Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 958

Chapter 958 Overwhelming Demonic Energy

“What is happening?”

“Isn’tisn’t he ‘Vulture Li Yao’, a Cultivator from the Heaven’s Origin Sector? How can he release such intense demonic energy?”

“Was he lying just now? Is he in fact a demon emperor?”

“Idiot. How is it possible? We clearly saw him wearing a crystal suit and letting out intense spiritual waves. The aura of saber condensed by his spiritual energy was almost a hundred meters long!”

Li Yao smiled casually. His face looked even crueler under the illumination of the blood eye. His eyes glanced over all the silver-blood demons slowly.

Every single demon shuddered hard.

Li Yao opened his claws and turned around his palm while he burnt the cells inside his body unhurriedly, forming purple flames right above the crystal at the center of his palm.

The exotic flames interweaved and entangled into a purple red fireball that was as eye-catching as glass!

He held the fireball inside his palm softly and played with it in cracking noises. It seemed to be absorbing all the air inside the warehouse.

The silver-blood demons were having more and more trouble breathing. Everybody’s soul was deeply attracted by the fireball. There was fascination in their eyes.

The mitochondria were burning crazily, discharging a huge amount of wasted gas that covered the fireball in a hazy, furry outline likethe corona and the lunar aureole1. The fireball was displaying features that were vastly different from the spiritual fire that the Cultivators used. It was even more mysterious and eccentric.

It was out-and-out ‘demonic fire’!

After surviving in a world where the strong preyed on the weak for thousands of years, demons almost had a natural instinct to worship their experts.

In a battlefield, the appearance of such intense demonic energy often meant the arrival of a super expert on their side. What came next would certainly be a glorious triumph!

In a trance, many silver-blood demons were shaking their legs hard. They almost could not stop themselves from kneeling down to show respect for the ‘demon emperor’!

“Are you a human being or a demon?”

Even Suo Chaolong’s expression greatly changed as he raised a hilarious question.

“What about you?” Li Yao asked back.

Suo Chaolong was lost for words for a moment.

He was often shocked by his ‘bizarre’ appearance when he looked at himself in a mirror. He had turned into one of the enemies that he hated most!

He was of a mind to hold his chest high and announce,I am a demon!

However, suppressed by Li Yao’s overwhelming demonic energy, he found it impossible to open his mouth.

Honestly speaking, Li Yao at present was ten thousand times more like a demon that he was!

Was he a victim of the weird experiments, too?

Suo Chaolong was greatly baffled. He thought hard for a while and only came up with one possibility.

He could not have but grow a subtle feeling of empathy. Softening his tone, he said, “What do you want?”

Li Yao stared at him. “What I want is irrelevant. The real question is, what do you want? This is a sky-hunting warship of the Blade of Chaos, flying to a secret base of the same organization. You are a silver-blood demon, and you are on this warship with a bunch of heavily-wounded, if not dying, brothers. Have you made clear your position and realized what you should do?

“Are you going to curse the Blade of Chaos as lowly chaotic-blood demons while enjoying their treatment and service?”

Suo Chaolong blushed.

Right now, his face was no longer covered in dense hair, so the redness was rather conspicuous.

Li Yao unleashed demonic energy to the surroundings blatantly while he looked at Suo Chaolong in the eye and said, “Captain Suo, I have come here specifically to visit you because your Blood Lion Battalion is the only troop of the demon race that was faced with three crystal suit legions of the Star Glory Federation in the Battle of Dawn.

“I can tell you frankly right now that, within the next year, the Flying Star Sector will assist the Heaven’s Origin Sector with three to five Nascent Soul Stage Cultivators and ten to fifteen heavy crystal warships equal to the ‘Vast Ocean’-level ones.

“More important, the Flying Star Sector boasts a special technology named ‘skill card’. After it is inserted into a crystal suit, the ordinary soldiers, who have received preliminary training, will be able to put on crystal suits. It will be a major boost for the efficiency of combat and construction!

“I hope that you can analyze objectively based on your first-hand experience in the battles against the federal army and your expertise as a professional soldier. Tell me and your brothers around you. Does the Blood Demon Sector stand any chance of winning the war?”

Li Yao’s aggressiveness completely infuriated Suo Chaolong.

The veins on his forehead were bulging out one by one. He gritted his teeth and pushed back Li Yao’s stare by force while he said resolutely, “The outcome of a war depends on many factors. If the victory can be decided by the calculations on paper beforehand, why bother fighting the war at all?

“I can only say that, if everything you said is true, right now is the moment when the Blood Demon Sector has the greatest odds of success. The best strategy for the Blood Demon Sector is to attack immediately!

“If I were the commander-in-chief of the coalition army of demons, I would immediately gather the troops the moment I learned the news. I would have to initiate a battle by summoning all the resources of the sector to take our chances within a month and a half!”

Li Yao was slightly dazed and looked at Suo Chaolong in surprise.

He began to realize why Han Tuhu thought so highly of the opponent.

Li Yao smiled and said, “Correct, but you are not the commander-in-chief of the coalition army. You are the leader of the refugees from the Heaven’s Origin Sector, and all the warriors among the refugees are the beaten soldiers standing next to you.

“Let’s say that we will let you go so that you can return to the Kingdom of Lion Butchers when we are back to the continent.

“What role do you think the Blood Lion Battalion will play in the war that will cost all the resources of the Blood Demon Sector? Even if the Blood Demon Sector secures a brutal victory in the end, does any of you have a one in one thousand chance of seeing the dawn of the victory?”

Suo Chaolong was silent. Every muscle on his face was trembling, and every breath was as painful as his lung being cut open.

The silver-blood demons were all wearing devastated expressions.

The descendants of the refugees in the past had tasted the feeling of vagrancy in the Blood Demon Sector too well. They often had a clear and yet painful understanding about their future.

“Isn’t this all your fault?”

Suo Chaolong suddenly burst into fury. “It was the Star Glory Federation that invaded the Grand Desolate Plateau and kicked our ancestors from their home to the Blood Demon Sector at first. That’s why we lived a homeless life under someone else’s roof for five hundred years! The Star Glory Federation should take all the blame!”

“Exactly,” Li Yao admitted frankly. “Everything you said was done by the Star Glory Federation. It is true that the Star Glory Federation conquered the Grand Desolate Plateau at first in the name of expanding its territory and slaying the evilness. We are not scared to acknowledge now that we’ve done it!

“In the meantime, I happen to be a Cultivator from the Star Glory Federation. Here and now, I should be able to represent the federation!

“Therefore. Come and seek your revenge!”


Suo Chaolong was dumbfounded, unable to follow Li Yao’s pace.

“You have 423 soldiers here, 188 of whom are still able to fight, however feebly. You are free to charge at me and seek revenge now. I guarantee that you will be given the most superb and brilliant death in the world. If the ‘Pantheon of Demons’ that you believe in does exist, it will certainly place you in the VIP area when it sees how you die!”

Suo Chaolong and the silver-blood demons looked at each other in bewilderment.

If it were half a year ago, even if they were faced with a Nascent Soul Stage expert wearing a super crystal suit, they would definitely have charged forward without any hesitation and fought for the most glorious death with the firm belief of ‘Obliteration, Rebirth, and Immortality’.

However, over the past half year

They had been abandoned by the main force of the coalition army of demons first as cannon fodder. They had been asked to block three crystal suit legions although their team was not particularly strong.

They were not scared of sacrifices, but they had been the only ones to be sacrificed while other silver-demons all ran away as quickly as possible. What was the meaning of that?

Then, they had been captured for reasons they did not know and kept prisoners in the weird Nether World, where they went through all kinds of vicious experiments.

Also, those who performed modifications on them turned out to be not the wicked human beings of the Star Glory Federation but their own compatriots, the demons!

After the modifications, they had even shown all kinds of weird features. Some of them had even appeared more and more like human beings!

What was most dreadful was that a batch of federal soldiers, who went through the modifications together with them, changed into the looks of demons!

Because of the incessant shock, their previously firm belief had gradually collapsed. Many of their brothers had gone mad before their body was destroyed and killed themselves through any approach possible.

“Saint blood, silver blood, bronze blood, and black blood. Isn’t that the great Four Pillars System established by the Pangu Clan in the primeval era? Why are the noble silver-blood demons turning into the appearances of the chaotic-blood demons and even the human beings?”

“Why can the wretched human beings put on our appearances and use our abilities?”

“What is the difference between human beings and demons? What are we fighting for exactly?”

The indestructible fortress of the belief cracked. For countless nights, Suo Chaolong had stared at the darkness through the cracks and questioned himself in silence.

He did not know the reason until Li Yao told him the origins of demons today.

He had already been convinced the moment he burst into fury. At that time, he had been roaring not because of his anger but because of his panic and confusion.

Right now, Li Yao had even shown up in such an appearance and broken the boundary of human beings and demons with undeniable proof.

A Cultivator was also able to unleash such intense demonic energy!

Suo Chaolong seemed to have sensed that an invisible, false world was crumbling all of a sudden while a new, real world was gradually unfolding itself in front of his eyes.

Was it possible that the legendary ‘Ultimate One Demons’ did exist and had been manipulating everything over the past forty thousand years and that the silver-blood demons, who had always considered themselves nobles, were merely their pawns and chess pieces?

Before they figured everything out, before they realized what they were fighting for exactly, should they really die a meaningless death for a groundless Pantheon of Demons?