Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 984

Chapter 984 Five Oysters

Five minutes later, Jin Tuyi finished analyzing all the latest intelligence so far and sending out instructions through the biochemical nerves. Such instructions that were sent in the form of bioelectricity were more efficient and secretive than telepathic thoughts, which were often utilized by Cultivators.

The biochemical brains, with the operations of the staff, translated Jin Tuyi’s instructions into more specific and practical commands and transmitted them to the nerve endings which constituted the enormous beast that was the coalition army of demons.

The enormous beast had opened its bloody mouth slowly and bared the sharpest fangs, ready for the ultimate strike!

So far, so good.

The Star Glory Federation seemed to be ignorant of the Red Tide Plan. Although they were prepared for the pending attacks of the coalition army in the north of the Grand Desolate Plateau, and three crystal suit legions had been dispatched to the Giant Blade Pass, the ocean east to the federation was still tranquil and unguarded.

In the meantime, the main force of the coalition army had finished gathering and was moving toward the target. Once the army arrived, they would be ready to launch a thunderous strike at any time!

However, Jin Tuyi did not receive the two pieces of information that he had expected, ones that were of paramount importance.

The glimmers in his eyes bounced slightly. The biochemical nerves connected to the back of Jin Tuyi’s head and spine uncoupled one by one. He warmed up his rigid body and sighed in great relief while his bones and muscles were emitting weird noises.


His eldest son, the commander of the Mirage Falcon troop, who had been waiting respectfully behind him, immediately stepped forward and helped him move to the relaxation room.

It was too heavy a burden to have super high-intensity interactions with the main biochemical brains for an entire day even for a demon emperor. To maintain the activity of their brain so that it would be able to function at a high speed the next day, it was a reasonable ritual for a demon emperor to take a rest in the relaxation room for an hour or two after a day’s tedious work.

In the relaxation room, Jin Wuxu stood behind Jin Tuyi. He massaged his father’s shoulder while he concentrated his voice into a line, sending the soundwaves directly into his father’s ears in the feeblest quakes.

“Father, the investigation on Elder Nether Spring using the Gold Crow Kingdom’s own intelligence network has been completed. The conclusion is the same as that drawn by the intelligence system of the Pantheon of Demons. Recently, he has been dutifully chasing after the remnants of the Blade of Chaos. There are no anomalies.

“It seems that he has indeed admitted his failure. Or maybe, he has seen through the current situation and realized that the Star Glory Federation is the greatest enemy for all of us. Internal strife right now would do nobody any good!

“The investigations into the rumors of the Imperium of True Human Beings and the ‘Demon God Virus’ are coming to an end, too. The results are the same. We did not find any suspicious points based on the investigation report of the Pantheon of Demons. As of now, there is no evidence whatsoever that can prove the validity of the two theories. It can be confirmed now that they are absolutely strategical deceptions of the Star Glory Federation!

“This is not the first time that the shameless human beings have played such dirty tricks. Didn’t they concoct the sordid ‘Giant Crab Plan’ during the Battle of Dawn, hoping to swallow all our main force? This time, it must be another strategical deception!”

Jin Tuyi’s face remained unchanged. He waved his hands in fatigue and said casually, “Alright. You may leave now. Do your job. The Red Tide Plan is going to be activated very soon. I hope that your Mirage Falcons will be the first demon troop to march onto the eastern coastline of the Star Glory Federation!”


Jin Wuxu held his chest high, turned around, and left.

When he left, he happened to pass by the cook who was delivering the ‘Star Spot Red Fire Oysters’ to Jin Tuyi.

Naturally, the commander-in-chief’s residence had its own waiters and cooks. According to the rules, all the food should have been brought by the waiters who had received professional training and had absolutely clean backgrounds.

However, the cook was an old servant from the Gold Grow Kingdom who had worked for Jin Tuyi even before he became the leader of the Feather Clan. He had proved his loyalty and was well trusted by Jin Tuyi.

The Star Spot Red Fire Oysters that Jin Tuyi enjoyed every night were made by the cook and delivered to him by the cook in person every day.

The Star Spot Red Fire Oyster did not require much cooking, but the cook had a certain skill to decorate food. The Star Spot Red Fire Oysters arranged by him were like a piece of artwork that nobody was willing to destroy.

The cook bowed before Jin Tuyi.

Right now, the relaxation room was empty except for the two of them.

Everybody knew Jin Tuyi’s habit. When he was enjoying the Star Spot Red Fire Oysters, he did not like anybody around other than the cook, not even his own son.


Jin Tuyi opened the first oyster with a crisp sound as if a silver pebble hitting a jade tray. The echoed like a running brook and did not die down for a long time.

Jin Tuyi half narrowed his eyes, and the muscles all over his body were loosened.

Right next to him, the cook who was serving him dutifully suddenly said, “The loyalty investigation targeting the first prince has been completed. No evidence suggests that he has conspired with Elder Nether Spring.”


Jin Tuyi opened the second oyster. He put the shivering, juicy meat into his mouth and chewed slowly and carefully, as if he was enjoying delicious wine.

The cook continued. “The investigations that the first prince performed revealed no anomalies, either. There is no proof to link Elder Nether Spring to the ‘Demon God Virus’. The validity of the ‘Demon God Virus’ and the Imperium of True Human Beings cannot be proved, either. It is highly likely that they are the strategical deceptions of the Star Glory Federation.”


Jin Tuyi opened the third oyster. However, his knife halted. He suddenly lowered the knife and raised it up, moving apart the meat that was as soft as a petal and picking out a crimson ball the size of fish eye without damaging the intactness of the meat.

Jin Tuyi put on a smile. He held the Red Ball with his fingertips, rubbing, playing, and pondering.

The cook’s face remained unchanged. Instead of adulating Jin Tuyi on his luck, he continued reporting in a voice devoid of any emotion. “Although no evidence has been found, we have still strengthened the control over the Mirage Falcon troop as per your command. Should there be anything wrong, the first prince and his trusted subordinates will be executed instantly, and the Mirage Falcon troop will all be yours to command.”

Jin Tuyi moved his knife toward the fourth oyster. He finally opened his mouth and asked casually, “What about that matter?”

“No updates,” the cook replied. “After showing up in ‘Ultimate Arms City’ nine days ago, slaying hundreds of guardians and looting a huge amount of debris and crystals, both targets have disappeared.

“Including ‘Ape Fiend’ Yuan Riyue’s son, there are already seven disciples and blood descendants of the twelve demon emperors who have been slain by the mysterious expert. Right now, he is the most hateful target for the twelve demon emperors. Yuan Riyue has even gone mad and dedicated himself to the search of the mysterious expert without considering military affairs at all.

“Even Yuan Riyue hasn’t found him yet. It is evident that the two of them are hiding themselves well.

“However, if they are indeed Nascent Soul Stage Cultivators from the Heaven’s Origin Sector, it will truly not be easy to find them after they hide themselves.

“The real problem is, what is their purpose exactly? None of the members of our ‘Dark Cloak Society’ can figure out their motivation.”

Jin Tuyi’s curved knife was moving easily in the gap of the shell, which was extremely tight. But his eyes pierced through the wall of the relaxation room, the complicated, heavily-guarded floating mountain, toward somewhere far, far away.

No matter how solid the shell was and how narrow the gaps were, there was always a way to crack it. As long as the most critical point was located, one would be able to open the oyster effortlessly.

Then, what about the ‘shell’ that was covering him?

The Pantheon of Demons boasted the most immaculate defense system, with dozens of procedures of thorough examination. They were surrounded by patrol teams made of the Mirage Falcons, Ghost Jellyfish, Colorful Locusts, and Ghost Face Silver Mosquitoes as well as the protection of dozens of devilish warships. All possible vulnerabilities had been sealed.

This was a ‘shell’ that could not be broken in any way, one without the tiniest gap!

What would somebody do if they wanted to break into such a shell?

Jin Tuyi did not know.

But his knife came to an abrupt halt when it pierced into the fifth oyster.

For about 0.01 seconds, weird brilliance was shining on Jin Tuyi’s face.

Before his facial nerves reacted, he had already suppressed his astonishment.

“I’m a bit tired,” Jin Tuyi said casually. “You may leave now if you don’t have other intelligence.”

“My lord.”

The cook bowed and left, closing the door of Jin Tuyi’s relaxation room behind him.

The moment the door was closed, Jin Tuyi darted three streams of invisible demonic energy toward the gaps on the door.

Then, he turned around and focused his attention on the Star Spot Red Fire Oyster right in his hands.

At first glance, it was just a common oyster. The shape of the edge of the shell and the fiery stripes on the surface were not any different from those on other oysters.

Jin Tuyi could even sense a tiny wave of vigor from inside the shell.

The oyster was still alive at this moment.

Of course, if it was not an alive, authentic Star Spot Red Fire Oyster, how could it have passed through the multiple examinations and been delivered to him?

However, when he cut off two strong nerves deep inside the oyster with the knife, Jin Tuyi keenly sensed a subtle difference.

The nerves that controlled the opening and closing of the shell had already been broken once!

Somebody has already opened the shell once, but he then closed the shell through a special technique. Even the oyster was kept alive and not killed!

Pondering, Jin Tuyi slowly triggered his demonic energy and formed a shield right in front of him. He then retrieved quite a few pieces of defense magical equipment from his Cosmos Rings and put on all of them.

It was not until then that he raised the knife and opened the weird oyster!