Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 903

Chapter 903 Divine Blood Of Chaos

After figuring out the mechanism of communication, the Fire Ant King could not wait but shiver his demonic energy, asking, “Who are you? Be clear about the situation!”

“I’m the only one who can save you right now,” Li Yao snapped mercilessly, “so I’m going to ask the questions, and you will answer them!”

The Fire Ant King blinked. There was indifference that resulted from the deepest desperation on his face, but his demonic energy trembled rapidly and formed a silent refutation. “Hilarious. You have escaped the attention of Elder Nether Spring and the Nether World Watch, indicating that you must be in the demon emperor stage.

“Would a demon emperor jump out of nowhere and risk offending Elder Nether Spring and rescuing me just because of his sense of justice?

“You are here to rescue me because it concerns your own interest. Therefore, you are not my life-saver but merely a partner for me.”

Li Yao sneered. “Even if we are partners, you are now on the weak side and have no chips to bargain with me at all!

“You have only one chance. It depends on you whether we make a deal or not. If we split apart right now, naturally, I will suffer losses, but your losses will certainly be no less than mine.”

The Fire Ant King pondered for a moment and then replied frankly as soon as he made up his mind. “Alright. You ask, I answer!”

“You are certainly not as feeble as you appear to be.” Li Yao immediately said. “You are concealing part of your strength. Why?”

The former part of the sentence was not a question but a statement. Li Yao’s real question was only the reason.

“It’s simple,” the Fire Ant King replied casually. “The moment Elder Nether Spring showed up, I knew that I was already crushed.

“Nether Spring must’ve been preparing traps since a long time ago. Right then, since he came to openly fight against me, he certainly had thorough plans. Even if I tried my best to counterattack, I would have been screwed anyway. Why would I struggle so hard if so?

“It was obviously a better idea to reserve part of my strength and mislead Nether Spring. Should there be any new changes later, there would be a slim chance that I might reverse the outcome of the battle.


Although the communication with shivering air could not express the action of ‘laughing out aloud’, Li Yao could feel the delight in the Fire Ant King’s information. “Hasn’t a change appeared now already?”

Li Yao thought for a moment and said, “I can deal with Elder Nether Spring together with you, but I have to know the relationship between two brothers and Chaos first.”

“It’s too complicated,” the Fire Ant King replied. “Where do I begin?”

“From the very beginning. You are free to tell lies, as long as you are confident that your theory makes sense,” Li Yao said coldly.

The Fire Ant King pondered for a moment and sighed. “It all began a long, long time ago in a place far, far away.

“At that time, Nether Spring and I were not dominators of the Insect Clan yetmerely two generals fighting on the frontline.

“In this world, the strong prey on the weak, and the final winner will be the king. Even without the total war against the Heaven’s Origin Sector, the internal strife has been unceasing, with blood shed everywhere.

“Nether Spring and I were silver-blood demons on the surface, but we were the side descendants of a big family. Because of our distinguished capability, the main descendants were wary of us and even framed us up by assigning a suicidal mission to us.

“During the perilous mission, we were ambushed by the elites of the enemy, and our troops were entirely wiped out. Nether Spring and I managed to break out of the siege, but we were separated from each other because of the havoc of the battlefield.

“I was heavily wounded, surrounded, chased, and blocked by the enemy. I fled to a cliff by myself. Having nowhere to run to, I was unwilling to fall into the hands of the enemy because I knew that endless suffering would be waiting for me. Therefore, I simply jumped off the cliff, hoping to get a clean death.

“But I did not expect that weird winds and turbulence that looked like a giant swirl were right below the cliff. They brought me into a mysterious cave that was hidden inside the crags.

“It was a residence of Chaos.”

Li Yao frowned. “A residence of Chaos?”

“In today’s words,” the Fire Ant King said, “it was sort of a research center of Chaos.

“Chaos was not only the code name of an individual but also the name of an enormous organization. During the early stages of the Demon Beast Empire forty thousand years ago, the Blood Demon Sector was the last base of resistance for the organization.

“Therefore, residences of Chaos are all over the Blood Demon Sector. Research centers, magical equipment warehouses, weapon factories, training fields, you name it.

“The Mausoleum of Chaos is just one of the residences that was the largest in scale, highest in level, and supervised by Chaos in person.”

Manipulating Neltharion, Li Yao slowly lowered the main gun of the warship, as if he were nodding his head, and gestured for the Fire Ant King to continue.

“This particular residence was not large, but the secret treasures inside the residence were great eye-openers for me.

“At that time, I was heavily wounded, and my head was muddled. Remembering that my enemy was close behind me, I thought that I should look for a suitable weapon.

“As a result, when I picked up a rusted ancient sword, my finger was accidentally cut by it. My blood turned bright purple, mixed with a greasily smell, when it flowed out of the wound.

“I remember the smell clearly even to this day.

“The bright purple blood was soon absorbed by the ancient sword. It seemed to be connected to my mind and became an extension of my limbs. Moreover, a lot of brutal sword techniques were also sent over to me!

“Other than the secret training arts from forty thousand years ago, more importantly, I discovered a few dead bodies inside the residence and found the coordinates of a few other residences of Chaos from them.

“Perhaps because the ancient sword had drained me, I fell into coma.

“When I was back to myself, I found myself floating inside the surging river right below the cliff and struggling hard. Ferocious demon beasts below the river were even biting my feet!

“I was dragged to the bottom of the river by the demon beasts. Believing that I was doomed, I slashed crazily with the ancient sword that was connected to me, hoping that I should at least kill some of them before I was killed. Eventually, I was exhausted and passed out again.

“When I woke up the second time, I found that Nether Spring was carrying me and running inside a forest staggeringly.

“According to Nether Spring, he had found me in the river shoal, and the cliff behind me had already collapsed.

“Later, after three months’ hunting and escaping, we were lucky enough to make it back to the Nether Spring Kingdom.

“With the marvelous achievements during the operation, Nether Spring and I finally gained a firm position in our family and started rising up. Eventually, seven years later, the main descendants of the family who set us up years ago had all been butchered by us!

“However, the residence of Chaos that I found in the cliff was like a haunting dream for me, which I couldn’t let go of day and night. The records inside the residence that were completely different from the traditional theories of the Blood Demon Sector always felt fresh to me.

“If it were a different silver-blood demon, they might not have thought too much of it and just believed that they were unbelievably fortunate.

“But there was another great secret about me.

“You were observing next to us when I was fighting Nether Spring just now, weren’t you? Then you must have seen my ugly tail!

“Haha. The heavens played a terrible prank on me. I am not a pure silver-blood demon but an untouchable chaotic-blood demon!

“The two things combined made me uninterested in the competition for power in the Nether Spring Kingdom. I found an opportunity and left the Nether Spring Kingdom. I travelled alone for a while, under the pretext that I was training in solitude, but I was in fact visiting the other residences of Chaos.

“Because of the passage of time and the change of terrain, several residences of Chaos had already been buried, leaving no traces. But still, I managed to excavate some of them.

“I received tremendous resources and information from those residences.

“With the resources, I established Void Turmoil City and my own forces. Then, I gathered the scattered organizers of the believers of Chaos in the world and set up the ‘Blade of Chaos’.

“After the Blade of Chaos took shape, it was much more convenient to excavate the residences of Chaos. After combining all the pieces that I had found, I gradually noticed the ‘Mausoleum of Chaos’.

“It was said that the Mausoleum of Chaos was the biggest bureau of the organization of Chaos forty thousand years ago and the place where ‘Chaos’ was buried. His legacy boasted such tremendous strength that whoever inherited it would be able to change the world!

“At that time, the integration of the Blood Demon Sector and the Heaven’s Origin Sector was already unstoppable. Countless low-level demons were being obliterated in the battlefield like cannon fodder. The Blade of Chaos reached the most perilous moment. I had no choice except to excavate the Mausoleum of Chaos at whatever cost!

“Then, I received a piece of very interesting news.

“Nether Spring was interested in Chaos, too. He had even created his own research centers for related studies, and some of his findings even surpassed mine.

“I thought hard for a long time. Finally, it occurred to me that Nether Spring might have entered the residence years ago, too, and discovered part of the secrets of Chaos, but he lied to me that the residence had collapsed.

“At that time, I had been heavily wounded. Naturally, I could not return and check whether or not the residence was still there.

“Years later, when I visited the place again, the cliff had indeed collapsed, but it was also possible that Nether Spring had demolished it later.

“After realizing that, I immediately regarded Nether Spring as the most dangerous enemy and decided to strike his research with my best. I could not allow to let him learn the mysteries of Chaos earlier than I did!

“But I did not know that everything had been within his calculations and that I was being manipulated by him step by step all the time. You have seen what has become of me and my cause right now.”

After hearing that, Li Yao finally understood the grudge between Elder Nether Spring and the Fire Ant King. Thinking for a moment, he asked, “You stole a bottle of mysterious liquid from Nether Spring’s laboratory in Bone Sand City. What is it exactly?”

The Fire Ant King was dazed for a moment, with astonishment slightly beaming out of his eyes. He did not expect that the mysterious expert would even know such a thing.

After pondering carefully for a moment, he still decided to tell the truth. “The liquid is named ‘Divine Blood of Chaos’. Of course, it is not the real blood of Chaos but an antidote, or rather, ‘reduction drug’.”