Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 927

Chapter 927 Gloomy Wind In The North Pole

At the center of the Star Swallowing Sea, on the gray devilish warship, Elder Nether Spring furrowed his brows so hard that three flying swords seemed to have stabbed his forehead. Thousands of stars were condensed on his retina, and countless streams of information were groups, processed, and distributed.

Suddenly, the ‘flying swords’ on Elder Nether Spring’s forehead shook violently. “The sixth squad has reported an anomaly?”

Swirl stepped forward and replied, “An expected wind blew the cargo boxes off, but they have been fixed again now. The goods inside the boxes were not damaged. The squad will try their best to make up for the delay.”

“An expected wind blew the cargo boxes off?” Elder Nether Spring chewed on the two words ‘unexpected wind’ and suddenly glared. He said coldly, “Swirl, you go in person with the third squad and conduct the most thorough search on the sky-hunting warship of the Blade of Chaos and all the cargo boxes and the biochemical slots that are piled on it. Remember, x-ray them one by one. Report to me immediately if you find anything wrong!”

Swirl was dazed for a moment, but she closed her legs and bowed toward Elder Nether Spring before leaving in a hurry.

A moment later, dozens of flashing lines spurted out of the devilish warship, which rushed in the sky of the Star Swallowing Sea toward the place where the sky-hunting warship was docked!

“By the order of Elder Nether Spring, the sky-hunting warship is to be thoroughly searched!” Swirl declared with a cold face. A lot of black beetles surrounded the sky-hunting warship and crawled in through the weird gaps on it.

Another few well-trained elites of the Nether World Watch gathered the soldiers who were stationed around the ship and asked them to replay the entire process of the incident.

As for Swirl herself, she carried a few x-ray scanners together with her trusted subordinates and examined the cargo boxes and the biochemical slots that were as huge as a mountain.

Invisible mystic rays passed through the boxes one after another. With the special glasses that they wore, they were able to clearly see everything inside the boxes when the mystic rays pierced through the walls.

Three to four of her subordinates were scanning one box from different angles. Even a bug would have had nowhere to hide.

All the cargo boxes were done scanning with no anomalies detected.

Next were the containers of the biochemical beasts.

Shua! Shua!

Beams of mystic rays brushed the containers time and time again. What was displayed on the glasses was nothing but demon beasts in hibernation.

Every demon beast was observed for at least one minute. Still, there was nothing wrong.

“Nothing unusual has been found on the sky-hunting warship.”

“The reconstruction of the scene of the incident has been finished. Based on the speed of wind and the shape of the cargoes, it is possible that there was suddenly a loss of balance.”

“The broken rope has been carefully examined, too. It was indeed torn apart by gravity, not by a sharp blade!”

Swirl nodded, her face as indifferent as before. She said coldly, “Very good. Stay on the highest alert. Even if so much as a fly passes you, I want you to tell me how many hairs are on its leg!”




All the soldiers of the Nether World Watch held their heads high, full of killing intent.

Swirl reported to Elder Nether Spring through the communication bug. “Elder, everything is normal. Nothing unusual has been detected.”

Elder Nether Spring was silent for a while before he replied. “How long till we take off?”

Swirl calculated quickly. “Eleven hours.”

“We don’t have so much time. I have a bad feeling.” Elder Nether Spring commanded, “Make it eight. Blow up the place in eight hours!”

8 hours, 23 minutes, and 33 seconds later, Li Yao suddenly felt inside the super corrosive stomach of the boa that the demonic energy around him was getting denser.

Then, there was a moment of weightlessness before the devilish warship leaned upwards and soared into the sky.

In the next second, a series of thunderous noises, as if the planet was being destroyed, echoed, which were clearly audible despite the thick skin of the boa.

A massive, super explosion.

As an expert of bombs, Li Yao immediately made the judgement.

He was overjoyed because it was a sign that Elder Nether Spring had retreated.

Li Yao finally breathed in relief at this moment. He concentrated his telepathic thoughts into thin threads and enhanced his connection to Neltharion again, opening the second picture deep inside his brain.

The Fire Ant King was still locked inside the tusk cage and no different from a day ago. It seemed that Elder Nether Spring had been too busy moving the trophies inside the Mausoleum of Chaos to greet his blood brother.

Li Yao reached out to the Fire Ant King in exactly the same way he did last time.

The Fire Ant King suddenly shivered, apparently breathing at a higher frequency. He wrote with his demonic energy, “You haven’t left?”

“I’m sorry,” Li Yao said. “The plan of distraction did not work out. Elder Nether Spring noticed it earlier than I expected. But I’m still working on other plans, and I’m going to get you out one way or another.”

“Elder Nether Spring is watching over me very closely. A stream of venomous fog is released into the tusk cage every hour. My strength is about to be exhausted just in order to resist the venomous fog. It will be very difficult for me to escape!”

“A lot of things are happening outside. I believe that Elder Nether Spring will not have too much time to work on you. He has more import missions to do right now. Let’s wait and find an opportunity when we are in his nest.”

Pausing and pondering for a moment, Li Yao continued. “Also, I have learned the secrets of Chaos and the reason why he created the demon race!”

“What?” The Fire Ant King almost exclaimed aloud. “What is the background of God Chaos exactly? And how was the demon race created?”

“It’s a long story. I might tell it to you later after I get you out,” Li Yao said. “To ensure the stability of communication and avoid interference of the supersonic speed during the high-velocity movement, I have to trigger very intense spiritual waves, which are likely to be detected by the experts. So, I’m going to cut off the communication.

“But before I hang up, I have a question for you.

“Do you really believe in ‘God Chaos’ and his ideology?”

“Of course!” the Fire Ant King replied resolutely. “I firmly believe that God Chaos created all demons equally. There was never the distinction between saint blood and chaotic blood or between nobles and lowborn!

“I am going to put the ideology of God Chaos into practice until the day I die!”

“Very good. It appears that there is a foundation for our cooperation now.” Li Yao smiled. “Let’s talk more after we reach Elder Nether Spring’s nest!”

Li Yao cut off most of the connection with Neltharion and only kept the feeblest telepathic thought, allowing Neltharion to hide in its stealth and alert state.

The devilish warship was moving straight upwards. It appeared to have penetrated through the atmosphere of the planet and was rushing rapidly in the orbit out of the atmosphere.

When the devilish warship cut into the atmosphere again, twenty hours had passed. Li Yao sensed a gloomy wind blowing outside, freezing everything that anybody could see.

Where are we exactly?

The environment temperature is very low. The magnetic field is chaotic, too. There are also various kinds of other interference!

Li Yao searched the data of the Blood Demon Sector quickly and looked for a terrain that had similar features to his surroundings. Very soon, his eyes shined as he found the answer.

The North Pole!

It was the North Pole of the Blood Demon Sectormore specifically, a place named ‘Gloomy Wind Islands’!

Of the two poles of the Blood Demon Sector, the South Pole was an icy continent and relatively stable, but the North Pole was broken islands, as if it had been bombarded by enormous meteorites in the prehistoric era. It was scattered, bizarrely shaped, and had a chaotic magnetic field and climate. The place was enshrouded by the furious, freezing wind all year round and surrounded by a roaring ocean.

Just like the White Silver Death Desert, it was an unpopulated, horrendous place that even demon beasts would rather not set foot in.

No. The Gloomy Wind Islands of the North Pole were even more scary than the White Silver Death Desert.

The White Silver Death Desert was lifeless, but its magnetic field was relatively stable, which allowed the warships to fly freely without losing the direction.

The ocean of the North Pole, on the other hand, was teeming with a lot of huge vortexes. The magnetic field was a mess, and the water was freezingly cold. Countless beasts and experts had lost their way and perished in the place over the past thousand years.

There was no telling how many bones had piled up in the depths of the bottomless ocean.

It’s rather shocking that Elder Nether Spring has set up his secret nest in the Gloomy Wind Islands in the North Pole. No wonder he refined the Nether World Watch blatantly with no worries that the Pantheon of Demons might discover it.

Right, this place is likely another war base left by Ba Yanzhi because it has exactly the same characteristics as the Star Swallowing Sea in the White Silver Death Desert.

The greatest similarities of the Gloomy Wind Islands in the North Pole and the Star Swallowing Sea in the White Silver Death Desert were that they were equally unfrequented by living creatures and that they boasted a harsh natural environment. Even if the poison and venomous gas leaked out, it would never survive the scorching desert or the frigid ocean, much less spread out.

Ba Yanzhi had clearly chosen the two locations after much deliberation so that other creatures would not be affected. Now that Elder Nether Spring had occupied the war base in the North Pole, there had to be some leads regarding the Mausoleum of Chaos inside it.

It was the origin of everything!

The devilish warship landed slowly.

Hiding in the darkness, Li Yao could not see what was going on clearly. He felt like a cat was scratching his heart, but there was nothing he could do except hold back his curiosity and wait.

The offloading work lasted an entire day. Eventually, all the containers of biochemical beasts were transported somewhere deep under the ground.

Finally, Li Yao was able to enhance his spiritual waves and reach out to Neltharion again.

He had been worrying that Elder Nether Spring would bring the Fire Ant King back to the headquarters to the Pantheon of Demons instead of keeping him locked up in this place.

However, it was not very likely. The Fire Ant King was a demon emperor after all. Although he was caged and injected with poison right now, he was still a time bomb and could cause major trouble if anything went wrong.

As he expected, soon after Li Yao and the Fire Ant King reestablished their communication, Despot and Swirl came in with four soldiers of the Nether World Watch in heavy armor.

The injected almost twenty paralyzing and suppressing drugs into the Fire Ant King’s body at first before they stuffed him into a special cage that looked like a coffin.


Swirl touched a rune array outside of the ‘coffin’. Almost a hundred sharp thorns immediately jerked out from the internal wall and pierced into the Fire Ant King deeply, making him unable to move at all.

But Neltharion had crawled into the Fire Ant King’s mouth in advance before Despot and Swirl arrived!