Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 931

Chapter 931 Terrifying Nether World

However, Li Yao did not fly Neltharion through the tiny entrance of the ventilation tube recklessly. Instead, he triggered a beam of probe mystic rays and scanned the bar while he adjusted the frequency of the mystic ray.

As he expected, when he adjusted the mystic ray to an extremely low frequency, dozens of mysterious lines appeared on the bars, which interconnected with each other and were moving without any pattern.

Should Neltharion touch the crimson lights, an alert system would certainly be triggered.

This is truly a heavily guarded place!

Neltharion was halted below the entrance of the ventilation tube for five seconds while Li Yao calculated the speed and the angle of the mysterious lines quickly.

Five seconds later, Neltharion passed through the bars unhurriedly like a lazy goldfish. The crimson lines seemed be cooperating with the device and always missed it by the width of hair!

Neltharion passed through the mysterious lines and infiltrated the ventilation tube!

The scene inside the ventilation tube, on the other hand, gave Li Yao quite a big surprise.

It was not an impenetrable scanning defense system as he had imagined earlier. In fact, dense bugs were on the tubes, and very tiny webs could be seen at the turn of the tube, where colorful, scary spiders were lurking in the darkness.

Bugs, spiders, and dwarf vampire bats, which were deep gray and almost blended in with the tube, constituted a comprehensive, ecological alert system inside the ventilation tube.

Li Yao could not help but click his tongue. Even if somebody crawled into such a tube by compressing their muscles and bones to the minimal size, there would be nothing they could do about the innumerous insects.

It was impossible for even the tiniest biochemical beasts to infiltrate the tube without alarming the insects.

Elder Nether Spring is indeed a great player of insects. I’m afraid the defense of his place is even heavier than the supreme congress of the Star Glory Federation.

Thankfully, Li Yao possessed Neltharion, a piece of magical equipment crafted in the zenith of the Star Ocean Imperium!

Neltharion remained in its stealth mode while it floated in the middle of the tube and observed the entire ecological system.

The little bugs on the wall of the tube, which looked like mosquitoes, were dancing without any pattern every second, capturing the floating particles in the air as their food.

Some of the bugs would get caught in the spider web. When the number of pray was good enough, the colorful spiders would take action and devour all the food on their web.

At that time, the bugs would calm down for several seconds, revealing a zigzagging gap.

That was Li Yao’s only opportunity!

He waited patiently for the spiders to go hunting three times and calculated the average length of the gap among the bugs. Finally, when the spiders took action the fourth time, he steered Neltharion to pass through them!

His speed could not be too high. Otherwise, he would affect the flow of the air and be caught. The black mist made by the bugs was like a bloody mouth that was closing slowly behind Neltharion. The teeth of the mouth almost bit Neltharion’s rear.

At the front, the entire tube was blocked by spider webs whose shining threads were smeared with fatal thick liquids.

Thankfully, the holes on the spider webs were not even. Sometimes, when the bigger prey was struggling fiercely, they would tear the spider web apart.

The colorful spiders, after swallowing enough food, began to mend the webs.

Li Yao held his breath and looked for the biggest hole.

It was a big test for his expertise of flying a starship, too.

The hole that he found was almost the same size as Neltharion. One tremble during the pass-through might sabotage all his endeavors.

Meanwhile, the colorful spiders were already crawling toward the hole, apparently planning to repair the biggest hole first.

Easy. Relax. There’s still a lot of time. There’s still

Neltharion took a leap forward and successfully travelled through the web before the spider spurted out the first thread!

Li Yao heaved a huge sigh in relief. He had been almost melted in the stomach of the lightning boa.

In the exact same way, he breached the blockage of another seven spider webs and finally reached the entrance of another ventilation tube.

Li Yao watched through the bars. He could tell that it was an enormous lab or factory.

The vast space had been divided into several different areas. Right below Neltharion was an area for weapons testing.

One of the soldiers of the Nether World Watch, lean and with a head resembling that of a wolf, was holding a narrow, long, bizarre-looking firearm in his hand and aiming in a kneeling position.

This is the sniper version of the ‘Wild Wave VII’ storm bolter!

After a quick glance, Li Yao already determined that the soldier was using a very popular assault rifle of the Star Glory Federation. The gun could be turned into a general-purpose sniper rifle with reasonably good specifications after it was installed with high-precision plugins.

However, other than the high-precision plugins, the very ‘Wild Wave VII’ was also tied up by thick veins and tentacles on the surface. Two redundant objects that looked like lumps were attached to the magazine. There were also two crimson eyeballs protruding out of the scope!

The gun seemed to have been contaminated, assimilated, and devoured by a certain abnormal monster. It was now a weird weapon that was half a piece of magical equipment and half a living creature, like the blood-sucking flying swords Li Yao had seen in the Mausoleum of Chaos!

What was more terrifying was that almost ten ‘veins’, or maybe synthesized nerves, grew out of the sniper rifle and pierced into the arms, chest, and temples of the soldier, as if he was already joined with the weapon!

Li Yao pondered.Manipulating the magical equipment with one’s own neurons? If that is the case, it will not require powerful telepathic thoughts to use the gun. The weapon’s specifications will be significantly improved, too!

Hu! Hu! Hu!

Furious wind was blowing in the test field. There were even artificial snowflakes that were seriously inhibiting the vision and senses of the sniper.

According to the tutorial of the federal army, such a weather was most unsuitable for a sniper.

But the soldier of the Nether World Watch stayed absolutely still. He remained in a kneeling position like a cold statue.


Hundreds of meters away, a bluish spring suddenly spurted out and blossomed into dozens of stars in midair.

Hiu! Hiu! Hiu! Hiu!

The soldier shot calmly. He even shifted a position every time he had pulled the trigger. In half a minute, he moved into six different positions. The interference of the wind and snowstorm was nothing to him. He barely missed any targets. The dozens of blue stars perished abruptly!

Li Yao was secretly alarmed.

The sniper version of the ‘Wild Wave VII’ assault rifle that has been secretly modified by Elder Nether Spring is significantly improved in terms of trigger speed, load capacity, stability, and anti-interference abilities. The comprehensive specifications must have been increased by at least 35%!

The most dreadful part is that the weapon is shooting out not just bullets but also lethal poison!

I’m afraid that the redundant objects that look like lumps next to the magazine are designed for exactly such a purpose. They are vesicles of poison!

It was not hard for Li Yao to imagine the usage of such a design.

At first, the highly penetrative and damaging bullets would damage the shield, shell, and plate armor of the target, exposing their most vulnerable body parts.

Then, the poison or acid that came with the bullets would be able to destroy the internal organs directly!

For both human beings and demons, it was certainly an extremely vicious weapon!

Now that the sniper rifle has gone through such modification, the assault rifle that is simper in structure must have been modified in similar ways, too.

The soldiers of the Nether World Watch who are embedded with demon cores all over their bodies are already tricky enough. It is going to be a nightmare if they are all equipped with such marvelous weapons!

Li Yao secretly learned the specifications of the ‘biochemical sniper rifle’ and committed them to memory before he flew Neltharion away cautiously.

In the second test field, there was a tall, muscular soldier of the Nether World Watch, who was tied up by more than ten ammunition belts to which crimson grenades were attached.

Li Yao noticed that he was wearing a special necklace on his neck that was as thick as a trunk. Inside the necklace was some sort of dark red drug.

Chi! Chi!

The needles on the internal side of the necklace pierced into the soldier’s neck and injected all the drug into his body.


The soldier let out an earsplitting roar. The skin all over his body turned red before it broke apart in the end, revealing intense flames that were burning in his veins!

Very soon, the soldier turned into a fire demon almost five meters tall. The color of the fire turned from red to white as its temperature grew higher and higher. He looked like a pile of melted steel!

What was weird was that, despite such a scorching temperature, the soldier of the Nether World Watch was not dead yet. Instead, he was charging at a heavy crystal tank that had been placed as a target.

The heavy crystal tank, under the remote control of the staff nearby, fulminated and ran toward him at full speed, too!


The soldier was like a crazy rhino. Every step he took would leave a deep footprint behind him. He rushed at his top speed and blocked the moving heavy crystal tank head-on like a shooting star. After an impasse of three seconds, smoke began popping up from the bottom of the heavy crystal tank before it was slowly pushed back by the soldier!


The soldier leapt onto the vehicle. His two hands seemed to have turned into two fiery sabers as he stabbed into the plate armor of the crystal tank.

Against the burning flames, the plate armor was pierced through and ripped apart by him easily as if it were nothing but a piece of paper. A hole the size of a basin was revealed.

The soldier took off almost ten grenades from the ammunition belt on his body and tossed all of them into the crystal tank before he blocked the hole with his own chest.


The crystal tank jerked up as if it had been installed with a spring. The entire turret flew up to the sky. The soldier of the Nether World Watch was also blown almost a hundred meters back by the immense blast. However, he simply stood up quickly and wiped off the smoke on his chest amid deep, scary laughter.

One such monster is enough to cause a lot of trouble for a tank legion of the federal army. It will be very difficult for the tank legion to deal with the monster even if the legion has its own Cultivators.

If such monsters are used to attack the fixed firing points or to storm a city, they will be even more invincible. It is unlikely that a Cultivator will be defending every firing point!