Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 897

Chapter 897 New Intruders

While Li Yao was dwelling in the shocking deductions, the antennas on the Fire Ant King’s head shivered slightly, as if he was receiving a lot of information. Weird Brilliance beamed out of his eyes as he observed Li Yao with great interest for a moment. With a smile, he asked, “Your name is Bloody Claw, your performance on the Skeleton Island was quite good, and you have a sister in Void Turmoil City, correct?


“Everybody thinks that our organization hit rock bottom after the ‘Riot of Bloody Blade’ was suppressed. But they do not know that the ‘Riot of Bloody Blade’ is just a disguise, and the day when our organization soars into the sky will come as soon as we dig out the legacy inside the Mausoleum of Chaos!

“However, the most important task for us is yet to be finished and requires our joint effort!

“We must find the sacred body of God Chaos!”

Li Yao was greatly surprised. He had been thinking that ‘Chaos’ was a name for an organization and that this place was a secret base of the organization. But according to the Fire Ant King, was ‘Chaos’ really an individual buried in this place?

What kind of secrets were concealed in the ‘sacred body’ of Chaos?

The antennae of the Fire Ant King slightly moved. Li Yao immediately sensed that a torrent of information was transmitted to the receptors on his forehead.

Clicking sounds were echoing inside his brain. On the biochemical chips that he was wearing, information, data, and images were raining down like a storm.

They were the maps of the Mausoleum of Chaos, which were at least three times more detailed than those Li Yao had received a moment ago. Countless dense, interconnected roads were leading to the center of the underground.

I didn’t know that the Fire Ant King’s exploration on the Mausoleum of Chaos was so thorough!

Huh. Weird. A minor space is hidden thousands of meters below the research institute of the Mausoleum of Chaos. What is that?

Li Yao was in deep thought, but he put on an astonished and bewildered expression.

Similarly deep in thought, the Fire Ant King casually said, “I came to this place at great risk. Now that you’ve run into me, for the sake of confidentiality, you are not getting out of my sight easily.

“I’ve just read your files, and I can say that you are a rather excellent talent. So, you can follow me and look for the sacred body of God Chaos together with us!”

The Fire Ant King raised his arms high, with devotion and earnestness all over his face. “God Chaos is the ancestor of all demons. He is the creator of the demon race. If we can sort out all the secrets hidden inside the sacred body of God Chaos and receive his legacy, our organization will most certainly”

Before he concluded his declaration, an abrupt change took place!

The earth was suddenly trembled violently, as if a series of shooting stars had hit the Star Swallowing Sea and raised an intense earthquake.

The trembling did not end until more than half a minute later, succeeded by messy, dull noises.

The antennae on the Fire Ant King’s forehead were cramping crazily, and his face turned extremely hideous, his killing intent soaring like the sharp edges of a saber. Not having time to explain anything to Li Yao, he simply led most of his subordinates into the darkness and rushed to the upper level of the temple while leaving Li Yao and several elites behind!


Li Yao recognized the source of the quakes keenly.

After countless battles against the demon race in the Heaven’s Origin Sector, and through the simulations of head-on clashes with the devilish warships in the Grand Illusionary Land, Li Yao could not have been more familiar with such quakes. They were a result of the bombardment of the acid cannons of the large devilish warships!

Judging from the intensity of the quakes, the caliber of the acid cannons was appallingly huge, and the devilish warships that accommodated them were certainly the main force models.

The Blade of Chaos was an underground organization. It was impossible, and unnecessary, for them to be equipped with such main force warships.

In the Blood Demon Sector, only the four major demon kingdoms had such capabilities!

Li Yao thought quickly as what to do next. The Fire Ant King seemed to have realized the formidability of the intruders and brought away all the demon kings. All that was left were simply a few demon generals.

Pondering for a moment, Li Yao risked scratching his ear and taking off one of his Cosmos Rings before he released Neltharion quietly.


Neltharion entered stealth mode instantly, and its spiritual waves were constricted to the minimum. Normal Cultivators and demons would not be able to notice anything wrong.

Driving Neltharion, Li Yao followed the Fire Ant King from a distance.

The Fire Ant King was rushing forward anxiously and did not notice that a haunting shadow was closely tailing him from hundreds of meters away.

The second floor of the underground was already a mess. Nobody expected attacks from the sky. The warriors were in a hurry to wake up their biochemical beasts and ascend to the temple through the lifts.

Steering Neltharion, Li Yao chose a good moment to dash into a lift and hide beside everybody’s legs.

Those crammed in the lift were all demon soldiers and demon generals. Naturally, nobody noticed Neltharion at all.

On the first floor, inside the temple, the shocking view made Li Yao unable to stop himself from clicking his tongue.

The dome of the temple was already on the brink of destruction due to the corrosion of the acid cannons from the shell of the earth.

At this moment, dozens of enormous worms, which were more than ten meters in diameter and emitting metal colors all over their body, drilled through the dome toward the temple!

The enormous worms were similar to the ‘Iron Ore Sandworm’ on Iron Plateau. They had a circle of dense, sharp thorns around their head and rings of sharp teeth inside their mouthpart, which made them look like the ‘tunnel boring machine’ that was used to dig tunnels in the Star Glory Federation!

Li Yao knew that such demon beasts could often secrete super corrosive acids that could melt rocks and metals alike. They were most suitable to dig holes below the ground.

Under the bombardment of the acid cannons and the enormous worms, the dome of the temple was soon riddled with holes.

Demon beasts flooded into the underground world like a tide. They were the Ghost Face Silver Mosquitoes and the Colorful Flying Locusts, Li Yao’s ‘old friends’. Both kinds of demon beasts would sweep across everything they met and leave nothing behind!

Countless fully-armed warriors descended to the underground temple under the cover of the Ghost Face Silver Mosquitoes and the Colorful Flying Locusts!

The warriors were completely different from the demons that Li Yao had seen before. Most of them carried the distinctive features of the Insect Clan, but they were taller and stronger than the clan’s general members.

They were all more than three meters tall. With their bone armor that was as thick as a tortoise shell and the dense thorns and lumps on it, they were essentially heavy tanks that were standing on their feet!

What was weirder was that round, brilliant gems had been embedded to their forehead, chest, abdomen, elbows, and knees.

The gems seemed to be alive and were emitting intense spiritual waves, providing incessant energy for them and allowing them to raise a storm of blood among the members of the Blade of Chaos.

The members of the Blade of Chaos were no match for the intruders at all. They were like dry leaves in a blowing windthe only outcome was to be shattered into pieces!

Li Yao saw that Electric Boa, the leopard tutor who trained him, rode the lightning serpent almost a hundred meters long and dashed at two intruders. Hundreds of electric arcs were spurting out of the mouth of the serpent and condensed into a hurricane of electricity!

However, one of the intruders formed a spluttering shield of energy on his left side with nothing except the bright yellow gems embedded on his left arm, blocking the hurricane of electricity effortlessly!

A series of smaller gems were embedded to the finger joints on the right hand of the other intruder. They were now activated in midair, releasing hideous threads of energy that were condensed into a sharp blade and pierced through the head of the lightning serpent!

Electric Boa screamed miserably and lost connection to the lightning boa, falling off from midair!

What kind of strength is this?

Li Yao secretly clicked his tongue. The capability of the intruders was certainly high, but it was not high enough for them to conduct a one-sided slaughter. It was the gems embedded in their bodies that had multiplied their combat ability!

Weird brilliance flashed deep inside a gem, giving Li Yao a hint as to what it was.

The demon cores!

The demon core was the most valuable part of a demon beast. Every strong demon beast would naturally generate a demon core inside their body after they swallowed enough Heavenly Materials and Earthly Treasures and absorbed sufficient natural energy.

The energy contained inside the demon cores was even more immense than that inside the marrow crystals. They were the ultimate treasures that many Cultivators dreamed to get.

Before Li Yao entered the Building Foundation Stage, he had once been hunted by Wang Ji, a prince of the Kingdom of Lion Butchers, in the Thunderous Sound Mountain. He had only narrowly escaped the disaster by refining a demon core into a powerful bomb and blowing more than half of his pursuers into smithereens.

The mysterious intruders have gathered so many demon cores and embedded them into their own body through a certain secret technique!

They can borrow the strength of the demon cores every moment. They are essentially enhanced by the strength of dozens of demon beasts!

Li Yao was greatly shocked.

He calculated quickly. Judging from the velocity, strength, and frequency of the activation of the demon cores, most of the intruders were able to wield the capability of a demon king. Some of the intruders, who were embedded with dozens of demon cores and looked like captains, could even trigger the combat ability close to that of a demon emperor for a moment!

This is rather a great show!

In the shadows of the second floor, Li Yao’s eyes were cold and blinking like the indicators of the crystal processors that were functioning at the highest performance. He analyzed the routes and patterns of the attacks of all the enemies and evaluated their overall capability.

A hundred mysterious warriors with demon cores embedded into their bodies, with at least three enormous main-force devilish warships, as well as

A slender shadow suddenly revealed its full appearance from the overwhelming mist of blood and dust.

He boasted a face that was even more handsome than many movie stars in the Star Glory Federation. It was so impeccable that it seemed to have been carved out of an entire piece of green jade. His body was covered in shells that seemed to be from insects, but they were perfectly melded with his body and did not give the slightest feeling of ugliness. On the contrary, the integration was simply natural and immaculate.

Dark golden brilliance was mixed in the green and black shells, making it look like the most glamorous armor that was built by the best craftsmen of the entire Blood Demon Sector!

After he showed up, the entire battlefield was eclipsed. The gory battles seemed to have been frozen into a dull background for him.