Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 977

Chapter 977 The Third Disciple

As a result, Jin Xinyue soon gained fame in Void Turmoil City. Many demons who were new to Void Turmoil City heard the tales of the plain-looking, erotic demon girl.

With the help of the Blade of Chaos, she did not meet much trouble under the fake identity as Li Yao’s sister.

However, it was a whole different situation when the coalition army of demons marched close and suppressed the Blade of Chaos. All the residents of Void Turmoil City, be they related to the Blade of Chaos or not, were captured and sent to the concentration camp.

As the saying goes, tall trees catch much wind.

Jin Xinyue had planned to hide among the captives and find a way to escape after they were moved out of Void Turmoil City, but out of her expectations, the manager of the concentration camp learned her name from somewhere.

Although chaotic-blood demons were known as the ‘untouchable’, in the eyes of the silver-blood demons, such demons that were of similar appearances to themselves fitted their appetite better from the aesthetic point of view.

It was highly unlikely that a silver-blood demon would grow interested in a black-blood demon that looked like a bug that had been magnified by a thousand times.

But when they were faced with a chaotic-blood demon who had a pair of rabbit ears or a cat tail, it was quite possible for them to get sexually aroused.

As it turned out, the manager of the concentration camp got sexually aroused.

Although the nobles had to abide by certain rules, it was not too much of a scandal for them when they satisfied their desire with a chaotic-blood demon in a cruel, nerve-tightening war, as long as everything was cleaned up in the end.

Naturally, Jin Xinyue could not let things go his wayshe was not a chaotic-blood demon at all right now but an out-and-out human being.

Although she had disguised herself quite well so far, she would certainly be seen through when somebody was too close to her.

Even if she was not seen through, she would certainly be killed by the silver-blood demon later, partly because he needed to keep the scandal from leaking out, and partly, and more importantly, to avoid her giving birth to a descendant whose bloodline was even more chaotic!

Jin Xinyue knew exactly how wicked the silver-blood demons were.

Therefore, seeing that she was not going to be able to refuse him, Jin Xinyue could only hide a small blade among her toes and slay the manager of the concentration camp!

The manager of the concentration camp was a high-level demon general. During her assassination, Jin Xinyue was forced to bring her capability to the maximum. The spiritual waves that she released were naturally perceived by the entire concentration camp and raised the subsequent events!

It was indeed quite unlucky of her.

Pretending that she was feeling both unfortunate and fortunate, Jin Xinyue patted her chest and said, “This is about everything that has happened. I was forced to take action when there was no choice. Later, when I was surrounded by every soldier in the city, I thought that there was no way that I could escape and was planning to kill myself in case I was captured alive. It did not matter if I was tortured, but my mistake would have been unpardonable if I had accidentally leaked the great secret of your existence, Master!

“It never occurred to me that Master would appear out of nowhere and demonstrate your full strength. Even a devilish warship was blown up by you after only one attack. II had never seen such a dominating and aggressive attack since I was born! In front of Master, even my father, Jin Tuyi, would be eclipsed. I knew that everything would be settled the moment you showed up, Master. I”

Tears were all over Jin Xinyue’s eyes while she stared at Li Yao like a lonely, helpless rabbit in such an admiring and trusting way that even cold steel would have been melted.

Li Yao was not moved at all. He said indifferently, “Don’t address me as ‘Master’ all the time. I have never agreed to recruit you as my disciple, have I?”

Jin Xinyue panicked. According to the intelligence that she collected in the past couple of months, her father had completely abandoned her, and Elder Nether Spring was searching for her everywhere.

Furthermore, now that she had been turned into a human being, she was certainly not in a hopeful situation. Not only was her dream to be the most powerful saintess of the Pantheon of Demons and to command the entire Blood Demon Sector shattered, she was also likely to be captured and cut into slices for experiments any moment!

The old monster who showed up out of nowhere and yet was unbelievably strong was indeed the last life-saving straw for her!


Jin Xinyue suddenly kneeled before Li Yao, two rows of tears rushing out of her eyes.

“I wouldn’t have been so bold before. Howeverhoweverwell, for some reason, since the first time I met you, I’ve always had a subtle feeling in my heart. I’ve always felt that you are the unreachable sky for me, and I cannot contain my urge to follow you. I’m afraid that this is the connection between me and you, Master!

“I know that Master is too marvelous to need the help of such a burdensome disciple as myself. Also, with my stupidity, I will not be able to understand one millionth of your techniques, Master!

“However, please do give me a chance to serve you, Master. I can do all the menial work as long as I have the opportunity to admire your brilliance, Master, and I will be ecstatic!

“Besides, I have gathered quite a lot of intelligence in Void Turmoil City over the past couple of months. Right now, it is a total mess outside. The greatest war between the Blood Demon Sector and the Heaven’s Origin Sector is coming close, but a ‘Flying Star Sector’ has shown up out of thin air.

“There are also mysterious forces such as the Imperium of True Human Beings. It is said that, in those place, the Core Formation Stage Cultivators are as common as clouds while the Nascent Soul Stage Cultivators are like raindrops, and they are building warships as if they are making dumplings!

“It is also said that a Nascent Soul Stage Cultivator from the Heaven’s Origin Sector who is strong, brutal, and insane has snuck into the Blood Demon Sector. Nobody knows what he is up to or where he is. Chances are that he is right next to us!

“In such a chaotic situation, if you keep me by your side, Master, I can help you collect, sort, and analyze the intelligence and make future plans. In that case, a lot of your time can be saved and dedicated to your wholehearted training. Isn’t it so, Master?”

Li Yao stared at her for a long time. It was not until Jin Xinyue felt creepy that he said slowly, “Are you really willing to be my disciple?”

Jin Xinyue was overjoyed. She nodded quickly. “Yes. Yes. I am absolutely willing to, Master!”

Li Yao pondered for a moment and said, “I have recruited two disciples so far. I recruited the first one for his talents and the second one for her tenacity. For the two disciples, I have only been teaching them things without thinking of asking for anything from them in return.

“The two of them are enough to pass on all my knowledge. Therefore, I had never thought of recruiting a third disciple before.

“If I am going to recruit a third disciple, honestly speaking, it will only be for my own convenience.

“The things that I don’t have time to handle will be handled by you. The jobs that I’m not interested in but have to do nonetheless will be taken care of by you. The fundamental tasks, such as data analysis, intelligence collection, and tactical choices, will all be your responsibilities. To quote your words, all the ‘menial work’ will be yours. Are you willing to do them?”

Jin Xinyue was elated. “It is everything that I have dreamed for, master!”

“Although I am recruiting you for a different reason,” Li Yao said, “I will treat you equally and fulfil my duty as a master now that you are my disciple. I don’t care what you did in the past, but after you become my disciple, you will be restricted by my rules, which shall never be violated. Do you understand?”

“Yes, I do!” Jin Xinyue said quickly. “If you are not assured, Master, I can make a Blood Oath or take the poison and venom of your choosing as a shackle.”

“That will be unnecessary,” Li Yao said casually. “I never believe that any relationship, including that between a master and a disciple, can be maintained by a Blood Oath or the useless stuff such as poison or contracts.

“I once made a Blood Oath to respect a certain someone as my master, but hardly had I kneeled before him before I turned around and killed him!

“To this day, I still admit that he is my number one master. But so what? He is so dead right now that even his ashes are no more!

“Do you think a Blood Oath means anything to someone like me? Any Blood Oath or soul contract will have loopholes, and every venom and poison has a solution.

“Only the weak would trust the illusionary sense of safety that a Blood Oath and the soul contracts bring to them!”

Jin Xinyue secretly clicked her tongue, thinking to herself that he was truly an old monster. Killing his own master after only just finishing the ceremony? That was rather brutal.

Li Yao took out an ivory stone from his pocket and extended to Jin Xinyue.

“Bright Gold Stone?”

Jin Xinyue was baffled. It was a very solid material that was ten times harder than diamond, but it was not very valuable. Why was the old monster bringing out such a thing?

Li Yao held the Bright Gold Stone in his hands and rubbed it.

The tiniest powder leaked out of the gaps of his fingers without any sound.

Jin Xinyue was dumbfounded.

A moment later, Li Yao opened his hands again. The Bright Gold Stone inside his hands was only one third of its original size. It had turned into a statue the size of a thumb. It was a hideous vulture that was searching for food.

The vulture was so vividly carved that even the brutality in its eyes was fully depicted!

Jin Xinyue was utterly shocked. Her heart was beating fast.Only through the shivering and crushing of the muscles on his hands, he has carved a Bright Gold Stone into a life-like statue in only half a minute? Youyouyou’ve got to be kidding me!

Li Yao placed the vulture statue into Jin Xinyue’s hand and said, “A Blood Oath is quite superfluous. This statue is my welcome gift for you as my disciple. Take it out and play with it every now and then, and I believe you will remember my rules very well.”

Jin Xinyue did not know whether she should feel fortunate or she should cry out. The vulture statue was as scorching as briquet and about to burn a hole on her hands. Calming herself down, she asked carefully, “Understood, Master. I will certainly remember all of your rules well. But I wonder what are the rules of our school exactly?”

Li Yao was dazed.

Well, that was a good question. What were the rules that his disciples should abide by?