Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 938

Chapter 938 Rats In The Cage


One of the soldiers of the Nether World Watch was going to drag Suo Chaolong’s legs, only to be strangled when the captive turned around abruptly.

The soldier was struggling hard, but Han Tuhu moved behind him quietly and stabbed the sharp claw into the back of his head.

The claw, stained with blood, pierced out of the soldier’s mouth. He was killed instantly despite the enhancement of the demon cores on his body!

Suo Chaolong and Han Tuhu looked at each other but did not say anything. Their hands moved fast and took off the armor and the weapons on the soldier within a breath!

Their capability was higher than that of the Nether World Watch in the first place. With the help of the weapons, they were even more daunting as they lunged to the flanks with a roar.

“Control the gate. Do not let the gate be closed!”

Most of the other captives also jumped to their feet, roaring wildly with brutality beaming out of their eyes. Both the federal soldiers and the demons were tensing their muscles and veins. The most ferocious waves of spiritual energy spurted out of their bodies while they lunged toward the soldiers of the Nether World Watch, who were utterly dumbfounded.

The captives had all gone through extraordinary mutations after dozens of insane experiments. They had also seen their closest comrades being killed in the pain and suffering every day and knew that they would inevitably come to such an ending one day.

They had all considered themselves to be dead people and, therefore, were fighting in the most desperate and fearless way. If they could not escape, they might as well get a clean death!

The soldiers of the Nether World Watch were terribly outnumbered. After slaying a few captives, they were soon swallowed and torn apart by the crowd, their weapons stolen!

In the meantime, shocking changes seemed to be happening deep inside the captive camp below the ground, where roars, as if some ferocious beasts had just been let loose, were echoing.

In a moment, a black tide surged out of the underground!

More captives!

The federal soldiers were mixed with the demon captives. There were also soldiers of the Blade of Chaos who had just been captured. They had different appearances, different bloodlines, and strength of different attributes, but they shared the same purpose.

Get out of the place, or die valiantly in battle!

For a moment, the alarms were all ringing. Ominous lights were flashing in the sky of the captive camp. The frost thorns were growing and waving the twigs crazily.

In the corners, a few inconspicuous teleportation arrays gradually revealed themselves, shipping a large batch of fully-armed soldiers of the Nether World Watch to the area!

Those soldiers were similar to the one whom Li Yao had observed in the ‘weapon test field’. They were all wearing strengthening necklaces that had stored drugs of multiple colors. The blades and weapons they carried were combinations of magical equipment and demonic artifacts, half of which was metal and half was flesh and blood!

Zi! Zi! Zi! Zi!

The hundred and eight bronze pillars released powerful electric arcs and weaved a deep blue web again, locking every captive that was wearing the conductive shackles!

However, the captives who had completely ripped off their disguises did not fall to the ground as they used to. The electric arcs did not work on them at all.

Some of the captives were even devouring the electric arcs in great satisfaction, as if they could transform the electric arcs directly into spiritual energy!


The furious torrent crashed into the newly-arrived soldiers of the Nether World Watch heavily!

Most of the captives were unarmed, but they held the absolute advantage in numbers, with three to four captives attacking one soldier of the Nether World Watch. Teeth, claws, tails, hornsthe inhuman modifications had endowed them with natural weapons all over their body!

Han Tuhu and Suo Chaolong, the two leaders, were cooperating so neatly, one on the left and the other on the right, that they seemed to be comrades who had fought side by side for decades. They made the arrowhead of the torrent.

Even the elites of the Nether World Watch were no match for the captives.

Li Yao felt that his blood was boiling while he watched.

There was hope again!

He activated the mini marrow crystal bombs without any hesitation!

At the south of the lone island, the control center of the Nether World was displaying the picture of the great prison break precisely from almost a hundred different angles, thanks to the most state-of-the-art magical equipment and demonic artifacts of both the Blood Demon Sector and the Heaven’s Origin Sector. Crystal processors were mixed with biochemical brains, and the light beams were working together with the neural electricity imaging system triggered by the biochemical brains.

Lu Wuxin, Despot, and Swirl, the three commanders of the Nether World Watch, were watching the live stream rather casually.

“Master Lu, you are indeed a prophet. Those guys were truly hiding their strength,” Swirl said with a smile.

“Of course.”

Lu Wuxin half lay on the seat comfortably, placing his legs on the desk, while he declared gloatingly, “I am absolutely confident in my modifications. If those guys could survive dozens of modifications of mine, how could they be as weak as they previously demonstrated?

“However, they were all too dishonest. No matter how we tested them, they would not try their best. Even if they did, the ‘potential’ deep inside their bodies could never be tested by us.

“Therefore, we might as well loosen the management on purpose and give them a few fake messages, fooling them into thinking that they had a chance for an unprecedented prison break. Look. How spectacular, how brave, and how brutal. All their potential is being triggered. Haha. Hahahaha!”

Despot stared at the light beam and said coldly, “I didn’t know that even the high-voltage electric arcs would not be able to put them down!”

“Those who are adapted to the environment survive. Those who don’t, die.” Lu Wuxin licked his lips and chortled. “The death rate in the captive camp is very high. The guys you are seeing right now are the survivors of tens of thousands of captives. The weak ones who could not resist the high-voltage electric arcs were exterminated a long time ago. The survivors are the strongest of them!

“After my modifications, their cells have become highly adaptive. Maybe in the beginning, they really could not resist the high-voltage electric arcs, but after an electric shock every few days, the endurance of their cells has been gradually enhanced.

“It is safe to say that the electric shock was also a form of training. A very special one!”

Despot sniffed and said, “That explains a lot. No wonder Han Tuhu and Suo Chaolong have been restless enough to raise a riot every other day. Turns out they were training their anti-electricity abilities!”

“There’s more than that. I’m afraid that they were also communicating with each other and discussing their prison break while they were fighting. In the meantime, they could also learn each other’s combat pattern so that their cooperation would be more flawless in the real operation,” Swirl said in a smile.

“I anticipated that there would be a prison break. I also anticipated that the captives would be fearless of the electric shock. But I did not see it coming at all that Han Tuhu and Suo Chaolong, the two dangerous figures, would let go of their grudge and conspire with each other!”

With craziness shining inside his eyes, Lu Wuxin mumbled, “Han Tuhu and Suo Chaolong are two of my most immaculate masterpieces!

“Han Tuhu was born in a military family of the Star Glory Federation. His ancestors have been serving the army for five hundred years. Finally, when it came to his generation, he was appointed as the commander of ‘Flying Tigers Legion’, the best rapid response troop of the Heaven’s Origin Sector. He was one of the best soldiers of the Star Glory Federation!

“Suo Chaolong, on the other hand, was a noble of the Kingdom of Lion Butchers. His Blood Lion Battalion gained its fame through mountains of corpses and oceans of blood. They were the representatives of the best warriors of the Blood Demon Sector!

“The two of them are certainly not the muscly, brainless boors. My previous modifications have significantly developed their brains, too. Their wisdom right now is significantly higher than during the ‘Battle of Dawn’. Naturally, they made the best choice according to the environment and the conditions!

“It is safe to say that they are the perfect, ultimate warriors in my mind!”

Lu Wuxin rubbed his hands earnestly.

“Excellent. Excellent. If the soldiers that we manufacture in the end all boast combat ability, awareness, and wisdom as good as theirs, who will ever be a match for us?”

“Indeed. Even the Nether World Watch seems to be no match for them,” said Despot jealously.

Lu Wuxin smiled and said slowly, “There’s no need to be impatient. As I said earlier, the big riot is the final test of the specifications and the combat parameters of this batch of experiment subjects. The new weapons that we developed recently will also be tested to check if there are any flaws.

“After we have obtained detailed data and ensured the stability and safety, we will perform the same modifications on the Nether World Watch so that you will all grow into the strongest warriors!”

Despot gnashed his teeth. “I have always been the strongest!”

“Forget it. Why are you bothered by the rats in the cage?” Swirl flapped her wings softly, spraying hazy powder on Despot’s body.

Lu Wuxin turned around and asked a white-robed demon, “How is our data collection?”

“The parameters of the experiment subjects in a real-life combat have been fully collected. The comprehensive combat performance of every experiment subject has been improved by 77% on average compared to the regular tests. Moreover, we have discovered 155 new changes that we had not found before and 87 new techniques.”

The white-robed demon was wearing two biochemical chips. Endless data was jumping quickly on his retina.

“I think we are good. A lot of captives and soldiers of the Nether World Watch have been killed. They are all the most valuable assets of the Nether World and should not be wasted easily.” Lu Wuxin waved his tentacles and commanded, “Change the ‘Devil Taming Thunderous Array’ to the intense magnetic field mode and end the test!”


The antennas on the forehead of the white-robed demon, which were responsible for the transmission of telepathic thoughts, shivered slightly. He typed quickly on the light beam. Then, it could be seen that, in the surveillance picture, the entangling electric arcs on the hundred and eight bronze pillars suddenly dimmed, as if they were about to vanish!

“What’s going on?”

Han Tuhu and Suo Chaolong, who were fighting a bloody battle in the captive camp at the north of the lone island, had no idea at all that they had been trapped in a pathetic test since the very beginning.

They only felt that the electric arcs that were bombarding their bodies had suddenly weakened, which significantly reduced their pressure.

Seeing that the electric arcs on the bronze pillars were dimming, they were both overjoyed.

“The goddamn barrier has run out of spiritual energy!”

“Let’s go. Let’s go. Let’s get out of the place!”

Countless captives were shouting excitedly while they charged at the frost thorns unstoppably, their blood boiling.

However, in the next second