Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 940

Chapter 940 Prison Break

Before he was able to finish his sentence, Suo Chaolong had already bitten his tongue. The entire earth suddenly shook violently, as if a ferocious beast had hit the island from the bottom of it, forcing the island to jump upward more than ten meters before it fell down again!

In the moment, everybody experienced the loss of gravity. Some of them were even almost twenty centimeters from the ground.


An earsplitting explosion burst out in the depths of the island. Despite the thick rocks, everybody felt like a crystal bomb had been detonated right beside their ears!

Huala! Huala! Huala!

Dozens of bronze pillars suddenly fell back into the ground. The soil around them collapsed on a large scale, too. Dazzling lightning flooded out of the burrow like a spring of magma. Very soon, the saplings of lightning grew into magnificent trees!

The collapses were expanding continuously. Eventually, dozens of collapses joined together and gave birth to a large hole almost a thousand meters in diameter. A corner of the camp was seriously damaged.

Within the range, all the frost thorns, high-voltage electric webs, bronze pillars, and demonic plants at the periphery vanished into thin air!

If one were to look down from one side of the hole, they would see the different floors of the underground captive camp that looked like a honeycomb. A lot of captives had been locked too deep below the ground to escape to the surface through the narrow entrance with their fellows in the beginning. But right now, they were all bathed in the freezing, blowing wind and looking at the gloomy sky, as dumbfounded as rigid penguins!

At the bottom of the giant hole, there should have been the pivot of the great array, a warehouse of crystals, and an area where a squad of the Nether World Watch and dozens of biochemical beasts were stationed, but the place had turned into a blackhole of death because of the furiously flowing electric arcs!

The capacity of a teleportation array was limited. The entire squad of the Nether World Watch had been gathered, prepared to be teleported to the surface together. But before they had the chance to scream, they had been ripped apart by a dragon made of billions of electric arcs and devoured without leaving a single bone!

Suo Chaolong, Han Tuhu, and Yuchi Ba looked at each other in bewilderment. Their lips trembled for a long time, and their throats seemed to have been stuffed with ice. They failed to come up with anything for a long time.

Pa! Pa! Pa!

Whatever remained of the bronze pillars on the ground was in a mess and had lost the ability to spurt out electric arcs anymore. The magical equipment to restrict their movement was falling from the sky like hail, one piece after another.

The locks of all the captives lost power. Their hands and their feet could be separated easily now!

Suo Chaolong and Han Tuhu turned to look at each other, only for their noses to touch. Both of them shuddered hard and hurried to push away each other.

Suo Chaolong stretched his limbs to warm up himself. His eyes turned from shock to confusion, from confusion to ecstasy, and from ecstasy to craziness!

“GGod Chaos has indeed given us a sign. It’s a miracle! God Chaos is here to save us!”

Yuchi Ba was so excited that tears were rolling inside his eyes, leaving shining icy pearls on his rough face.

Many avid believers of Chaos were even kneeling and worshipping the giant hole.

“Now is not a good time for a celebration!”

Suo Chaolong spat hard, his saliva piercing into the ground noisily. He bashed his chest, and the muscles on his arms and chest expanded as if they were balloons. He roared at the top of his voice, “All the barriers have lost effect. The road to the outside of the captive camp is open, too. But do not hurry to run away now. Let’s reinforce our brothers below the ground and look for the enemy’s arsenal along the way!

“The enemy in the battle formation will march from the south of the island very soon. We must find sufficient weapons and form a stable defense line before their arrival!

“As long as we defeat them, we will be able to get out of the place!”

“Brothers, let’s go!” Han Tuhu, the captain of the Flying Tigers Legion and a colonel of the federal army, roared!

“Brothers, let’s go!” Yuchi Ba, the Fifth Elder of the Blade of Chaos and the master of the Skeleton Island, roared!

“Brothers, let’s go!” Suo Chaolong, captain of the Blood Lion Battalion and a silver-blood demon, roared!

In the surveillance footage, the crowd that swallowed the entire captive camp like hungry army ants cast the control center of the Nether World into a weird silence.

Lu Wuxin, Despot, and Swirl were all wearing such a cold expression that somebody seemed to have stabbed icy pitons right into their skulls.

“What has happened?”

Furious magma seemed to be bursting out of every lump on Lu Wuxin’s face.

“It seems thatit seems that the Devil Taming Thunderous Array overloaded and detonated a lot of crystals that were only refilled yesterday. The huge underground explosion destroyed all the barriers!” the white-robed demon who was responsible for the Devil Taming Thunderous Array stammered, grasped by desperation as if he had fallen into a swamp.

Zi! Zi! Zi!

Inside the control center, the lights flashed, and streaks appeared on the light beams. Even the biochemical brains were cramping at a much higher frequency than usual. Some of the smaller biochemical brains even exploded on the spot!

Exclamations were echoing nonstop inside the communication channel. Many critical locations on the island were experiencing serious interference and instability of spiritual energy.

Lu Wuxin’s face was gloomier and gloomier. “Give me a summary of the losses!”

With a bitter face, the white-robed demon replied, “The Devil Taming Thunderous Array is not just the pivot of the barriers but also the source of power for almost half of the facilities in the Nether World because of the high-voltage electricity that it can trigger.

“The explosion not only blew up half of the captive camp, vaporizing a squad of the Nether World Watch, but also seriously affected a lot of our magical equipment and demonic artifacts because of the super high-intensity electromagnetic waves generated in the explosion. Both our communication and the surveillance picture are being jammed. Even if we switch to the backup energy source right now, it is estimated that everything will only be restored in half an hour!”

Lu Wuxin rubbed his face hard with his tentacles and gnashed his teeth. “What a genius design. Putting the sources of power of most facilities in the same place, huh?”

“It can’t be helped. The Gloomy Wind Islands of the North Pole are too remote. It is very difficult to ship assets to this place. Also, because of the cold weather, every building needs heating, which is a great consumption on crystals, too.”

The white-robed demon argued, not very confidently, “Since the ‘Devil Taming Thunderous Array’ can generate tremendous electricity incessantly, there was no reason for us to waste such a precious energy source.”

Lu Wuxin glared at him. The tentacles all over his body were expanding and reddening like infuriated cobras. He seemed to be of a mind to strangle the white-robed demon at any moment.

However, he finally calmed himself down after he took a long, deep breath. He waved at Despot and Swirl. “Suppress the riot of the experiment subjects as soon as possible at whatever cost!”

“Including killing every one of them?” Asked Despot.

Lu Wuxin hesitated. “Many of them have gone through special modifications and are very important for our research. If possible, please capture them alive.”

Despot and Swirl exchanged a look. They both knew that such a command would be a terrible restriction for the Nether World Watch’s actions.

However, they also knew the importance of the experiment subjects to Elder Nether Spring’s plan. They both nodded and turned away, leaving.


The moment before they left the room, Lu Wuxin suddenly shouted, with hideousness all over his face.

“I will bring the ‘things’ and go with you!”

In the underground of the Nether World, inside the warehouse of biochemical beasts, the alerts were ringing more and more loudly.

Dozens of soldiers rushed inside and activated the biochemical beasts before they sent the biochemical beasts to the ground via teleportation arrays.

Above their heads, a vague streak of redness flashed past them at such a high speed that neither them nor the biochemical eyes that were being jammed detected anything wrong at all.

Li Yao sprinted in a zigzagging path.

Every monitoring biochemical eye had been discovered by Neltharion in the investigation the day before yesterday. He moved forward, changing his posture all the time as if he were dancing, while he dodged the surveillance devices. Soon, he reached his destination, which was a lounge of the Nether World Watch.

Right now, the lounge was empty, but there were quite a few suits of the Nether World Watch in the closet.

Half a minute later, a soldier of the Nether World Watch, who was wearing a black, leather cloak and a dark, anti-coldness mask, walked out of the lounge and strode toward the lift with his head held high after a turn.

Although it was weird to wear such a huge mask indoors, considering that some of the soldiers were being asked to fight on the ground, the other soldiers might not grow suspicious of him.

Beep! Beep!

The door of the lift was opened, but there were three fully-armed soldiers of the Nether World Watch inside.

They were whispering to each other and did not pay much attention to Li Yao.

The control system of the lift needed verify the hand of the taker before they were allowed to select a new floor.

The three soldiers’ destination, on the other hand, was the minus sixth floor.

If Li Yao did not scan his hand, he would have to go to the same floor as them. But Li Yao was not clear of the situation of the minus sixth floor, nor did he have a good reason to go there. If he hesitated for a moment, the three soldiers were likely to question him.

With his back against them, Li Yao put his right hand on the verification rune array softly.

Beep! Beep!

The verification rune array turned green!

Li Yao secretly took a breath in relief and selected the floor where the Fire Ant King was locked.

The three soldiers, after hearing the familiar sound, did not even bother to look at him anymore.

When he was at the warehouse of biochemical beasts, Li Yao had been thinking about how he should go upward.

The ventilation tubes were teeming with bugs and spiders, which was clearly not an option. The lift was apparently the most convenient way for him to go up.

The real critical problem was that he would need the fingerprint of a soldier of the Nether World Watch.

However, it was not really a problem for him.

In the ‘Stormy Sword’, the tutorial of burglary composed by Fengyu Zhong, a renowned space pirate in the Blood Demon Sector, a lot of methods about how to scan a fingerprint and how to fake one had been recorded.

Li Yao had searched carefully in the warehouse of biochemical beasts. Eventually, he had retrieved a fingerprint that was of similar size to his and relatively intact. He had then duplicated the fingerprint on a biochemical slip made of the membrane of a demon beast with his incredible hand speed and micro-carving skills before sticking the slip to his palm in the end. Finally, he had successfully fooled the verification rune arrays!