Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 920

Chapter 920 Blood In Empyrean Terminus

Chapter 920: Blood in Empyrean Terminus!


The pale saber aura, mixed with endless storms of blood, swept across the entire universe. The memory pieces that followed were revolving at a much higher speed, and Li Yao experienced thousands of fierce battles in Ba Yanzhi’s illusionary world.

At first, faced with the well-trained, disciplined Cultivators who boasted marvelous techniques, the demon soldiers, who had all been ordinary people in the past, suffered more defeats than victories. Many a time, they were attacked collectively by several major sects until there were barely any survivors left.

But the demon soldiers had the greatest advantage on their side, which was their sheer numbers!

This part was exactly the same with the history that Li Yao had read in his textbooks.

At the end of the civil war of the ancient Cultivators, the spiritual energy was running dry, and all the sects suffered heavy casualties. A protracted great war could not be fought solely by Cultivators any longer.

Therefore, after the secret of the ‘Divine Water of Kunlun’ was discovered, the Ultimate One Sect, the Alliance of Nine Sects, and the thousands of sects in the three thousand Sectors had been modifying the mortals under their government in secret, transforming the army of mortals into demon soldiers and demon generals to fight the war in place of the Cultivators.

Later, the paradigm of the wars was one or two Cultivators commanding thousands of demon soldiers. Should the demon soldiers be crushed, the Cultivators would immediately run away without even looking back.

After all, as the war went on, Cultivators were too precious to be killed easily for no good reason.

As for the Cultivation sects that were unwilling to produce demon soldiers, they were mostly swallowed, their heritage gone, under the scourge of other sects and their infinite demon soldiers!

As the vicious cycle continued, demon soldiers proliferated like viruses. They became the greatest supply for Ba Yanzhi.

Even though he only had several soldiers around him, as long as he could ignite the flame of resistance in the hearts of those demon soldiers and demon generals, Ba Yanzhi’s army would be resurrected from obliteration time and time again. Eventually, it grew larger and larger like a snowball!

Just like that, after a hundred years of bloody battles, Li Yao saw that the army around Ba Yanzhi was far larger and more magnificent. In the beginning, they had worn skirts and armor made of hide and cloths, and they been fighting with their claws and teeth. Later, they were all in armors made of fine metals, carrying flying swords that they had and riding boats that they robbed of the Cultivators.

All while they kindled the fire of insurgency from one planet to another!

At each new world that they reached, all the Cultivation sects were annihilated. The land and mother lodes under the control of the Cultivators were distributed to the mortals. The Heavenly Materials and Earthly Treasures and the pills that were in the Cultivators’ collection would be pulverized into powder and blended into food to help the hungry civilians live through the famine.

As a result, to defend their own land and to stop the Cultivators from coming back, a lot of mortals drank the Divine Water of Kunlun of their own will, turned into demons, and obeyed Ba Yanzhi’s command!

“As long as we can protect our own land, feed our family, and let them live a happy life, what’s wrong with being a demon?”

Ba Yanzhi’s army liberated one world after another under such an ideology!

In the end, in a brilliant new world, below the colorful, spectacular nebulas that were spinning fast, Ba Yanzhi was staring at a planet. Hundreds of rings were swirling rapidly and constituted a solid array. The collision of the star dusts triggered three magnificent, awe-inspiring worlds.

Empyrean Terminus Sect!

Li Yao was suddenly shocked. The Empyrean Terminus Sect had been the strongest sect in the three thousand Sectors at the end of the era of the ancient Cultivators.

In the history books that Li Yao had read, it was also the sect that had been the last to be wiped out by the demons.

After the Star Ocean Imperium was established, its capital world had been named ‘Empyrean Terminus Sector’, and the space zone it was in had been named ‘Empyrean Terminus Space Zone’, in honor of the Empyrean Terminus Sect.

In front of the billions of demon soldiers was a fleet of warships that was densely packed together. They were almost as brilliant as the galaxy, showcasing the formidability of the Empyrean Terminus Sect silently!

Li Yao took a long breath. It appeared that this was the final war between the demons and the ancient Cultivators.

Ba Yanzhi was wearing translucent black armor, with a huge saber that was made by combining the ‘best treasures’ of almost a hundred Cultivation sects on his shoulder, and standing on a warship that he had captured.

The warship had already been tied up by countless thick veins that looked like trunks. Half transparent lumps were growing out of the veins, fluctuating and releasing bright green venomous gas into the warship.

After a hundred years of evolution, the demons right now were no longer used to the air that human beings breathed.

Ba Yanzhi’s back was as straight as a hundred years ago, but his eyes were now much more hollowed. The brilliance inside his eyes was like the sharpness of a sword in the sheath.

“This is our last war!

“On our way to this place, we have destroyed hundreds of Cultivation sects, slain countless Cultivators, and rescued even more mortals who were oppressed by the Cultivators!

“Right now, the remnants of those Cultivation sects are all hiding in the Empyrean Terminus Sect, gnashing their teeth and grinding their sabers, ready to crush us and return to their own worlds!

“They are preparing to go back and take back the land that has been distributed to you. They are going to enslave our family, sh*t on the top of our head, and resume their extravagant lives!

“The fate of all mortals in the three thousand Sectors is now in our hands and will be decided by our sabers, swords, claws, and teeth!

“If you don’t want to be a slave forever, just charge at the scumbags together with me!”

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

In the boundless sea of stars, a tiny galaxy seemed to have expanded abruptly. Every warship that made up the ‘galaxy’ activated their spiritual energy to the maximum. Their halos were melted into a roaring dragon whose every scale was standing up!

Before the warships charged out, billions of flying swords had already darted toward the defense line on the opposite side like a surging tide.

From the defense line of the Empyrean Terminus Sect, billions of dazzling mystic rays were shooting close, too!

The collision of the two destructive hurricanes made the stars of the galaxy as lackluster as burnt coal. The stars far away even died down instantly and turned into a black background for the war!

In the illusionary world, the scene was frozen for a long time before the turbulence of spiritual energy that was sweeping the universe tore it apart.

But this time, the darkness lasted for a long time. What reappeared in the end was a black and white world.

Li Yao vaguely felt that this was the part of his memory that Ba Yanzhi was least willing to recall.

Ba Yanzhi was floating in the sky of a world of fire. On the ground, the pavilions and towers covering thousands of kilometers had been burnt to the ground. Almost a thousand floating mountains were hitting the ground like meteors, leaving craters that looked like scars.

Splendid buildings could be found on the crooked floating mountains, too, but they were mostly being consumed by the furious flames.

Li Yao saw that ‘Empyrean Terminus Sect’ was carved on one of the mountains.

The Empyrean Terminus Sect had finally been taken over by the army of demons!

Li Yao had mixed feelings, not knowing how to comment on Ba Yanzhi’s behavior.

However, the Empyrean Terminus Sect was the last fortress for the Cultivators. Now that the Empyrean Terminus Sect had been occupied, the demons should have secured a great victory now.

The history books of the posterity proved the point, too. Ever since the Empyrean Terminus Sect was breached, the Cultivators had never been able to launch large-scale counterattacks. The minor resistance was mostly suppressed very quickly.

Then, it was the thirty-thousand-year-long ‘Great Dark Era’!

Ba Yanzhi, as the leader of the demons, clearly won the war. How did he end up in the Blood Demon Sector at the edge of the sea of stars and even turn into ‘Chaos’?

Screams and yells were echoing on the ground. However, it was not a battle between demons and Cultivators.

It was a civil war between several troops of demons!

Hundreds of flags of bloody demons were shaking violently in the battle. Now and then, they fell and were stomped into the mud.

Around Ba Yanzhi, almost ten streaks of brightness rushed close and surrounded him, condensing into eight human beings with a dominating aura.

No. Not human beingsdemons!

Of the eight demons, some were carrying the most glamorous scales, some had colorful feathers surrounded by mystic rays, and some were dragging a long tail, with the vintage feeling of the primeval era.

Although they were apparently demons, Li Yao had to admit that the superb and extraordinary auras around them were even more eye-catching than those of the Nascent Soul Stage Cultivators.

They almost gave Li Yao a feeling that they were a nobler species far above mankind!

Compared to them, Ba Yanzhi, whose left arm had almost been chopped off in the bloody battle just now, looked poignant and ugly. He was like a tiger who had just struggled out of a trap, and his blood was almost running dry!

The leader of the eight demons seemed to absorbed a huge dragon into his body. However, his handsome face gave Li Yao a familiar feeling. Li Yao felt that he had seen the guy somewhere.

Li Yao thought quickly and searched the memory pieces. Very soon, he found the answer and gasped hard.

It was Wang Qianyi, the leader of the Ultimate One Sect who was the first to modify mortals into demon soldiers, who was cursed by Ba Yanzhi, and who sentenced Ba Yanzhi to the dungeon to be changed into a demon soldier!

However, a hundred years ago, Wang Qianyi had looked like a weary old man. Right now, he seemed to be back his prime, healthy years. Every muscle on his face was bulging while he grinned hideously and unreservedly!

Li Yao did not expect that the guy had modified himself into a demon, too. Also, judging from the appearance, he was even more immaculate than Ba Yanzhi!

Yes. Compared to the eight demons, Ba Yanzhi and the demon soldiers under his command were like the bronze-blood demons and the black-blood demons of modern time. Ugly, clumsy, and foolish.

But the leader of the Ultimate One Sect was even more handsome, strong, and majestic than the silver-blood demons nowadays. He was perhaps what the saint-blood demons in legends looked like!

“Wan Qianyi It’s really you, Wang Qianyi!”

Ba Yanzhi narrowed his eyes and stared at the guy’s face for almost five seconds. Finally, he recognized who the new enemy was. He burst into such fury that his wounds cracked again, and his blood burst out like a mist!

“Weren’t you already dead? How did you change into such an appearance?”

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