Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 901

Chapter 901 The Lurking Bird

The moment the hurricane of the green ants blew out, more than ten sharp electric arcs also spurted out of the two spear-like horns of the Hercules beetle, taking the shape of various kinds of blades in midair and bombarding the Fire Ant King nonstop.

In the meantime, a large cluster of powder was shaken off the colorful wings of the butterfly demon and split into dozens of mirages that looked like agile ghosts, harassing the Fire Ant King.

The Fire Ant King bellowed and focused whatever was left of his Thousand Ghostly Fire Ants on his hands. He then bashed the hurricane of green ants hard, breaking them apart. However, the split green ants simply tied up all the Thousand Ghostly Fire Ants as if they were branching vines.

More than ten marvelous weapons that were the lightnings of the Hercules beetle hit the Fire Ant King overwhelmingly. The mysterious shadows created by the powder of the butterfly demon covered the facial organs of the Fire Ant King like a haunting ghost.

The Fire Ant King grunted and was slowed down. The antennae on his forehead were shaking at a lower and lower speed because of the corruption of the powder.


The Hercules beetle opened his arms, the demon core on his breastplate that was even larger than Li Yao’s head shining brilliantly like the main gun of a fully-charged crystal warship. After an earsplitting roar, a lead gray pillar of light suddenly burst out of his chest and darted toward the Fire Ant King straightly!

Harassed by the mysterious illusions, the Fire Ant King sensed nothing of the incoming attack and was hit precisely. His skin and shell were all broken apart, burnt, and vaporized!

In the meantime, Elder Nether Spring condensed nine clones with the phantom green ants and dashed toward the Fire Ant King from various directions!

The clones appeared to be ghosts without entities. They passed through the Fire Ant King time and time again.

After every ‘pierce’, the aura of the Fire Ant King weakened a little bit. Not long later, the Fire Ant King was already riddled with holes and fell down from midair, barely recognizable.


Elder Nether Spring’s ten fingers blossomed like a lotus and made dozens of hand seals within a breath. He snapped his fingers and sent almost a hundred tiny ‘seeds’ into the Fire Ant King’s body.

A moment later, the ‘seeds’ rooted and sprouted, growing into bright green veins.

The newly grown veins pierced through the Fire Ant King’s internal organs and all his joints, especially the critical parts such as the shoulders and the knees. They even pierced in and out multiple times in order to tie up the Fire Ant King’s limbs tightly.

Some of the veins even climbed on the Fire Ant King’s head like vipers and crawled into his mouth and nose.

Along with the pace of Elder Nether Spring’s breath, the ‘veins’ were fluctuating with green liquids that could have been blood or poison!

As a demon emperor, the Fire Ant King had extremely strong vitality. Despite the thunderous strike of the Hercules beetle and the repetitive piercing by Elder Nether Spring’s clones, he was back to himself quickly.

However, the weird ‘seeds’ and ‘veins’ were like the strongest shackles, rendering him unable to move and grumbling in excruciating pain with his eyes almost bulging out.

Li Yao felt that his blood was boiling while he observed the battle from the lower floor.

This was the first time that he had ever observed two unparalleled experts in the demon emperor level fighting unreservedly!

Compared to the Cultivators, the demons were utilizing the spiritual energy in a cunning and weird way. The eye-opening methods of attack and the bizarre-looking biochemical beasts were all unimaginable for Li Yao in the past.

The ‘seeds’ that Elder Nether Spring shot out turned out to contain weird poison that could transform the Fire Ant King’s blood into a lethal venomous liquid. The Fire Ant King would be restrained by himself!

Li Yao secretly clicked his tongue.

However, the mental devils imply sneered. “Petty tricks. Not worth mentioning at all. I would very much like to know the taste of the ‘seeds’ right now!”

Li Yao immediately disapproved of the idea and concentrated all his computational ability on Neltharion.

Neltharion stuck close to the wall of the temple and slithered upwards without anybody noticing.

The capture of the Fire Ant King marked the end of the Blade of Chaos’ resistance. Very soon, the Nether World Watch had the situation under control.

His hands behind his back, Elder Nether Spring glanced over the underground temple casually. His eyes were particularly deep and dark when he stopped at the magnificent statue of the Pangu Clan at the center of the temple.

Dozens of dark, green beetles were hovering around the two captains of the Nether World Watch. The beetles all had translucent bellies that were embedded with crystals and carved with multiple neatly-made serial rune arrays.

The bellies of some of the beetles were uttering sounds, indicating that they were messengers.

The Hercules beetle was issuing commands toward almost ten communication bugs. “Team A, you have three hours to clean up the entire Mausoleum of Chaos and search for the remnants of the Blade of Chaos to ensure the safety of the place!

“Team B, set up a camp in the southwest of the underground temple and lock up all the captives after identifying them.

“The Blade of Chaos kidnapped a lot of our specialists from Bone Sand City. Find out where the specialists are and make sure that they are properly treated!

“Team C, build a temporary floating island on the Star Swallowing Sea right now and search the water area and the White Silver Death Desert five hundred square kilometers around us, in case the remnants of the Blade of Chaos are hiding in those places!”

Next to him, the butterfly demon also issued orders to the communication bugs calmly. “Team D, set up temporary research rooms in the southeast corner of the underground temple and start analyzing and studying on the spot.

“Team E, follow Team A and excavate everything inside the Mausoleum of Chaos while making sure that you are safe!

“Team F, stick together with Team E. Note that active demonic artifacts and viruses might still exist in the Mausoleum of Chaos. Isolate and extinguish them immediately should you find any!”

“Elder!” After giving out the orders, the two captains bowed to Elder Nether Spring respectfully. “In three hours, the Mausoleum of Chaos will be ours.”

“Excellent!” Elder Nether Spring nodded. “Despot, Swirl, job well done. Now, escort the Fire Ant King to our warship. A lot of stuff in his head will prove to be very useful for us!”



The Hercules beetle named ‘Despot’ and the butterfly demon addressed as ‘Swirl’ moved the Fire Ant King, who was no better than a corpse, to a metal stretcher. They then imposed almost twenty chains carved with spiritual stripes upon the stretcher before personally carrying the Fire Ant King to the surface, one in the front and the other in the back.

Now is the time!

On the second floor, Li Yao’s temples were bouncing crazily, and his heart was almost breaking out of his ribs. He decided to make the riskiest gamble!

He maneuvered Neltharion and tailed Despot and Swirl secretly!

Despot and Swirl were not really two demon emperors. However, after the enhancement of the demon cores, they were very close to the stage, and their senses were extremely keen. He might have been discovered by them if he was careless for one moment.

However, their attention was focused on the Fire Ant King, and their vigilance was lowered after a clean, crushing victory. They did not notice that they were being followed at all.

Elder Nether Spring also did not expect that a weirdo named Li Yao was hiding in the Blade of Chaos besides the Fire Ant King, who was a demon emperor, with a piece of magical equipment from the peak era of the Star Ocean Imperium named ‘Neltharion’.

His whole computational ability was dedicated to his current plans. It also escaped his attention that a super tiny starship was slithering stealthily in the air!

Despot and Swirl slowly ascended to the ground through the holes on the dome of the temple.

Neltharion closely followed them like their shadow.

The vertical holes only had limited space. There was no room for dodging at all. Although Neltharion was in the stealth mode, Despot and Swirl would certainly detect it if they sensed something wrong and blew out their demonic energy for scanning.

Thankfully, as the captains of the Nether World Watch, they were both occupied with administrative affairs. Communication bugs were flying to and from them all the way, carrying their subordinates’ feedback and their instructions.

While they were too busy sending out commands, they had no time to bother about their backs, which were supposed to be absolutely safe.

At the end of the hole was a soft tube leaning upwards. Li Yao estimated that it was connected to a devilish warship.

As he expected, a moment later, they appeared inside a devilish warship.

The warship was more than ten times larger than the sky-hunting warship of the Blade of Chaos, with endless pathways around that made it as complicated as a labyrinth.

Following ‘Despot’ and ‘Swirl’, Neltharion took multiple turns and passed through the solid defense lines made of the soldiers of the Nether World Watch before it reached a specially made prison cell at the end of a pathway.

The prison cell looked like the stomach of a certain enormous demon beast. It was sticky and damp, with green corrosive liquids filling up the lower part, blocked by rails that looked like tusks.

Li Yao noticed that ‘Swirl’ touched a piece of pinky meat that was next to the prison cell softly like a feather. Then, the tusks of the room immediately retracted themselves, revealing a hole that could only allow one individual to pass through.

Is this prison cell a living creature?

Li Yao memorized the special technique through which ‘Swirl’ touched the soft meat.

Despot and Swirl threw the Fire Ant King as well as the stretcher in into the prison cell.

Countless tentacles immediately grew out of the walls and held the stretcher in midair.

The tentacles were similar to the synthesized nerves, with neurons all over them, which made them extremely sensitive. Anything that approached them would trigger their reactions.

The lower half body of the Fire Ant King was soaked in the acids. Burning sounds were echoing nonstop, and black smoke was even popping up from the pool.

Half a day ago, the guy had still been dreaming about leading the Blade of Chaos to its rise, but right now, he had already ended up a prisoner.

His mind seemed to be even more devastated than his depressed face. He had completely lost his fighting will and lowered his head. His antennae dangled down from his forehead like two pieces of rotten wood.

The moment the tusk cage was to be closed, Li Yao riskily steered Neltharion in!

The tusk cage showed no response. Despot and Swirl did not notice anything wrong, either. They simply summoned a team of the Nether World Watch and reminded them of something before they walked away.

It appeared that they were quite confident in Elder Nether Spring’s barriers.

Li Yao heaved a long sigh of relief. The most dangerous step had finally been accomplished, however dangerous the process was.

Right then, he heard the deafening noises of the functioning lifts leading to the floor that he was in.