Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 945

Chapter 945 What About Another Miracle?


A biochemical beast, dozens of meters tall with dark gold hair all over its body like a primeval elephant, roared and stomped on the ground with the thick, forceful feet, blowing out invisible airwaves on the snowy world.

Dozens of captives were blown away by the blast. The battle formation that had taken shape collapsed all of a sudden!

The primeval elephant rushed among the captives unstoppably. Its thick trunk was waving left and right like a huge hammer, and the captives that were hit by it all suffered from broken bones or internal bleeding!

With the primeval elephant as the arrowhead, the soldiers of the Nether World Watch in heavy armor pushed forward neatly like a wall.

Any captive that was bold enough to attack the iron defensive line was like a tide attacking the seashore. No matter how huge their strength seemed to be, they were always slapped back brutally!

As more and more soldiers of the Nether World Watch appeared around the captive camp through teleportation arrays, they gradually congregated into black squares, and the black squares piled on top of each other to form walls. The zone of activity for the captives was getting smaller and smaller!

They had been heavily wounded and exhausted because of the bombardment by the high-voltage electric arcs some ten minutes ago after all. Besides, they did not have many suitable weapons, and their teamwork was far from flawless. They were merely fighting with their hot blood.

When large teams of the Nether World Watch formed dominating battle formations and appeared in their sights, it was almost a declaration of the failure of the prison break.

But they were still waving their hands and claws numbly. They were not fighting to survive but fighting for a valiant death!

In the sky, a huge object slowly revealed itself, casting a shadow of desperation on them.

A devilish warship had flown over to the captive camp!

Lu Wuxin, Despot, and Swirl, the three commanders of the Nether World, stood on the bridge and watched the riot below them coldly.

“Stun Beetles, now!” Despot waved his hands hard.

Pu! Pu! Pu!

Below the devilish warship, through the tubes that looked like genital cavities, dozens of wet, black balls were spurted out. They fell toward the captive camp like bombs and exploded when they were about ten meters away from the ground, releasing black beetles that looked like crabs.

The wings of the beetles were beating fast, triggering supersonic waves that were not audible to ears but would seriously jeopardize the central nerves.

In the meantime, red and green colors were rapidly flashing on the translucent abdomen, stimulating the optic nerves of all the captives!

The supersonic waves and the dazzling colors could lead to a serious stunning effect on living creatures!

The soldiers of the Nether World Watch, on the other hand, had been prepared. They were all wearing special protective chips on their eyes and earpads on their ears.

In the range of attack of the Stun Beetles, the captives who were relatively weaker were all staggering as if intoxicated. Some of them were even kneeling on the ground and vomiting, their combat ability reduced to zero.

“Sticky Beetles, now!” Despot said coldly again.

Pu! Pu! Pu!

This time, it was a batch of bright blue beetles that was spurted out. They were mostly the size of billiard balls, and there were hundreds of them. After they unfolded their wings at a low altitude, they automatically flew to the places where the captives were densest before they exploded and splashed out liquids that were as thick as yogurt!

Under the blowing, freezing wind, the liquids solidified immediately, sticking a lot of captives together.

Even when some of the captives managed to rip the ‘yogurt’ apart, the threads of the liquids were still clinging to them, slowing down and deforming their actions.

The blowing wind had already cooled the captives’ hot blood. Under the suppression of the devilish warship, their morale was lower than ever.

“The enemy has lost hope. They are now lunatics trying to get themselves killed.”

Despot read the subtle change of the situation keenly.

“Take it slow. Try to reduce the casualties.” Lu Wuxin sighed as he looked at the enormous hole leading underground right in front of the captive camp.

With everything coming to this point, he could not enjoy the suppression no matter how spectacular it was.

“Kill them all!”

In the snowy world, Han Tuhu, Suo Chaolong, and Yuchi Ba knew that they had no chance of winning, but they were not frustrated at all. Instead, like the final radiance of the setting sun, their fighting will was leaking out of their every pore. They were like infuriated volcanoes that were about to burst out their most brilliant life!

Now that it was a dead end in the front, there was only one thing they could do.



“Kill them all!”

Han Tuhu had gone completely crazy. Chunks of flesh and stains of blood covered his claws and his tail. He did not look like a yaksha anymore, but an ancestor of yaksha! Even the red star medal at the center of his hat seemed to be made of blood right now. It was shining as if a dragon was ready to lunge out at any second!

“Stand up. Stand up. Stand up, everybody. Continue killing. Kill them all!” Han Tuhu burst into laughter. “Warriors of the Star Glory Federation, we should be proud of ourselves! We are the first batch of soldiers to go on such a killing spree in the homeland of the Blood Demon Sector! When our blood melts the snow and our souls return to our home, we will be able to chat with the predecessors who established the federation with our heads held high!”


Suo Chaolong was nearby. His golden hair had been dyed red by blood. He was on a rampage, too. There were almost ten flying swords and sabers protruding from his body, but he was still rushing forward unstoppably despite the bleeding.


After a collision, the saber in his hand broke in half. He did not even bother to blink and simply drew out a flying sword from his chest, stabbing it into the soldier of the Nether World Watch in front of him. He twisted the flying sword brutally, pushing his entire arm into the enemy’s chest. Then, he kicked the bottom of a demon captive.

“Get up and go on fighting!

“Do you see it? The hairless monkeys are swaggering around right under our noses.

“Bring out the valiancy and bravery of the silver-blood demons and show them how a real battle should be fought!”


The two of them threw themselves into the crowd of the Nether World Watch time and time again and cleaned their surroundings easily. As it happened, because their moves were too mighty and they both chose where the soldiers of the Nether World Watch were densest, their blades crashed into each other as they cut open the skull of the same unlucky soldier!

Han Tuhu and Suo Chaolong glared at each other.

“Han Tuhu!” Scorching flames were burning deep inside Suo Chaolong’s eyes. “Among the boneless troops of the Star Glory Federation, only your ‘Flying Tigers Legion’ could make me get somewhat serious! Our battle last time was messed up by those scumbags. What a pity that I won’t have a chance to fight against you anymore! If I did, I would certainly swallow every soldier of your legion and leave none!”

“I am always here if you want to fight!” Han Tuhu drew out a flying sword from his ribs, which turned into a streak of white brightness surrounded by electric arcs and blew a soldier of the Nether World Watch who was lunging at Suo Chaolong backward. “If we cannot fight when alive, then we can fight in hell until we are contented!”

“We are not going to die!”

The soldiers of the Blade of Chaos led by Yuchi Ba, although being ruthlessly butchered same as others, actually possessed the highest morale among the three groups there. That was because the underground explosion just now had given them a sign of the power of God Chaos.

Yuchi Ba roared at the top of his voice, “Warriors of the Blade of Chaos, just now, God Chaos demonstrated his power. It is our turn to demonstrate our determination! Show those guys the sharpness of the blades of God Chaos!”

Suo Chaolong rolled his eyes. He hated the babbling ‘traitors’ of the demon race even more than he hated the federal soldiers.

Yuchi Ba waved his saber while laughing. “Suo Chaolong, have you not witnessed the power of God Chaos with your own eyes? Did you not say just now that you would be a believer of God Chaos as soon as he gave you a miracle?”

Suo Chaolong blushed but shouted in rebuttal. “That doesn’t count. It was just an explosion of a malfunctioning rune array from forty thousand years ago! How can you convince me that it is a miracle of Chaos? Hehe. It will only count if”

Suo Chaolong suddenly stopped talking and crouched into the size of a cat, dodging the attacks of two soldiers of the Nether World Watch. Then, he jerked up again, and his sharp blade drew an almost perfect arc that flashed past the enemies’ necks!

“if such an explosion takes place for a second time!”

Suo Chaolong licked the blood on his blade and finished the sentence.

After saying that, he looked around somewhat anxiously.

Shouting and yelling were still everywhere. The tough performance of the few experts was not enough to reverse the failing fight. Many captives had been beaten back underground, and the surface of the earth had been filled up by the blackness of the soldiers of the Nether World Watch.

“Look!” Suo Chaolong said miserably. “No gods are going to save us. Not the gods of demons, not the gods of human beings, and not the so-called God Chaos that you believe in. They are all unhelpful. Our doom is inevitable!

“However, killing so many enemies before our death is definitely worth”

Suo Chaolong bit his tongue heavily for a second time.

Han Tuhu, Yuchi Ba, and countless other captives and soldiers of the Nether World Watch were all blown into the air.

The one second when they were airborne was extremely long. They seemed to be bugs that were frozen in amber.

Looking far ahead, they could see that large rocks were soaring into the sky like fireworks and blossoming.

The intense smoke was rising slowly in the shape of a mushroom, as if a volcano that had hibernated for ten thousand years had been awakened at that second.

Then, they heard a deafening noise rushing out from underground, like a dam had collapsed and a flood was raging!

“” Han Tuhu.

“” Suo Chaolong.

“SuoSuo Chaolong,” Yuchi Ba stuttered, “are you sure that you are not a loyal believer of Chaos?”