Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 916

Chapter 916 Ultimate One Sect Ba Yanzhi

Chapter 916: Ultimate One Sect, Ba Yanzhi!


They are the most important memory pieces of ‘Chaos’ when he was alive. Before his death, he compressed the most important events in his life into telepathic thoughts and saved them in the Hidden Star Box so that the latecomers would see his ‘last will’.

Such a method to preserve telepathic thoughts was similar to the blast of Ou Yezi’s memory pieces. Li Yao had experienced it once before, and now his brain was significantly more developed. Therefore, he had no trouble absorbing the illusions of forty thousand years ago.

“Ba Yanzhi, do you plead guilty?”

A thunderous roar burst out from above, shaking and echoing in the palace.

Li Yao saw that high-level Cultivators in high caps and long robes who looked spectacular were pointing at a middle-aged, muscular man in shabby clothes with a long beard, cursing him loudly and angrily.

The bearded man named ‘Ba Yanzhi’ seemed unbefitting for the splendid, divine palace. He was wearing black armor and a pair of boots made of beast hide. There was smoke all over his face, and his armor was obviously stained. He was perhaps a low-level deacon in the Ultimate One Sect who was responsible for handling the specific affairs.

“Ba Yanzhi, as the manager of the ‘Infinite Farm’, you should’ve dedicated yourself to the breeding of the animals. Why did the inspectors report that many animals in the Infinite Farm had changed in appearance and were aggressive and undocile? The mortals living in the Infinite Farm have undergone terrifying changes, too. They turned hideous and acted crazily!

“Rumors in the Ultimate One Sect are that you are conspiring with evil sects outside and running insane, unpardonable experiments!

“Ba Yanzhi, what is the truth exactly? Confess now!”

The demander turned out be a magnificent Cultivator who was wearing a golden helmet and golden armor and looked like a high tower. The man’s skin was golden too, and it seemed to be melded with his garment. He was holding a long whip in his hand whose aura reached almost thirty meters away, already piercing into the dome of the palace.

Behind the golden giant, an enormous eight-trigram seat was floating in midair, on which an old, lean man was sitting cross-legged, his white hair touching the ground and his eyes half closed.

Ba Yanzhi raised his voice and shouted, “Leader, law-enforcing elder, I didn’t! Everything I did was for the Ultimate One Sect and all the living creatures under the government of the Ultimate One Sect!”

The gold giant bellowed coldly, “Whether or not you are guilty will be judged by the leader and the elders here. All you need to do is speak the whole truth!”

Right then, Li Yao’s perspective gradually fell to the ground into Ba Yanzhi’s body. He was observing the entire illusionary world from Ba Yanzhi’s eyes.

From that angle, all the faces around him were full of anger, loathing, or scorn.

The golden giant and the leader who was sitting on the eight trigrams were like two mountains that soared into the sky: high, mighty, and utterly inviolable.

Li Yao realized that the so-called ‘Ba Yanzhi’ was the master of the illusionary world and ‘Chaos’ in the future.

“Since a year ago,” Ba Yanzhi said, “the animals in the Infinite Farm have undergone a lot of weird mutations. As the manager of the farm, I was naturally obliged to found out the reason. After an arduous search, I finally found a weird black spring inside a cave at the edge of the farm.

“The animals who drank the water of the black spring turned extremely excited and went through all kinds of mutations.

“Weird changes also happened to the few mortals who went to investigate with me after they drank the water from the spring. Horns and scales grew out of them.”

The gold giant glared. “If that is the case, why did you not report the issue to the headquarters in a timely manner?”

With a bitter expression, Ba Yanzhi replied, “As you know, elder, the Infinite Farm is in the Infinite Planet, which is the most remote place in the Ultimate One Sect’s territory. It is simply too far away from the headquarters.

“Over the past years, the Ultimate One Sect has been engaged in wars with the evil sects such as the Mystic Moon Sect and the Dragon King Brotherhood. The teleportation arrays between worlds are often jammed and intermittent. The Infinite Farm that I managed turned into a lone island every now and then.

“After I found the black spring, I planned to report the matter to my supervisor immediately through the teleportation arrays. But it happened to be the period when the Mystic Moon Sect and the Dragon King Brotherhood launched a massive attack. The Infinite Planet was one of their targets. I struggled hard to resist them on the lone island and had to postpone the issue.

“In the half year that followed, our connection to the headquarters was off. It was with the joint efforts of everyone there that dozens of attacks of the Mystic Moon Sect and the Dragon King Brotherhood were resisted.

“The mortals who went through mutations, on the other hand, acted and thought no differently from normal people, except that they looked a bit ugly with the weird scales and horns on their bodies. They could recognize their family and friends and always obeyed the rules.

“In the meantime, their physical strength was multiplied, and they were fearless of poison and venom. They could also feed on the soybean cakes, alfalfa, and crop stalks that were food for the animals. They were very useful in the battles. So, I simply left them alone.

“But out of my expectations, three months later, more and more mutated mortals showed up on the farm. I felt that it was odd and investigated, only to find out that the mortals living on the Infinite Planet regarded the black spring as the ‘godly spring’. If they were sick or heavily wounded beyond treatment, they would go to drink the water of the black spring. Although they would turn uglier, they could often survive the disasters and get used to the harsher food and environment.

“You may not know this, leader and elders, but during the few months when we were fighting on our own, the Infinite Planet was under the collective attack of the Mystic Moon Sect and the Dragon King Brotherhood. There were indeed a lot of casualties, and we were seriously short of resources. Cultivators aside, the life of the mortals was extremely miserable. Ten of them went to the battlefield, and only one would return. Every household held at least one funeral in that period!

“The mortals proved their loyalty to the Ultimate One Sect on the battlefield. Now that they were heavily wounded and on the brink of death, how could I bear to turn them down when they wanted to drink the water of the black spring and live on to look after their family?

“Besides, in light of such heavy casualties, without timely treatment, I would’ve run out of soldiers very quickly. How could I resist the Mystic Moon Sect and the Dragon King Brotherhood if so?

“Having no other options, I was forced to develop the black spring on a large scale.

“At first, the water of the black spring was only fed to the heavily wounded to save their lives. Later, as a lot of mortals were about to die of dyspepsia because of the inedible straw and soil they ate in their hunger, I had to distribute the water of the black spring to them, too, so that their internal organs could be strengthened and they could manage to survive with the supposedly indigestible food. We struggled for an entire year until the reinforcements of the Ultimate One Sect came to our rescue!

“Leader and elders, although a lot of mortals on the Infinite Planet look ugly right now, they are still decent civilians under the government of the Ultimate One Sect. They are definitely loyal to the Ultimate One Sect and have never committed any crimes!”

Ba Yanzhi did not seem to be a loquacious man, but he seemed to have prepared the speech a long time ago. Although he stammered occasionally, he still made his point in a rather convincing way.

The leader of the Ultimate One Sect slowly opened his eyes and talked gently to Ba Yanzhi. “Ba Yanzhi, I was there to watch you grow from a boy into a man. I know that you are outspoken and merciful and that it is impossible for you to do such inhuman things. So to speak, everything you did on the Infinite Planet was just due to the situation?

“Leader, it was not just due to the situation.” Encouraged by the leader, Ba Yanzhi held his chest high and declared, with tears in his eyes, “In my opinion, the mysterious spring can alter the future of the Ultimate One Sect and even end the era of mayhem!”

There was a minor riot nearby. Many high-level Cultivators were sneering. Some of them were even cursing aloud. “An insignificant deacon who is responsible for herding livestock in a remote farm is now talking about the future of the sect? How arrogant of you!”

But the leader of the Ultimate One Sect simply smiled and pressed his hands together, stopping everybody from whispering to each other. He said warmly, “Yanzhi, you may speak whatever is on your mind.”

Ba Yanzhi nodded and said resolutely, “Leader and elders, the world is in havoc nowadays, and all three thousand Sectors are consumed by the fires of war. Every sect is accusing other sects of being evil and attacking each other incessantly. As a result, many worlds have been shattered, and all living creatures are in peril!

“Marvelous as the Cultivators may be, we are merely struggling and breathing our last breath in the chaotic world. The mortals who barely have any strength are like ants and grass in the fierce thunderstorm. There is no telling when and where they will be killed!

“In the vast prairie on the Infinite Planet, I’ve been meditating on just one question while I stare at the boundless sea of stars.

“The universe is such a large place. Why do the Cultivators have to kill each other?

“I pondered for a long time and still failed to come up with an answer. But eventually, when I watched the animals in the farm dueling and attacking each other, I was suddenly enlightened.


“The resources in the three thousand Sectors are running low, but the remaining resources are not enough for us to march into the deeper part of the universe!

“Cultivators are trapped in a small farm like the tamed animals are. We are fighting hard until our blood runs dry for nothing but a brook that is about to dry up or a tiny area of grass!”

The leader of the Ultimate One Sect remained unmoved. He asked casually, “Then, what is the solution in your opinion?”

“If I may remind you, leader,” Ba Yanzhi replied loudly, “in fact, the resources in the three thousand Sectors are not running low at all. Abundant assets are still out there, waiting to be collected by us!

“Take the Infinite Planet for example. It is neighbored to the Green Wolf Planet and the Desolate Yellow Planet, both of which boast tremendous resources and mother lodes. Why do we have to fight blood battles against the Mystic Moon Sect and the Dragon King Brotherhood for a few insignificant mother lodes?”

The leader of the Ultimate One Sect observed, “Of course, there are still a lot of places with a high reserve of resources. But they are extremely difficult to develop. The temperature of the Green Wolf Planet is too low for any crops to be grown, and the local plants are too rough and inedible for the minders. The Desolate Yellow Planet is filled with venomous fog. Even Cultivators can’t live there for long, much less ordinary miners!

“Every unit of resources that we collect in those places will be at the cost of twice as many resources. It is certainly not a bargain.”

“It might have been so in the past,” Ba Yanzhi announced excitedly, “but with the mysterious ‘black spring’, everything will be no longer a problem!”

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