Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 884

Chapter 884 Classified Files Of Bloody Claw

Chapter 884: Classified Files of Bloody Claw


The training beast flew into midair staggeringly and drew circles like a clumsy bee. Every once in a while, it would fall down as if it had forgotten how to flap the wings and did not move upwards again until it almost hit the ground.

Compared to the crystal suits, biochemical beasts are more responsive and offer far timelier feedback. They are more sensitive about the air current and temperature, too.

It is quite understandable. After all, the brain of the biochemical beasts is a simulation of the real brains of living creatures. Their computational ability might not be as good as that of crystal processors, but there is less hinderance when they are connected to the head of the user!

It would be excellent if such an advantage of the biochemical beasts could be applied to crystal suits.

Few people were more frantic about crystal suits than Li Yao both in the Heaven’s Origin Sector and in the Flying Star Sector. Right now, he had reached a bottleneck in the development of crystal suits. It seemed difficult to improve the Mystic Skeleton Battlesuit significantly in the technological level. But now that he had gotten in touch with biochemical beasts that were as powerful as crystal suits, he could not help but wonder whether or not he could transplant some of the advantages of biochemical beasts into crystal suits.

While he was deep in thought, he let loose the control over the training beast without him knowing. The training beast was faster and faster, and the circles that it drew turned more and more elegant while it was manipulated by his subconsciousness.

When he came back to himself, the training beast had just completed more than thirty rounds in midair and performed a backflip with an extremely small diameter. The air currents that were spreading out could still be vaguely seen.

The three tutors and all the newcomers looked at him in astonishment.

Li Yao blinked and looked back at them peacefully.

After the first day of special training was over, deep inside the training camp, the three tutors were reading the memory pictures stored inside the information bugs one by one.

Yuchi Ba was sitting in the shadows behind them, browsing through a pile of files in deep thought.

“There’s indeed something wrong with these two guys!”

Very soon, a few unusual memory pieces attracted the attention of the tutors. Electric Boa, the leopard demon, was more than infuriated and declared brutally, “I’m going to kill them right now!”

“Wait.” Yuchi Ba gestured at them. “Let’s just wait and watch for now. Don’t alarm them.

“After all, there is no way that they can send any messages from this place. Just leave them aside and keep them on our grid.

“What I’m more interested in is”

Yuchi Ba snapped the files in his hands softly and asked, “Who is this ‘Bloody Claw’ exactly? He has left quite a deep impression on me.”

“He is indeed the most distinguished one among this batch of newcomers, which can be seen from the previous five games that he participated in,” Electric Boa replied. “He was prudent but never hesitated to take action. He must have been an excellent hunter. Besides, he showed familiarity with biochemical beasts, and his grasp rate of the first session with a biochemical beast was already above 90%!”

Yuchi Ba nodded, deep in thought, while he scratched the enormous horn at the center of his face with his short, thick fingers.

Venomous Liquid, the fat tutor, grinned and said, “Such a guy is either a real genius or a schemer that has been lurking deeply. However, we ran a thorough investigation on him and did not find any traces that are worth mentioning. Just now, the training beast stole a lot of pictures from his memory, too. They were all scenes of hunting in the wilderness. The details correspond with his background.

“Besides, we’ve been observing his sister in secret and found no anomalies, either.”

Shadow Blade, the tutor who had four blade limbs, said, “More importantly, we put him under the strictest scrutiny during the five games he participated in and his daily training. His every second of training and fighting was slowed down and carefully examined.

“The Death Teeth Guards as well as the training experts and the kinematics specialists in our organization all agree that Bloody Claw has never been in touch with the battle techniques of the demon race at all. In the beginning, he did not even know the most rudimental moves and merely fought with his physical strength and the amazing natural instincts, which befit a hunter who made his living in the wilderness.

“If he were a spy sent by Elder Nether Spring or the Pantheon of Demons, he would have received the harshest training before and at least known the most fundamental battle techniques. However hard he pretended, it would have been difficult for him to escape our attention.

“But in fact, Bloody Claw was indeed ignorant in the beginning. It was after the multiple battles and crazy daily training that his capability soared rapidly!

“More importantly, after he took the activation drugs before the practice to manipulate the biochemical beast, there was indeed ‘minimal rejection reaction’ inside his body and his brain that could only be seen on the users who had never reined a biochemical beast before.

“If he had ridden a biochemical beast before, there certainly would not have been such a reaction.

“It is very unlikely that a spy trained by Elder Nether Spring or the Pantheon of Demons has never touched a biochemical beast before!

“Therefore, Bloody Claw’s identity should be fine.”

The three tutors came to the same conclusion.

“That’s good.” Yuchi Ba nodded in great satisfaction. “However, you should still watch him closely and run more tests on him. Let’s see how far this Bloody Claw can go!”

Classified files of the Blade of Chaos. ‘Torrent’-level secret.

File ID 93455, Bloody Claw’s Profile Item No.017.

Recorder: Hidden Blade.

“Bloody Claw’s talent with biochemical beasts astonished everybody. After only one afternoon and one night, his proficiency rate on the training beast was already above 99%, which allowed him to perform all kinds of dangerous movements with the training beast.

“We arranged a standard thirteen-movement test for him. He completed the test with the training beast in a shocking 17 seconds. Most of the students cannot achieve the same result after half a month of training.

“According to Bloody Claw’s own words, he seemed to see white lights flashing in front of his eyes and smell the scent of dry leaves being burnt. Then, his self-awareness extended to the body of the biochemical beast as if he were the biochemical beast itself.

“Such a phenomenon has been recorded in the history of the organization before, too. The demons who had similar experiences were mostly genius in the manipulation of biochemical beasts!

“Blood Claw also said that he has occasionally suffered from migraines ever since he was little. The pain was weird and dull and pierced outwards instead inwards, as if a volcano inside his head was going to erupt at some point.

“According to the analysis of the experts in the organization, such a symptom was probably due to the lesions of certain brain tissues inside head. Those brain tissues pressed the nerves and triggered the exceptional mental power. Meanwhile, the expansion of the nidus made the intracranial pressure too huge for him to stand.

“It also explained his abilities in anticipating danger and choosing the most appropriate tactics in the area that seemed as easy as breathing for him.

“The connection to the biochemical beasts was like digging a hole in his skull and helped him release some of the redundant pressure.

“However, the brain is the most mysterious body part of every living creature. It is difficult to prove the point without destructive dissection.

“For now, it is suggested that he move on to the special training of the next phase and learn to ride a real biochemical beast.”

Classified files of the Blade of Chaos. ‘Universe’-level secret.

ID 93455, Bloody Claw’s Profile Item No.019.

Recorder: Venomous Liquid.

“Bloody Claw in indeed an unbelievable genius!

“After only a few days of training, he is already able to manipulate Blood Fire Mad Bears!

“Blood Fire Mad Bears are heavy biochemical beasts weighing more than thirty tons. Not only are they extremely difficult to ride, the process is also a major blow for the brain of the user.

“Generally speaking, only the demons with the bloodlines of bears are able to ride the biochemical beasts that share the same origin as themselves.

“However, Bloody Claw has successfully completed the training subject where he was asked to change directions a hundred and three times randomly within one minute. Although the test was not smooth enough, he did not show any sign of discomfort at all!

“In the meantime, he seemed not entirely satisfied with the Blood Fire Furious Bear and meant to challenge the biochemical beasts of a higher level. What a terrible guy.

“It seems necessary now to test the guy on a much deeper level.

“For some reason, whenever I see this guy, especially his eyes that are in different colors, I always feel that my heart palpates violently.

“I have never felt as alarmed even when I was faced with Master Yuchi!”

Classified files of the Blade of Chaos. ‘Mystery’-level secret.

ID 93455, Bloody Claw’s Profile Item No.022.

Recorder: Dry Wood.

“Today, I was responsible for a deep hypnotization test on Bloody Claw.

“He showed certain resistance at the beginning of the hypnotization. But very soon, he accepted the hypnotization and opened his entire brain.

“No anomaly has been detected in the queries made while Bloody Claw was hypnotized. All the details corresponded with the pictures of his memory. The examination inside his brain gave no abnormal result, either. It was only discovered that there was a mutation zone where veins were highly concentrated on his left prefrontal cortex.

“The area explained his migraines and the source of his unbelievable mental power.

“Genetic mutations are very common for chaotic-blood demons. The brain is too mysterious a part to undergo any deeper studies right now.

“The conclusion of the hypnotization session is that Bloody Claw is either a chaotic-blood demon who has grasped unusual talents because of genetic and brain mutations or an expert in the demon emperor level who can resist my hypnotization without me knowing!”

Classified files of the Blade of Chaos. ‘Mystery’-level secret.

ID 93455, Bloody Claw’s Profile Item No.027.

Recorder: Electric Boa.

“Today is the 27th day since the special training began. Bloody Claw has become an expert in riding biochemical beasts.

“Today, he rode a ‘Great Fire Iron Lion’ and neatly defeated a ‘Purple Electric Flying Rings Serpent’ that was of a higher level and reined by ‘Feng Tianhua’, the strongest student in the training camp. He was a seasoned expert that was dispatched to us from another department!

“It is too wasteful to assign Bloody Claw to simple way-finding or fighting tasks. He might have the ability to play a more important role in the mission to explore the Mausoleum of Chaos!

“I suggest that he be upgraded into the central operation groups!”

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