Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 962

Chapter 962 Li Yao's Formidability

“As I have repeatedly said, don’t call me ‘Chief Instructor’!”

With a gloomy face, Li Yao walked to the hideous-looking trainers. After every step he took, the ground below his feet would fluctuate like the surface of an ocean. The trainers split apart like a building being torn apart in an earthquake.

Li Yao frowned. “Skyfire is just a reading club made of civilians, a community of history fans. We are all readers here, and when we are tired of reading, we gather up and do some physical exercise. What is this Chief Instructor all about?

“I am merely helping you guys with your physical training when I’m free. You may call me ‘Chief Coach’!

“However, although we are all readers, we occasionally are obliged to excavate the relics of the past forty thousand years while studying the history, some of which are quite dangerous.

“Besides, I am hoping to unearth the real relics of the Pangu Clan of the primeval era with the elites of you one day!

“Therefore, it is also important for us readers to keep our bodies healthy!

“I’ve been in seclusion for three days. I hope that you trained yourself like rabid dogs as per my requirement!”

Li Yao extended his finger and snatched one of the crystal balls from the facility area of the training field.

Glancing around, Li Yao said casually, “Furious Flame, Wild Tide, and Electric Shot, you may go up together. In three minutes, if anyone can touch the ball, I will be defeated, and your training will be cancelled tonight!


“You are all clear that the Fire Ant King’s strongest ability is to refine ant-type demon beasts, aren’t you?

“Three days ago, I gave him a batch of Purple Ring Sword Ants and asked him to refine them. It is said that they will be built into ‘Super Dominating Purple Ring Sword Ants’, which are ten times more poisonous than the usual Purple Ring Sword Ants. If nobody touches the ball in three minutes, you will get to taste the feeling of Super Dominating Purple Ring Sword Ants. Is there a problem?”

One of the trainers raised his hand. “Chief Coach, are weapons allowed?”

Li Yao smiled. “You can even use Taiyi Lightning Railguns if you want. Three minutes. Starting from now!”

Sha! Sha! Sha! Sha!

The crystal ball was rotating fast on Li Yao’s fingertip. He kept his left hand in his back while he roamed among hundreds of ferocious trainers.

The hideous trainers, who were enough to cause a nightmare if anybody saw them, were now sweating hard and having nightmares themselves!

Damn it. Regular Purple Ring Sword Ants were already a pain in the ass, and now Super Dominating Purple Ring Sword Ants were coming?

Many of them shuddered greatly.

More people, on the other hand, were gritting their teeth viciously. They thought that, although they were certainly no match for the Chief Coach, there were hundreds of them after all. Hundreds of players versus one. It was unlikely that they could not even touch the ball, was it not?

“Let’s go!”

Looking at each other in silence for a second, somebody shouted in the crowd. The members of the Furious Flame Squad, the Wild Tide Squad, and the Electric Shock Squad all bulged in size and roared thunderously. Demonic energy and spiritual energy were vibrating, and flying swords and sharp claws were all unsheathed, as they lunged at Li Yao!

“There are hundreds of us. Can’t we even touch the crystal ball?”

“It is good enough as long as one of us touches the ball. Don’t swarm up! Keep attacking in different waves and make best use of our advantage in numbers!

“Furious Flame Squad, compress Chief Coach’s zone of activity. Block his path with your body if you must!

“Electric Shock Squad, attack remotely and drain his physical strength!

“Wild Tide Squad, engage in melee combat and try to take over the crystal ball!”

After the tutelage of Han Tuhu and Suo Chaolong, two first-rate experts in tactics, the warriors of Skyfire had absorbed the classical examples of battles of both the Heaven’s Origin Sector and the Blood Demon Sector. Very soon, they picked the most suitable strategy and surrounded Li Yao one layer after another. Endless wild tides seemed to be indeed flooding toward Li Yao!


“Block my path with your body? Try it!”

Li Yao was rather excited. The demonic energy spurting out of his pores formed glamorous stripes around him under the interference of spiritual waves. His body suddenly split apart into nine streaks of brightness that darted toward to nine different directions like shooting stars, blowing away nine warriors of Skyfire and knocking over dozens of more.

The Skyfire warriors were quick enough to respond, too. Their battle formation was stabilized quickly after a moment of dispersion, and they tried to lock Li Yao again like an enormous shackle!

“Not bad. Come again!”

Li Yao even had the leisure to lick his lips. The crystal ball seemed to have been stuck to his fingertip. His left hand turned into a cluster of gray mist and swallowed the attacks launched by more than ten Skyfire warriors.


A Skyfire warrior who was more than three meters tall and had a thick hide resembling that of a rhino was kicked away by Li Yao. Deep purple bruising was already emerging on his thick hide while he was still in midair. The blood seemed to be spurting out at any moment!


Another Skyfire warrior pressed his temples so hard that his fingers almost stabbed into his brain. He was triggering powerful telepathic thoughts and piercing a flying sword into Li Yao at more than five times the speed of sound. But Li Yao extended his left hand and grabbed the flying sword when it was some ten meters away. After a brief impasse, he clenched his fist, and the flying sword was shattered!

Hiu! Hiu! Hiu! Hiu!

The pieces of the flying sword turned into dozens of streaks of brightness and revolved briefly before they suddenly exploded and darted into the bodies of more than ten Skyfire warriors like bullets, wrecking their defense!

The training ground was enshrouded in dust, with screams and shouts everywhere, as if a clowder of lions and tigers were fighting against a tyrannosaur!

Li Yao narrowed his eyes. While he shattered the flying sword, his right index finger was still supporting the crystal ball, but his little finger snapped out, triggering an airwave that turned into a rushing blade of wind seven meters away.

After a ‘bam’, the tip of the saber in the hands of a Skyfire warrior was cut off.

The Skyfire warrior looked at his shortened saber in bewilderment. Before he came back to himself, he was hit right in the face by the second bullet of compressed air and did not smash the ground until he had rolled around ten times in midair!

This is what I’m talking about!

Li Yao’s every cell seemed to be having a massage after a hot shower and a bottle of cold drink.

The switch between spiritual energy and demonic energy is much smoother right now, which allows me to remain engaged in a high-intensity combat for longer. The cooldown of the techniques has been significantly reduced.

The high development of the second brain has improved my efficiency in calculating the situation of the battlefield by at least 34.1%. I have more tactical options in a complicated battlefield now!

If I were faced with Xiao Xuance’s Grand Illusionary Soldiers again, I might be able to take down a thousand of them by myself!

One minute Two minutes Two minutes and ten seconds

As time went by, almost a hundred Skyfire warriors were lying awry on the ground.

Li Yao’s demonic energy and spiritual energy were being consumed fast. The first drop of sweat appeared on his forehead, and he was breathing more rapidly than before.

Li Yao calmly recorded the rate of the consumption of his spiritual energy and his cells, as well as the changes that happened to his internal organs, every second.

He was very satisfied about the dropping speed of his combat ability.

He was a man, not a god, after all. The Skyfire warriors were mostly above the Building Foundation Stage. A lot of them were in the Core Formation Stage, too. They had also been endowed with all kinds of weird techniques. Any Nascent Soul Stage Cultivator or demon emperor would find it tricky to deal with them.

Li Yao was most content.

Through the Skyfire warriors, he seemed to have envisioned what the brand-new federal army would look like in the war against the Imperium of True Human Beings in the future.


Finally, Li Yao was pushed to the limits.

After fingers, tails, hairs, and other bizarre organs brushed past the crystal ball at a close distance, ten warriors who had been waiting and observing patiently in the past two minutes and fifty seconds suddenly rose up like ten venomous blades unsheathed!

The ten of them were the well-acknowledged strongest among all the Skyfire warriors!

Seven of them locked onto Li Yao’s critical parts such as eyes, abdomen, ribs, groin, and knees. One of the lizard warriors who had scales all over his body was even crouching on the ground, ready to attack his feet.

The other three warriors, on the other hand, lunged at the crystal ball from three different directions.

There was no stopping them!


Having no choice, Li Yao could only snap the crystal ball high into the sky to free his right hand in order to fight the strongest ten!

However, the moment the crystal ball left his hand, two streaks of brightness suddenly jerked up from the warriors on the ground who had ‘passed out’ and shot toward the soaring ball!

The ten warriors that were lunging at Li Yao changed their direction immediately, too, and stopped over Li Yao’s head, blocking him from the crystal ball!

“Chief Coach, you’ve been fooled!”

In that moment, all the warriors were exuberant.

Regardless of whether they were human beings or demons, they were about to hug each other and cry, not just because they finally could have one night of rest, but also, and more importantly, because they had defeated the frighteningly formidable Vulture Li Yao!


When the two streaks of brightness almost reached the crystal ball, two dull noises suddenly reverberated in the sky.

The crystal ball was boosted to a higher altitude by the explosion of a super tiny crystal bomb, thereby escaping the two Skyfire warriors.

The second explosion blew the crystal ball into pieces. It was instantly devoured by fire without any remains left.


All Skyfire warriors looked at the sky in a daze for a long time before turning to Li Yao half in wrath and half in depression.

Finally, one of Skyfire warriors summoned his courage and asked, “Isn’tisn’t this cheating?”

“Of course it is. Any problem?”

Li Yao opened his hands. “I installed the mini crystal bombs on the ball at the very beginning. It was right in front of you for three minutes. Yet, nobody discovered them. Am I to blame?

“Remember, Super Dominating Purple Ring Sword Ants. Get yourselves prepared!”

Li Yao smiled. His face could not have been more devastating at this moment in the eyes of the Skyfire warriors.

Right then, Han Tuhu dashed onto the training ground.

“We’ve made a major breakthrough in the analysis on the memory unit of the main biochemical brain of the Nether World!”