Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 933

Chapter 933 Camp Of Special Captives

“Is this all?” ‘Mad Medic’ Lu Wuxin sounded rather disappointed.

“Yes,” the white-robed demon replied. “This is the 133rd uncontrollable mutant of the subjects who have contracted ‘Demon God VI’. In the extreme state, the cells inside the mutant can live three to five days. When a target comes close, it will dissolve all the cells of the internal organs and transform them into immense energy, shooting it out in the form of high-pressure blood mist.

“The mechanism of the attack is similar to the ‘Cell Obliteration Cannon’.

“Even an ordinary person can be granted a one-time combat ability equal to a Cultivator. Such mutants are among the more brutal ones.

“However, the attacks can only be performed once or twice before the cells inside the mutant completely wither.

“As for the drawbacks, it’s just like the other uncontrollable mutants. Their movements are slow, if they move at all. The speed of their withering is too fast. Also, they are not contagious enough.

“More importantly, their brains have been dead for a long time, and they cannot listen to our command. They may cause a temporary riot, but they cannot be utilized as a perfect weapon.”

‘Mad Medic’ Lu Wuxin sniffed and asked, “What about the experiments of Demon God VII?”

“We are now testing Demon God Version 6.8.1,” the white-robed demon replied. “In the second beta test of the version, the instant clean death rate was 65%, 32.5% of the subjects turned into uncontrollable mutants after death, and 2.5% of them received perfect evolution.”

“A success rate of 2.5% is still too low,” ‘Mad Medic’ Lu Wuxin said coldly. “It is not a batch of wild monsters that Elder Nether Spring wants but a well-trained, absolutely-loyal, and formidable army! The success rate must be improved to above 5%!”

“Understood!” the white-robed demon said. “Although we haven’t made much progress in the improvement of the success rate, the manipulability of the ‘perfect mutants’ is much higher than previously!”

“Is that so?” ‘Mad Medic’ Lu Wuxin paused for a minute in thought. “Let’s go and check!”

At the end of the pathway, in an ultra-solid prison cell with double crystal walls, a handsome, furious demon was pacing back and forth anxiously.

The moment he saw ‘Mad Medic’ Lu Wuxin, the demon lunged at him like a crazy tiger, triggering thousands of electric arcs on the defense rune array!

He was blown back brutally. More than ten burnt scars were added to his body, but he felt none of it and simply pointed at Lu Wuxin, cursing with the utmost hatred!

Li Yao was shocked. The demon had dense, golden hair. His nose that of a lion, and his mouth was broad. There was blue color deep inside his bright golden eyeballs.

All the features were the signs of ‘Blue-Eyed Lions’, the royal family of the Kingdom of Lion Butchers!

Elder Nether Spring was truly crazy enough. He even dared to kidnap a member of the royal family of the Kingdom of Lion Butchers, which was his hardcore ally, and run experiments on him!

The Blue-Eyed Lion was more than infuriated. His veins were bulging out and his chest was fluctuating like an air bellow, but he was not killed in the attempt just now.

The Mad Medic grinned hideously and narrowed his eyes. He cast his spells while he stared at the captive, deep brilliance beaming out of his eyes.

A weird thing happened!

The Blue-Eyed Lion was roaring thunderously, but only a moment later, he lowered his arms, and his face turned indifferent, as if he had been hypnotized. He was looking at Lu Wuxin both admiringly and fanatically, like the zealots who were willing to die for their one true god!


His blue eyes were corrupted by bloody streaks, too. Thick veins protruded out of his body, which doubled in size. Countless bone spurts grew out of his spine, his arms, and his knees, decorating him in an armor that was brimming with needles!

Inside the bloody mouth, the two upper canine teeth were almost three times their original length. Like the sharpest sabers, they were certainly able to pierce through a crystal suit!

Huchi Huchi Huchi

After every breathe, streams of dead gray mist would spurt out of his mouth, which surrounded him and did not disperse for a long time.

“Hooooo!” The Blue-Eyed Lion roared crazily and dashed forward, turning into hundreds of blurred shadows that filled the entire prison cell.

Dozens of deep claw traces immediately appeared on the wall!

Lu Wuxin’s lips curled. The Blue-Eyed Lion came to an abrupt halt. Then, he suddenly lowered his arms and bashed the wall hard with his head.

Zi! Zi! Zi! Zi!

Thousands of electric arcs burst out of the defense rune arrays, enlarging his pupils and making his golden hair stand up.

But he seemed to have no sense of pain at all. He continued crashing into the wall and did not stop even though he was bleeding hard.


The Mad Medic snapped his finger. The Blue-Eyed Lion trembled violently as if he was freed from a nightmare. The bone spurs and the bulging veins retreated into his body, and his dirty eyes gradually cleared.

His skull had collapsed because of the collisions, and he was writhing on the ground in pain. He did not even have the strength to curse anymore. Desperation filled his blue eyes, where the blood strains lingered.

“Indeed, not bad.” Lu Wuxin nodded in great satisfaction. “I did not feel the least resistance when I controlled him. Also, he was much more active than before. When I gave him a simple command, he would search his memory and experience to complete it on his own.

“Besides, his speed and strength have both been improved by at least 150%!

“An army made of such soldiers is one that Elder Nether Spring really needs!”

“There’s more than that,” the white-robed demon declared proudly. “The Demon God Virus of the latest version modifies the respiratory system perfectly. Right now, his saliva, his blood, and the air that he exhales all contain a huge amount of Demon God Virus. When the enemy is bitten, scratched, or touched his blood, or rather, when they are simply engaged in melee combat with him without protection, they will be infected by the Demon God Virus and become our weapons!

“However, the current version of the virus is still vulnerable under high temperature or low temperature, and it will be easily suppressed by the incendiary bullets and the frost rune arrays. We are hoping to improve that part of the virus in our next version.”

“Most excellent,” Lu Wuxin remarked. “But we must hurry. It won’t be long before the Demon God Virus is sent to a real battlefield!”

They were talking in lower and lower voices and seemed to be discussing a specific technological problem.

Li Yao’s heart became colder and almost fell apart like a piece of ice.

So, that was the truth of the so-called ‘third life form’ and ‘the gods that surpass mankind and the demon race’!

As it turned out, such ‘evolution’ had a success rate of only 2.5%. The remaining carriers of the virus were either killed instantly or turned into ‘uncontrollable mutants’ whose brain was dead but whose cells were alive!

Even the strengthened ‘perfect mutants’ were merely slaves of Elder Nether Spring’s forces and would be at their mercy!

This is too horrible. The blood, saliva, and breath of the ‘perfect mutants’ all contain a fatal and highly infectious virus!

Should it spread out on a large scale, countless creatures in both the Blood Demon Sector and the Heaven’s Origin Sector will be killed, turned into monsters, or end up being their slaves!

Damn. This is an even more dreadful future than the rule of the Imperium of True Human Beings!

While Li Yao cursed silently, the white-robed demon seemed to have received Lu Wuxin’s instructions and left.

Li Yao would rather not keep Neltharion with the Mad Medic for long. Therefore, he simply followed the demon.

As it turned out, the demon took the lift and went upward to the surface.

Neltharion and the demon moved out of the building together. It was not until this moment that Li Yao finally got a general picture of Elder Nether Spring’s nest.

It was a freezing snow world with blowing wind outside. They were in a lone island, surrounded by an icy ocean that was full of swirls, surging tides, and colliding glaciers. Looking into the distance, Li Yao found that the horizon seemed to have become a forbidden abyss that was hidden in the dark mist.

The lone island was the shape of a dumbbell. It was narrow in the middle and broader on two ends. They were presently at the south of the island.

The part of the building above the ground was less than thirty meters tall and covered in thick snow and ice. It was impossible to detect it from the sky at all.

Next to the building was a helipad for devilish warships. Three inconspicuous enormous devilish warships were docked under the cover of the floating islands that pretended to be icebergs.

Neltharion followed the white-robed demon to the north of the island.

The north of the island turned out to be a vast camp of captives. The visible captives who were wandering in the yard in the freezing wind numbered around a thousand. There was no telling how many more were locked in the underground building.

Li Yao adjusted the resolution of Neltharion and observed the captives carefully.

They were not the newly captured soldiers of the Blade of Chaos.

Despite the temperature of dozens of degrees below zero, they were still only wearing thin prison garb and training themselves hard with whatever facilities they had.

Most of the captives were healthy and strong, and they were apparently split in two groups.

The captives on the left side were mostly human beings, many of whom had popular tattoos of the federal army on their faces and arms. It was easy to tell that they had gone through harsh training in the military through their eyes and the way they walked.

But their capability was much higher than any special force of the federal army that Li Yao had seen. Many of them were punching at a supersonic speed casually while they were yawning, tearing the air apart time and time again for almost one minute straight!

Is this happening? Since when have the soldiers of the federal army become so tough?Li Yao secretly clicked his tongue.

The captives on the right side, on the other hand, were mostly the Claw Clan and the Horn Clan of the Kingdom of Lion Butchers, but a lot of them were clearly the members of the Insect Clan and the Feather Clan, too. Together, they were almost a small coalition army of the demon race.

The captives of different species had all been captured by Elder Nether Spring for his experiments. Most of them had already suffered a lot of wounds and were barely recognizable.

Even so, there was clearly mistrust between the two sides. An invisible ‘boundary’ seemed to be in the middle of the camp. Many captives were looking at the other side of the ‘boundary’ with hatred.

So, they are truly the soldiers of the federal army. They are my compatriots and comrades!

I must find a way to rescue them all!

After unearthing the terrifying experiments that Elder Nether Spring had been working on and discovering that so many of his compatriots and comrades had ended up being captives and experiment subjects, Li Yao was more infuriated and determined than ever!