Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 928

Chapter 928 Mad Medic

There was nothing but darkness after the ‘coffin’ was closed. Some thick, stinky liquid was poured in from the top of the coffin. After it filled the entire coffin, it immediately turned extremely tensile, like the buffer foam that was employed in crystal warships, which could suppress the outburst of one’s strength to the largest extent.

With such thorough measures, if Li Yao were not here, there was no way that the Fire Ant King could get out.

Li Yao could only calculate the time in silence. It took 42 minutes and 33 seconds from when they set off from the port where the devilish warship was docked to when the ‘coffin’ was opened again.

Therefore, it was safe to assume that the war base in the North Pole was no smaller than the Mausoleum of Chaos.

When he was pulled out of the coffin, the Fire Ant King pretended that he was feeble and moaned, taking the chance to let out Neltharion.

In front of Li Yao was a very special chamber.

It seemed to be a combination of a lab, an interrogation room, and an operation room.

At the center of the chamber was an operating bed that was embedded with crystals and surrounded by dozens of mechanical arms and tentacles.

In the storeroom nearby, almost a hundred enormous culture dishes were placed, in which countless shocking organs were being soaked in a bright yellow liquid.

The Fire Ant King was lifted onto the operating table. The tentacles on the two sides immediately crawled into his veins like vipers that had smelt blood.

The mechanical arms also stabbed needles deep into his acupuncture points. The needles seemed to carry electricity, too, making him unable to move at all.

With his hands in his back, Elder Nether Spring watched peacefully while his brother was riddled with holes. “I’ve given you five days. Have you decided whether or not to cooperate with me?

“Tell me the locations of the Blade of Chaos’ hideouts and the formulas of the strengthening drugs in your possession, and the two of us will rise in the time of riot together!”

The Fire Ant King grinned. “Brother, just do it. You really think I’m a three-year-old?”

Elder Nether Spring stared at him in silence for a long time before he shook his head pitifully, as if he was surprised that his brother chose a more painful way to die. In the end, he nodded helplessly. “Alright. I don’t have spare time to waste on you. Therefore, I’m going to introduce an old friend to you. I believe that you will tell him everything you know after you bond for a while.”

Du! Du! Du!

Somebody knocked on the door very politely.

However, the guy who walked into the chamber in delight did not seem polite at all.

Li Yao did not even know how he should describe the guy.

He was like an abnormal child who had endured excessive radiation of spiritual energy. His head was bumpy like a potato, and he had green, weed-like hair. His left eye was smaller than a quail egg, and his right eye was even larger than the egg of a goose. Furthermore, there were more than ten pupils growing inside his eyeball, densely distributed and similar to the eyes of a bug.

His right arm was like the sharp claw of a dragon, which was almost one meter in diameter and covered in solid, green scales. But his left arm was an amalgamation of almost twenty tentacles of an octopus from which bright purple liquids were flowing out. Moreover, two artificial arms protruded out of his chestthe front ends of which were embedded with almost a hundred gears for operations like a multipurpose military knife.

Li Yao’s eyes were keen enough for him to realize that they were the artificial arms utilized in the automatic operation cabins in the military of the Star Glory Federation. For some reason, the guy had transplanted two of them on his own body!

Hundreds of scars were packed on his gray body. There were also dozens of translucent tubes that directly connected his organs like external veins and nerves, with suspicious liquids flooding inside nonstop.

The guy was wearing a white robe with a blood red skull painted on it. The crossed bones appeared to be two lancets!

A named suddenly jumped into Li Yao’s head. It was one of the most horrid individuals, whom no one should mess with, in the Blood Demon Sector according to Jin Xinyue.

Lu Wuxin, the ‘Mad Medic’!

The last individuals that anybody would mess with were not necessarily the strongest ones.

For the big shots such as Elder Nether Spring or Jin Tuyi, they were the leaders of a kingdom or a clan. They often thought far ahead and had big plans, and they acted in their own pattern. It was not easy to mess with them even if one wanted to.

However, there were some terrifying experts who lived alone. What they did today would depend entirely on their mood. Sometimes, even they did not know what they were thinking exactly!

If anybody ran into such an expert, they had to pray to the heavens for luck, and if luck was not on their side, their life might be more miserable than death.

‘Mad Medic’ Lu Wuxin was the best example of such experts. He had been an underground surgeon of the Blood Demon Sector in the beginning.

In the Blood Demon Sector, the competition was rather cruel. Even the silver-blood demons often mauled each other in the struggles for power. Those who failed, unwilling to be killed in the Heaven’s Origin Sector as cannon fodder, often chose to run away.

When there were runners, there were always pursuers. In the brutal hunting and fleeing, being heavily wounded was nothing unusual.

Lu Wuxin offered his service to the losers in the fight for power who were being hunted because he knew that they would carry a lot of treasures with them since they were fleeing. Given their situation, they would not care too much about the medical fee since they did not have a second option.

More importantly, since the losers had absolutely no support, nobody would avenge them no matter what kind of insane experiments he did on them.

Although Lu Wuxin was crazy and infamous, many exiles still went to ask for his treatment.

It was partly because the stray dogs did not have better choices. Not all the doctors were courageous enough to treat them at the risk of offending the Pantheon of Demons.

It was also partly because Lu Wuxin’s methods were especially brilliantsometimes even more effective than the operations of the doctors in the Pantheon of Demons, if not counting the tiny, insignificant side effects.

Lu Wuxin could revive a heavily wounded patient who was so seriously corroded by acid that he only had his bones left. But the patient would have to come to him for a skin graft every half year. Otherwise, the patient’s biochemical skin would fester inch by inch, and he would die a miserable death.

Naturally, the fee for every skin graft was astronomical.

Lu Wuxin could also cure a soldier whose stomach had been pierced by a cannonball along with all the internal organs by transplanting new organs of suspicious backgrounds into the patient’s body. Not only would the patient fully recover, their capability would also rise.

However, for the rest of their life, the patient would have to take the anti-rejection drugs that Lu Wuxin carefully refined every month in order to suppress the rejection reaction.

Of course, such anti-rejection drugs were also dozens of times more expensive than normal ones.

One of the patients did not believe it and resorted to other anti-rejection drugs. Later, the patient died from the explosion of his stomach. To quote the eyewitnesses, he seemed to have been eaten up by his internal organs!

This was Lu Wuxin’s style.

As long as the fee was paid in full, it was guaranteed that the disease would be cured, but whether or not there would be any sequela depended on his mood.

If that was everything about him, with his marvelous medical skills, Lu Wuxin might still have been embraced by the dark world of the Blood Demon Sector, however discontent the patients were. After all, an excellent doctor was a hundred times more difficult to find than an excellent warrior was.

However, his two ‘quirks’ were discovered later.

Firstly, if he ran into a lone, desperate patient who happened to boast a beautiful, incredible organ, occasionally, when the patient under, Lu Wuxin would dissect the patient for his collection and then use the limbs and internal organs of the patient for his next procedure.

Secondly, Lu Wuxin would leave a ‘souvenir’ in the body of almost every patient during the operation.

He would either plant a very sensitive crystal bomb inside their head, bury extremely dangerous venom vesicles near their heart, or seal a drop of high-density acid right next to their central nerves.

Finally, after more than ten patients died abruptly after refusing Lu Wuxin’s future service, his malfeasance was finally exposed.

It was told that he died quite a miserable death. His bones were ground into dust before he was tossed into the throng of almost a hundred Ghost Teeth Alligators and ripped into shreds.

The one who led the hunt and trial of Lu Wuxin was exactly the Fire Ant King!

Most of Lu Wuxin’s patients were the targets that Void Turmoil City would like to recruit. Lu Wuxin’s insane actions were certainly not in the Fire Ant King’s interest.

According to Jin Xinyue, Lu Wuxin should have been killed by the Fire Ant King eight years ago.

But he was obviously still alive today, although he was as good-looking as a zombie.

“Fire Ant King, we’ve met again.”

Lu Wuxin bowed. All the scars on his face were wriggling at the same time, as he grinned. “Eight years ago, you tossed me into the ‘Devilish Alligator Abyss’. The thrill was so unparalleled that I still dream about it every night. It is too exhilarating and fascinating!

“Rest assured. I will treat you exactly how you treated me years ago. We have plenty of time to talk about our friendship! Hehe. Hehehehe!”

With the hideous laughter, Lu Wuxin’s claw and tentacles twitched at the same time.

The Fire Ant King grunted but gave no reply.

“Master Lu,” Elder Nether Spring said, “I have to return to the headquarters of the Pantheon of Demons to supervise the situation now. I’ll leave everything in the Nether World to you.

“We must speed up the refinement of the Demon God VII virus. It will be best if we can finish the experiments before the activation of our plan. But if we can’t, we will have to resort to Demon God VI.”

Lu Wuxin stuck out his wet tongue and licked his swollen lips before he chuckled. “Not a problem at all. Elder, you were so generous as to offer me so many research files and experiment subjects, one of which is even in the state of demon emperor!

“I have a feeling that the few obstacles that have trapped us for a long time will be broken through very soon!”

Elder Nether Spring nodded and smiled. “I believe in your expertise, Master Lu. I’ll give you three days to exploit all the information inside my brother’s brain, particularly the locations of the secret hideouts of the Blade of Chaos and the formulas of all the strengthening drugs in his possession.”

“Of course.”

Lu Wuxin rubbed his hands in eagerness and eyed the Fire Ant King as if he were a beauty whose clothes had been torn off. He was entirely hooked by his new toy. “I have admired the Fire Ant King’s strengthening drugs for a long time, too. I dreamed of dissecting his brain into slices and exploring the mysteries in it a long time ago. Now I finally have the chance!”