Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 949

Chapter 949 Let Out The Unparalleled

“Who is he exactly?”

Han Tuhu thought hard for a long time but failed to come up with such a Nascent Soul Stage Cultivator and such a crystal suit in the Star Glory Federation!

But that did not matter for the time being.

What mattered was

“Kill them all!”

Han Tuhu burst into laughter and charged forward unstoppably!

In that moment, the situation in the battlefield had been completely reversed. Not only had many captives capturing the weapons and armor of the Nether World Watch, they were even seizing control of several biochemical beasts.

More importantly, under Li Yao’s crazy barrage, the sky-hunting warship finally breached the blockage and broke into the captive camp!

All the doors were immediately opened!

“Evacuate immediately!” Li Yao’s voice tore through the sky like thunder. “The warriors of the Blade of Chaos who know how to pilot the sky-hunting warship get on board first and activate the weapon system!

“The rest of you, stabilize the defense and retreat step by step!”

Lu Wuxin, Despot, and Swirl were so anxious that they had no time to think about the battle formation right now. Leading hundreds of personal guards, they dashed to the sky and marched toward the sky-hunting warship. “Stop them!”

“Just you?”

Li Yao darted out of the sky-hunting warship and stopped in the front of the hundreds of elites of the Nether World Watch. His wings of spiritual energy were stretched out to the maximum and blocked all of them like two giant hands. The blood red cloak was flapping in the wind and soared up, turning into a torch that was burning through the sky!

The dominating aura formed a heavy field in the hundreds of square meters nearby where the thin air seemed to have turned into seawater.

The two casual words were already enough to make a lot of the elites of the Nether World Watch grunt. They felt that their heads were dizzy, and their backs were prickly.

The vibrations around the gold core deep inside Li Yao’s stomach were also exploding inside their hearts like heavy drums!

It was the real strength of the superlative height of the Core Formation Stage!

“Do you have my permissions to go there?”

On the surface of the helmet of the Mystic Skeleton Battlesuit, which was as smooth as a mirror, four rows of crimson crystal cameras had been installed in the shape of a diamond, covering Li Yao’s real eyes and making him appear even more unpredictable.

His words seemed to be echoing behind the head of every soldier. Even the experts such as Despot and Swirl could not help but shiver in chill.

“Whowho is he exactly?”

“I did not know that there was such an expert among the Nascent Soul Stage Cultivators of the Star Glory Federation!”

Behind Li Yao, a lot of warriors of the Blade of Chaos had successfully boarded the sky-hunting warship.

In the meantime, the federal soldiers and the demon captives were also changing their battle formation, preparing to evacuate.

Lu Wuxin gnashed his teeth and roared, “Even though he is in the Nascent Soul Stage, he is all by himself here. Kill him!”

He slapped his tentacles and claws. Ten or so loyal soldiers of the Nether World Watch, boosted by the berserker drugs, charged at Li Yao with burning fighting will.

On the other hand, Lu Wuxin stepped back quickly and observed the battle calmly.

Li Yao sneered. The black wings dispersed into streaks of black gas and retreated behind him. They entangled his right arm along his shoulder blade and extended forward. In front of his right arm, the feathers were condensed into a super saber more than ten meters long that was surrounded by black gas!

It was the Feathered Dragon Saber, the main weapon of the Mystic Skeleton Battlesuit and a perfect combination of a saber of spiritual energy and one with a real entity!

Made of thousands of shining feathers and the sharpest daggers, the saber dispersed into black tornadoes one moment and twisted into a whip hundreds of meters long the next. All the incoming soldiers were wreathed in the black fog.

In a moment, the black fog dispersed, and all the soldiers of the Nether World Watch had been ripped apart. Meanwhile, Li Yao turned into a streak of blackness and sprinted toward Lu Wuxin, Despot, Swirl, and hundreds of elites of the Nether World Watch!


Outside of the Mystic Skeleton Battlesuit, streaks of brightness appeared out of thin air and consolidated into a shell that looked like glass, adding a new layer of protection that was even sturdier to the Mystic Skeleton Battlesuit. Inside the ‘glass’, complicated, glamorous spiritual stripes were appearing and disappearing unpredictably.

The Unparalleled Extension!

It was a special version of the Unparalleled Extension designed for the Mystic Skeleton Battlesuit that had been co-produced by Li Yao and the Ares Laboratory, the best research institute of Ares Extensions in the Flying Star Sector!

Mystic Skeleton with Dragon King, Unparalleled in the Universe!

That was the ultimate form of the latest version of the Mystic Skeleton Battlesuit!

The ‘Super Bendable Steel’ that the Unparalleled Extension adopted boasted the amazing ability of absorbing hostile attacks before returning them. It was most suitable for a group fight where one was against many foes!

Li Yao was like a burning scalpel that cut into the softest tofu!

He did not dodge the attacks of the regular soldiers of the Nether World Watch at all and simply absorbed the energy with the magnificent performance of the Super Bendable Steel. Then, he returned the attacks to their sources. There was no need for him to wave his saber. The rushing aura of his saber was enough to cut a lot of the enemies in half.

In his eyes, the hundreds of soldiers of the Nether World Watch all turned into rapidly jumping numbers. Dozens of virtual battles were being fought inside the depths of his brain simultaneously. He improved his computational ability to the maximum while he calculated the entire battle. He moved, baited, and pushed the enemies, sometimes even hiding behind the ignorant ones, occasionally with the help of smoke grenades and flash bangs, in order to buy more time for the captives.

“Asshole!” Despot roared and raged forward among the soldiers until he reached Li Yao. An unprecedently dazzling ball of lightning was condensed between his long horns and slashed at Li Yao in the shape a long, narrow saber of electric arcs!

With Li Yao’s speed and agility, he could have dodged the attack, but he did not move at all and simply sprinted toward the saber!

He was going to cripple Despot!

Li Yao was very clearly that, although he seemed to be on an unstoppable rampage right now, it was at the cost of an unbelievable amount of spiritual energy. His spiritual energy was gushing out like water in a broken dam. It was impossible for him to maintain the state for long!

Therefore, he had to seize the time to cripple one or two experts on the enemy’s side!


The saber of electric arcs slashed the left shoulder of the Unparalleled Extension brutally.

The shoulder, which looked like diamond, was immediately covered in cracks.

Despite the double protection of the Unparalleled Extension and the Mystic Skeleton Battlesuit, Li Yao’s left shoulder still suffered a minor fracture.

However, a lot of the energy of the electric arcs was stored in the Super Bendable Steel, too.

Shua! Shua!

Lu Wuxin and Swirl, in the meantime, jumped out from behind Despot!

The two of them had been reading Li Yao’s combat style carefully instead of fighting. Then, they hid themselves behind Despot’s brawny body, waiting to launch a fatal attack at Li Yao.

Swirl’s weapon was a colorful soft sword that was brimming with blood-breezing veins.

Lu Wuxin’s weapon, on the other hand, was a hollow needle that was hidden deep inside his tentacles. There was also a long soft tube behind the needle that was connected to one of the suspicious lumps on his body!

In their plan, even if their attack missed the target, it would certainly be enough to force the enemy to retreat.

Then, the three of them would naturally launch a series of incessant fatal moves that would cast the enemy into an ocean of destruction.

But outside their expectations, Li Yao did not dodge at all and simply continued charging forward, allowing the Unparalleled Extension to be pierced through by the two new attacks!

He stomped on the air hard. A powerful flame burst out of his feet, giving him immense counterforce, while he grabbed the Feathered Dragon Saber and drew a perfect upward arc, crashing brutally into the second saber of electric arcs that Despot shot out!

However, the huge blast that Despot expected did not happen. The Feathered Dragon Saber split apart into black feathers before the collision and dispersed.

Despot felt extremely uncomfortable now that his attack had missed the target. His body was leaning forward slightly.

Li Yao’s right arm that was entangled with a dragon happened to be pressing his chest. The six dragons, which were raging on his back previously, had moved to the right arm at who knew when and constituted a drill that was revolving at the highest speed together with the seventh dragon!


Feeling the severe threat of death, every piece of shell on Despot’s body was standing up. He tried his best to crouch a little bit. As a result, the drill of mystic rays that was aimed at his heart previously moved upward an inch.


An unbelievably furious pillar of light, mixed with the demonic energy absorbed from the attacks of Despot, Swirl, and Lu Wuxin earlier, was blown out from Li Yao’s palm, piercing through and vaporizing Despot’s left scapula and left arm. Even his enormous heart was exposed to the air, beating unsteadily!

Before Lu Wuxin and Swirl’s counterattack, Li Yao had already kicked Despot’s chest hard and dashed out of the siege through the gaps of the soldiers of the Nether World Watch as if he were smoke.

Huchi! Huchi! Huchi!

Li Yao floated in midair dozens of meters away from the Nether World Watch, breathing hard and eyeing them coldly.

Below the crystal suit, a pearl of blood was leaking out of every pore over Li Yao’s body. He felt that the world was dimming, and earsplitting buzzes were echoing in his ears.

They were all the signs that his spiritual energy was going to be exhausted soon.

However, when thousands of black feathers condensed behind his back and the two fierce wings were flapping again, none of the soldiers of the Nether World Watch dared to take a step forward.

Looking at the shocking wound on Despot’s body, Lu Wuxin, and Swirl were also breathing hard.

“He can’t hold on any longer!” Lu Wuxin gnashed his teeth. “Even though he is a Nascent Soul Stage Cultivator, he cannot have been unharmed by our fierce attacks while performing such an aggressive move!”

“That’s right. Go forward now and finish him!” Swirl shrieked. Leading the charge, she drew close to Li Yao with her personal guards.

Li Yao raised his right arm again. The seven dragons were revolving fast one more time. However, the brilliant that was spreading out of the dragons was much dimmer, and the speed of the rotation was much lower than before.

Right then


A bomb of acids exploded on the left flank of the soldiers of the Nether World Watch, turning into a cluster of highly corrosive fog!

The expressions of Lu Wuxin and Swirl both dropped. What they had feared most became reality!

As more and more captives of the Blade of Chaos escaped into the sky-hunting warship, they had completely grasped the weapon system of the warship and fully carried out its combat ability!

Right now, the mysterious enemy had the fire support of a warship!

What was more dreadful was that

A streak of brightness darted out of the sky-hunting warship and stood side by side with Li Yao.

It was the Fire Ant King, the master of Void Turmoil City and the leader of the Blade of Chaos!