accurate way to put it would be that crystal suits were developed by Cultivators with all their wisdom in order to compete with biochemical beasts!

Before the crystal suits were invented, the demons with their strong biochemical beasts were definitely the worst nightmare for human beings. In the past, it would not have been unusual for a large-scale riot to be suppressed by one or two biochemical beasts. For some of the strongest biochemical beasts, as long as one of them was stationed on a remote planet, it was enough to intimidate the residents there and make them lose all courage to make a move in hundreds of years!

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