Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 919

Chapter 919 Total War

Chapter 919: Total War!


Perhaps because Ba Yanzhi’s body and brain went through intense mutations after he took the ‘Divine Water of Kunlun’, the memory pieces that followed were broken and unsystematic. They were like a quickly-spinning kaleidoscope where countless bloody scenes of war were displayed in the mottled pieces.

In every memory piece, Ban Yanzhi was moving together with countless bizarre-looking creatures, many of which were almost identical to the bronze-blood demons and the black-blood demons of the modern era.

Their critical parts were penetrated through by chains, and they congregated into overwhelming beast tides, charging at the army of Cultivators on the opposite side with the prolonged horns!

Blade auras were sweeping, and mystic rays were exploding among them, blowing a large batch of demon soldiers into pieces. However, the survivors still marched forward, driven by an uncanny force, until they reached the battle formation of the Cultivators and killed every Cultivator that they saw!

Li Yao noticed that the flags of the Mystic Moon Sect and the Dragon King Brotherhood were burnt into ashes by the furious flames!

Time went on. New wars were still coming. After annihilating the two sects with the demon soldiers, the Ultimate One Sect marched toward an even vaster world.

More and more demon soldiers appeared around Ba Yanzhi. They were stronger and with more hideous faces. More kinds of the Divine Water of Kunlun were formulated, stimulating the most bloodthirsty and brutal genes of the demon soldiers. Gradually, there was no longer a need to bind them with chains; they would lunge fearless charges whenever they heard the horn or smelt the special scent.

Riding the enormous boats, or through the portals left in the primeval era, they appeared in different worlds.

Some of the new worlds were scorching, with magma everywhere. Some were freezing all year long. Some were primitive forests brimming with swamps. Still some were prosperous towns with coruscating buildings.

But all the worlds were cast into death, desperation, and desolation under the scourge of the tides of insects and beasts.

“Demon soldiers!”

“The Ultimate One Demon Soldiers have arrived!”

Gradually, whenever they showed up at a battlefield, the hostile Cultivators would scream in terror and defect before the battle began.

With the demon soldiers, the Ultimate One Sect invaded countless worlds and enjoyed its heyday!

Ba Yanzhi was unbelievably lucky. During the suicidal charges, no matter what shocking wounds he suffered, he survived them all, as if some immense force was hidden inside his unrecognizable body, waiting to be awakened.

The Ultimate One Sect did not forget the intrepid disciple, either. After every battle, Ba Yanzhi would receive ‘special treatment’. He would be sent back to the dungeon to be experimented on in the most appalling and cruel ways.

As dozens of different types of ‘Divine Water of Kunlun’ were injected into his body, he became stronger and more brutal. The sparks of his self-awareness were like torches that had fallen into a swamp, swallowed by the darkness.

Right then

In a new battlefield, on a boundless prairie, millions of the Ultimate One Demon Soldiers were grouped again, waiting for the battle drum anxiously.

However, this time, their enemies standing in front of them turned out to also be ugly demon soldiers!

“Ultimate One Sect, your secret arts have been seen through!

“You didn’t see this coming, do you? The Alliance of Nine Sects captured quite a few demon soldiers after the failures. We have figured out your dirty tricks!

“Now, the Alliance of Nine Sects is producing our own demon soldiers!

“Hehe. There are three times more mortals under our nine sects than those under the Ultimate One Sect, which means that we can produce three times more demon soldiers than you can. How can you fight against us?”

The horns finally sounded around the battlefield.

The tides of insects and beasts, all made of ordinary people and essentially identical to each other, crashed into each other from the two sides of the battlefield.

Maybe it was his imagination, Li Yao thought he saw a tear in the crimson eyes of the demon soldiers on the other side before the tides crashed.


The messy memory pieces were finally shattered by the destructive battle of demon soldiers.

Li Yao clearly sensed that Ba Yanzhi’s consciousness was slowly surfacing and condensing. He was regaining his self-awareness and memories.

Very soon, a new illusionary world appeared inside Li Yao’s brain.

It was a planet with a bright purple sky. The atmosphere was rather thin, and one could see the blinking stars in the universe.

Bright green fog filled the surface of the planet. Occasionally, poisonous gas would spurt out of the crevices. It was apparently not the most suitable place for human beings.

Ba Yanzhi was standing on a protruding rock. He was now more than five meters tall, with green scales all over his body. His feet pierced into the rock like the claws of an eagle. There were only four fingers on his left hand, each of which was growing fingernails that looked like sabers. His right hand was his only relatively normal body part.

His face was ugly, his eyes blood red. Three horns soared into the sky from his head, as if he was wearing an unsightly crown.

A thick rope was tied to his waist, on which more than ten flying swords were hanging. On his back was a colorful cloak that was spluttering in the wind. With a closer look, one would discover that it was made from the flags of dozens of Cultivation sects!

With a solemn face, Ba Yanzhi looked at afar.

The deep canyon ahead of him was packed by all kinds of bizarre-shaped demon soldiers who looked like monsters in a nightmare. However, they all remained silent in battle formations under the suppression of Ba Yanzhi’s aura, like rows of statues.


Ba Yanzhi’s voice rushed past the canyon like a gust. Even the rocks around were emitting rattling noises because of the blast.

“All the brothers standing here are from different worlds, have different pasts, and used to have entirely different faces!

“However, there is something that is the same about us.

“We have all lost our families and our everything because of the Cultivators!

“Those high and mighty Cultivators, for their own training and longevity, exploited and savaged the mortals in every way possible!

“For their own personal interests, and under the pretext of ‘great Dao’ and ‘righteousness’, they attacked each other while sending the armies of mortals as the vanguard!

“Countless worlds have been demolished in the civil war of the Cultivators. The homes of countless mortals have destroyed because of a bombardment of the Cultivators!

“Is there any world where billions of mortals were not killed by Cultivators? Is there anybody here whose family members were not slain by Cultivators?

“In the end, the resources are running dry, the crystals are mostly used up, and the spiritual energy is thinner and thinner. The war cannot be fought any longer. However, they started to deceive the mortals and built countless mortals into terrifying monsters. They continued asking us to kill each other or collect and mine for them in the harshest environments!

“Even worse, they corrupted our brains with poison, depriving many of our brothers of the abilities to think and talk!

“Can we suffer any more of these days?

“Can we still wait and watch our fathers and brothers be sent into the mines of the desolate planets and toil until they die?

“Can we still wait and watch our wives and daughters be captured by the Cultivators and end up as slaves in their sects?

“Can we still wait and watch ourselves be modified into inhuman demon soldiers, to fight against our brothers whom we have no grudges with, and to die in an alien land billions of kilometers from our hometowns without even a gravestone?”


We can’t!

Roars were echoing in the tides of insects and beasts.

Ba Yanzhi opened his arms and pressed down, containing everyone’s emotions. “Cultivators are the greatest cancer of the three thousand Sectors! Only after we kill all the Cultivators can our fathers, brothers, sisters, wives, and children be freed and live happy lives!

“Hehe. The Cultivators who turned us into such wretched creatures despised us as ‘demon soldiers’!

“Very good. Demon soldiers we might be, but from today on, the demon soldiers will not fight for any sect or any goddamn Cultivator!

“We will only fight for ourselves, for your families, for the brand-new species made of us!

“Move all the Cultivators here!”

Ba Yanzhi waved his hands. Several demons carried up dozens of Cultivators who were tied up.

On the empty ground behind Ba Yanzhi, more than ten ballistae had been deployed. The Cultivators were all inserted into belts at the ends of the ballistae.

“BBrother Ba, Uncle Ba, Master Ba!”

One of the Cultivators was already peeing in fear. He turned out to be Qing Xuzi, the one responsible for the refinement of the Divine Water of Kunlun in the Ultimate One Sect. His legs and tongue were shaking as he begged, “Master Ba, please spare my life. I was wrong! II’m willing to correct my wrongdoings and join your cause. I know many secrets of the Ultimate One Sect. I’m useful. I’m very useful!”

Ba Yanzhi’s eyes glanced over Qing Xuzi’s rather handsome face and spat on the ground. He slashed his giant hand down as if it were a saber. “Offer the sacrifices to our flag!”

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Several demon soldiers kicked the triggers of the ballistae hard. Including the crying Qing Xuzi, all the Cultivators were thrown into the horde of insects and beasts. Very soon, they were drowned by the furious demon soldiers, and even their bones were all chewed up.

The second batch of Cultivators were sent into the ballistae again. Many of them had already been grasped by fear. Like chickens or ducks whose neck had been cut open, they were uttering meaningless sounds from their throats. Their previous elegant, deity-like demeanor had entirely gone.

Shua! Shua! Shua!

The Cultivators were tossed out again. While they were still in midair, they were riddled with holes by venomous acid and stings, shattered apart with blood spurting out like a storm!

Behind Ba Yanzhi, an enormous flag gradually rose up and flagged in the wind. There was only one giant, bloody word on the black flag.


Below the flag, a muscular man with a bullet head, who was more than ten meters tall and short of a right eye with scars all over his body as if he were sewed together from hundreds of pieces, was staring at the flag of the bloody demon wholeheartedly. He seemed to be dedicating his entire life to the flag.

Ba Yanzhi patted the man’s shoulder hard and said softly, “Zhang Niuer, I am sorry!”

The scarred, half-blind, bull-headed man grinned. A coarse voice echoed deep down from his throat. “Moo”

Zhang Niuer had already lost the ability to speak.

Two rows of hot, bloody tears flowed out of Ba Yanzhi’s eyes again. He mumbled, “Last time, I told you that I would let you and your family live a better life. I did not live up to my promise. I didn’t know that things would end up like this.

“But this time, I will not go back on my word again, and I will fulfil my promise to you!”


The pale bone blade made of the bones of an enormous beast was unsheathed, and the killing intent blew out a bloody swirl in the bright purple sky. Ba Yanzhi roared thunderously, “Kill! Kill! Kill! Kill all the Cultivators to make a world of peace and justice!”

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