Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 895

Chapter 895 The Sword That Sucks Blood

Chapter 895: The Sword That Sucks Blood


The research room next to Li Yao was also one dedicated to the studies of ‘weaponized humans’. Li Yao recalled that a lot of rusted ancient flying swords had been piled up in that room.

As an expert of refining, he was of a mind to stay and study them for a while, but Chu Zhengqing and his daughter were not specialists in ancient magical equipment and therefore left the room after a quick glance.

As their ‘bodyguard’, Li Yao had no choice but to leave with them.

At that moment, despite the blockage of the thick wall made of green rocks, Li Yao sensed the cold aura of sword and an intense stench of blood.

A flying sword has been activated?

The screams became louder and louder, occasionally interrupted by the sounds of flesh being minced apart. Heavy collisions were echoing on the other side of the stone wall, with the clanging sounds of blades attacking each other!

Li Yao frowned and dashed out of the research room.

Outside of the research room, the long, narrow pathway was already a mess.

Quite a few members of the Blade of Chaos were lying on the ground here and there. Some of them were screaming miserably while holding their broken limbs, and some were silent in pools of blood. There was no telling whether they were dead or alive!

At the end of the pathway, a cluster of dark red brightness was dashing rapidly like lightning around an elite warrior of the Blade of Chaos, uttering hissing sounds as the air was torn apart. It turned out to be a flying sword!

Li Yao recognized that the elite warrior was one of the ‘Death Teeth Guards’ on the Skeleton Island named ‘Green Ape’ who was best known for his agility. However, under the attack of the mysterious flying sword, he was barely able to dodge without revealing more openings.

What a marvelous sword technique! It must be an expert!

Li Yao narrowed his eyes. His telepathic thoughts spread out like a tide, hoping to locate the mysterious expert who was manipulating the flying sword.

To his surprise, he did not find any connection between the flying sword and an expert in the hundred square meters nearby. The flying sword was surrounded by nothing, without the least entanglement of telepathic thoughts or spiritual gas, as if it was attacking automatically!

That was quite uncanny. With Li Yao’s current capability, even experts in the Nascent Soul Stage or the demon emperor level might not have been able to hide within the hundred square meters near him!

After only a moment of hesitation, the bloody flying sword pierced into the shoulder of the Death Teeth Guard ‘Green Ape’!

Chiliu! Chiliu!

The sound of a ferocious beast devouring a meal was echoing from the flying sword!

Li Yao’s pupils constricted violently. It was not until this moment that he finally saw the full appearance of the flying sword. He could not have been more shocked!

The flying sword was apparently an ancient treasure from forty thousand years ago. It was rusted, lackluster, and incomplete. Quite a few dents could be found on the front end of the flying sword, too.

The body of the flying sword was tied up by countless black veins that looked like burnt vines, which intertwined at the end of the sword’s handle in the form of a burl.

The flying sword seemed nothing unusual, but after it pierced into the shoulder of Green Ape, the ‘vines’ that bound the sword wriggled as if they were alive, and thousands of bloody threads penetrated the flesh of the victim like tiny worms.

The flying sword seemed to boast a weird attraction force and was swallowing the flesh and flood of Green Ape one mouthful after another.

The shoulder of Green Ape, along with his chest, withered, collapsed, and dried at a visible speed!

For a Death Teeth Guard whose body was exceptionally strong, a wound on the shoulder should have been a piece of cake. But Green Ape seemed to be confined by a mysterious force. With the most horrified expression on his face, he was dumbfounded as he watched the black hole of decay expanding on his shoulder while he could do nothing about it.


Li Yao stomped on the ground, kicking one of the broken sabers to his hand. Then his arm slapped like a whip while he threw the broken saber toward the bloody flying sword at a supersonic speed!

Li Yao had thought that the attack would have been enough to knock the bloody flying sword away. But the hundreds of bloody threads on the bloody flying sword suddenly interweaved into a bloody ‘spider web’ in midair, tying the broken saber up and absorbing it!

After only half a second, the Death Teeth Guard Green Ape had been sucked up and turned into a dry corpse!

After sucking enough blood, the dry vines around the flying sword were filled up and expanded one after another, changing into strong, healthy veins.

The black burl at the handle of the sword even exploded after several cracking sounds. It was fluctuating and echoing bam sounds, which seemed to be piercing into everybody’s soul. It looked like both a heart that was exposed to the air and a hideous, mysterious eye!

Li Yao secretly clicked his tongue. He had seen countless marvelous weapons in the Hundred Smelting Clan, but he had never seen such a weird flying sword that seemed to have really combined the magical equipment with flesh and blood before!

The flying sword that has grown a heart must have been one of the research products of the Mausoleum of Chaos. I didn’t expect that some of them would still be functional after a hibernation of forty thousand years!

Li Yao was secretly startled. He was almost sure that the flying sword was solely manipulated by the enormous bloody burl on the handle of the flying sword. Judging from the trajectory of the rapid flight, it was much more advanced than the autopiloting flying swords of the Star Glory Federation!


In the front of the flying sword, a few bloody threads craned up like tiny vipers and shook slightly toward Li Yao’s direction. Sensing the gratifying smell of delicious meat, the flying sword creaked and darted toward Li Yao in a streak of red brightness!


Two shrieks echoed behind Li Yao. Chu Zhengqing and his daughter were writhing on the ground while holding their heads, indicating that the weird flying sword even boasted mental attack abilities.

Li Yao sniffed. With a cold smile on his face, he rolled his eyes quickly and suddenly extended his hand, snatching at the bloody flying sword!

The bloody flying sword seemed to be caught unprepared by his boldness. The bloody threads around its body all expanded and stood up like infuriated snakes while the flying sword pierced at his arm brutally!


Li Yao was quick enough to hold the bloody flying sword in his hands.

The entangling bloody threads around the flying sword pierced deeply into Li Yao’s arm, too, trying to suck Li Yao’s blood as they had done a moment ago.

However, this time, the force of the flying sword was like a statue made of mud entering an ocean. Not only did it fail to absorb any blood, an even more immense force was flooding into the body of the flying sword along the bloody threads!

“What a mysterious flying sword! It boasts features of demon beasts and magical equipment. It can automatically secrete corrosive fungi that will melt the flesh of the target, allowing the flying sword to absorb the blood as the source of power!” the mental devil exclaimed both in surprise and in delight deep inside Li Yao’s brain.

Li Yao’s bloody pupil was revolving faster and faster. Tremendous mental power flowed toward the center of the bloody flying sword as he tried to completely suppress the flying sword.

The bloody flying sword did not expect that the target would be so tricky to deal with. After a high-pitched shriek, clusters of bloody mists burst out of the flying sword, and it galloped forward abruptly like a wild horse that had run loose.

At this moment, Li Yao only activated the strength equal to a demon general. Naturally, he was dragged forward by the bloody flying sword.

Li Yao was rather curious about the flying sword that carried the features of demon beasts. He was meaning to find out the maximum performance of it and therefore did not hurry to suppress the flying sword. He simply clutched the bloody flying sword while it rushed at a high speed in the underground world.

The Mausoleum of Chaos had multiple floors and looked like a city. Since the Blade of Chaos had only sent out an exploration team of several hundred members, it was impossible for them to establish defenses in every location.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Dragged by the bloody flying sword, Li Yao rushed inside the labyrinth-like mausoleum. Very soon, he was already out of the explored area of the Blade of Chaos and lost his way.

However hard the bloody flying sword struggled, it was not able to get rid of Li Yao. Like an agitated animal, it crashed straight into the walls in the end!

Heavy collisions echoed nonstop as the flying sword breached through multiple walls. There was no telling whether the walls were corroded or simply crashed through.

In front, however, was a square that was not marked on the map of the Blade of Chaos. Shadows were everywhere, and somebody was punching at Li Yao!

Li Yao’s pupils reflected the shadows in the square and immediately reacted. He pretended to be completely shocked and cried for help at the loudest of his voice.

The punch switched from piercing at him to sweeping, trying blow Li Yao off the bloody flying sword. Li Yao took the chance to let go of it and rolled on the ground.

He panted as if he had been exhausted.

The bloody flying sword, on the other hand, was like a snake that had been tossed into boiling oil and darted toward the origin of the punch in earsplitting shrieks.

However, after a bellow, the bloody flying sword was blown back and nailed into the wall after spinning in midair for a while.


Smoke popped up from the charred, bloody flying sword. The previously-bulging veins had all withered, and the enormous blood tumor that looked both like a heart and an eyeball turned black and brown like a rotten eggplant now.

The flying sword seemed to be ‘dead’.

It appears that such a weapon has a high demand for blood. It must keep sucking blood in order to ensure the high-intensity functioning, Li Yao thought to himself. If it has no access to blood, it will fall into hibernation.

Never mind that. Where am I now?

Li Yao glanced around quickly.

After an aimless journey, he seemed to have reached the east side of the Mausoleum of Chaos, which was an unexplored area. On the map that he had received on his retina, this area was pure darkness.

However, wherever Li Yao’s eyes reached, there were lights everywhere. Several enormous airbags had been filled up in the center of the square, indicating that they were trying to cover something inside. Outside of the airbags, dozens of experts were staying alert.

Li Yao vaguely sensed that the capability of those experts was apparently much higher than that of Yuchi Ba’s Death Teeth Guards.

Many of them had exuded their full strength when they saw the incoming bloody flying sword. Judging from the intensity of their demonic energy, they were at least experts in the demon king level!

At least five demon kings!

It seems that I’ve arrived at a place that I shouldn’t have.

All the experts were wearing glittering, fully-enclosed suits with anti-poison helmets made of the skulls of giant demon beasts and transparent crystals. Their eyes were hidden behind the dark helmets. A thick, soft tube was extended out from their neck to their back, and they had an enormous emblem of the Blade of Chaos on their chest and their right arm. They could not have looked weirder.

It seems like this is the real exploration team.

Li Yao had been rather curious. With Yuchi Ba, a demon king, and a bunch of Death Teeth Guards selected from the gladiators, was it enough to explore the entire Mausoleum of Chaos?

That did not seem like a sound plan.

As it turned out, the exploration team that Yuchi Ba led was merely a disguise, and the team made of the mysterious experts was the main force of the Blade of Chaos!

But what were they excavating now?

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