Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 914

Chapter 914 Turbulences Above The Death Desert

Twenty seconds was enough for an expert of the demon emperor stage to do a lot of things!

“Get out of my way or die!”

After the Blood Stripe Virus melded with part of his self-consciousness and turned into the mental devil, his combat style had become more and more radical, cruel, and brutal.

Above the underground temple, the streak of redness suddenly split into dozens of quickly flashing threads that rushed at the soldiers of the Nether World Watch in all the directions, piercing the chests of almost ten of them. The red threads then congregated again and moved upwards!

In order to move more relics out of the Mausoleum of Chaos, the holes in the dome of the underground temple had been expanded to dozens of meters in diameter. Li Yao soared up in one of the channels!


Ahead of Li Yao, an ugly sandworm opened its bloody mouthpart, from which extremely corrosive saliva was drooping nonstop.

“Cell Obliteration Cannon, attack!”

Inside Li Yao’s left arm, countless cells rubbed against each other and surged out. After they perished, the energy that their combustion produced concentrated on the palm and suddenly shot out, stabbing through the sandworm directly.

After a series of explosions, the internal organs of the sandworm were demolished, and the only thing left was an empty shell!

Li Yao flew up to the ground through the body of the sandworm!

Technically speaking, it was not the ground that Li Yao had reached but the bottom of the Star Swallowing Sea. Above him was a crystal barrier that had been established to resist the lake water temporarily.

At this moment, it was the darkest moment of the night when the water level of the Star Swallow Sea was highest. Everybody was soaked in the lake water that was hundreds of meters deep.

The message that somebody was on the run had already been sent to this place. An overwhelming cacophony echoed everywhere, and countless soldiers of the Nether World Watch charged toward Li Yao.

In Li Yao’s eyes, they all turned into clusters of the most fundamental data. Fully carrying out the tactical manipulation abilities that he had trained himself with on the Skeleton Island for more than a month, Li Yao examined his every movement and attack at least a hundred times inside his brain to make sure that his actions could disrupt the battle formation of the enemy to the highest degree and tear a fatal gap on it. Then

He continued to flee crazily!

For the Nether World Watch, the ‘unpredictable’ enemy gave them quite a hard time. Except for the few soldiers who had head-on clashes with him, the rest of the Nether World Watch all discovered that their remote attacks had been blocked by their companions.

When they decided to draw close for melee combat, they were often pushed or hindered by their companions who were thinking the same. As the battle went on, everybody turned out to be pushing each other on the enemy’s left side, and there were absolutely no soldiers on his right side!

Li Yao smiled and launched dozens of interference bombs that contained flares and stun rune arrays. Before the acid stings and the storms hit him, he roared and soared toward the top of the crystal dome.

He opened his left hand. A cluster of brilliance quickly expanded inside his palm as if he were holding a sun brutally!

“Not good!”

The soldiers of the Nether World Watch who realized what he was going to do were all appalled, their hearts nearly jumping out of their chests.

They intended to stop him, but there was no time!


The mini sun inside Li Yao’s palm suddenly exploded into almost twenty streaks of golden brightness that darted every part of the crystal dome.

Such crystal barriers that were designed to resist water in underwater projects were in the shape of an arc and boasted impressive anti-pressure capabilities. They could resist the enormous external pressure.

But as for the internal pressure resulting from the explosion, there was not much they could do.

After a few cracking noises, almost twenty giant holes immediately appeared in the crystal dome. Boosted by the super-high pressure, the water of the Star Swallowing Sea turned into dragons and rushed in ferociously!

Li Yao gritted his teeth, the veins on his arms and his legs all bulging out, while he forced himself out of the crystal dome against the blast of one of the dragons, dashing into the Star Swallowing Sea!


He pressed his chest softly. An enormous airbag immediately ejected out of his back, giving him a strong buoyancy inside the Star Swallowing Sea whose water was extremely dense.

“Little Black, come on out!”

Inside the Star Swallowing Ocean that was full of heavy metals, Li Yao was not worried that the traces of spiritual waves would be found. Even if the traces were really detected, it was not unusual for demons to make use of magical equipment.

Black Wing leapt out of his Cosmos Ring. Like a puppy that had been confined at home for too long, it was shrieking both in delight and discontent. After circling Li Yao three times, it opened black wings of spiritual energy inside the lake water.

Powerful ripples spread out in the lake, as if Black Wing had been expanded to hundreds of meters long.

Li Yao seemed to be back to ten years ago. Grabbing the handle of Black Wing, he blew a whistle and rushed inside the dark lake!

Elder Nether Spring was only twenty seconds late.

But in those twenty seconds, the space inside the crystal barrier had flooded.

There were still a lot of important relics inside the Mausoleum of Chaos. Naturally, Elder Nether Spring could not allow it to be consumed by the Star Swallowing Sea.

Helplessly, he could only command the Nether World Watch to repair the crystal barrier immediately, and he asked one of the devilish warships that were docked above the Star Swallowing Ocean to rise and monitor a larger range.

Twenty minutes later, an anomaly was detected. A vague shadow fled from the southwest side of the Star Swallowing Sea and rushed westward.

“Despot, gather the elites. We’ll chase after him!”

Elder Nether Spring’s voice sounded like a saber that was rubbing a bone. Everybody who heard it felt chilly.

Swirl, who was heavily wounded, struggled to say, “The southwest of the White Silver Death Desert is a turbulent area that is frequented by violent winds. All the sand will be blown into the sky and forms terrifying sandstorms!”

“There’s no time to bother that. The item is of paramount importance for our plan, and we must capture the mysterious expert, too!” Elder Nether Spring replied with a gloomy face.

Fifteen minutes later, the exploration team made of two devilish warships marched to the southwest of the White Silver Death Desert.

“If the target is running at full speed, he will certain trigger intense demonic energy and leave a clear trace. If he does not want to leave any trace, his speed won’t be too high!”

“Chase him. Chase him now!”

The speed and efficiency of the devilish warships were far higher than those of living creatures. With the advanced demonic artifacts and the ‘demonic energy detector’ from the Star Glory Federation on the warships, Elder Nether Spring soon located a clear trace of demonic energy that extended to the southwest.

“It is the ocean at the end of the southwest direction. We will not be able to capture him if he flees into the ocean!’

Elder Nether Spring frowned. Both devilish warships were triggered to the highest efficiency. The engine compartments in the rear were all expanding, spurting such high-pressure air currents that almost set the sky on fire!

Inside the White Silver Death Desert, there was nothing but monotonous, desolate sand. Every place was shining in silver colors, leaving no shelters for anybody. However, after three hours of pursuing, the environment nearby changed abruptly. The desert seemed to have become an ocean with surging tides and earsplitting roars!

It was the turbulent area!

Inside the White Silver Death Desert, without the blockage of mountains and canyons, the strong winds from the ocean were able to march into the land unstoppably. Blowing away sand and dust that could be billions of tons of weight, the wind generated an ocean inside the desert!

“Our devilish warship can resist a level-thirteen gale. Go over now!” Elder Nether Spring commanded unhesitatingly.

Hum! Hum!

On the surface of the two devilish warships, the gray protective membranes that looked like bone armor were torn apart, revealing enormous organs made of countless demon cores that looked like eyes.

Translucent demonic energy spurted out of the artificial organs and formed a solid barrier of demonic energy outside the warships!

The devilish warships barged into the turbulent area. The sandstorm hit the warships one wave after another, causing no consequences at all except for the flashing of the ‘eyes’ on the warships and the slight shaking.


After the two devilish warships both went deep into the turbulent area, dozens of explosions suddenly echoed on the ground.

Almost a hundred crystal bombs were shot into the sky, blossoming like the most brilliant fireworks.

The crystal bombs were still very far away from the devilish warships and could deal no damage to them whatsoever.

But Elder Nether Spring frowned deeply.

Every action of the mysterious enemy had been beyond his expectations since the beginning. It was unlikely that the guy would perform meaningless attacks. What could the crystal bombs do even if they were detonated right below the devilish warships, considering their insignificant damage?

Why was he doing that?

Right at that moment, the devilish warships began shaking more forcefully, and the intensity of the sandstorm outside significantly increased. Everybody on board could hear the roaring gust despite the thick shell of the warships.

“What happened? The force of the wind has suddenly soared. The spiritual energy of the wind class is in disorder!”

“Not good!

“The crystal bombs that the enemy launched were not damaging at all; they carried a lot of rune arrays that could boost the spiritual energy of the wind class!

“As long as the direction and pressure of the wind are calculated well, dozens of crystal bombs that can boost the force of the wind are enough to focus the force of the sandstorm in the same location and create an extremely terrifying zone of furious wind!”

“How is it possible? Even the Feather Clan that is born in the wind and naturally adaptive to the spiritual energy of the wind class cannot grasp the pulse of the sandstorm so well!

“How did the monster do it?”

“Get out of the place now!” Along with Elder Nether Spring’s roar, the devilish warship seemed to have been smashed hard by a giant, invisible hammer, and the bridge leaned to the left side seriously.

Quite a few crew members were knocked away and crashed into their companions. The bridge was in a mess.

Three hundred meters in front of him, more than ten tornadoes were getting thicker and larger after absorbing more and more sand from the desert. The color of the tornadoes gradually darkened into a dreadful deep black, too.

The tornadoes were eyeing them maliciously like giant serpents that could swallow the sky and the earth. The earsplitting noises made the solid shell of the warships as thin as the wing of a cicada.


The main gun of the devilish warships opened fire, blowing the head of one of the ‘serpents’ into pieces. But the remaining body was soon torn apart and swallowed by the rest of the ‘serpents’, making them even thicker and more hideous than before.

In the meantime, on the flanks of and behind the devilish warships, more tornadoes that looked like giant snakes were gradually taking shape!