Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 900

Chapter 900 Mantis That Hunts Cicada

Li Yao took a deep breath and entered the deep meditative state.

In his mind, a translucent himself struggled out of his body and darted toward the depths of the darkness. He charged into the underground temple and rushed out through the holes in the dome while Elder Nether Spring and the Fire Ant King were fiercely fighting!

The soldiers of the Nether World Watch were all greatly shocked and tried to block him, but according to the data on their speed and strength that Li Yao had collected a moment ago, their blockage would be far from flawless!

In the Star Swallowing Sea outside of the holes, a few devilish warships that belonged to Elder Nether Spring were naturally docked.

However, back when Li Yao was in the Building Foundation Stage, he had already resisted a crystal warship by himself. Right now, his combat ability was close to the Nascent Soul Stage. If he was determined to run away, were the few devilish warships enough to stop him?

Who can really block me if I want to run away?

Although the Star Swallowing Sea and the White Silver Death Desert were both terrible places, Li Yao had a lot of food, drugs, and clean water preserved inside his Cosmos Rings, which was an unchangeable habit wherever he went.

In the boundless silver desert, nothing could grow. Determination would be the real critical factor. What could Elder Nether Spring really do about him?

If Elder Nether Spring concentrates his forces, he won’t be able to search in every direction of the White Silver Death Desert, and it is very likely that I will run away successfully.

If he splits his forces for the search, I will simply swallow his subordinates one after another!

After the comprehensive analysis, if I choose to run away right now, the success rate will be higher than 85%!


If he made such a decision, Li Yao would never find out Elder Nether Spring’s true goal.

Elder Nether Spring, as one of the four giants of the Blood Demon Sector, surprisingly knew that he was a chaotic-blood blood a long time ago. But instead of joining the organization of the low-level rebellion named the Blade of Chaos, he stood on the opposite side of the rebels and even established an extremely secret Nether World Watch!

Back when Li Yao was in the Heaven’s Origin Sector, he had learned a thing or two about the toughest special forces of the Blood Demon Sector, but he had never heard the name of ‘Nether World Watch’ before.

Jin Xinyue, as a saintess of the Pantheon of Demons, introduced the special forces and the secret legions in the entire Blood Demon Sector to him in great details, too. But she did not mention anything about the ‘Nether World Watch’, either.

However, the Nether World Watch, whose soldiers were all embedded with the demon cores, were certainly the most terrifying special forces that Li Yao had seen in his life, not even ‘one of’!

Forcing the extremely unsteady demon cores to output energy stably and melding them with the body of flesh and blood perfectly, such a biotechnology is definitely among the most cutting-edge ones even in the Blood Demon Sector!

Such a biotechnology must be supported by an enormous organization!

Elder Nether Spring was determined to explore the secrets of the Blade of Chaos and even established the Nether World Watch in secret. What is he up to exactly?

Li Yao recalled the words of Ning Zhongze, an elder of the Blade of Chaos, again.

It was said that the item they retrieved from Elder Nether Spring’s laboratory could potentially change the fate of the Blood Demon Sector and the Heaven’s Origin Sector.

And Jin Xinyue had turned from a demon into a human being after absorbing the mysterious liquids!

What had Elder Nether Spring been studying and planning exactly?

No. After going through all the trouble to get in touch with the core secrets, I cannot escape at this moment. If I don’t seize a great opportunity such as right now, it will be practically impossible for me to uncover Elder Nether Spring’s secrets in the future!

Then, what about fighting against Elder Nether Spring with the Fire Ant King?

Li Yao thought quickly and ran another series of crazy calculations. Countless glass shadows exploded inside his brain, turning into the most brilliant diamond dust!

For a moment, he was about to rush out.

However, Neltharion detected keenly that quite a few strong opponents were still lurking in unknown locations.

The scent that slowly leaked out from the darkness stung Li Yao’s pupils like needles. He narrowed his eyes to the minimum.

Elder Nether Spring has backup plans!

Even if I go out and fight side by side with the Fire Ant King right now, since we have never cooperated before and we don’t understand each other’s strengths, the odds of success are no higher than 11%!

If the odds of success were above 30%, Li Yao might have decided to take his chances.

However, according to the calculations based on Elder Nether Spring’s current form, even if Li Yao showed up and butchered a lot of soldiers of the Nether World Watch, the odds of success were only 11%.

It was not a figure that was worth the risk. The smartest hunters and gamblers were often the most patient ones.

Since the two options were both inappropriate, he could only choose the third approach!

While the two demon emperors were fighting fiercely, Li Yao adjusted the position of Neltharion without alarming anybody, partly to observe the battle from a better angle, and partly to make preparations for his next move.

A life-and-death battle between two demon emperors was not something that everybody had the privilege to appreciate. Every collision between the Fire Ant King and Elder Nether Spring seemed to have turned into translucent data streams that flowed into Li Yao’s brain through Neltharion. He felt that he was enjoying a great meal and could not have been more satisfied.

Inside the underground temple, the charges of the Fire Ant King were all pushed back by the clones of Elder Nether Spring. Except for the numerous ants that were wasted during the endeavors, neither of them made significant progress.

However, the elites of the Blade of Chaos that the Fire Ant King had brought with him had almost been entirely suppressed by the Nether World Watch!

The Fire Ant King was more than infuriated and lost his patience. The fire giant behind him was finally melded into his real body, which was wearing the armor of flames, before he turned into a roaring dragon and dashed toward the dome of the temple!

Po! Po! Po!

Seven clones of Elder Nether Spring stood in his way, only to be destroyed unstoppably, turning to shivering smoke while the burnt bodies of ants fell to the ground like a storm.

The Fire Ant King finally got rid of the harassment of Elder Nether Spring’s clones and rushed toward the dome that had been drilled through by his brother. He seemed to be planning to escape through the dome.

However, the moment he was closest to the dome, the head of the fiery dragon suddenly exploded, and a shooting star darted out of the head toward the east side of the temple rapidly!

The cicada had gotten out of its shell!

The fiery dragons made of countless Thousand Ghostly Fire Ants continued crashing toward the dome of the temple, forming furiously burning clouds in midair.

In the meantime, the Fire Ant King turned into a streak of brightness and flew into the pathway that he came from.

The rest of the clones of Elder Nether Spring and the soldiers of the Nether World Watch were mostly blinded by the burning clouds, and their senses were disrupted. They did not have enough time to stop him!

The Fire Ant King was about to successfully escape when three streaks of brightness darted out of the path and hit him one after another!




It sounded like that the main guns of a devilish warship and a crystal warship had leaned against each other and opened fire three times brutally. The collision was so powerful that Li Yao suspected that the underground temple might have collapsed.

Airwaves that looked like ripples resulting from the collisions swept across the temple each replacing the last like a tide!

The first two streaks of brightness were both knocked away by the Fire Ant King, but the third one blew him backward heavily like an iron hammer.

Then, three streaks of brightness hovered around him rapidly like three satellites and knitted into an impenetrable cage!

The first streak of brightness was black. It was a brutal warrior more than six meters tall who looked like a hybrid of a Hercules beetle and long-horned beetle. The black, lumpy shell of the warrior was even more magnificent than the biggest Ares Extension. What was more terrifying was that spluttering electric arcs were dancing on all the black lumps on his body, as if every bump of his body was a powerful electrode.

Just like the other soldiers, the warrior was embedded with dense demon cores. His breastplate that looked like a door plank was even installed with a demon core even bigger than Li Yao’s head.

Li Yao found it hard to imagine what kind of demon beast such a huge demon core belonged to and how long it had taken for the demon beast to condense it.

On the head of the brutal warrior that looked like a titan, two horns were grown like two long spears. Thick electric arcs were being generated between the horns and triggered a super intense attack every few seconds like the most powerful Taiyi Lightning Railgun, which slashed at the Fire Ant King like the auras of a saber or a sword!

The second streak of brightness was colorful and agile. At first glance, it was an attractive beauty. Although she was only slightly more than one meter tall, there was not the feeling of discordance of the dwarfs in her. On the contrary, she seemed to have been shrunk to half the size of the most beautiful girl.

She was wearing colorful soft gauze, and her bosoms could be vaguely seen and were almost jumping. The gauze folded into two enormous butterfly wings on her back. All kinds of flowers were flourishing on the wings, making them exceptionally glamorous. The dazzling colors were also flowing slowly both like a kaleidoscope and like a splendid swirl!

The butterfly demon was dancing elegantly, leaving clusters of colorful powder anywhere she reached. Li Yao noticed that the Fire Ant King was weirdly slowed down the moment he touched the powder although his speed was rather high in the beginning. He also had an indescribable, fascinated expression on his face, as if he had been grasped by hallucinations!

Those two must be the captains of the Nether World Watch. Judging from their speed and strength, they both boast the combat ability of beginning-level demon emperors!

Besides, the teamwork of the two captains is quite neat. The bull-like warrior boasts tremendous physical strength and damaging abilities, but his speed and frequency of attacks are slightly low.

Meanwhile, the butterfly demon is good at creating an environment with the powder where she could perform mental attacks. Even though the Fire Ant King could resist the mental attacks, he would still be slowed down and is more likely to be hit by the first captain!

If I have to deal with the two captains of the Nether World Watch, I will have to keep them apart and cannot fight against them at the same time!

Li Yao only thought briefly about the plan before the third streak of brightness had hit the Fire Ant King hard!

Without the enhancement of the Thousand Ghostly Fire Ants, and after fighting the clones of Elder Nether Spring for such a long time, the Fire Ant King was already reaching his limits. Besides, the capability of his enemy was higher than his in the first place. After the blow, all the fire on his body faded away!

In midair, the streak of green brightness condensed into Elder Nether Spring’s real body. He took a deep breath, and his eyes suddenly bulged as he blew out an overwhelming storm of green ants from his mouth toward the Fire Ant King!