Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 961

Chapter 961 New Strength

Deep inside the forest of demonic plants in the Mysterious Shadow Domain, a deep green swamp was bubbling. The air congregated into a cloud above the swamp with the scent of the primeval era.

At the center of the swamp, an enormous pink bud was standing. It shivered slightly like the immaculate heart of an ancient god.

Countless vines fell from the interconnecting branches above the bud and dripped transparent dew onto the bud. In a dance of colorful brightness, they were soon absorbed by the bud and decorated it in a translucence.


The bud quivered. The layered petals stretched out in all directions like a blossoming lotus.

Li Yao was sitting at the center of the lotus. He took a deep breath and slowly woke up from a deep training of three days and three nights.

His appearance was not very different from before, yet it seemed to have been completely renewed. The sharp, aggressive demonic energy in his left eye had been concealed without a trace. Although scarlet brightness was still beaming out of the eye, it no longer gave the feeling of brutality and ruthlessness. On the contrary, there was a certain vintage and mysterious air to it.

Li Yao slowly warmed up his new body.

In the Mysterious Shadow Domain, through the tremendous research files that the Fire Ant King had on cells and strengthening drugs, and with the marvelous place of training named ‘Ancient Lotus Pond’, Li Yao spent three days in cleansing his veins and rebuilding his physical body by activating a series of primeval cells. Almost all the cells that made up his internal organs had been updated.

Right now, his internal organs were even stronger than before, and their absorption efficiency was far higher. He was now able to breathe freely in multiple kinds of lethal gas. His recovery ability had been multiplied, too.

Most importantly, his second brain had been deeply developed!

Before, human beings had often speculated what would happen if somebody’s brain was 100% developed.

But that was simply impossible. The brain was the greatest energy consumer inside the body and could only function continuously with enough rest. The only outcome of 100% development would be brain death!

Therefore, even Cultivators could not keep their computational ability at the highest point twenty-four hours a day, which would be equal to roasting their brain above a fire.

But right now, after Li Yao’s second brain was developed, it was like that a dual-core system had been installed into his body. When his first brain was cooling down because of the consumption of computational ability, he would be able to activate the second brain to continue calculating seamlessly, which allowed him to train without disruption twenty-four hours a day. His training efficiency would be greatly improved, laying a solid foundation for him to break into the Nascent Soul Stage and above!


Li Yao smiled and extended his left hand. A transparent crystal slowly protruded out of his palm.

The mitochondria were burning crazily, making streams of demonic energy appear, jumping and condensing above the crystal.

Different from the past, his left fingers were shivering rapidly, attracting the floating spiritual energy in the air and triggering spiritual waves like ripples nearby.

The spiritual waves and the demonic energy spread out and slowly melted together.

Outside of the deep purple fire, circles of ivory spiritual waves were dancing like glamorous electric arcs. The spiritual fire and the demonic fire interweaved with each other into a double helix like a pair of gene strands. It was hard to tell whether that was a fatal weapon or a piece of stunning artwork.

I’ve made it!

I have utilized demonic energy and spiritual energy at the same time and kept them in a stable form for a long time by adjusting their vibration frequency and their magnetic field structure!

This is a classic restriction system of dual magnetic fields!

In the past, at a given moment, I could only use one type of strength. I could utilize either the spiritual waves or the vibrating demonic energy. I could use either the strength of Cultivators or that of the primeval cells!

But right now, although my absolute strength has not been improved yet, I can now wield the two types of strength at the same time, which will be a significant improvement for the abundancy of my combat patterns and the sustainable combat ability!

Although I haven’t melded the two types of strength perfectly yet, I have already figured out the basic direction to take!

Li Yao laughed and released the double helix made of demonic energy and spiritual energy. Sensing the brand-new strength slowly flowing through his body, he was filled with unparalleled confidence and unstoppable conviction!

Although there was still a long way and many obstacles ahead of him, nobody was going to stop him from walking down the path he chose!

He would slay all evil that stood in his way. Even if the Ultimate One Demons in the past had turned into deities, he would drag them down from the splendid heavens one day and blow them to smithereens!

That was his belief and determination!

Li Yao roared and dashed out of the ‘Ancient Lotus Pond’ in a streak of brightness. Floating in the sky of the Mysterious Shadow Domain, he looked down at the overwhelming forest below his feet.

At the front, on a vast ground in the middle of the forest, hundreds of members of ‘Skyfire’ were having a training session. They were divided into two teams and charging at each other in the battle formation of a regular army.

There was one other team who were sprinting at a high speed on the track with obstacles around the training ground!

Seeing that Li Yao was floating in midair and the air was rippling around him, there was reverence and admiration in everybody’s eyes.

“Chief Instructor!”

The hundreds of warriors all stopped their training and bowed to Li Yao.

In order to avoid awakening the honor and hatred of the past in the warriors, and to facilitate the communication with the leadership of the Heaven’s Origin Sector and the Blood Demon Sector in the future, there were no armed forces under the organization that had been temporarily defined as a ‘reading club’. The only thing that existed was a ‘sports team’.

Of course, a ‘sports team’ where almost a thousand top-tier experts, brutal soldiers, and cruel assassins were gathered was certainly inimitable in either the Heaven’s Origin Sector, the Blood Demon Sector, or the Flying Star Sector.

Li Yao’s role in the ‘sports team’, on the other hand, was ‘fitness coach’.

His official title was ‘fitness coach’, but everybody was clear that, as the best expert of Skyfire, he was the unquestionable Chief Instructor!

Moreover, in the ‘Skyfire Reading Club’, Li Yao had been elected as the ‘president’ to lead the organization.

Faced with the challenge, Li Yao did not hesitate or back off.

In terms of capability, he was in the superlative height of the Core Formation Stage, and he was a master of refining. Moreover, he had grasped the ability to trigger the primeval cells freely through the mental devil. His combat ability was even higher than that of the Fire Ant King and on par with the best experts of the Blood Demon Sector such as Elder Nether Spring or Jin Tuyi!

In terms of identity, he was an Ultra-Level Federal Hero, the contactor between the Flying Star Sector and the Heaven’s Origin Sector, and the first to discovered ‘Chaos’ Ba Yanzhi’s Hidden Star Box and the origins of the demon race!

In the newly founded Skyfire, of which the Fire Ant King, Han Tuhu, Suo Chaolong, and many others were members, who was more qualified to be the leader than himself?

In his heart, Li Yao was fonder of studying in seclusion, sneaking, and assassinating. He did not like, nor was he good at, being the leader of an organization.

But he was very clear that, every time he advanced into a new stage, the responsibility and challenges that befitted the stage would be waiting for him. Most of the time, the lifestyle of ‘follow your heart’ was hypocritical, even bordering on cowardice.

Now that he was the only one who was able to hold the longsword that could chop apart the dark forest, he would certainly try his best to be the best swordsman!


Li Yao fell to the ground like a meteorite, trigger a round of airwaves like a hurricane.

He eyed the warriors of Skyfire.

The ‘athletes’ were divided into three groups dressed in ‘sportswear’, all of which was design in different colors and styles but ‘happened’ to be very similar to combat suits. There was also the logo of Skyfire on their chest.

Under the vaporized blood and sweat, the burning fire right above the dark forest was even more dazzling.

The captives who had survived Elder Nether Spring’s terrifying experiments were mostly very tough. After several days’ thorough treatment, they were all back to their feet again. After the life-and-death battles in the Nether World, they were even stronger than in the past.

They were not divided according to the Blood Lion Battalion, the Flying Tigers Legion, and the Blade of Chaos. Instead, the three forces were entirely regrouped and mixed into three brand new teams. Every team was given a new name.

Furious Flame!

Wild Tide!

Electric Shock!

They were the three squads under the Skyfire. Every squad was mixed and matched by the silver-blood demons, the chaotic-blood demons, and the federal soldiers. New suits, logos, and flags had been designed, too.

A unified flag, suit, and name could trigger a new sense of honor and community as soon as possible, especially during high-intensity competitions.

It was the truth that had been proven by countless armies and forces.

The three squads were competing among themselves day and night. The losers of the competitions would receive the punitive, if not hellish, training that was devised by Li Yao and twenty percent as hard as his own training.

A federal soldier was allowed to despise the demons who were his teammates or even to attack them, as long as he could endure twenty percent of Li Yao’s training difficulty.

At first, many federal soldiers of demons indeed hated each other and were unwilling to cooperate in the competitions. They were even hamstringing each other.

However, after they were disciplined by Li Yao in person several times, especially after Li Yao accidentally discovered that the sap of a certain demonic plant in the Mysterious Shadow Domain was particularly suitable to feed the Purple Ring Sword Ants and the Purple Ring Sword Ants who got the new nutrition grew into the size of grasshoppers

Everybody quickly came to the understanding that human beings and demons were of the same origin and that unification was better than division. They could not have tried harder in the competitions!

The survivors of the Blood Lion Battalion, the Flying Tigers Legion, and the Blade of Chaos were all one-in-ten-thousand elites. Their average capability was much higher than that of the regular army of the Heaven’s Origin Sector and the Blood Demon Sector.

Li Yao did not want them to become a regular army of an enormous size, either. On the contrary, he wanted them to become a mid-sized rapid response troop and a special force that could carry out special missions.

He did not know the first thing about the military affairs, but Han Tuhu and Suo Chaolong were both super experts in the regard.

He was responsible for providing training techniques and drafting training plans; Han Tuhu and Suo Chaolong were responsible for supervising the new tactics and teamwork; the Fire Ant King offered various kinds of strengthening drugs to trigger their potentials.

A brand-new force that was unseen in the Heaven’s Origin Sector, the Blood Demon Sector, or the Flying Star Sector was gradually taking shape.