Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 885

Chapter 885 Perfect Weapon

Chapter 885: Perfect Weapon



In a training field made of the best steel, a giant beast more than twenty meters long was training alone. It looked like a lion, only multiple times larger, with bright-red, solid scales all over its body. The four claws of the beast had the same feature of a certain kind of eagle and would leave deep traces on the ground after only a casual snatch.

The tail of the beast was as strong as that of a crocodile. Earsplitting rubbing noises could be heard even when it was simply sliding on the ground.

The most eye-catching part about the beast was not the broad and sharp wings on its back but the three heads that craned out of the thick neck, as if three enormous serpents of different colors had been transplanted on the griffin by force.

The three serpent heads were full of thorns and spurs, which made them look like the most intimidating hammers. Six eyes that were glaring brutally would absorb all the rays of light even at noon, giving everybody the helpless feeling that they was in the middle of a dark night.

Because of the high-speed rubbing of the muscles and the scales, powerful currents of different attributes had been generated around the three heads, triggering the effects of fire, frost, and lightning.


The object that ended up being the toy of the giant beast was an ‘electricity’-level crystal tank of the Star Glory Federation that the Blade of Chaos had captured at some point.

Although the crystal tanks of such a level was not famous for their weight and the hardness of their plates, it was still a huge object weighing dozens of tons. However, to the three-headed griffin, it was like a match box in the hands of a wicked kid. The beast lowered its head and pecked while snatching the tank with its sharp claws. Then, the plate armor on the surface of the crystal tank exploded after a series of cracks, revealing the cabins that were empty.


The three heads of the griffin, which looked like giant serpents, spurted light balls of different attributes into the ‘wound’ of the crystal ball, which was wreathed in a cluster of furious flames at first. It was frozen into an icy block and eventually ripped apart in thousands of spluttering electric arcs, turning into remains no larger than fists and scattered on the ground.

The entire process took less than ten seconds.

“Hoooo! Hoooo! Hoooo!”

The three-headed griffin was not satisfied yet. Crimson brilliance emanated from the body of the beast while its heads were straightened and shrieked toward the sky.

Centered at the three-headed griffin, invisible ripples were spreading out at a high speed. Even the audience standing a hundred meters away could not help but close their eyes because of the blowing wind.


After the four claws of the three-headed griffin left twelve deep traces on the ground, it fully opened its wings. The ends of its feathers were as red as blood, as if it had been embedded with a circle of glittering flames.

The beast soared high into the sky in an earsplitting noise and made a series of shocking, random movements before it descended vertically like a shooting star. Flames in the shape of a bowl were formed in front of the beast, and it did not stop rushing down until it was only half a meter from the ground. In the end, the beast dashed forward straightforwardly!

The scales of the three-headed griffin rubbed the air hard because of the high speed, raising dazzling electric arcs and flames, leaving a burning trace on the ground where it passed by!

A few days ago, such an appalling performance had still been astonishing for a lot of audience. Some of them who thought that they were as good even went up as challengers.

But today, all the bystanders were already numb. Judging from their expressions, they would not feel surprised at all even if the three-headed griffin left a hole in the sky.


Li Yao slowly stood straight on the natural dent on the back of the three-headed griffin and exhaled somewhat in dissatisfaction.

Biochemical beasts at the level of the three-headed griffin were already the limits for his faked identity.

The biochemical beasts of a higher level, such as the lightning serpent that Electric Boa rode, could not be manipulated easily however talented he was.

The combat ability of the three-headed griffin is reasonably good, but its body is too weak and cannot accommodate all my mental power!

Li Yao inwardly frowned. Through the connection of the synthesized nerves, he could clearly sense every vibration in the internal organs of the three-headed griffin.

The series of movements in the air had made it pant heavily. Every muscle and organ was bordering on over-exhaustion. If he had accelerated to a higher speed, chances were that it would have been killed immediately.

However, Li Yao had only outputted 15% of his mental power!

He felt like he was a muscular warrior with infinite physical strength, and yet he was given a soft branch as his weapon. If he played with the weapon in too demanding a way, the soft branch might break apart all of a sudden.

The lack of gratification could not have made Li Yao more annoyed.

He craved to ride a biochemical beast that was far stronger!

Over the past month, other than the occasional deep sleep, Li Yao had spent almost every day and night in the training field, getting to know various kinds of biochemical beasts. He had a profound understanding of the ultimate weapon of the demon race right now.

Biochemical beasts were not pure living creatures but actually made for tactical purposes with consideration of features of multiple types of demon beasts through the combination of one cell after another.

Generally speaking, a biochemical beast was controlled by a biochemical brain, which was similar to the crystal processor of human beings in that they boasted equally high computational ability but lacked independent self-awareness and intelligence.

Therefore, without a rider, a biochemical beast was nothing more than a piece of special ‘meat’. If they were preserved in special nutrition liquids, they could be stored for thousands of years of times without rotting.

Compared to crystal suits, biochemical beasts had obvious advantages and disadvantages.

Since they were made of flesh and blood, except for the few most advanced biochemical beasts, the hardness of most biochemical beasts was certainly not as good as that of crystal suits, which were usually made of super alloys.

On the other hand, since the biochemical beasts were connected and manipulated through synthesized nerves, it was much easier to control them than crystal suits. As long as the rider gritted through the discomfort at the beginning of their training session, they would be able to sense the biochemical beast as their ‘clone’ very quickly and use the biochemical nimbly as if it were one of their body parts.

Putting Li Yao aside, even Mo Tiesheng and the other gladiators have grasped how to manipulate one to two kinds of biochemical beasts after only one month.

Such a speed was apparently much higher than the warriors of human beings when they learned how to control a crystal suit.

More importantly, the synthesized nerves could send telepathic thoughts and instructions to the nerve endings of the biochemical beast at a much higher speed than the spiritual energy circuits could.

It meant that biochemical beasts could be much larger than crystal suits. Biochemical beasts that were thirty meters tall and weighed dozens of tons were not unusual at all.

It must be noted that, after the Cultivators developed crystal suits that could be worn as clothes, they once had the amazing idea of building crystal suits into a much larger size, say, ten meters, twenty meters, or even a hundred meters tall.

A larger size meant a larger arsenal, a more powerful crystal reactor and corresponding power rune arrays, and a higher control of the battlefield.

For ten thousand years, countless crazy masters of crystal suits dreamed of crafting enormous crystal suits more than ten meters tall.

However, they were all doomed to the abyss of failure like moths darting to a fire.

Besides the restrictions such as the hardness of metal and the complexity of internal designs, the greatest hinderance was that such an enormous crystal suit could only be manipulated in an extremely awkward way.

The crystal suits that were worn close to the body were the equivalent an armor. It was very convenient to make use of them.

However, for the enormous crystal suits that were more than ten meters tall, the wearer could only crouch in a certain cabin, and it was difficult for their hands and feet to manipulate the hands and feet of the enormous crystal suit.

If their instructions were transmitted to the limbs of the crystal suit through the circuits of spiritual energy, the speed of transmission and feedback would be too slow, and there would be a huge amount of loss of information during intense combat.

The final result was that such an enormous crystal suit would be as clumsy as certain dinosaurs in the primeval eranot knowing that their tails had been cut off until a few seconds later when the signal passed through their brain.

Such maladroit crystal suits might be appropriate to serve as giant idols in movies and theaters, but they were not suitable for a real-life combat on the battlefield.

In reality, the biggest crystal suit that Cultivators could make use of was perhaps the Ares Extensions that were no taller than five meters.

However, after he had first-hand experience with the biochemical beasts, an interesting thought suddenly occurred to Li Yao.

The advantages of the crystal suits are that their materials are harder and more tensile, their components are readily replaceable, and it is very convenient to transport and store them.

One advantage of the biochemical beasts is that they are easy to learn. Once the learner gets the hang of it, no complicated instructions are required. All they need to do is fight with their natural instincts and regard the biochemical beast as their ‘clone’. Also, since the information is transmitted through the special nerves, their body size could be dozens of times larger than a crystal suit!

What if I combine the advantages of the two ultimate weapons?

For example, I will build an enormous crystal suit twenty to thirty meters tall. It has bones made of super alloys and a crystal reactor inside. But outside of the bones and the crystal reactor will be super cells that are made with the genetic technology. The cells will then proliferate and eventually condense into strong muscles resembling the flesh of demon beasts!

Outside such monster-like flesh, powerful plate armor and weapons will be installed. Even the main guns of the crystal warships will be able to be installed on the shoulders of such an ultimate weapon!

In the brain and at the end of the spine, a dual processing system that adopts both the crystal processor and the biochemical brain will be installed. As for the transmission of telepathic thoughts, the synthesized neural network will mainly be responsible for the task to minimize the lag!

If such a perfect ultimate weapon can be successfully invented, it will certainly be much stronger than any of the crystal suits or the biochemical beasts right now!

Li Yao was fascinated.

Over the past few days, the mental devil had not stopped tempting him to build an apocalypse body just like Yan Xibei did.

Naturally, Li Yao would not agree easily. However, in the war against the Imperium of True Human Beings, the Star Glory Federation was indeed in need of a groundbreaking weapon.

Such an idea might be worth a try!

Li Yao took a deep breath and calmed himself down because he saw Electric Boa and the other two tutors walking to him.

Two days later, they would set off to explore the Mausoleum of Chaos. Electric Boa had said earlier that a new mission would be assigned to him. What could it be exactly?

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