Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 937

Chapter 937 Do It

The tens of thousands of captives that were locked inside the camp would certainly produce a huge amount of bodily waste on a daily basis, most of which was directly discharged to the icy ocean through a canal below the surface of the ocean.

Every drainage canal was more than half a meter in diameter and easy for an adult to crawl in. Therefore, Elder Nether Spring had deployed dense crystal wires on the exit of the drainage canals with defense rune arrays that could send powerful electric arcs and freezing coldness over to the web.

If Li Yao damaged the crystal wires, the guards above would certainly sense it.

The holes between the crystal wires were too small. Li Yao was not confident that he could sneak through them in Neltharion without alarming anyone.

However, it was not a problem for him.

He steered Neltharion deeper into the water, until he was seven hundred meters below the surface of the ocean. He waited patiently in a trench for a moment and discovered an eel that was more than half a foot long and almost transparent.

Such eyeless bright blue demon beasts whose heads and tails were barely distinguishable were known as ‘Ghost Head Ice Eels’. It was one of the few demon beasts that could live in the icy ocean of the North Pole.

Such a frigid place was not actually very suitable for their survival, but Li Yao estimated that the drainage and garbage that the ‘Nether World’ discharged had certain nutrition, which attracted the Ghost Head Ice Eels to swim here in no fear of the coldness and the turbulence.

Generally speaking, the Ghost Head Ice Eels liked to live between three hundred meters below the surface of an ocean and eight hundred meters, where there was no sunlight.

But when they were hungry, they would also risk moving up to a hundred meters below the surface of an ocean in search of food.

The exits of the drainage canals that contained a lot of garbage were certainly among their favorite places.

It was not unusual for the Ghost Head Ice Eels to crawl into the exits, only to touch the crystal wires by accident and be executed by the electric arcs and the frost.

During his investigation yesterday, Li Yao had found half a bone of a Ghost Head Ice Eel in one of the exits of the drainage canals. He had pondered carefully and finally figured out the reason.


When the Ghost Head Ice Eel in front of him opened its mouth, devouring the underground sand before it and sucking the nutrition, Neltharion turned into a streak of brightness and stabbed into its mouth!

The Ghost Head Ice Eel jerked hard, but it had been slain by Neltharion instantly.

Neltharion crawled into the mouth of the Ghost Head Ice Eel and swam toward one of the drainage canals with the demon beast as the best camouflage.

When he drew close to the crystal wires, Li Yao did not dodge at all; he simply crashed into them as if there was nothing in front of him!

Chi! Chi! Chi! Chi!

Deep blue electric arcs immediately burst out of the crystal wires, shocking the Ghost Head Ice Eel, whose transparent appearance was now dead gray, and turning it rigid.

But Neltharion had taken the opportunity to crawl out of the Ghost Head Ice Eel’s mouth and pass through the crystal wires successfully!

According to my analysis, the great array made of a hundred and eight bronze pillars should be a variation of ‘Devil Taming Thunderous Array’. If that is the case, the circuit of the spiritual energy of the array should be a reversed heptagon.

The ancient Cultivators forty thousand years ago did not know spiritual stripes as thoroughly as modern people do. When they established such a great array, they must’ve left a few very thick tubes so that the immense spiritual energy could flow inside without being hindered.

So, the place that I’m going to need is here!

A shining 3D structure of a rune array popped up inside Li Yao’s head. Piloting Neltharion, he zigzagged inside the drainage canal, taking various turns, before he finally stopped in a seemingly unattractive corner.

If his calculations were correct, this was the closest point to the pivot of the barriers in straight line!

Shua! Shua! Shua! Shua!

The mini drill of mystic rays was immediately activated as it dug into the cold rocks deeply.

Li Yao absolutely trusted his calculations and drilled forward in the darkness very patiently. Twenty-seven minutes later, the pressure on the drill of mystic rays suddenly reduced, and a long, narrow tube appeared in front of him, in which highly-compressed spiritual energy of the lightning class was running.

I’ve made it!

This is indeed the circulation tube of spiritual energy for the great array!

Li Yao could not have been more excited. He activated the anti-thunderstorm spiritual shield on Neltharion and went against the current inside the circulation tube.

After he dodged quite a few electric arcs, a few neatly distributed holes showed up in front of him. Neltharion leapt out agilely through one of them.

He found himself in a vast underground space. A magnificent array was carved on the ground, which seemed to have confined thousands of bundles of lightnings in the place.

Above the great array, a hundred and eight bronze plates were floating in midair. Dense rune arrays could be found on them, too.

The bronze plates were connected to each other via electric arcs. There were so many complicated electric arcs that dozens of spider webs seemed to be overlapping. One could not help but feel dizzy when one observed them.

But Li Yao could not have enjoyed himself more.

It is indeed a certain variation of the ‘Devil Taming Thunderous Array’. It has gone through micro adjustments and enhancement based on the freezing air and the disordered magnetic field of the North Pole, which makes it even more powerful than the original version!

The person who first established the great array was too extravagant. He has used a hundred and eight pieces of ‘Burning Star Purple Bronze’ as the cores of the array. Well, well, well. I went through quite a lot of trouble to find just one small piece of Burning Star Purple Bronze in order to improve the electroconductivity of my saber!


The great array seems to have been further modified?

Right. It must’ve been done by Elder Nether Spring. The hundreds of rune arrays employed in the Devil Taming Thunderous Array have been lost since a long time ago. Normal people would not be able to understand them, much less make use of them.

Therefore, with the technology of the Blood Demon Sector and the Heaven’s Origin Sector, Elder Nether Spring performed ‘modernization’ on the Devil Taming Thunderous Array.

This is quite a mess and a great waste of the treasure!

Li Yao sniffed and did not think highly of Elder Nether Spring’s modifications.

I’ll show you what the job should be done!

Li Yao knew that a lot of furious spiritual energy of the lightning class would leak out in the pivot of the Devil Taming Thunderous Array and congregate into flashing electric arcs. Not only was the environment unsuitable for living creatures, even the surveillance devices, such as crystal cameras or the biochemical eyes, would be jammed or destroyed easily within half a day after they were installed.

Therefore, he was bold enough to accelerate Neltharion while he scanned every detail of the great array.

The great array is made of thousands of minor rune arrays, but its core holds the few critical rune arrays that will affect the whole immediately when they are modified.

What I am going to do is slightly change the flow of spiritual energy inside the few rune arrays and put them into conflict so that the spiritual energy will overload and destroy the ‘Devil Taming Thunderous Array’!

Neltharion was like a sleazy rat spreading a fatal plague. With Li Yao’s crazy calculation, the mini bombs made of marrow crystals were deployed in the critical parts of the great array.

After he planted five bombs, he also came up with a modification plan in his mind.

The ‘pen of mystic rays’ shot out an ivory ray of light that jumped agilely on the core runes of the great array. Li Yao wrote quite fast. Very soon, a hundred spiritual stripes the width of a hair were added to the great array, constituting circuits of spiritual energy that were full of evilness.

Chi! Chi!

The lightnings were hitting Neltharion’s spiritual shield nonstop.

Work complete!

Li Yao blew a whistle softly and returned the same way he had come.

With a telepathic thought, the bombs of marrow crystals would be triggered, and the Devil Taming Thunderous Array would likely be paralyzed!

However, it would be better if he took action when the great array was fully functioning, in which case the odds of success would be much higher.

Li Yao figured that it was time for him to greet Han Tuhu now.

Beep! Beep! Beep! Beep!

When Neltharion returned to the drainage canal, however, Li Yao heard hasty buzzes deep inside the captive camp. Something serious seemed to be happening.

Are you kidding me?

After Neltharion crept out of the icy ocean and flew to the sky again, Li Yao was truly dumbfounded by what he saw.

The human and demon captives were fighting again.

This time, the battle was even more fierce than yesterday. The two parties were like sworn enemies. They were all mangling each other hard, scratching with their claws and biting with their teeth. Some of them were stabbing their enemy’s eyes, while their enemy was kicking their groin. It was hard to tell which of them were humans and which ones were demons!

This is not good!

Li Yao was more than anxious. Judging from the fierce battle between the two groups of captives, they would not attack the guards even if he destroyed the Devil Taming Thunderous Array!

Han Tuhu and Suo Chaolong, the two leaders, were fighting with all their fury now. Their every attack would cause a minor earthquake inside the captive camp. Footprints that looked like craters covered the ground because of their sprinting!

Zi! Zi! Zi! Zi!

The hundred and eight bronze towers released immense electric arcs one more time.

Ten seconds later, all the captives except Han Tuhu and Suo Chaolong were lying on the ground, cramping like shrimps.

When the remaining electric arcs focused on the two leaders for three seconds, they also ended up foaming and bulging out their eyes. They, too, fell to the ground as if they were having a seizure.

Li Yao was practically weeping.

His plan could not be postponed. The hole that he had dug in the drainage canal would be discovered before long, and the Fire Ant King was definitely not able to endure ‘Mad Medic’ Lu Wuxin’s torment on his braincells, which had nothing to do with his willpower.

Everything would be screwed if he waited until tomorrow!

What could he do now?

Li Yao regretted that he had not contacted Han Tuhu earlier and asked him to be patient.

Dozens of soldiers of the Nether World Watch appeared again, dragging the paralyzed captives back underground. Such fights seemed to take place every few days, and the guards were already familiar with the job.

Right then, a shocking change broke out!

When a few soldiers of the Nether World Watch walked to Han Tuhu and Suo Chaolong, the two leaders, who should have been concussed because of their previous fight and also suffering from electric shock, jumped to their feet simultaneously.

“Do it!” the two of them bellowed at the same time while they accelerated to their maximum speed, which was three times higher than previously!

They had been concealing their capability!

After multiple rounds of genetic modifications, they had a higher capability than that of the normal soldiers of the Nether World Watch. The soldiers had also been under the illusion that they were mortal enemies and thought that they were heavily wounded. Caught unprepared, the soldiers were hit precisely!