Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 913

Chapter 913 The Secret Treasure Is Now Mine

The shriek was like a signal to detonate a bomb. Some of the soldiers of the Nether World Watch could tell that it was uttered by Swirl, their captain. They had never heard Swirl speak in such a hasty, distressed, and desperate way before!

Before they realized what was going on, the stabilizing foam on the body of the captive of the Blade of Chaos suddenly exploded, and demonic energy so intense that it appeared almost tangible swept over the hundred square meters around him like blade auras!

All the soldiers of the Nether World Watch could not help but narrow their eyes, as if sharp sabers were slashing right at their faces!

Such a powerful outburst of demonic energy was only indicative of one thingthe mitochondria deep inside the guy’s cells were outputting energy crazily like a volcanic eruption!

In that moment, only Elder Nether Spring, Despot, and few top experts were able to react.

However, because of the tricky movement of the captive of the Blade of Chaos earlier, Elder Nether Spring was blocked by the enormous body of Despot.

Including Elder Nether Spring, none of the top experts were able to launch an attack past Despot.


Despot was one of the toughest experts of the Nether World Watch aside from Elder Nether Spring, and his power was almost equal to a demon emperor. His reactions were not slow. The balls of lightning between his spear-like horns burst out again. Dozens of electric arcs slapped toward the body of the captive of the Blade of Chaos, and a few landed just in front of the guy.

If the enemy had been fleeing ahead, he would certainly have been hit precisely by the electric arcs. Even if he could resist the bombardment of dozens of electric arcs, he would inevitably have been slowed down.

It was enough for Elder Nether Spring to catch up with him!

But out of Despot’s expectation, the enemy did not lunge forward after his outburst of demonic energy. Instead, like a scorpion that was tossed into a tank of boiling oil, he jerked backwards weirdly and jumped into Despot’s arms!

The enemy’s action was far beyond Despot’s expectations. All the electric arcs missed their target!

The captive of the Blade of Chaos was levels faster than Despot. His legs hit the demon core on Despot’s chest like the main gun of a crystal warship, and his strength flooded into the demon core crazily!


Endless spiritual energy was contained inside the demon core. Stimulated by the invading force, it was like a spring that was compressed to the minimum and naturally gave out a strong counterforce.

But the enemy was extremely deft. When the counterforce of the demon core reached its highest point, he made use of the counterforce and leapt up. Boosted by the combination of the two forces, he rushed forward like a cannon ball, breaking the sonic barrier immediately and turning into a bloody streak of brightness!

Starting from the shriek down the shaft, to the outburst of the enemy’s demonic energy, to the bombardment of Despot’s electric arcs, to the enemy moving backwards instead of forward and eventually dashing out with the counterforce of the demonic core on Despot’s chest, it had all happened in less than half a second!

Despot’s enormous body that looked like a heavy crystal tank, and on the other hand, like a kite whose string had been cut. He was kicked away by the enemy easily, right toward Elder Nether Spring.

Elder Nether Spring moved. He grabbed one of the horns on Despot’s head with only three of his fingers, holding him and balancing him again.

However, Elder Nether Spring’s attack had been disrupted, and the best moment to stop the enemy had passed.

Shua! Shua! Shua!

In the darkness, four emotionless ‘Elder Nether Springs’ crawled out and stood in the way of the enemy’s escape.

They were all clones that Elder Nether Spring had condensed with the mirage green ants and had been lurking in the darkness earlier.

But the enemy seemed to be quite familiar with Elder Nether Spring’s combat style. The red streak zigzagged rapidly, leaving two of the clones behind without being touched by them at all.

In the meantime, the other two clones were blown to smithereens by the ivory beams of light that were shot out of his palms!

The streak of redness vanished into the darkness!

Elder Nether Spring’s face suddenly turned extremely ugly. It was so green that liquid might have dripped down at any moment. He turned into a streak of greenness and chased after the enemy!

He waved his hands. The other few clones that were condensed by the mirage green ants merged together and returned to the bronze gate, staring at the entrance of hole coldly.

Very soon, Swirl struggled to fly out.

Her wretched appearance greatly surprised both Despot and Elder Nether Spring.

The butterfly demon was no longer as exotic and enchanting as she used to. Her colorful wings had been shattered, and barely any part of her skin was still intact. A shockingly large hole could be found on her left abdomen, through which her poor internal organs were all exposed to the air.

Judging from the appearance of the wound, she had been ambushed by someone from behind!

Swirl’s face was so swollen that it looked like a pickled pig’s head and could not have been uglier. With the most desperate expression, she cried, “Elder, forgive my incompetence”

“Cut the crap!” Elder Nether Spring’s clone gnashed his teeth. “What happened?”

“One of the captives of the Blade of Chaos pretended that he was bewildered by the traps deep inside the tomb of Chaos and acted crazily. I went close to him to check and was ambushed in my carelessness!”

Swirl had not entirely recovered from her shock. “No. He couldn’t have been one of the captives that we locked up. He must’ve mixed in with them later. His capability was very high, and he was practically immune to my mental attacks!”

“Of course, his capability is very high!” The face of Elder Nether Spring’s clone was getting darker and darker. “Even Despot was no match for him and was directly kicked away. The guy must be at least in the level of demon emperor!

“I didn’t know that there was a second demon emperor hiding in the Blade of Chaos apart from the Fire Ant King!

“That’s not right!” The nose of Elder Nether Spring’s clone flapped, as if he had smelt something weird in the air. “The guy destroyed my clones with techniques similar to the ‘Cell Obliteration Cannon’. But it was extremely powerful, which reminds me of

“The expert that was with Jin Xinyue!”

The pupils of Elder Nether Spring’s clone suddenly shrank. “The expert who was with Jin Xinyue performed the same move when they were getting rid of the pursuers inside the Hundred Desolation Mountain!

“How on earth did he end up in this place?”

“Elder” Swirl struggled to move her body and whispered to her master, “The guy the guy also stole something from the center of the tomb.”

“Huh?” The face of Elder Nether Spring’s clone lost color again. “What was it?”

“It was a piece of ancient magical equipment that looked like a ‘Hidden Star Box’, which was likely the ‘thing’ that you asked me to retrieve, Elder,” Swirl replied dutifully. “The guy hid among the captives and did not go on a rampage until the Hidden Star Box was discovered. It seems that his purpose was exactly the item.”

Elder Nether Spring’s clone took a deep breath with a gloomy face. A moment later, his fury that had nowhere to be vented finally burst out. After a boom, the thousands of mirage green ants that formed his clone exploded into a blowing storm, turning into what seemed to be a tall shadow and roaring toward the sky in outrage.

Deep inside the underground temple, Elder Nether Spring’s true self further accelerated and was closer and closer to the streak of redness in the front!

The pathway was long and narrow and did not have a turn or anywhere to hide in. It was pure speed that both of them were counting on.

In three seconds, the enemy would enter Elder Nether Spring’s attack range. Elder Nether Spring’s sharp eyes had already ripped him apart twenty times.

Right then, an abrupt change took place.


Around the pathway, dozens of crystal bombs, acid bombs, and venom bombs were detonated at the same time. The spiritual energy, venomous stings, and acids were mixed together and filled up the entire narrow space like a raging wind!

Elder Nether Spring roared, not caring about the minor explosion at all. A shield of demonic energy was formed around his body. All the attacks, be they acid, venom, or the shrapnel of magical equipment, seemed to be stuck by thick glue when they hit the shield and could not touch his body at all.

However, the serial bomb had been planned very neatly. Perhaps, the rock stratums above had already been contaminated by the acids. After the explosion, billions of tons of rocks fell and blocked the pathway without the tiniest gap!

“Explode now!”

Elder Nether Spring burst into fury. He opened his mouth wider than one would have thought possible. A stream of intense brightness spurted out and blew out a giant hole almost ten meters deep in the rocks and soil!

However, the rocks were already feeble after the intense explosion just now. The moment he made a huge hole, the rocks above continued falling down and refilled the hole that he had just created. Elder Nether Spring was so angry that he was jumping up and down!

The enemy had obviously surveyed the terrain earlier and deployed traps for his escape in the pathway. Mighty as Elder Nether Spring was, it would take him at least half a minute to break through the blocked pathway!

Besides, Elder Nether Spring did not know whether or not more bombs had been planted in the pathway, or if the enemy was waiting for him inside the darkness on the other side of the landslide.

He recalled the enemy’s unstoppable kick a moment ago, which suggested that the enemy was at least as strong as the Fire Ant King.

Elder Nether Spring would rather not fight against such a terrifying enemy in an environment that was in the enemy’s favor.

After only a moment of hesitation inside the darkness, miserable screams were already echoing from the communication bugs that Elder Nether Spring had brought with him.

They were from the guardians who were defending the research rooms on the second floor and the temple on the first floor!

Judging from the sound, a ferocious beast seemed to be marching toward the surface while crushing everything that was standing in his way!

“Stop him! Stop him!”

Elder Nether Spring’s handsome face had entirely twisted.

The guy who snuck into the captives and stole the ultimate treasure inside the tomb was naturally Li Yao.

In retrospect, it was already perilous enough to sneak into the prison where the captives were locked, and it was even more dangerous to enter the tomb of Chaos right under Elder Nether Spring’s nose. If Elder Nether Spring had sensed something wrong and attacked him with his subordinates, Li Yao was certain that he would have kicked the bucket.

However, Li Yao believed in his judgement. Elder Nether Spring, who had taken over the Mausoleum of Chaos, must have concentrated all his attention on the secrets of Chaos. Even if he could spare some of his attention, he must have been considering how to better exploit the Fire Ant King.

It would never have occurred to him that a bold, insane expert in the demon emperor level would dare to show up near him!

At this moment, Li Yao broke out of the siege and reappeared in the underground temple.

The top elites of the Nether World Watch were on the third floor.

It would take them less than twenty seconds to catch up with him!