Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 939

Chapter 939 Miracle

The electric arcs that entangled the hundred and eight bronze pillars turned from deep blue into pale white. They were shot toward the dense icy clouds in the sky of the captive camp, congregating into a ball of lightning that looked like a miniature sun.

It was not until the ball of lightning ripped apart the icy clouds that everybody discovered a hundred and eight pieces of silver, round magical equipment floating in the sky of the captive camp like brilliant stars.

As the ball of lightning transmitted the electric arcs toward the ‘stars’ continuously, the entire sky was brimming with glamorous runes.

An invisible magnetic field slowly fell and enshrouded the entire captive camp.

On the surface of the electromagnetic locks on the necks, wrists, and ankles of the captives, the spiritual stripes were shining splendidly again.

In the next second, the locks all turned into the most powerful magnets!



The locks on the wrists and ankles of the captives collided brutally. Restricted by the powerful magnetic field, they were like steel that had always been welded and could not be split apart at all!

The locks of several captives were even attracted to each other because the captives were too close, making them look like conjoined twins!

Right now, their hands and feet were tied up. They could not walk or punch, and they could only wriggle forward like caterpillars. How could they draw out their combat ability at all?

Even if some of them burnt their soul and bombarded their cells to exploit the craziest strength, managing to divide the electromagnetic locks on their body, they were still as slow and irresponsive as a snail because of the bondage of the powerful electromagnetic force. It was as if several muscular men were clutching their hands and feet. One moment of carelessness, and their hands and feet would be stuck again. Even the simplest tactical movement was now seriously difficult!

Han Tuhu and Suo Chaolong, because of the confinement of the electromagnetic force, were panting like two oxen, as if they were fighting while carrying thousands of tons of weight on their back!

Shua! Shua! Shua!

A horde of soldiers of the Nether World Watched appeared in the teleportation arrays at the corner of the captive camp again. Wearing heavy armor, they pushed to the center like an iron city wall!

Under the tremendous pressure, the soldiers of the Blade of Chaos, who were at the rear of the battle formation and commanded by Yuchi Ba, the master of the Skeleton Island, were the first to collapse.

The soldiers of the Blade of Chaos were still new to the place. They were unfamiliar with the environment and unused to the frigid weather. Furthermore, they had received no modification or anti-electricity training. Just now, they had been on the brink of unconsciousness because of the electrification and only managed to keep fighting with their willpower.

Right now, their hands and feet were tied up by the electromagnetic force, and they could not split them apart. How could they fight any longer?

The soldiers of the Nether World Watch bashed them hard and knocked them into the crowd of the federal soldiers and the demon captives.

Very soon, everybody was faltering. It was a huge mess.

In a moment, other than Han Tuhu and Suo Chaolong, all the captives were attached together by the electromagnetic force!


Han Tuhu and Suo Chaolong did not expect that the barrier array still had such an effect. Their eyes bulged as they struggled to raise their fists in fury.

But with the interference of the electromagnetic locks, their speed and strength were only one tenth of before. In the blink of an eye, they were blown to the ground with the special forks of the Nether World Watch elites!


The electromagnetic locks on Han Tuhu and Suo Chaolong were stuck together, too, turning them into yet another pair of conjoined twins.

Their fall marked the end of the ‘magnificent’ prison break.

The only things left on the ground were dead bodies and the screaming captives who were crying for help.

Suo Chaolong and Han Tuhu were confined together, face to face. Suo Chaolong raised his head hard, and the air that he exhaled was frozen into crimson ice in midair. With a hideous face, he suddenly bellowed, “I said that the lowborn chaotic-blood demons were not reliable at all. Why did you have to bring them? If they hadn’t been such a nuisance, some of us would have had a good chance to get out instead of being kicked back like losers!”

“Shame. What a shame!” Han Tuhu roared, too. “Our operation was too huge. They would have discovered it anyway. How could we not bring them?”

Not far away, Yuchi Ba, the master of the Skeleton Island, was grimacing and shouting, too. “Suo Chaolong, you are rather condescending at this moment. Look at yourself. Do you think that you are still a lord in the Kingdom of Lion Butchers? Hehe. My soldiers have never received anti-electricity training, and we are not adapted to the frigid wind yet. It was a miracle that we persisted for so long!

“You said that we would have the chance to get out as long as we endured the bombardment of the electric arcs, didn’t you? You were merely fantasizing when you hadn’t figured out the most critical measure of the enemy yet. How hilarious!”

“Shut up!” Grasped by desperation, Suo Chaolong hissed, his eyes blood red. “Yuchi Ba, I didn’t know that you were one of the commanders of the Blade of Chaos. Are you not a noble silver-blood demon? Why did you disgrace yourself by messing with the humble chaotic-blood demons?”

Yuchi Ba sneered. “Idiots who have been brainwashed such as you will never understand my dream. It is exactly because of idiots like you that we ended up like this. Everything is doomed!”

“Bullsh*t!” Suo Chaolong snarled. “If the Blade of Chaos hadn’t been inciting the black-blood demons and the chaotic-blood demons in the frontline to mutiny, the ‘Battle of Dawn’ wouldn’t have suffered such a crushing failure. Chances are that we would have taken the Giant Blade Pass and marched into the central land of the Star Glory Federation. Everything would not be it is today!”

Han Tuhu cursed loudly. “In your f*cking dreams! The so-called ‘Battle of Dawn’ was only because we were retreating to bait you into chasing after us. The best legions of the federation that are fully equipped with crystal suits were never mobilized because they were waiting patiently to appear behind you and fish up all of you! If you hadn’t run so fast, we would’ve devoured every one of you! Taking down the Giant Blade Pass? Just wake up already, scumbag!”


“Hairless monkey!”

Now that their hope was gone, the captives in all the three groups were cursing each other aloud, letting out the depression and desperation in their hearts!

Inside the control center of the Nether World, Swirl was blinking her attractive eyes. “They are quarrelling again. Is this another act?”

“Unlikely.” Lu Wuxin extended one of his tentacles into his mouth and chewed it while he smiled. “They are sworn enemies in the first place. Just now, they were merely cooperating with each other while trying their best to hold back their disgust when there was a common purpose.

“Right now, their hope is shattered, and the purpose is no more. Knowing that they will have no more opportunities to get out, they naturally restored their original attitude and are venting the hatred that they have been suppressing for months. It is sort of a rebound.

“Hehe. They are the best illustration for the word ‘rabble’ right now.”

Swirl was deep in thought while she watched Han Tuhu, Suo Chaolong, and Yuchi Ba on the light beam. “No wonder Master Lu reserved the species characteristics of the experiment subjects and even enhanced their sense of belonging to their community. It was for the purpose of maintaining their hatred against each other.”

“Exactly. Hatred is the greatest and most delicate power in the world.”

Lu Wuxin waved his tentacles and said, “Even if when the world is fully under our control one day, we must retain the concepts of ‘human beings’ and ‘demons’ and ask them to loathe each other.

“The more they hate each other and the more fiercely they fight, the more indestructible our reign will be. Haha. Hahahaha!”

Lu Wuxin burst into laughter.

Swirl and Despot looked at each other and smiled, too.

The control center was enveloped in a delightful vibe where everything was under control.

Right then, the white-robed demon who was responsible for the ‘Devil Taming Thunderous Array’ suddenly stopped typing and exclaimed in shock.

Deep inside the warehouse of biochemical beasts, Li Yao was so anxious that he almost bit his own tongue off.

Crap. I was too careless!

I did not expect that the ‘Devil Taming Thunderous Array’ would have a second mode. Right now, the flow of the spiritual energy has entirely changed!

But I already blew up a few nodes of spiritual energy and altered the design of the few most critical rune arrays!

If the ‘Devil Taming Thunderous Array’ were in the first mode, it would automatically stop functioning because of overloading. But what will happen in the new mode when the spiritual energy is overloading?

Li Yao had no idea, either.

There was nothing he could do but wait helplessly while scratching his hair.

In the north of the island, deep below the ground, in the pivot of the Devil Taming Thunderous Array, the explosions of the mini bombs of marrow crystals had already blocked a few very important circuits. Also, on the core rune arrays, the spiritual stripes that Li Yao had reversed were guiding a huge amount of spiritual energy of the lightning class in the wrong direction.

After a few circuits, part of the spiritual energy returned to the crystals that it was released from in the beginning!

It was an extremely dangerous, infinitely-looping circuit!

The incessant spiritual energy of the lightning class, after being triggered from the crystals and boosted by the Devil Taming Thunderous Array, had mostly been transmitted to the hundred and eight bronze pillars. But some of it took a turn back and bombarded the container of the crystals crazily!

The shell of the container, which was carved with defense stripes, was showing cracks one after another.

The electric arcs leaked into the cracks like fatal poison!


Thunder was roaring deep down the ground.

On the ground, the exhausted captives were still insulting each other.

Yuchi Ba panted hard while he gnashed his teeth. “God Chaos did not distinguish silver-blood demons from black-blood demons when he created the demon race. Why are you asking the low-level demons to be the cannon fodder for your ambition? Suo Chaolong, are you unwilling to admit your wrongdoing when death is knocking the door?”

“Ha! Ha! Ha!” Suo Chaolong hooted. “The bullsh*t Chaos is just a fiend that the cultists came up with to fool the illiterate, ignorant countryfolk. I did not know that a silver-demon such as you, Yuchi Ba, would believe it, too. But wait. I’m afraid that you do not believe it in your heart and are merely using the idolatry to achieve your own purpose, are you not?”

“You!” There was no telling where Yuchi Ba got his strength, but he struggled to crawl closer to Suo Chaolong. “You may insult me, but you must not insult God Chaos! God Chaos is the creator of all demons, and one day, he will save all demons again!”

Suo Chaolong was laughing so hard that his snot was spurting out, only to be frozen on his lips. He shrieked, “Since your God Chaos is to awesome, why does he not show up and rescue the loyal believers such as yourselves? I am a demon, too, and I happen to be in need of some help. Why don’t you ask for a miracle so that I can be saved?

“If your useless, imaginary god can give me a sign right now and get my brothers out of this wretched place, not only will I repent, I can even become one of his worship”