Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 946

Chapter 946 All Looted

“Cough! Cough!”

The floor where the interrogation chamber was located seemed to have just experienced a hurricane before it was sabotaged by magma again. One third of the floor had collapsed. Countless soldiers of the Nether World Watch turned into charcoal before they had the chance to scream, and the charcoal was burnt to ash in 0.1 seconds. Even the ashes were blown away to all directions. They had been completely vaporized!

The soldiers of the Nether World Watch that were still alive all suffered serious internal injuries because of the blast. Just like fish that had surfaced too quickly in a deep ocean, their bodies were expanding fast, with drops of blood leaking out of their pores. Their brains were shaking violently at a high speed inside their skulls, and they could still hear humming noises!

Li Yao and the Fire Ant King coughed hard as they got to their feet again. Looking at each other in bewilderment, they discovered that both of them were now blocks of charcoal, and the demeanor of a Nascent Soul Stage Cultivator and a demon emperor was entirely gone.

“Let’s go!”

The Fire Ant King knew that they were too short on time for him to complain. Lu Wuxin might reinforce the control center with the main force of the Nether World Watch at any moment. Every second they had right now was extremely precious!


The two of them turned into two streaks of brightness and darted toward where the interrogation chamber used to be. The place appeared to be a furnace that had just exploded. The high temperature of almost a thousand degrees melted all materials into translucent glass.

They looked downward from the edge of the collapse, only to discover that the ten or so floors below them had been entirely pierced through, as if a cone-shaped well whose bottom could not be seen was there. Miserable screams were echoing nonstop from the floors below, as if the hole was the entrance to hell.

After glancing at each other, the two of them both jumped down and accelerated to their top speed.

Even if the bottom was really the hell, they would still march forward unstoppably!

As far as their eyes could reach, almost every soldier on every floor had been shocked by the explosion and was staggering while holding their head.

Li Yao took the chance to retrieve a lot of crystal bombs and smoke grenades from his Cosmos Rings. In a moment, the entire ‘Nether World’ was enshrouded in hazy fog, seriously jamming the sight of the soldiers of the Nether World Watch. The continuous explosions of the crystal bombs blew up countless architectural materials and blocked the hole that pierced through all the floors.

Although the ruins were not solid enough, the enemy would still have to waste a lot of time in finding the hole that was buried below the ruins after they came back to themselves!

Li Yao and the Fire Ant King broke into the minus nineteenth floor!

With Li Yao’s thorough survey of the entire ‘Nether World’ and his precise calculation, the distance of the explosion had been delicately manipulated. The cannonball had not been detonated until it reached the minus eighteenth floor. The torrents of metal shrapnel at super high speeds were like meteors that pierced through the defense rune arrays and left a hole the size of a basin.

For the super experts who could freely control the muscles and bones all over their bodies such as Li Yao and the Fire Ant King, such a hole was good enough!

What was even better was that the intense stun that the cannonball burst out heavily wounded all the soldiers of the Nether World Watch on the several floors nearby. They suffering from brain concussions, and their stomachs were uneasy. They did not have any combat ability for now!

The elites of the Nether World Watch, including Lu Wuxin, Despot, and Swirl, had been distracted by the riot of the captives. Never could they have foreseen such a dangerous person like Li Yao lurking deep inside the ‘Nether World’, even being able to crack the ‘Venomous Scorpion Bone Biting Shackle’.

Right now, inside the control center, it was mostly the operators of the biochemical brains and the crystal processors. Even though they had luckily survived the blast, their combat ability was close to zero in the eyes of Li Yao and the Fire Ant King.

The few experts in the demon king stage were still stunned because of the explosion and became the primary target for the duo.

Shua! Shua!

Li Yao and the Fire Ant King turned into two streaks of redness and drew devastating lines of death in the vast control center. Most of the soldiers of the Nether World Watch had been slain before they realized what was going on!

Ten seconds later, there was nothing but dead silence inside the control center!

The two of them finally took a deep breath in relief and observed the brain and heart of the ‘Nether World’.

Since a lot of crystal processors and biochemical brains, which required an enormous space to cool down, had been stored in the place, it was like a very special temple.

At the center of the place was a humongous biochemical brain that was more than twenty meters in diameter, which was essentially a huge mountain of meat. Countless biochemical nerves extended from the depths of the brain and connected to various smaller biochemical brains. Then, thinner biochemical nerves protruded out of the smaller biochemical brains and docked to the heads of the operators of the Nether World Watch.

Outside of the biochemical brain, a circle of crystal processors had been deployed, which had triggered almost a hundred light beams to help manage the biochemical brain.

Outside of the control center, hasty footsteps and sounds of weapon were drawing close.

The soldiers of the Nether World Watch that were guarding outside finally came back to themselves. Hearing the miserable screams inside the control center, they rushed to the rescue!

The Fire Ant King dashed to the top of the biochemical brain, his thick tail waving here and there behind him. Suddenly, a bone spur appeared at the end of his tail and pierced into the main biochemical brain brutally!

Rattling noises were echoing nonstop, as if he was injecting something into the biochemical brain. While communicating with the biochemical brain, he shouted, “I am trying to hack the biochemical brain right now in order to gain control over the defense system of the ‘Nether World’. Can you hold back the enemy for one minute? If not, thirty seconds!”

Li Yao turned to the door of the control center, which was now wide open, and took a deep breath, falling on one of his knees. His left arm suddenly bulged to three times the original size before it suddenly began burning furiously. The crystal in his hand was like a rising sun. After a bellow, he launched the ‘Cell Obliteration Cannon’!

The ten or so soldiers of the Nether World Watch who were about to get into the door were pierced by the attack instantly. The attack continued moving forward and led to an intense explosion outdoors!

“What did you say?”

Li Yao had been too focused on the activation of the ‘Cell Obliteration Cannon’ to notice what the Fire Ant King was saying.

“ Nothing. Keep it up.”

Chi! Chi! Chi! Chi!

His tail was piercing deeper and deeper into the main biochemical brain, and the main biochemical brain was shaking more and more violently. A soul-stirring battle seemed to be continuing unseen.

A moment later, the Fire Ant King cursed. “I almost breached the defense of the main biochemical brain, but it has deployed a dozen new barriers with the computational ability of the crystal processors nearby!

“Do you know how to crack the barriers of crystal processors?”

Li Yao kicked a soldier of the Nether World Watch that was as gigantic as a behemoth while he planted three crystal bombs into the gaps of the enemy’s armor with his toe.

The soldier knocked back a few of his companions behind him like a cannonball. When he rolled to the narrowest place at the door, where the soldiers of the Nether World Watch were densest, he exploded.

Li Yao glanced at the types, distribution, and flow of the tubes of all the crystal processors around the main biochemical brain. Then, he raised his left hand again and shot the ‘Cell Obliteration Cannon’ seven times in a row, blowing seven crystal processors into smithereens!

“I know a thing or two,” Li Yao said.

“They are really cracked now!”

Ten seconds later, the Fire Ant King gained control over the defense system of the ‘Nether World’ temporarily!

An iron gate weighing dozens of tons fell from the main pathway. Almost a hundred defense rune arrays were shining and melting together at the same time!

It was the security mode of the highest level for the control center and designed to be activated only when the ‘Nether World’ was under large-scale attacks. After it was activated, even if a demon emperor was on a rampage outside, it would still take them at least twenty minutes to blow up the defense rune arrays.

Right now, the only loophole was the hole in the ceiling.

However, the hole was too small and could only allow one individual to pass through at a time. Whoever dared to enter the room through the hole would essentially be feeding themselves to Li Yao and the Fire Ant King.

“Ha!” The Fire Ant King laughed. “As it turns out, quite a few teleportation arrays have been hidden in this place, some of which even lead to the docks of the devilish warships!”

“Of course,” Li Yao said. “In case of a large attack, the important figures in the control center must find a way to get out of here at quickly as possible. They cannot wait and do nothing before they are captured. The secret teleportation arrays are definitely necessary!”

The Fire Ant King cracked his knuckles. “Excellent. In the ten minutes to come, the control center will be ours!”

He closed his eyes and focused his attention on the main biochemical brain, searching for Elder Nether Spring’s most confidential plans and files.

Li Yao, on the other hand, was observing the advanced crystal processors nearby, his eyes shining.

“Valiant Warrior IX, Haiyan VII, Rapid Dragon IV. Well, well, well. All of them are the top-tier crystal processors of the Star Glory Federation that only the large sects and crystal suit centers have the privilege to purchase.

“Huh. What’s this one? A Light Devil III?

“I remember that it is the mainframe crystal processor in several large war bases of the federal army. It is a top secret of the federal army, too. Besides, when I left the federation ten years ago, it was only Light Devil II.

“Elder Nether Spring does have a lot of connections. He can get access to such a cutting-edge mainframe crystal processor!

“Right. The ‘Venomous Scorpion Bone Biting Shackle’ is already a piece of magical equipment of national importance. Also, judging from the details of the key chips, it was refined by Jiang Shaoyang himself. Therefore, such magical equipment could never be manufactured, and there is only a limited number of them.

“But now, Elder Nether Spring has got one of them. How did he do it?”

It was not a good time to ask questions now. As a crazy fan of crystal processors, with so many state-of-the-art crystal processors of the Star Glory Federation in front of him, there was only one thing Li Yao could do.

Take them all!

Like locusts passing through a farmland, Li Yao took out all his Cosmos Rings and stored all the crystal processors that were smaller in size. As for the mainframe crystal processors that were larger, he simply dismantled the most critical computation chips and the storage chips and packed them all!

In a moment, all the super advanced crystal processors that Elder Nether Spring had gathered over more than ten years were looted by Li Yao!