Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 947

Chapter 947 Frost Storm Flowers Spurt

Looking at the empty control center, Li Yao couldn’t have felt more satisfied. He then deployed a lot of crystal bombs sordidly on the debris of the mainframe crystal processors that he could not take away, ensuring that not even half a cooling rune array would be left for Elder Nether Spring. Finally, he turned around and checked the Fire Ant King’s progress.

The Fire Ant King’s tail was thicker and thicker. Round watermelons seemed to be flowing from the main biochemical brain into his body.

In the end, after quivering for a moment, a bright gray ball that looked like an egg surface on the ‘prefrontal cortex’ of the main biochemical brain.

“He’s got it!”

Li Yao was refreshed. He knew that the structure of the biochemical brain differed from the structure of the crystal processor in that the former was made up by a lot of biochemical units for different functions. The gray ‘egg’ that had just shown up now was apparently the memory and storage unit for the biochemical brain!

The top secrets of the ‘Nether World’ were definitely stored inside the unit!

“Let’s go!” Li Yao roared at the Fire Ant King.

The bombarding noises outside of the defense rune arrays were getting more and more intense, mixed with the sound of a certain hard-working drill. Li Yao extended his telepathic thought out of the room through the hole in the ceiling and perceived that hundreds of soldiers of the Nether World Watch had gathered outside of the control center.

“Hold on a second!”

The Fire Ant King stored the memory unit of the main biochemical brain away but did not remove his tail. Instead, he continued communicating with the main biochemical brain with his eyes half closed.

“What are you doing?” Li Yao was baffled.

“I am communicating with the demonic plants outside of the captive camp and trying to control them,” the Fire Ant King answered casually, his voice so hollow that it sounded like from somewhere far away. “The demonic plants are a certain frost mutation of ‘Storm Flowers’. They can spurt out spores that contain a huge amount of freezing spiritual energy, which makes them the most fatal air defense weapons.

“Many captives have the ability to fly. Elder Nether Spring must’ve deployed a circle of Frost Storm Flowers outside of the captive camp in case they flew away.

“However, right now, it is a devilish warship that is flying in the air!”

Li Yao was slightly dazed, but then he noticed the situation at the north of the island.

While the Fire Ant King and he were on a rampage in the depths of the ‘Nether World’, the elites of the Nether World Watch seemed to be in a dilemma, not sure whether they should suppress the riot of the captives first or reinforce the control center immediately.

The devilish warship was still floating in midair and only shifted its direction to the ‘Nether World’.

The Fire Ant King’s soul power crawled into the depths of the main biochemical brain through the nerves on his tail. Then, with the vibration and enhancement of the main biochemical brain, it flowed toward the ‘Frost Storm Flowers’ at the north of the island along the biochemical nerves. He and the demonic plants seemed to be integrating!

Li Yao was surprised. “You can control the demonic plants?”

The Fire Ant King smiled. “Have you forgotten who I am?”

Li Yao was dazed. Then he suddenly recalled the countless communities of demonic plants that he had seen when he arrived at Void Turmoil City.

On the devilish warship in the sky of the captive camp, the faces of Lu Wuxin, Despot, and Swirl could not have been more terrible.

“A huge explosion has taken place inside the Nether World. The test field for new weapons has been entirely wrecked. Several floors below have been penetrated. A lot of soldiers have been killed or wounded!”

“The center of explosion is the interrogation chamber where the Fire Ant King is locked!”

“Not good. The control center has been compromised. Our connection to the control center has been cut off!”

“The maximum defense mode has been activated by the control center. We are locked out and cannot break in at the moment!”

Bad news came one piece after another, piercing into their heads like rusted nails.

What was most critical was that they did not know what was going on exactly even to this moment!

At first, Lu Wuxin thought that the Venomous Scorpion Bone Biting Shackle on the Fire Ant King had detonated.

However, the explosion of such a piece of confining magical equipment should not have been so powerful!

When the news that the control center had been compromised came over, he was so shocked that he immediately wanted to reinforce the base.

However, the second earthshaking explosion was like a dosage of a super exhilarant for the captives who were rioting. Not only were the soldiers of the Blade of Chaos charging fearlessly, the rest of the captives were also growling as if they had been possessed by the god of killing.

On the Nether World Watch’s side, their morale had hit rock bottom.

The first explosion could have been a coincidence, but the second explosion was undeniable evidence that mysterious, new enemies were around!

The things that the Nether World Watch had been doing were highly clandestine. Now that their secrets risked being exposed, the psychological burden was fatal for them!

The black wall that used to be as tough as iron gradually displayed gaps and vulnerabilities. A lot of soldiers of the Nether World Watch were apparently more inert than before. They looked back frequently, hoping to get more information from the twisted mushroom cloud above the ‘Nether World’.

Anybody with some common sense about battles knew that, if they were given the order to retreat, the soldiers of the Nether World Watch might collapse on the spot!

Lu Wuxin was breathing hard. Every scar on his face, which looked like a centipede’s, was jumping up, making his face even more hideous.

“Let me go there!” Despot suddenly rose up. “I’m going to solve the problem in the ‘Nether World’ with my own squad!”

“Wait!” Swirl suddenly stopped him. “Don’t! Nobody knows exactly what is going on in the ‘Nether World’!

“Since the enemy has compromised the control center and cut off our connection, they must’ve taken over the defense system!

“All the pathways in the Nether World will be closed now, and the lifts are not functioning. How long will it take to march into the control center even if you go in recklessly?

“Besides, considering the trouble they have caused, do you know what level the enemies are in? Our combat ability is maximized only when we attack together. You will be merely committing suicide if you go alone!

“Aim our main gun at the dock and prepare to launch!”

Despot was dazed. “What?”

Swirl smiled coldly, with mysterious brilliance beaming out of his eyes. “Whoever they are, whatever they are here for, they will have to escape from the control center in the end. Do you think that they will be silly enough to kill their way out?

“No, they won’t. They will certainly make use of the secret teleportation rune arrays we have deployed in the control center!

“Therefore, aim at the dock and adjust the launching units. Lock onto the exit of the secret teleportation arrays!

“Prepare all the acid cannons, the venom cannons, and the demonic ray cannons. If there is even the slightest anomaly on the teleportation arrays, blow them up immediately!”

Despot rolled his eyes and bashed his breastplate. “Good. That’s good. You have indeed seized the critical weakness of the enemy!”

“There is no way that we can take back the control center before the enemy causes even greater damage. If so, we can only focus on the here and now.” Swirl bit her lips softly, with coldness all over her face. “Ask the troops on the ground to inject a larger dosage of berserker drugs. Suppress the riot of the captives at all costs!

“There is no need to care about the lives of the captives now. Kill them all!

“As for the mysterious intruders inside the ‘Nether World’, unless you have decided to hide below the ground like rats for the rest of your lives, you are certainly going to escape via the secret teleportation arrays, aren’t you?

“Also, your purpose will be to capture a devilish warship, or you will never run away from the lone island in the middle of an icy ocean!

“Wait. Control center Control Not good!”

Desperation suddenly appeared on Swirl’s face, as if somebody had stabbed her in the chest.

At the same time, earsplitting alarms were ringing!

Before anybody realized what was going on, the devilish warship shrank like a scared insect and dodged hard.

However, it was too close to the source of attack!

The devilish warship happened to be floating right above almost a thousand Frost Storm Flowers.

The demonic plants, which were as ugly as the internal organs of animals, were active in the first place, prepared to launch fatal attacks at the captives who flew to the sky.

Therefore, when a lot of spiritual energy was condensed inside them, the devilish warship did not send out a warning.

Lu Wuxin and the rest of them failed to notice that the demonic plants were slightly adjusting their direction and angle.

A thousand Frost Storm Flowers expanded crazily at the same time, with cracks of ice appearing on their surface. Then, with an earsplitting sound, they spurted out a thousand torrents of frost spores toward the devilish warship, which was only one step away from them!

The spores were the essence of their life. The Storm Flowers spurted out their ‘seeds’ in such a way so that their offspring could flourish in the vast land.

The larger their shooting range was, the bigger the ‘territory’ of the Storm Flowers would be. Even the wild Storm Flowers could spurt their spores several kilometers away. The Frost Storm Flowers there, whose genes had been modified over almost a hundred generations, were as good as the flying swords of the Cultivators in regards of their shooting range and strength.

Caught unprepared, the devilish warship did not even have the chance to turn on the shield before it was hit by a thousand pale white torrents of ice. The middle part of the warship was immediately frozen by the extremely low temperature, which significantly compromised its integrity. It was no longer able to withstand the weight of the front part and the rear part of the warship and was emitting cracking noises, showing signs that it might break apart at any moment!

The biochemical nerves between the bridge and the engine unit were also frozen, torn apart, and shattered by the low temperature. The devilish warship, which had gone out of control, hissed and plummeted, swirling, before it hit the battle formation of almost a thousand soldiers of the Nether World Watch precisely.

Dozens of unlucky soldiers were smashed into pulps of meat before they had the opportunity to scream. The remaining soldiers, who were in a hurry to run away from the crash, could not maintain the solid defense line at all anymore.

Han Tuhu, Suo Chaolong, and Yuchi Ba were utterly dumbfounded. Looking at each other in confusion, they observed the collapsing defense line of the Nether World Watch and the devilish warship, which was crumbling in deep blue, icy fog, feeling that they had to be dreaming.

“Is is this yet another sign of your God Chaos?” Suo Chaolong asked.