Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 976

Chapter 976 Teleportation House

The devilish warship turned into a giant caterpillar of fireballs, writhing violently and crashing from the sky!

The intense blast that the collision enshrouded the debris in the surrounding thousand kilometers in dust and smoke. Flames were spreading out over the flying stones and dead bodies. It was indeed the scene of the end of the world!

Jin Xinyue was blown almost a hundred meters away by the airwave. Her face pale, she stared at the debris of the warship, startled.

To this moment, she still found it difficult to believe her eyes.

A devilish warship designed to suppress ground targets had been shot down by a certain powerful weapon?

The weapon had pierced through the devilish warship’s shield of demonic energy. The source of the attack, on the other hand, was emitting out a torrent of demonic energy that felt like a flood.

She had only sensed demonic energy of the same level from her father before.

What kind of expert is this?

Blood was leaking out of Jin Xinyue’s nostrils, ears, and eyes at the same time. Her internal organs seemed to have been stomped on by galloping horses, too. She felt that her throat was stuffed, and yet she did not dare to cough, fearing that she might throw out her broken internal organs if she did.

Behind her, a search team of the coalition army was stunned by the blast, too. Everybody’s brain was shaking rapidly within their skull, rendering them unable to react.

Looking at the burning traces in midair in a daze, they felt that they had to be hallucinating, Everybody was shivering beyond their control.

Very soon, a black shadow gradually emerged from the smoke.

It was like the king of fiends had just crawled out of the deepest level of hell. Streams of black demonic energy entangled him, raging and tearing the air apart in hissing noises.


Behind the ‘king of fiends’, the debris of the devilish warship had yet another earsplitting explosion. For a moment, the earth was shaking violently, and the airwaves were surging out. The purple demonic fire soared up and illuminated half of the sky!

All the demons cowered on the ground and held their heads hard to avoid the sweeping blast.

They were all well aware how terrifying the blast, acid, and venomous fog were during the explosion of a devilish warship.

If they were hit by the venomous fog stored inside the warship, chances were that they would be vaporized instantly!

“Let’s go!”

A thunderous sound echoed directly inside Jin Xinyue’s brain. The next moment, she sensed that dozens of streams of sharp demonic energy were stimulating the major acupoints on her body.

Because of the motivation, a new strength suddenly appeared in her exhausted body. She could not help but be dragged over.

Jin Xinyue was overjoyed and almost exclaimed aloud.

It was the old monster!

No wonder the demonic energy was so intimidating!

But Li Yao had no time to bother with what Jin Xinyue was thinking about right now. He opened his hands and snatched her. Then, the wings turned into sabers. Thousands of black feathers flapped backward, triggering arc-shaped airwaves behind him that swept the surrounding area like a tsunami, blowing away all the soldiers of the coalition army in the area.


Li Yao picked up Jin Xinyue and enveloped her spiritual waves with his demonic energy. Then, he lowered his energy level and entered stealth mode, rushing quietly among the derelict buildings.

The thunderous strike frightened all the soldiers of the Feather Clan and the devilish warships nearby that were planning to chase after them.

For a moment, they did not know what was going on inside the city. Why did such a cluster of violent demonic energy suddenly break out and even attack them?

The search teams became more prudent, but the defense at the periphery was even more impregnable. All the troops stopped resting and were scattered around the defense area over a span of more than ten kilometers. The ocean seemed to be boiling, too. Countless enormous demon beasts living in the deep sea had been awakened!

Li Yao secretly cursed. Carrying Jin Xinyue, he rushed to the entrance of the first tunnel that he had dug out earlier.

However, right above the entrance of the tunnel, a combat squad of the coalition army was working.

It seemed that they were preparing to establish a defense line on the spot and surround the area when Li Yao and Jin Xinyue showed up.

Having no time to go to the second tunnel, Li Yao roared. Seven dragon arms that were enveloped in living cells protruded out of his back and blew out a storm of destruction. Together with the Cell Obliteration Cannon, he annihilated the entire combat squad in three seconds!

Jin Xinyue was rather shocked. After only a few months, the old monster was even stronger than before. Also what was the magical equipment that he was wearing exactly? How could it be so powerful?

The old monster was indeed immeasurable!

Up until now, 22% of the spiritual energy inside my body has been consumed, 730 billion cells have been obliterated, 26% of the ammunition has been shot out, 11% of the fuel of the crystal suit has been used up, and the durability of the crystal suit has dropped by 7%!

According to the comprehensive evaluation, my overall combat ability has slumped by 11%, and I can keep fighting in the current state for 1 hour, 43 minutes, and 44 seconds. If I switch to the high-intensity combat pattern, I will only be able to persist for 58 minutes. If I am surrounded by three or more devilish warships that are carpet bombing me or demon kings that are riding powerful biochemical beasts, the consumption rate will be even higher!

There are at least nine devilish warships in my sight. For a siege of such a level, middle-level and high-level demon kings must’ve been sent out. Chances are that there are several of them!

As my overall combat ability plummets, the situation will only get worse if I linger here. But if I break out of the siege right now while ensuring that Jin Xinyue is alive, the odds of success are no higher than 5%!

Li Yao analyzed the comparison of the hostile strength and his own calmly. He then monitored the situation on the ocean through Neltharion. Within a breath, he dragged Jin Xinyue and crawled into the tunnel without any hesitation.


Every hundred meters he moved forward, he would detonate a crystal bomb behind him and collapse the section of the tunnel.

But such a trick could only stop the enemy temporarily.

There were countless experts in the coalition army of demons who were adept at underground battles. They were best at digging and drilling. It would not take long for them to discover and infiltrate the underground tunnel.

Jin Xinyue knew that they were in the middle of an emergency, too, and it was not a good time to talk. Silently, she followed Li Yao. The two of them rushed at full speed like two bolts of lightning and dashed to the end of the underground tunnel in the blink of an eye.

This place was right next to the ocean. The air was rather damp, mixed with the vague stink of sea wind.

Ahead of them was the teleportation array through which Li Yao had snuck into Void Turmoil City.

Li Yao activated the teleportation array, but instead of standing on it with Jin Xinyue, he simply placed a piece of bizarre-shaped magical equipment that was riddled with holes and looked like a fish into the teleportation array.


The magical equipment soon vanished and appeared in the corals one kilometer away.

Manipulated by Li Yao’s telepathic thoughts, the magical equipment was spreading out the waves of the shoal of the Axe Fish that Li Yao had recorded in the beginning while swimming forward in the deep sea.

“Let’s go!”

Li Yao brought Jin Xinyue back. They zigzagged in the tunnel and arrived at another inconspicuous teleportation array.

He planted multiple time bombs around the teleportation array first and set them to explode five seconds later before he entered it together with Jin Xinyue.


The two of them disappeared at the same time and reappeared in darkness.

The teleportation array that they entered was detonated immediately.

Li Yao finally took a long breath in relief.

They were safe for now.

Jin Xinyue was confused in the darkness, with a lot of questions roiling in her mind.

“The trouble you caused was too huge,” Li Yao explained. “The coalition army of demons has imposed an impregnable dragnet around Void Turmoil City. If they were not alarmed, we might have had a chance to get out. But right now, they have already increased their wariness to the maximum. The soldiers of the Sea Clan are eyeing everything suspiciously in the ocean. There is no way that we can escape from the ocean, either, at least not in the couple of days from now.

“Therefore, I have released a piece of special magical equipment that can swim in the deep sea by itself and release exactly the same waves as when I snuck in.

“If the Sea Clan is smart enough, they will certainly discover the waves that seem to be caused by a shoal of the Axe Fish but is too rigid and going directly to the west. They will certainly think that the wave is caused by us.

“Then, the coalition army of the demons will think that we have escaped via the ocean and focus their attention on the ocean.

“Until they catch up to the magical equipment, we will have a few hours that are safe.”

Jin Xinyue was bewildered hearing his explanation. She could not help but ask, “Then, where are we right now?”

Li Yao took out an illumination chip from his pocket and pressed it gently. Bluish rays of light immediately beamed out.

They were now in a secret chamber less than five meters in length and width. It was utterly empty, except for the ten or so one-way teleportation arrays carved on the walls.

Other than the teleportation array through which they entered the place, the other teleportation arrays only led to the outside world and could not work the other way around.

“This is one of the Fire Ant King’s underground teleportation houses that lead to the ‘safe houses’ inside Void Turmoil City. But I believe that most of the ‘safe houses’ have already been demolished, haven’t they?” Li Yao explained with a bitter smile.

The living cells on the surface of the Mystic Skeleton Battlesuit entered the hibernation state, and the crystal suit was returned to the Cosmos Ring, revealing a somewhat annoyed face.

“You have met with the Fire Ant King?”

Jin Xinyue was rather amazed. In her usual habit of adulation, she flattered, “Master, you are indeed marvelous”

“There is no need for exaltation yet,” Li Yao said coldly. “What was going on exactly? Why did you trigger such intense spiritual waves in front of everyone and reveal the secret that you have been transformed into a ‘Cultivator’?”

Jin Xinyue’s pretty face was no better than the peel of a dry orange. “I did not really have a choice, Master. It was quite unlucky of me.”

After he heard her explanation, Li Yao’s face turned weird, too.

As it turned out, after Li Yao snuck into the Skeleton Island and joined the Blade of Chaos a few years back, Yuchi Ba, master of the Skeleton Island, fulfilled his promise. He found Jin Xinyue and the relatives of other gladiators and sent them into the commercial firms and clubs that belonged to the Blade of Chaos, where they were assigned easy jobs.

But Jin Xinyue hated boredom more than anything. Easy jobs did not satisfy her. She was also trying to get more intelligence. Therefore, she resorted to her tricks in the chaotic place.

As a saintess of the Pantheon of Demons, naturally, she had a lot of unusual tricks. Although she was pretending to be a plain-looking chaotic-blood demon, it was enough for her to entice all the male creatures with a few of her alluring techniques.