Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 896

Chapter 896 The Real Head

The elites of the Blade of Chaos that were wearing fully-enclosed, protective suits were looking at each other in bewilderment, too. They did not see it coming that a regular guard would suddenly barge in.

Li Yao could clearly feel the killing intent rising behind the masks made of the bones of demon beasts.

Li Yao’s appearance and his heart were like ice and fire, and he pondered the situation he was in carefully.

He was not scared that he would be killed. Five or so demon kings could not do anything to him at all.

However, if he started fighting them right now, it was unlikely for him to discover what they were searching for exactly.

The words of Ning Zhongze, who was an elder of the Blade of Chaos, were still resounding in his ears. It was said that the secret inside the Mausoleum of Chaos would very likely change the fate of the Blood Demon Sector and the Heaven’s Origin Sector.

It was the only reason why Li Yao was willing to enter the Mausoleum of Chaos.

I wonder, are there stronger experts behind the demon kings?

Li Yao waited patiently.

Right then, in one of the tents at the center of the square, a miserable scream that was a hundred times more devastating than that of the blood-sucking flying sword resounded!

Li Yao clearly sensed that the aura of the dozens of experts suddenly changed. The killing intent that they formed a moment ago all dissipated, and they were even somewhat anxious right now.

“Don’t move!”

A muscular demon three meters tall pointed at Li Yao and roared. Two curled sabers were drawn from the crossed sheaths on his back and danced into two streaks of brightness around him. His cold fighting will soared again, this time not toward Li Yao but the thing inside the tent.


Almost at the same time, a bulging shadow charged out of the tent!

Li Yao took the opportunity to observe the inside of the tent through the fracture. A lot of gray, pale corpses were piled inside the tent and sealed in freezing rune arrays. Next to the corpses stood biochemical slots that looked like coffins. The elites of the Blade of Chaos in fully-enclosed suits were carefully stuffing the corpses into the biochemical slots.

Right now, the biochemical slot that was just built had half collapsed. It seemed that the sudden intrusion of the blood-sucking flying sword had caused the elites of the Blade of Chaos to make a mistake.


The shadow rushed out of the tent and gave Li Yao quite a surprise.

The ‘demon’ was wearing a fully-enclosed protective suit just like the other elites of the Blade of Chaos, but the silver armor was bulging as if it was not an appropriate size for the demon. Every part of the garment was protruding out.

Some gray and brown granulation tissues crawled out of the gaps of the armor and danced crazily both like a beard and like vines.

Unbelievable screams were echoing below the helmet made of the bones of demon beasts. After two ‘bam’ sounds, the two dark crystals embedded to the eyes of the mask exploded at the same time, and tentacles sprang out of the eyes and bouncing unpredictably like weird flames!

The weird appearance of the object made Li Yao feel that his blood was freezing.

The elites of the Blade of Chaos all jumped away as if it were a great enemy.

The speed of the weirdo was accelerated to the maximum as it lunged at a companion next to it.


The elite of the Blade of Chaos who was about to fall prey to it slashed his saber out of natural instincts. The aura of the saber blossomed in front of him like fireworks, while the most brilliant part cut into the arm of the weird thing!


A few elites of the Blade of Chaos near them shouted at the same time, but there was no time.

After the aura of saber flashed, the arm of the weird thing was immediately fell away. However, the broken hand dashed on the ground like a lizard supported by the tentacles. A large cluster of hazy, venomous fog also spurted out of the shoulder of the weird thing!

The venomous fog, as if alive, dispersed in midair and charged at everybody on the spot!

“Attack with fire and frost!”

The members of the Blade of Chaos standing at the edge finally came back to themselves. Purple flames darted out of their shoulders and formed high-heat barriers in midair.

The weird hand that was crawling on the ground aimlessly was also frozen tight by a cluster of blue gas.

However, the weird thing was more vigorous than expected. It was not scared of the scourge of frost and flames at all. Even when drowned in flames, the weird thing was not in the least affected and simply raged and roared like spluttering magma!

“Don’t touch him, or you will end up like him!”

The panicked elites of the Blade of Chaos all shouted.

Li Yao was secretly alarmed, too. He could tell that what the elites of the Blade of Chaos spurted out was an eccentric flame named ‘Purple Residence Hell Fire’. Similar to the Three Smell True Fire that the Cultivators utilized, it could melt steel instantly.

However, the weird thing was burnt in the Purple Residence Hell Fire for more than a minute, and yet it was still alive?


Li Yao’s nose flapped, and his bloody pupil flickered. Although the weird thing was still jumping up and down and roaring like thunder, he did not sense any vital signs of a living creature from it at all.

There was not the surging demonic energy, not the flowing spiritual energy found inside Cultivators, not even a heartbeat and breath. Some sort of extremely uncanny force was supporting the weird thing from falling down.

It was a dead body!

“What kind of force can stimulate such vigor in the cells after the creature is already dead?” Even the mental devil was shocked.


The Purple Residence Hell Fire did not burn the weird thing at all. Instead, the armor and helmet of the weird thing both exploded in the furious flames. A gray shadow suddenly leapt out of the remains and stretched out like an octopus!

The fire wall and the icy blockage were not enough to stop the weird thing. At the critical moment, dozens of small black shadows darted from the tent nearby into the body of the weird thing like bullets!

The ‘bullets’ quickly rooted and sprouted like the seeds of a planet, quickly spreading on the surface of the weird thing.

The skin that was healthy a moment ago now turned into dried rind. The movement of the weird thing was significantly limited.

At that moment, the Purple Residence Hell Fire was finally able to leak into the body of the weird thing, burning its flesh and blood into ash at a visible speed.

A streak of scarlet brightness dashed out of the tent and floated above the head of the weird thing.

The immense pressure compressed the ash after the weird thing was burnt into a heap. Not the tiniest speck of dust was leaked out.

Very soon, the ash was frozen into an icy block, reflecting strange colors.

The weird riot was finally suppressed.

However, Li Yao’s wariness was at its peak.

He could keenly tell that the aura of the newcomer far exceeded normal demon kings. The few demon kings that prepared to attack him a moment ago apparently listened to his command, too.

He was a demon emperor!

He must be the real leader of the Blade of Chaos and the commander of the exploration operation!

The eyes that were hidden behind the helmet stopped on Li Yao for a long time.

Li Yao even sensed a fleeting killing intent.

However, after pondering for a moment, the newcomer still slowly landed on the ground and even took off the helmet, revealing a transparent, protective airbag.

Inside the airbag was a face that could almost be called handsome. Above the two eyes that were as brilliant as black diamonds were eyebrows that were furiously burning like flames. Two scarlet antennae were growing on his forehead and shivering slightly in the same pace as his heartbeat.

Li Yao had seen the face countless times in Jin Xinyue’s depiction.

It belonged to the cynical expert in the demon emperor level, the blood brother of Elder Nether Spring, and the master of Void Turmoil City, the Fire Ant King!

Everything makes sense now!

Li Yao suddenly realized what was going on.

Yuchi Ba is simply the master of the Skeleton Island and the manager of several arenas. How could he establish such an enormous organization like the Blade of Chaos in secret?

The Fire Ant King is a demon emperor after all. His wisdom and strategies could be seen from the fact that he created Void Turmoil City on his own. How could he have been fooled by Yuchi Ba for so many years?

If the Fire Ant King has been deliberately turning a blind eye, that will be much more reasonable.

His Void Turmoil City is the slave trading center of the entire Blood Demon Sector. Since so many slaves are coming in and out of the place every year, it is more than simple for him to select a bunch of low-level demons who have talent in training and yet hate the Pantheon of Demons’ guts!

Only the revenue he makes by selling slaves and strengthening drugs is enough to support the daily operations of an enormous organization!

He is the blood brother to Elder Nether Spring and the most notorious slave trader. Nobody would expect that he is actually the real leader of the Blade of Chaos!

The Fire Ant King glanced at Li Yao casually and did not think too much of the unimportant, regular member of the exploration team. He asked in a low voice, “Do you know me?”

Li Yao nodded.

The Fire Ant King was the master of Void Turmoil City. His portrait was everywhere on the Skeleton Island, and the few biggest arenas even had statues of him. It was certainly not a good idea to pretend not to know him.

“There’s no need to fret, my brother.” The Fire Ant King opened his arms and smiled. “As you can see, I am also a member of the Blade of Chaos and a brother who is fighting for a future where all the demons live equally together, just like you.”

His voice was as warm and comforting as jade and made everybody who heard it find it irresistible to trust him.

The Fire Ant King continued. “What you saw just now was the most immaculate weapon that God Chaos bestowed upon us, except that the weapon is still slightly unstable at this moment.

“However, after we completely crack the secrets of the weapon, it will only be a matter of time before the Blade of Chaos rises!”

An immaculate weapon?

Li Yao’s mind was greatly disturbed.

The Fire Ant King had clearly known that there was such an ‘immaculate weapon’ inside the Mausoleum of Chaos all the time. The ostensible operation to excavate the Mausoleum of Chaos had always been a disguise. His goal had been precisely this place!

What kind of terrifying weapon could turn a dead body into a dreadful, relentless warrior?

Besides, judging from the warning of the elites of the Blade of Chaos, the venomous fog that the dead body spurted out was strongly contagious.