Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 887

Chapter 887 To The Mausoleum Of Chaos

Chapter 887: To the Mausoleum of Chaos!


When Yuchi Ba was faced with the chilling question, frenzy and determination beamed out of his small eyes. He opened his arms and declared, “Of course. We’ve waited for the day to come for forty thousand years. We are all ready to bathe in the radiance of God Chaos again!”

The interconnecting wrinkles on Chu Zhengqing’s face did not shiver at all, like the crevices on a rock. He said calmly, “There’s no need to decorate your operation with such a glitzy camouflage. In fact, you and Elder Nether Spring are ravens and crows, and the only things that you are interested in are the powerful weapons left by Chaos. As to what Chaos is exactly, and whether or not he will be reborn, you don’t give a damn thing!

“Or rather, if you have access to the strength of Chaos, neither you nor Elder Nether Spring really hope for the so-called ‘Chaos’ to be reborn into this world again, do you?”

Yuchi Ba smiled. “Of course, we are different from Elder Nether Spring.

“If Elder Nether Spring receives the legacy of Chaos, he will only enslave the demons of lower levels in an even more rigorous way and eventually build a world of terror where he is the master!

“However, after we get the legacy of Chaos, we will break the shackles that have locked the low-level demons for tens of thousands of years and create a new world where all demons are equal!

“How on earth are we and Elder Nether Spring the same?”

Chu Zhengqing grunted but stopped talking.

If Chu Zhengqing was still restraining his emotions and ideas, Chu Feiyin had written her disdain all over her face.

She had a pair of enormous eyes that took up more than half of her face, and her eyeballs were covered with thin transparent membranes that were emitting glamorous colors in the light.

“Master Yuchi, the Blade of Chaos worships ‘Chaos’ as a god.” Chu Feiyin’s voice was low and dull, as if it were uttered from her chest. “However, in the eyes of us historians, the gods of human beings and demons have one thing in common. Would you like to know what it is?”

“I’m all ears,” Yuchi Ba replied.


Yuchi Ba was dazed for a moment. He turned around and said to Li Yao, “As you can see, the two masters are the key to our operation, and they have a unique understanding about the study of Chaos. After we arrive at the Mausoleum of Chaos, it will be your mission to protect the two masters closely.

“Of course, such an important mission will not be shouldered by you alone. You will only need to increase your intuitions and senses to your best and react according to your instincts.

“Now, try to familiarize yourself with the two masters here. If they have any requirements, tell the servants outside and see that they are met.”

Yuchi Ba turned around and left, leaving Li Yao and the two specialists in the research room.

Li Yao eyed the collections around him with great interest. He noticed that most of the items could be traced back to between thirty-five thousand years and forty thousand years ago.

This period of history was not involved in Ou Yezi’s memory pieces. It was also a time of violence when humanity declined and the demon race rose.

The demon race, which had only just emerged, were like barbarians who conquered a central civilization by brute force. Although they defeated the central civilization in the battles, they were conquered by the vastness and depths of the central civilization and even accepted all the legacy of the central civilization in the end.

Therefore, in the beginning years of the demon race, their language, culture, regulations, training system, and even the methods to build residences and palaces, were identical to the ancient Cultivators.

In fact, today, after forty thousand years, compared to the civilization of mankind, which had been completely modernized, it was the civilization of demons that kept more traces of the ancient Cultivators.

Compared to modern human beings, the demons were the real vintage ones.

Li Yao was greatly interested by the relics.

He did not dare to browse the mottled ancient books recklessly and turned his attention to the stone plates.

The stone plates appeared to be funerary objects from the tomb of a certain expert at the early years of the Demon Beast Empire. The pictures were concise and yet vivid, depicting the lifelong achievements of the expert.

For other people, the spiritual stripes where words the size of the head of a fly were crammed were nothing more than mumbo-jumbo. But for Li Yao, they were the simple inflections of the language of the ancient Cultivators. He focused his attention and soon analyzed through the whole story.

Judging from the intermittent content on the stone plates, the expert should have been born after mankind was suppressed. The greatest achievement of his life seemed to be fighting against Chaos, or the army of Chaos, and eventually banishing Chaos to the edge of the sea of stars.

On the stone plates, the image of Chaos was a fat, round meatball with tentacles all over the body. Among the tentacles were dense eyes.

Dotted lines had been drawn to represent the rays beaming out of the eyes, indicating that the eyes of Chaos might have boasted incredible magic.

However, what most concerned Li Yao was a pattern that looked like the sun next to the image of Chaos.

Li Yao was very clear about the symbolic meaning of such a pattern in funerary objects.

It was an indicator that the ancient people used to describe the size of an object. The pattern was denoting that Chaos was as enormous as the sun!

It did not necessarily refer to the real body size of Chaos, but it at least meant that Chaos had strength equal to a star!

Li Yao’s deep thought attracted Chu Zhengqing and his daughter’s attention.

They had thought that Yuchi Ba would send a brawny barbarian to protect them. The guy here was brawny enough, but his thoughtful eyes seemed to indicate that he had understood the ancient pictures on the stone plates?

How could that be?

The father and the daughter looked at each other but did not talk. They buried themselves in the ancient books that were as boundless as an ocean, devoting themselves to the secrets of Chaos once more.

Two days later, in a secret launch base below the ocean next to the Skeleton Island, Li Yao was looking up at the dome that was carved out of enormous crystals. Billions of tons of seawater was pressing the dome, and countless bizarre-looking fish were swimming around it, giving him the feeling that he was actually inside an undersea palace.

Docked at the center of the launch base was a ‘Seven-Star Dragon’-level sky-hunting warship.

The skeleton warships of such a level was similar to the destroyers of human beings in size and usage. They were built with the skeletons of enormous sea beasts as the framework, which was then covered by solid flesh and blood, made possible through genetic technology. The germs would dissolve the crystals in the four highly-heated chambers, and the warship would spurt out the scorching gas in order to receive impetus.

Other than that, it was also installed with two groups of power rune arrays that were imitations of the products in the Star Glory Federation. Therefore, the warship could be pushed forward in two ways.

Since they were easy to steer and could fly below the ocean, on the surface of the ocean, in the sky, or even out of the atmosphere briefly, the sky-hunting warship of such a model was favored by a lot of forces of the Blood Demon Sector. The relatively more powerful arenas and slave-catching teams would often buy one or two.

Hundreds of members of the Blade of Chaos were moving the assets, especially the enormous biochemical storage slots in which hundreds of biochemical beasts were soaked and hibernating, onto the sky-hunting warship.

Such biochemical beasts could not be stored inside Cosmos Rings. They easily took up more than half of the space on the sky-hunting warship.

Li Yao was wearing a black suit that was so thin that it felt almost nonexistent. It covered his body like a layer of membrane, highlighting the lines of his muscles and making him look spectacular.

Such a combat suit was also the ultimate product of the biochemical technology of the Blood Demon Sector. It was made by integrating the essence of the skin and scales of dozens of types of demon beasts. Thin as it might have seemed, it boasted a defense ability close to that of the crocodile skin, and it could repair itself when it was ripped open.

It was safe to say that such a cell infiltration suit was even better than the mustard-seed suit of human beings in terms of certain specifications.

“All aboard!”

Yuchi Ba was wearing a cell infiltration suit, too. The black membrane was quite extensible and could adapt to the different sizes of demons. It would not be broken even if it was enlarged to more than ten times its original size and could still maintain more than 95% of the performance.

Yuchi Ba could not have been more delighted. His face red in excitement, and he waved his hands so heavily that he seemed to be slashing the ocean apart.

Li Yao observed calmly. The exploration team behind Yuchi Ba was clearly divided into two parts. One of the two parts was made of warriors, who were all the most loyal believers of Chaos. Right now, since they were about to set off to the sanctuary in their mind for exploration, everybody was wearing the standard frantic expression of the fanatics on their face.

The other part consisted of researchers.

Compared to the simple-minded zealots, the researchers were solemn, but most of them were still very confident, with ambition and eagerness beaming out of their eyes.

His eyes glancing over every warrior and researcher, Li Yao thought of something and began to ponder a question that had been bothering him.

According to his observation over the past month, Yuchi Ba was a high-level demon king at best and certainly not a demon emperor.

The warriors of the Blade of Chaos were weaker than him. Including all the Death Teeth Guards, none of them were beyond the demon king level.

Were there no tougher experts in the Blade of Chaos?


Before he came to Void Turmoil City, the opponent that Li Yao paid the most attention to was the Fire Ant King, who was master of Void Turmoil City and a blood brother to Elder Nether Spring. However, over the past two months, the master of Void Turmoil City had never visited the Skeleton Island.

Yuchi Ba had been doing so many things right below his nose, and the Fire Ant King did not know anything about it? It did not seem to befit the ability of a demon emperor.

Full of questions, Li Yao boarded on the sky-hunting warship. As a guardian for the core squad, he was allowed to stay in the same room with Yuchi Ba, Chu Zhengqing, and other important individuals.

Even so, in order to bring more assets, the cabin they were in was extremely narrow, too.


After all the members got on board, a huge amount of bright yellow, oily liquids suddenly spurted out of the holes on the ceiling of the cabin, which soon drowned their bodies and filled the entire cabin!

It was buffer liquid. Similar to the buffer foam of human beings, it was meant to minimize the blast during high-speed flights.

The first layer of the dome above the sky-hunting warship was opened, and they slowly ascended into the space between the two layers of the dome. Then, the first layer of the dome was closed below them. Seawater was poured in. When the internal pressure and external pressure were the same, the second layer of the dome glided open.

The warship dashed to the depths of the immeasurable ocean toward the Mausoleum of Chaos like a slender whale!

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