Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 974

Chapter 974 Perfect Infiltration

When Neltharion finally determined the location where Jin Xinyue was hiding, Li Yao secretly cursed and spat on the wall hard.

It was a large military camp.

The military camp, which covered over five square kilometers, was established in an empty area in the middle of the debris. There was also an open field with a span of more than one kilometer where there were absolutely no shelters or obstacles.

The military camp was surrounded by iron gauze and shrilling thorns. Should anything get too close, the shrilling thorns would utter earsplitting noises.

A watch tower that was equipped with acid cannons had been established every hundred meters. Crouching inside the tower were the soldiers of the Feather Clan with keen sight who could distinguish a rabbit on the ground easily from the sky.

The watch towers were in a neat distribution and covered each other well. There was not a single blind angle.

Each of the four corners of the military camp was guarded by a patrolling team made of the Death Sickle Tarantula, which were more vigilant than the smartest hounds. They were patrolling day and night and eyeing anyone coming in and out of the military camp suspiciously.

An even larger number of more terrifying demon beasts were kept in the northwest corner of the military camp, ready for battle at any time.

What was more critical was that a ‘Ghost Eye’-level devilish warship was docked in the sky of the military camp.

Such a warship, which was more than a thousand meters long, was produced by the Sea Clan through combining and refining the genes of whale-type demon beasts and squid-type demon beasts.

The squid-type demon beasts boasted the most precise eyeball system in the world. There were more photoreceptor cells inside their eyeballs than there were in the eyes of Cultivators. Therefore, ‘Ghost Eye’-level devilish warship was best known for their scouting ability. It was now floating three hundred meters above the military camp and monitoring every corner from the high stance!

Li Yao bit his tongue hard. He had no idea why Jin Xinyue would be hiding in such a heavily guarded military camp.

What was even odder was the reason for the thorough defense of the military camp. Void Turmoil City had been completely demolished without the ability for any counterattack.

Neltharion drew slightly closer and observed the focal length of the crystal cameras. Finally, he noticed something wrong.

Most of the soldiers gathered in the military camp were not the regular army. Judging from their messy clothes and their ignorant expression, they should be the civilians of Void Turmoil City. Some of them were even chaotic-blood demons.

Under the shouting and abuse of the tutors of the coalition army, they were undergoing high-intensity training right now.

This place was more like a concentration camp or a transfer station of captives than a military camp. The captives would be transported to somewhere else after they were grouped and trained a little bit.

Li Yao recalled the scenes that Neltharion had captured on the way. The coalition army of demons were collecting tremendous resources from every part of Void Turmoil City, including crystals, strengthening drugs, and seeds of the demonic plants, and constantly shipping them to the outside world.

The coalition army of demons is draining the place. They are going to destroy Void Turmoil City and move away all the population and resources!

Damn. They are now looting all the assets of war for the great war to come, and the civilians here will become cannon fodder!

The demon emperors of the Pantheon of Demons have indeed gone mad. They are planning to take their chances and wage a national war before the Heaven’s Origin Sector and the Flying Star Sector are fully linked!

Li Yao suddenly realized what was going on.

Void Turmoil City was a metropolis with a population of more than one million. The migration of a million demons was certainly not an easy task. Therefore, a lot of regrouping camps had been established in the city. The captives would receive preliminary training in the camps before they were moved away in different batches.

The question remained, how was he going to sneak in?

Li Yao pondered for a moment. Splitting his attention apart, he maneuvered Neltharion to approach the military camp slowly to observe every guard inside the camp and their possible reinforcements. As he did that, he summoned the drill of mystic rays and started digging a hole in the secret tunnel.

The drill of mystic rays, after a full upgrade, now boasted three acid bags. Before the mystic rays shot out, a huge amount of highly-corrosive acids would be released.

Corrosion before digging significantly improved the efficiency of drilling.

Very soon, Li Yao dug the hole to a place two to three kilometers away from the military camp. Then, he extended three tunnels to the east, west, and south. He stopped digging when he was one meter from the ground and planted a special sensor chip and a lot of crystal bombs in the tunnels.

As a result, there was no anomaly on the ground. But through the crystal processor of the Mystic Skeleton Battlesuit, he would sense the three chips very clearly. The three tunnels would be his routes of retreat.

If he was left with no choice, he could bring Jin Xinyue to the top of one of the three tunnels and blow through the one-meter-thick soil with the Cell Obliteration Cannon. After they snuck into the underground, he would detonate the crystal bombs and block the hunters.

However, that was only a last resort.

At least a hundred thousand soldiers of the coalition army of demons were stationed in Void Turmoil City right now. Should there be a massive explosion, they would certainly detect it and start a large-scale search.

More importantly, the Sea Clan would certainly increase their wariness and block the ocean completely. Even in the Mystic Skeleton Battlesuit, Li Yao was not confident that he could compete with the Sea Clan in terms of speed in the depths of the ocean.

He had no interest of fighting an army of a hundred thousand soldiers on his own. It would be best if he could achieve his purpose without alarming anyone.

When the three tunnels were all dug through, Neltharion had already snuck into the military camp and found rows of tents that were temporarily established.

Jin Xinyue was in one of the tents!


The precision of the Child-Mother Heart Connecting Ring was too low. The navigation could not have been any more precise, but it was good enough for Li Yao.

Li Yao’s eyes were glittering while he pondered carefully how he could sneak in.

The defense of the military camp is almost flawless. All the personnel getting in and out of the military camp, including the silver-blood commanders in glamorous armors, will be examined and strictly questioned. Although this silver-blood commander was only scrutinized ten minutes ago, a second sentry has appeared and verified his identity again. There is no way to fake him.

Shrilling thorns, watch towers, and the ‘Ghost Eye’-level devilish warship have almost every area under their control without any blind spots.

If I can locate the precise tent that Jin Xinyue is in, I can dig the tunnel to right below her feet with the drill of mystic rays.

However, it will be very difficult. There are almost a hundred tents here, and they are built with materials that boast anti-surveillance techniques. I cannot even see what is going on inside through Neltharion. That is really prudent!

The heavy defense of the military camp left a deep impression on Li Yao.

The toughness of the regular army of the demon race was evident from the arrangement of the military camp. It was certainly much better than the mobs such as the beast tides that infiltrated the Heaven’s Origin Sector ten years ago.

The most important problem is, even if I can sneak into the military camp, how am I going to bring Jin Xinyue out?

Mayhem. I have to wreak mayhem!

There is a warehouse of crystals in the northeast corner of the military camp. It is not very large, and the crystals stored inside are low-level, high-impurity ones, but they should be enough to make a tiny explosion and cause a brief riot.

Should I dig my way to the warehouse?

Li Yao immediately vetoed the idea.

The Insect Clan in the coalition army of demons were specialists in digging in the first place. Critical facilities such as a warehouse of crystals were certainly protected by surveillance and counterattacking measures.

Perhaps a few rock bugs that were highly sensitive to quakes were hibernating right below the warehouse at present.

It was also one of the reasons Li Yao did not dare dig the tunnel into the military camp directly.

Very soon, through Neltharion, Li Yao noticed a team of Land Whales that were wriggling toward the military camp slowly.

The fat Land Whales were responsible for shipping food and supplies to the military camp. Occasionally, they would transport the low-level crystals that the army collected and the new captives too.

Of course, the sentinels were examining the Land Whales thoroughly. They would turn every box of goods upside down to check. There were barely any gaps among the cargoes where one could hide.


Half an hour later, a team consisting of nine Land Whales were riding toward the military camp with loads of goods.

When they passed through a ramshackle block, a skyscraper that was built on a giant tree suddenly collapsed. After an earsplitting explosion, the tree that had been entirely burnt fell down, raising a sandstorm.

The Land Whales were shocked and sneezing because of the overwhelming dust. They were running around and causing havoc.

In Void Turmoil City, which had turned into ruins, burnt trees were everywhere. Collapses and explosions were nothing unusual.

The well-trained riders waved electric whips and slapped the beasts below them. Very soon, they got the situation under control. The panicked Land Whales in the dust were restrained again and got back to the road.

In a moment, the Land Whales reached the gate of the military camp.

The displaced goods and the dusty and dirty riders attracted the guards’ attention.

After learning of the havoc on their way, the guards examined the trunk even more thoroughly.

For the demonic plant hay that was the food for demon beasts, they did not just stab their spears inside as they normally did. Instead, a soldier was sent into the hay and searched inch by inch.

But they found nothing in the end.

The guards waved their hands and let the newcomers in.

Ten minutes later, one of the Land Whales moved into the warehouse of crystals.

Below its fat belly, in the middle of the wrinkles that were dangling because of the gravity, Li Yao set the Mystic Skeleton Battlesuit into stealth mode and slowly wriggled out.

His plan had worked out. Nobody expected that an intruder would be hiding in a wrinkle on the skin of a Land Whale without being discovered by the beasts.

It was all thanks to the highly-efficient narcotic drugs that the Fire Ant King provided!

It was a perfect infiltration.

Next, Li Yao was going to deploy a few special crystal bombs at the critical locations of the warehouse. The explosion was not the key point. He was trying to create an illusion that the crystals were going to explode in minor collisions because of their mediocre quality so that his following operation would be more convenient.

Let’s begin!

Li Yao snapped his finger in his heart and smile confidently.

He had come and gone like the wind in the most perilous places such as the Mausoleum of Chaos and the Nether World in the North Pole. Now that he had snuck into the small military camp, wasn’t he already a sure winner?

Right then

Earsplitting alarms were ringing outside, as if ten thousand loudspeakers were shrieking at the same time. The entire military camp could hear them!