Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 883

Chapter 883 Trap In The Training Beasts

Chapter 883: Trap in the Training Beasts


How magnificent!

Li Yao’s eyes brushed over the lightning boat greedily while he secretly paid a compliment.

Although the high-end crystal suits were as strong as biochemical beasts in terms of combat ability, if not more, the oppression of wilderness and brutality and the magma-like primeval air could never be released by crystal suits.

Different from the crystal suits, which were worn as clothes, the biochemical beasts had a much wider range. They could be classified into small beasts, armor beasts, middle beasts, large beasts, and other levels.

Small biochemical beasts, such as bees and ants, might only be the size of fingers. They came and went in groups and could be manipulated by brainwaves.

Armor beasts were similar to crystal suits. They did not boast combat ability per se but were tailor-made according to the body size of the user and covered their body as a second layer of strengthened flesh tissues. They were armors that were alive!

Li Yao had fought Wang Ji, a prince of the Kingdom of Lion Butchers, on Boneyard. At that time, Wang Ji had retrieved a batch of armor beasts from the Demon Beast Empire and crushed the Cultivators who were fighting against him. In the end, it was with the help of Sparkle and ‘Dragon Scale’, an Ares Extension, that Li Yao managed to secure the victory.

The middle beasts were around ten meters to thirty meters long. They were the most common biochemical beasts. The ‘Mirage Falcons’ that chased after Li Yao and Jin Xinyue in the Hundred Desolation Mountain were the most typical middle beasts.

As for the large beasts, the lightning boa that the leopard demon was reining was a good example. They were often more than a hundred meters long, and they could easily break a mountain with a casual whip of their tail. It was not difficult for such beasts to wipe out an entire army!

To some extent, the devilish warships and the skeleton warships of the demon race were sort of amalgamations of super-large biochemical beasts. They were the most horrifying existences even for the crystal warships of human beings!

“Biochemical beasts are the ultimate weapons of the demon race. If you can use them skillfully, it is possible to increase your combat ability by five times in a very short time!”

Electric Boa sat atop the snake head and said coldly, “However, it is not easy to manipulate the biochemical beasts perfectly. It is very demanding on your soul power and will be a shock to your brain. If you are not cautious enough, you might even be counterattacked, and your brain will collapse, making you mentally retarded!

“Therefore, you must train yourself hard with a hundred percent of your concentration in the next month. Remember, it is not just your own life but also the fate of your companions and your family that are resting on your shoulders right now!”

The leopard demon raised the tail of the biochemical beast. A few muscular demons of the Horn Clan immediately carried forward dozens of iron buckets about one meter in diameter that were also painted with danger symbols. Other than that, they also handed over a bottle of deep purple drugs to every newcomer.

“The training beasts of the lowest level have been stored inside the biochemical slot before you. When you can manipulate them as fluently as you use your own arms and fingers, you will be allowed to pick a real biochemical beast according to your capability and characteristics.

“However, you have never learned how to harness a biochemical beast before, and part of your brain cells are still hibernating. The strengthening drugs offered to you can help you activated your brain power!

“Now, take the drugs and open the biochemical slot!”

Li Yao opened the cover of the bottle of strengthening drugs. A thin sweet and greasily smell came over. Before he poured the drugs into his throat, he extended his small finger into the drugs first and absorbed a tiny proportion for analysis.

The mental devil analyzed for a moment and said with a smile,“The strengthening drugs are rather weird. It truly can activate the brain cells, but on the other hand, it would also relax your nerves and excite your memory cells. You will not be able to stop yourself from recalling everything that happened in your past!”

Li Yao blinked for a moment and immediately realized what was going on. “A truth serum?”

“More or less. I was wondering why the Blade of Chaos, as such a large organization, would tell the newcomers top secret information when they had only just joined and even allow you to enter the critical base so easily.

“If there were a few spies sent by Elder Nether Spring among us, wouldn’t everything be doomed?

“As it turned out, they have already prepared their traps!

“On second thought, although Yuchi Ba rambled on about a lot of things, most of his words were meaningless. Since Elder Nether Spring lost the map pieces of the Mausoleum of Chaos, he must know that the Blade of Chaos is planning to explore the Mausoleum of Chaos in the next operation.

“Even if there are spies of Elder Nether Spring among us, they cannot possibly have discovered any valuable intelligence from Yuchi Ba’s words.

“Meanwhile, since the recruitment plan of the Blade of Chaos is apparently so ‘flawed’, the spies will certainly be less wary after they reach this place. Now, after the secretly-made ‘truth serum’, even if they do not show any reaction on the surface, a lot of things must be rolling over on their mind!”

Li Yao frowned. “However, how is the Blade of Chaos going to dig out what we are thinking in our minds? They do not have such terrifying abilities as mind reading, do they?”

The mental devil chuckled and said, “Don’t forget that our brain will be connected to the brain of the training beasts very soon.”

Li Yao was suddenly alarmed, but he showed no anomaly and simply drank all of the activation drugs.

Even without the help of the mental devil, because of the immensity of his brain cells, the activation drugs barely had any influence on him.

However, Li Yao still allowed part of his brain cells to be activated by the drugs. A lot of flashbacks were being played deep inside his brain.

He opened the cover of the biochemical slot, only to find a hairy biochemical beast crouching inside. It had puffy, yellow long hair and a body that was round like a ball. The facial organs of the beast were pink and pushed together, making it look like the popular ‘puji critters’ in the Heaven’s Origin Sector. Its short and stupid wings were flapping clumsily.

Two translucent antennas that looked like sprouts grew on the forehead of the training beast, trebling nonstop.

In the chamber next to the biochemical slot, there was also an even thicker antenna that was soaked in the nutrition liquids.

According to the introduction of the tutors, Li Yao learned that the biochemical beasts could be manipulated in three ways.

The first way was to crawl into a biochemical beast and connect to its synthesized nerves, like the leopard demon had done a moment earlier. It was the equivalent of human beings entering the cockpit of crystal tanks or crystal warships.

Such a way allowed the instant and large-scale transmission of instructions through nerves, which was mandatory to rein the relatively complicated middle and large biochemical beasts. But the shortcoming was that the user had to remain connected to the synthesized nerves, which could limit the activity of the user.

The second way was to remotely control the biochemical beasts in a certain range through antenna-like brainwave launchers and receptors.

The advantage of such a practice was obvious. The disadvantage was that the wireless transmission could easily be jammed or even cut off. Although the researchers of the demon race had developed the state-of-the-art instant reconnection technology, a 0.1-second latency might lead to unpredictable consequences in an ever-changing battlefield.

The third way was to condense the brainwaves into threads and manipulate the biochemical beasts nearby without resorting to the brainwave receptors.

It was needless to say that only true experts were able to grasp such an approach.

Li Yao thought of something and realized that the biochemical beasts were somewhat similar to the apocalyptic beasts on Iron Plateau. He could not help but ask, “How did Yan Xibei manipulate the apocalyptic beasts?”

“When Yan Xibei manipulated the apocalyptic body,” the mental devil replied, “naturally, it was the first way that he utilized, the nerve connection. When he manipulated the general apocalyptic beasts, he simply commanded all of them through brainwaves in the third way.

“However, there is a great restriction as to the commands sent through brainwaves. Generally speaking, only simple commands such as ‘attack’ or ‘defend’ can be sent. The more detailed instructions cannot be transmitted!

“Otherwise, even if you are capable enough to output tremendous information within a moment, the underdeveloped brain of the biochemical beasts or, for that matter, the apocalyptic beasts, can never accept and digest it.”

Li Yao thought that it did make sense. He then took out the soft antenna from the biochemical slot and stuck it to his forehead as per the instruction of the tutors.

Soon, coolness was spreading out on his forehead. Countless invisible tiny threads seemed to be crawling into his head.

Inside his brain, his thoughts extended out like the interconnecting roots of a tree and established a mind bridge between him and the training beast inside the biochemical slot!


It was rather an amazing experience, just like when he put on a crystal suit for the first time years ago. He felt like he had grown countless brand-new organs and that he had a separate body outside of his old one.

After a moment of dizziness, Li Yao felt like he had been split in halfhe was standing on the ground and crouching inside the biochemical slot simultaneously.

He had the same feeling when he was steering Neltharion. Therefore, he quickly came back to himself.

Li Yao keenly sensed that some of his memories were sent to the brain of the training beast, pulled by a subtle attraction force through the invisible mental connection.

The pulling was quite delicate and only took a few snapshots of his memory pieces.

Besides, in order to control the biochemical beast, he had been sending information to the brain of the beast incessantly in the first place. The normal demons would not notice that additional information had been mixed into it at all.

Just as I expected, this is training as well as a test!

Li Yao was an expert in mental warfare, and he was adept at building and rendering illusions. Now that he already sensed the ill intentions of the training arrangers, he certainly would not transmit the pictures of his real memories but provided the made-up past that he had faked just now but was equally vivid.

As for his false life experience, he had discussed it many a time with Jin Xinyue on their journey to Void Turmoil City. Jin Xinyue, as a saintess of the Pantheon of Demons, wrote the script of his life in person. Every detail was flawless.


While everybody was frowning and rubbing their temples hard, trying to establish a connection with the biochemical beasts through brainwaves, Li Yao had already manipulated the training beast to fly into the sky!

The number of the neurons of the training beast was devastatingly low. The difficulty to manipulate it was incomparable to the difficulty of steering Neltharion. For Li Yao, the trickiest part was not how to harness the training beast but how to make the training beast fly in a ‘clumsier’ way in order to cover his real ability!

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