Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 975

Chapter 975 Blow Up A Devilish Warship

Whatwhat the heck!

Within his crystal suit, Li Yao’s face was almost the color of spinach right now.

Was the coalition army of demons so well-trained now that they had seen through his infiltration but deliberately let him in to trap himself inside the camp?

That was too horrifying!

Li Yao sensed the enormous demonic energy spreading out above his heart, as if the sky was boiling. It was a sign that the ‘Ghost Eye’-level devilish warship was driving at full speed.

The ‘Ghost Eye’-level devilish warship was a model designed to suppress ground troops. A great cannon that could shoot out demon fire, acid, and infrasonic waves simultaneously had been grown below the head of the warship. Even an expert in the Nascent Soul Stage would need to dodge the bombardment!

Exclamations, screams, explosions. Everything was a complete mess!

Right when he was cursing and gritting his teeth, prepared to march out, he suddenly realized that he was not the target of the chaos.

Neltharion, which was floating above the warehouse of crystals, noticed a streak of brightness that soared from an enormous tent and rushed toward the southwest.

It was an Core Formation Stage Cultivator!

At this moment, there would not be a second ‘Core Formation Stage Cultivator’ in Void Turmoil City other than Jin Xinyue.

The Core Formation Stage Cultivator unleashed tremendous spiritual waves and broke the sonic barrier, passing through the sky like a supersonic shuttle. Naturally, the coalition army noticed the anomaly immediately. That was why the entire military camp was in a riot.

Not only did all the soldiers of the Feather Clan activate their flight techniques to block the enemy, even the ‘Ghost Eye’-level devilish warship was also turned on immediately and chased after her.

Li Yao could hardly refrain himself from punching a hole in the wall. What was Jin Xinyue doing exactly? Did she not claim to be a well-trained saintess of the Pantheon of Demons, who were best at stealth, assassination, infiltration, and ambushes?

Why did she expose herself right in front of the eyes of the coalition army of demons?

Everything was screwed!

A Core Formation Stage Cultivator had appeared in Void Turmoil City right under the nose of a hundred thousand soldiers of the coalition army of demons. Could it be any more thrilling?

He would have to find out the answer to the question after he rescued Jin Xinyue.

Thankfully, the immense spiritual waves that she released attracted the attention of all the demons in the military camp. The ‘Ghost Eye’-level devilish warship and the Feather Clan had both been summoned to chase after her, which gave Li Yao a chance to take action more openly.

The newly-captured civilians had been panicking in the first place. With the fuss that Jin Xinyue caused, they were all shouting and running about like headless chickens, distracting the attention of the Death Sickle Tarantula and the ground troops.

Other demons are easy to fix. The key is the ‘Ghost Eye’-level devilish warship!

The shell of the devilish warship of such a level is embedded with more than twenty biochemical eyes that originated from the large squids. It will be practically impossible to get away once I am locked onto by them!

I have to destroy the devilish warship!

A crystal suit versus a warship!

Back in the Heaven’s Origin Sector, during the ultimate test on the Mystic Skeleton Battlesuit, Li Yao had snuck into a crystal warship and controlled the entire bridge.

But right now, it was obvious that he could not infiltrate the ‘Ghost Eye’-level devilish warship. He would have to destroy the devilish warship in a head-on battle.

In the siege of so many enemies, he only had one shot. He had to destroy it in one attack!

Li Yao took a deep breath. The environment nearby that he surveyed just now overlapped with the structural designs of Void Turmoil City, and he came up with plans to destroy the warship one after another.

Difficult. It was too difficult!

His target was a devilish warship that was almost a thousand meters long and boasted a powerful shield of demonic energy and a shell of biochemical skeletons. Even the full-strength strike of a Nascent Soul Stage Cultivator might not be enough to completely deprive the warship of all its combat ability unless he was unbelievably lucky to hit a critical part such as the arsenal.

What should I do?

Li Yao panted anxiously. Then, he suddenly moved his eyes to the crystals stored in the warehouse.

The mediocre crystals contained too many impurities and were highly unstable. They might burn or explode when they were touched.

What if

Li Yao’s eyes were glittering as he came up with a crazy idea.

He closed his hands and rubbed them. Five Cosmos Rings appeared in his palm and collected all the crystals!

One minute passed.

The entire military camp was seething because of the appearance of a Core Formation Stage Cultivator. Everybody was paying attention to the Cultivator who had shown up out of nowhere.

Later, exclamations were echoing nonstop. A commander of the military camp seemed to have been killed by Jin Xinyue, which raised an even larger riot.

In such chaos, there was suddenly a blind angle in the defense system. With vague demonic energy spreading out of his body, Li Yao easily escaped out of the military camp with the aid of Neltharion from above.

Jin Xinyue was still on the run. The city was surrounded by troops. Having no choice, she could only dash to the debris at the center of the city.

The troops of the coalition army nearby were all informed of the arrival of a Cultivator. They joined the search and chased after her.

Li Yao had to destroy the ‘Ghost Eye’-level devilish warship before the main troops arrived!


He turned into a streak of blackness and marched to the depths of Void Turmoil City.

With the Child-Mother Heart Connecting Ring, he could basically locate or even predict Jin Xinyue’s whereabouts. Accelerating to the highest speed, he stopped in the front of Jin Xinyue on the way that she would inevitably pass and found a tree skyscraper almost a hundred meters tall.

It was a lookout tower.

Li Yao blinked and appeared in the branches at the top of the tree skyscraper like smoke.

On the branches that were as thick as overpasses, three fat demons were crouching.

Their bellies were as huge as drums, and their mouthparts had evolved into the shape of syringes, which allowed them to shoot out venomous needles at a supersonic speed. They were natural-born lethal snipers.

When Li Yao dashed to the top of the tree, they were all waiting patiently for the arrival of Jin Xinyue. Their hollowed mouthparts had locked onto Jin Xinyue in advance, and their bellies were rising up in greenish colors while the venom was being secreted and congregated.

They reacted quite fast. The moment that Li Yao reached the top of the tree, they turned around and spurted out green venom at twice the speed of sound, aiming for the critical parts on Li Yao’s body!

Li Yao narrowed his eyes so hard that his pupils almost broke apart. Black liquid was released from the depths of his pupils and contaminated the entire eyeballs, making his eyes even more deep and mysterious!

The combination of the overwhelming demonic energy and spiritual energy produced an extremely tensile and yet indestructible shield that froze all the venomous needles in midair.

The three snipers were all dumbfounded when they discovered that their venom had been halted in midair.

Li Yao sniffed and released his energy. The dozens of venomous needles were blown backward at a speed more than three times the speed of sound and riddled the three unprepared snipers with holes.

They all collapsed.

The body of one of the snipers even fell off from the branches and landed in front of Jin Xinyue.

Jin Xinyue had lost her cool already. She was sweating hard, and her nerves had tightened. Caught unprepared by the body falling from the sky, she stopped briefly.

The ‘Ghost Eye’-level devilish warship immediately locked onto her.

Dazzling brilliance was beaming out of the barrel of the main gun of the devilish warship, and visible ripples of demonic energy was spreading!

Not far away from the ‘Ghost Eye’-level devilish warship, under the cover of the branches and leaves, Li Yao was on one of his knees. He raised his left arm, which was like a cannonball that had been uncoated. The living cells that enveloped the crystal suit condensed into translucent bone spurs and scales and triggered astounding electric arcs in the high-speed vibrations!

He opened his fingers, and his crystal suit split apart. A crystal the size of an egg popped up from his palm. The biochemical energy that he had earned at the cost of tremendous cells melded with the spiritual energy that was transmitted to the front end of his arm by the super-compressed crystal reactor through the tubes, as if two overwhelming rivers had joined together, raging, roaring, and simmering!

The Cell Obliteration Cannon might not have been enough to blow up a devilish warship. However

Li Yao’s right hand picked up three Cosmos Rings, all of which had been fully loaded with the low-quality, unstable crystals that he had just looted and the extremely powerful crystal bombs that he had refined earlier!

The Cell Obliteration Cannon was activated at almost the same time as the main gun of the ‘Ghost Eye’-level devilish warship.

The moment before they were launched, however, Li Yao snapped the three Cosmos Rings out and shot them toward the devilish warship with his spiritual energy and telepathic thoughts!

The retrieval rune arrays of the three Cosmos Rings had all been activated, with a timer set to half a second later!


The three Cosmos Rings were hurled above the devilish warship in an elegant curve before all the retrieval rune arrays were activated.

Crystals weighing almost five tons were released from the Cosmos Rings and smashed the devilish warship overwhelmingly like a landslide.

Five hundred billion times, super crystal Cell Obliteration Cannon!

Li Yao uttered a deafening roar. From the deepest part of his marrow to his internal organs, from his internal organs to every bit of his flesh and blood on his limbs, along with the living cells on the surface of the Mystic Skeleton Battlesuit, everything was burning at the maximum rate!

The mitochondria unleashed devastating demonic energy like a supernova outbreak, as if a black volcano had suddenly risen up. The burning flame turned the giant tree, which was almost a hundred meters tall, into a stunning torch!

In the moment, Li Yao became the center of demonic energy in Void Turmoil City!


Focused by the super crystal at the center of his palm, the energy generated by the burning mitochondria condensed into a cluster of crimson brilliance, which bombarded the ‘Ghost Eye’-level devilish warship like a roaring dragon!

Almost at the same moment, the tons of crystals released from the Cosmos Rings were detonated. Like an invisible hammer, they blew up the devilish warship’s shield of demonic energy. The blast was so tremendous that the entire devilish warship dropped down a little bit!

It was the terrifying power that equal to the explosion of an entire warehouse of crystals!

Without the blockage of the shield of demonic energy, the crimson brilliance went forward unstoppably and hit the devilish warship’s main gun, which was being triggered at the highest efficiency.

The collision of the two immense blasts caused a crimson hurricane mixed with purple electric arcs. Together with the explosion of tons of crystals, the shell at the front of the warship was finally pierced through. The blasts swept across the bridge like a tsunami and triggered a chain reaction, leading to a series of explosions right inside the devilish warship!