Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 91

Chapter 91: Where is the Champion of the College Entrance Examination?


Helian Lie let out a heartrending cry as thick red blood from his neck spread everywhere, instantly swallowing his entire face. As his face alternated between pale and flushed in turns, his facial features completely twisted together as if it had been smashed like a broken drum!

He felt as if stars were dancing before his eyes, as if someone was playing the drums next to his ears, as if everyone was laughing at him! His temples were throbbing as if two midgets were about to drill out of his temples. His entire body was shuddering, barely able to remain standing.

"Li Yao! Li Yao! Where did you come from!? A Spiritual Root Development Quotient of 92%? A full hundred points higher than me? It's impossible! It is absolutely impossible! There must be a mistake!"

Helian Lie gasped for breath. In his heart, he was screaming in madness. Deep down his throat, it was flooding with an unstoppable tide.

Not far away from him, Crimson Nimbus Second Senior High School's Principal Zhao Shude, Disciplinary Head Hei Mianshen, and the thousand other trustees were all in a trance. They were all on the verge of collapse. The look on their faces could be described in one sentence as if they were bereaved of both parents!

"How is this possible? How could a student from the Mining Clan High School actually defeat our student and make his way to the top, seizing the title of Floating Spear City's Champion of the College Entrance Examination?"

"Li Yao? Yes Li Yao!"

With foreheads completely drenched in sweat, Zhao Shude and Hei Mianshen glanced at each other before stealing a glance at Helian Ba. The all-smiling Helian Ba who was like a peach flower in blossom just a moment ago has now wilted; his complexion was completely pale. He turned into an ice statue.

The quickest to react were the reporters; shortly after the silence, they started bouncing one by one as if they had been shot with a stimulant.

"Breaking news, super breaking news! The college entrance examination champion actually appeared in the worst high school in Floating Spear City! Today's ratings are going to go through the roof!"

"Wait! Li Yao Li Yao... Why does this name sound familiar!?"

"Hey, isn't Li Yao that 'Fleeting Fiend Star'? He had actually recovered? Isn't he a lot stronger than before?"

"Something must have happened I am sure something must have happened here! Wasn't Li Yao a student of Crimson Nimbus Second Senior High School? Why did a student who was able to win the title of Floating Spear City's champion of the college entrance examination take the college entrance examination at the Mining Clan High School?"

"Principal Zhao, please explain it to us. Why did Student Li Yao's name appear alongside Mining Clan High School?"

"Yea, Principal Zhao, what actually happened? Why has Student Li Yao left the Crimson Nimbus Second Senior High School? How can you bear to let such a cultivation genius leave your school?"

Under the questioning of numerous reporters, Zhao Shude wanted to cry but had no tears. His complexion turned pale, his lips started shivering, he continuously shook his head and said, "No comments, no comments!"

"Brothers, what are we waiting for? Let's quickly go to the Mining Clan High School and interview Student Li Yao!"

Noticing the deathly expression as if he was devoid of all life on Zhao Shude's face, a few reporters with quick wits instantly reacted and shouted within their heart, Why should we waste our time talking to this guy? Someone with authority has yet to arrive!

Suddenly, the situation took a complete turn. A moment ago, several dozen reporters were swarming around Helian Lie and Zhao Shude, while in the next moment, they were all completely scattered. One by one, the flying shuttles impatiently soared into the sky and sprang towards the Limestone District.

"You, all of you come back to me!"

Helian Lie's pair of eyes were blood-red. Unable to contain his fury, he tightly grabbed the sleeve of a journalist and madly shouted, "It must be a mistake made by the crystal processor! I am the Floating Spear City's champion of the college entrance examination, it can only be me! Quickly interview me, quickly interview me! You bunch of bastards are as blind as a bat!"

"Dont waste my time!"

The reporter exerted his strength to hurl him but was unable to. Suddenly, he flared up with fury as he ruthlessly shoved at Helian Lie's stomach.

With Helian lie's strength, it would simply be impossible for him to get knocked down by a reporter, but at this moment, his body was as though all the bones in his body had been removed. From this shove alone, he softly fell onto the ground, landing on his ass.

The reporter did not even spare him a single glance. He hurled his sleeve and quickly left.

Helian Lie sat on the ground for a while with a sluggish look and a forced smile. Suddenly, he felt his stomach churn as if lightning and clouds were billowing.


He vomited out everything inside.

This was the sequelae that remained after he had suffered Li Yao's "Heart Piercing Hammer". Every time his tension reached the extreme, he would be unable to contain his vomit.

In the contest between him and Li Yao, Helian Lie had been thoroughly crushed. He was so miserable that one could not bear to look at him!

Limestone District, Mining Clan High School.

Compared to Crimson Nimbus Second Senior High School where the scene was seething with enthusiasm, the atmosphere at the Mining Clan High School was significantly relaxed. Here, they simply didn't set any big hologram. Every examinee was querying their own results and rankings through their mini crystal processors.

Here, the examinees all knew their own limitations. They never thought they would be able to get into those big universities. They were all completely satisfied with getting into some technical schools.

So after the results of the college entrance examination was out, there wasn't an ounce of tension visible on examinees faces here. 30-40% of the students were gathered together as they talked and laughed.

"I scored 345 points, I am ranked 75562 in the city. Haha, it's enough. This score should be enough for me to enter the 'Mysterious Fire Cooking School'!"

"Mine is also not bad; I scored 341 points, but I have not decided which school I want to attend. My father explicitly said that I am not allowed to learn to operate mining equipment or learn any crafts related to mining. It has always been my dream to be a beautician!"

While the countless examinees of slum district were talking and laughing, deafening roars suddenly came from the sky one after another as several dozen rainbows flashed over from the sky above the Mining Clan High School, leaving a trail of colorful flames behind as they slowly dispersed.

"Wow, so many luxurious flying shuttles!"

"Look at that. That flying shuttle seems to have the insignia of the city's board of education!"

"Our Limestone District is just notorious for being a slum district. Why are there so many luxurious flying shuttle approaching here? They seem to be flying towards Limestone High School!"

Soon, all the students received the news. The "Limestone High School" belonging to the Limestone District had an examinee called "Ge Qiang" who, as if possessed by a god, had unexpectedly paved his way into the top thousand in the Floating Spear City's college entrance examination rankings.

The entire campus suddenly burst into exclamations.

"Amazing! I never would have expected that an examinee from our slum district would be able to get into the top thousand of Floating Spear City!"

"I know this Ge Qiang. His mother died very early on and his father was a miner, but he was seriously injured in an accident. As a result, his entire body was paralyzed. The whole family relied on the meager subsidy to survive, so Ge Qiang worked extremely hard. He wanted to get a good score in order to cure his father and reverse the fate of his family!"

"Yes, several times I woke up at 4-5 AM in the morning and saw Ge Qiang carrying a heavy stone running down the street. All the neighbors called him an out and out training maniac!"

"Are so many reporters as well as the officials from the board of education going to interview Ge Qiang? This kid is a perfect example of a fish leaping across the dragon gate he has reached the sky in a single leap!"

All the examinees of the Mining Clan High School were feeling envious of Ge Qiang's result. Such a good result was enough for him to choose a good university, and perhaps some companies under a cultivation sect might spend money to train him. It could be said that from now on, his fate had completely changed.

However, who asked him to train like a madman?

No sweets without sweat. For such a result, he had paid for it with his sweat and no one was going to get jealous over that.

While the examinees were chatting with each other, an extremely strange scene appeared in the sky. Those luxurious flying shuttles, which happened to be rushing towards the Limestone High School and were about to disappear in the horizon, suddenly made a U-turn, and much to everyone's surprise, they were all directly flying toward the Mining Clan High School!

Many more luxurious flying shuttles were closing in on the Mining Clan High School from every corner of the city. The space around the Mining Clan High School was completely packed!

"What... what's going on?"

All the examinees and their parents were mind-boggled. They all stood still like wooden chickens in their place; they didn't even dare to breathe loudly.

There were so many luxurious flying shuttles, with the cheapest among them being worth a few million bucks. Why were such flying shuttles, without any previous arrangement, acting in consort and gathering at the Mining Clan High School?

This was the last ranked high school in Floating Spear City with the worst of the worst teaching quality!

A while later

"Where is the college entrance examination champion?"

A large group of luxuriously dressed cultivators with spiritual light looming around their bodies jumped out of the luxurious flying shuttles. They could not wait to land on the campus.

They were the managers of various sects in the Floating Spear City responsible for soliciting talent.

"Where is the college entrance examination champion?"

Behind the group, a bunch of officials from the board of education followed one after another.

"Where is the college entrance examination champion?"

A large group of journalists followed after them as they boisterously squeezed into the crowd.

The examinees and the parents of the Mining Clan High School started at each other before looking at the numerous well-dressed high society figures with a strange look in their eyes.

As though they were looking at a bunch of idiots and madmen.

If they were not idiots and madmen, why would they come looking for some college entrance examination champion in this ghastly place, the Mining Clan High School?

"You still don't know? Your Fellow Sstudent Li Yao is this years college entrance examination champion! Quickly, ask Student Li Yao to come out and give an interview! Li Yao, Student Li Yao!"

An impatient reporter started his mini crystal processor and adjusted the hologram to show the Floating Spear City's College Entrance Examination Ranking.

Reading the small characters on the first row of the list, all the examinees and the parents at Mining Clan High School were feeling confused and disoriented as stars danced before their eyes.

After a silence of an entire ten seconds, the huge campus was like a dormant volcano that suddenly recovered from its stupor. In an instant, the entire campus burst into deafening cries and exclamations.

"Are you serious? Our Mining Clan High School's examinee actually became the Floating Spear City's champion of the college entrance examination?"

"My god, is my eyesight correct? I am not seeing wrong, right?"

"Incredible, it is truly incredible. This is simply, this is simply"

The reporter was getting anxious. He waved his hand and shouted, "Respected students and the parents, everyone should first take it easy. Can you please first ask Student Li Yao to come out and speak a few words? He is the anticipated college entrance examination champion, you can not be able to hide him any longer!"

"Right, Li Yao, where did Student Li Yao go?" All the examinees put their head together, asking each other. Because Li Yao was a transfer student who just joined the Mining Clan High School a month back and usually didn't come to school to revise, the majority of the examinees didn't know him. After asking everyone nearby, an examinee finally said with hesitation, "I just passed the boiler room a while ago. I think I saw Student Li Yao there. He seemed to be... repairing the boiler."


All the reporters screamed as if they were all rooster whose neck had been stepped upon.