Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 948

Chapter 948 Mystic Skeleton Again

At the same time, when the devilish crashed, Li Yao and the Fire Ant King appeared next to a piece of enormous floating ice through the secret teleportation array.

The dock was right ahead of them.

Right now, the dock was in chaos. The ten or so guards were looking at the north of the island, where black smoke was popping up nonstop, in a daze. Three enormous devilish warships were placed in the middle of the half-buried dock like three topsy-turvy whales, not prepared to take off at all.

Naturally, the guards were no match for the two of them and were cleared in a moment.

Out of their expectations, they discovered the sky-hunting warship of the Blade of Chaos behind the three devilish warships.

After carrying a lot of goods from the Mausoleum of Chaos to the island, the sky-hunting warship had been docked in this place. Elder Nether Spring seemed to plan on modifying it and use it for the Nether World Watch.

The Fire Ant King pondered for a moment and decided to break into the sky-hunting warship.

Although its size was significantly smaller than the three devilish warships, the Fire Ant King was more familiar with it after all, since it was his own warship. Besides, a smaller size meant that the operation would be easier.

It was still very difficult for him to manipulate a large, strange warship alone.

Looking at the dense, black spots that were flying close not far away, Li Yao asked anxiously, “Can you drive it without help?”

They were the soldiers of the Nether World Watch who had come to the dock to fly the devilish warships.

The two of them had to activate the sky-hunting warship before the soldiers arrived. It would be troublesome if the sky-hunting warship was destroyed.

“It’s only several kilometers from the dock to the captive camp. It shouldn’t be a problem!”

The Fire Ant King gritted his teeth and said, “However, I will need several minutes to activate the main biochemical brain of the sky-hunting warship!”

Hardly had he concluded his sentence when almost a hundred demon beasts that looked like hybrids of jellyfish and octopi crawled out of the seawater. They were waving their crimson tentacles with sucking disks and could also spurt out intense air currents, allowing them to both swim rapidly in the ocean and fly temporarily in midair. They could even glide to the surface of a warship and stick to it!

Such demon beasts were named ‘Eight-Clawed Vine Pots’. They were the guards in the ice ocean. Not only did they boast high corrosive and penetrative abilities, once there were enough of them, they could also trigger high-intensity bioelectricity, which could seriously affect a warship and reduce its performance.

The Fire Ant King’s expression dropped.

The two of them were terribly outnumbered after all. The Fire Ant King himself also needed to focus his attention on the devilish warship and could do nothing about the incoming enemies.

Li Yao sucked in the cold air. Sneaking into the control center was only the first step. To rescue all the captives would be the real fight. All that was coming next would be head-on battles where tricks were useless.

“How long do you need to activate the warship?”

The Fire Ant King thought for a moment. “Five minutes!”

“Alright. I’ll give you five minutes. Go now!”

The Cosmos Ring that he wore on his right middle finger was shivering slightly, as the crystal suit stored inside could not hold its hunger any longer. It was like a flying sword that was roaring in its sheath, ready for battle.

In the past, Li Yao had only been fighting on his own. He had been surrounded by countless enemies and had to conceal his identity.

But right now, his identity had been seen through by the Fire Ant King. Also, the two of them were making such a scene and rescuing so many federal soldiers. It seemed unnecessary, and impossible, to conceal his identity any longer.

Then, he might as well fight to his heart’s content!

Golden brilliance was swirling fast around his black and red pupils. Spiritual energy leaked out of his pores like invisible flames, making his messy hair stand up and change the color of its tips. Spluttering electric arcs were also dancing above his head.

The Fire Ant King spat hard and said even more gravely, “Not good. The enemy seems to have sent out another tough expert, who has given me tremendous pressure although he hasn’t shown up yet. The guy seems to boast a certain weird metal attack ability, too. My auditory nerves have been compromised, and I seem to suffering from an auditory hallucination because I’m hearing eerie, violent music!

“Wait. It is not a hallucination. Violent music is truly playing. Do you hear it?

“What kind of terrifying monster has Elder Nether Spring tamed that can possibly utter such a shocking sou”

The Fire Ant King’s voice came to an abrupt halt, and he gazed at Li Yao’s abdomen with a pair of weird eyes.

Li Yao’s face remained unchanged. He said casually, “Yes. It’s from my stomach.”

“Whywhy is music coming from your stomach?”

“I like to play some music to lighten up the mood while I’m fighting!”


From the debris of the devilish warship, Lu Wuxin, Despot, and Swirl, who were more than infuriated, leapt up and floated in midair.

The scene on the ground, however, made their heads so dizzy that they almost fell down again.

Because of the crash of the devilish warship, the battle formation of the Nether World Watch had been disrupted into a mess. They were being ruthlessly butchered by the captives, whose morale could not have been higher.

But more soldiers of the Nether World Watch had been blocked in the narrow part of the island by the debris of the warship and could not reinforce them.

For the captives, after they killed every soldier of the Nether World Watch, they would be able to loot the enemy’s weapons and armor, thereby doubling their own combat ability.

Under the roars of Suo Chaolong and Han Tuhu, the two commanders, the captives who were about to collapse were rallied once more!

Before Lu Wuxin, Despot, and Swirl realized what was going on, fulminations burst out from the dock at the south of the island. The sky-hunting warship they had captured from the Blade of Chaos had now soared into the sky and was flying toward the captive camp in a crooked trajectory!

Countless Eight-Clawed Vine Pots were hovering around the vehicle, only to be ripped into threads by lines of fire shot from above.

Many soldiers of the Nether World Watch were jumping to the sky, hoping to break into the sky-hunting warship. However, they were all riddled with holes, their blood raining down, by the black daggers that looked like feathers without exception.

“It’sit’s impossible. Where are those guys from?” Lu Wuxin roared aloud. “How can there possibility be a whole team of soldiers lurking inside the ‘Nether World’ and even capturing a warship by chance?

“Where are our devilish warships? Activate them and shoot the enemy down!”

Before he finished his sentence, an intense explosion broke out on the dock in a boom. A piece of floating ice the size of a hill was hurled into the sky before it smashed the ice ocean heavily. Black smoke was continuously popping up, like a big face that was grimacing at him in midair.

It was obvious that the remaining three warships could not take off for the time being, if they were not completely wrecked already.

Swirl pointed at the top of the sky-hunting warship and exclaimed, “Look over there. Somebody is on the warship!”

Lu Wuxin and Despot enhanced their sight and both exclaimed in shock, too.

“Whatwhat is that?”

“Could it be”

Above the sky-hunting warship, in the middle of the blowing wind, a deep black crystal suit that looked like a devil walking on the earth was standing majestically!

Lu Wuxin, Despot, and Swirl had never seen such a weirdly-shaped and yet dominating crystal suit before.

The deep black shell was almost transparent, as if it had been carved out of the purest black jade, without the tiniest gaps on it.

On the surface of the crystal suit, along the lines of the muscles, dark red stripes had been embedded. They congregated into circles on his joints. Dark red rune arrays were shining inside the circles with mysterious brilliance.

Six dragon heads, which were also a deep red, extended to the front from the back of the crystal suit across the shoulders, with three on the left and three on the right. The dragon heads were dashing up and down, blowing out soul-stirring balls of light. For the soldiers of the Nether World Watch who were unfortunately hit by them, obliteration was their only outcome.

An even thicker metal dragon, in the meantime, was hovering on the right arm of the crystal suit. The two sides and the forehead of the dragon head were embedded with three bloody marrow crystals, which were emitting a dangerous glimmer.

On the two sides of the crystal suit, the black wings condensed by spiritual energy extended all the way to dozens of meters away. The wings were not adornments but lethal magical equipmentthey could split into black daggers and tear the soldiers of the Nether World Watch apart quietly at any time.

The sixteen Six-Barreled Vulcan Machine Cannons that were circling around the crystal suit launched almost a hundred lines of fire, constituting a storm of bullets that swept the area nearby. All the demon beasts and soldiers of the Nether World Watch were minced into powder when they got into the range!

It was not a crystal suit but a battle fortress with immense firepower!

Behind the black crystal suit, a blood red cloak, hundreds of meters long, added fresh colors to the dark, gray clouds.

It had also cut open six bleeding wounds in the pupils of Lu Wuxin, Despot, and Swirl!

“Whatwhat is this crystal suit? Why have I never seen it before?”

“Strong. It is too strong. The demon generals of the Nether World Watch are being slaughtered as if he were chopping vegetables!”

“Wherewhere does the music come from? Am I suffering from a mental attack? Is it an auditory hallucination?”

All three of them were petrified!

Han Tuhu, Suo Chaolong, Yuchi Ba, and all the other captives discovered the sky-hunting warship, which was staggering close in midair, too.

After they noticed that the sky-hunting warship was opening fire toward the soldiers of the Nether World Watch nearby mercilessly, they were all startled for a moment.

However, the next second, cheers and applause as loudly as a hurricane burst out from the captives of the federal army!

“A crystal suit. It’s a crystal suit!”

“A strong Cultivator has arrived!”

Li Yao’s magnificent shadow was flashing deep inside their eyes while their tears flowed out. Han Tuhu was even more dumbfounded. He could not begin to understand why such a strong Cultivator would show up in this place. Also, what was the crystal suit all about?

As the commander of a major legion in the federal army, he was quite familiar with the most cutting-edge crystal suits of the Star Glory Federation. Yet, he had never seen a crystal suit in such a form before, which had combined elegance, brutality, and dominance. It had reached the peak of speed, firepower and strength. It was even more daunting than the crystal suits that many Nascent Soul Stage Cultivators wore!

Of course, the capability of the newcomer, his pitiless attacks, and his overwhelming spiritual gas proved that he deserved to wear the crystal suit, too!