Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 985

Chapter 985 First Interaction

Chapter 985: First Interaction


The vague stink that belonged to the raw meat could be smelt from the shell. Even the unique freshness resembling the scent of lychee was still there. It was almost like a real, natural oyster.

Jin Tuyi could even sense the sea wind of the Red Fire Bay from it.

But he knew for a fact that somebody had touched the oyster.

At the back of the shell that he had just opened, three overlapping preservation rune arrays had been carved in the tiniest strokes.

Jin Tuyi had never seen anybody who could carve such neat and perfect rune arrays whose purpose was nothing other than to preserve food.

It was because of the preservation rune arrays, and a tiny proportion of cell activation liquids in the meat, that the oyster had remained alive for now after it was opened by brute force.

Later, the guy had injected a smidgen of a muscle constriction drug to the nerves that controlled the shell so that the shell was closed. Before the shell was fully close, the guy had even smeared a tiny bit of natural glue on the two sides of the shell, making the oyster appear to be untouched and unopened.

Jin Tuyi narrowed his eyes and attempted the whole process. To his surprise, he found that he was not able to do it.

The oyster couldn’t have been kept open for long. If it were longer than three seconds, the meat inside would have decayed and emitted a vague smelly scent. The seasoned fishers and cooks definitely would’ve discovered it and thrown away the ‘dead oyster’.

In three seconds, the guy had to expand the shell, carve three mini preservation rune arrays, inject the cell activation drug, and smear the natural glue. He could not touch the meat during the entire process. Otherwise, the meat might have been contaminated and decayed, too.

What a pair of stable hands that the guy who modified the oyster must have, and how unbelievable his control over the muscles on his hand was!

An expert. This is truly an expert!

Jin Tuyi cut open the meat carefully with the knife. As he expected, he found a ‘Red Ball’ below the meat in the middle of two nerves.

Compared to the Red Ball that he had discovered just now, which was only the size of rice, the new Red Ball was multiple times larger. It was approximately the size of a thumb, with floating stripes on the surface as if it were a painting of the great nature. There was no doubt that it was one of the best Red Balls.

Jin Tuyi was not moved. He put down the knife and groped on the Red Ball carefully.

It was not until one minute later that he finally found a gap that was a hundred times thinner than a hair on the surface of the Red Ball, which was as smooth as silk and jade.

Jin Tuyi’s pupils shrank violently.

This is not a Red Ball but a piece of magical equipment based on a Red Ball. An intact Red Ball has been dissected and then stitched together!

The stitching is so perfect that the joint can be barely felt. Perhaps only those with the senses of demon emperors are capable enough of perceiving it!

The one who built it must be a super master of refining!

Jin Tuyi focused a stream of his demonic energy and cut the gap at the center of the Red Ball softly like the sharpest fretsaw.

He was so patient that barely any powder of the Red Ball dropped to the table.

One minute later, the gap was finally widened a little bit. He grabbed the two sides of the Red Ball and pulled it apart. The Red Ball was immediately divided into two hollow halves.

The item hidden inside the Red Ball dropped down.

It was a tiny Cosmos Ring.

At the center of the Cosmos Ring, a small capsule was embedded.

The capsule was divided into two zones. One of the zones stored a long hair, while the other stored a drop of blood.

What a neat approach to have chosen the Red Ball to deliver the item. The weight and center of gravity of the item were extremely accurate. If the Red Ball was not dissected but simply weighed in the hands, nobody would have been able to notice anything wrong!

What’s the meaning of the hair and the blood?

Jin Tuyi crushed one side of the capsule and took out the long hair. He wrapped it around his finger and perceived it with his soul carefully.

The hair seemed to belong to a certain girl, one that was extremely close to him.

As for the drop of blood

Jin Tuyi pondered for a long time before he picked up the Cosmos Ring.

The Cosmos Ring was not installed with any retrieval barriers. Anybody would have been able to activate it and retrieve the items inside at their will as long as they sank their soul into it.

There were only two items in the Cosmos Ring.

One of them was a ragged, simple light beam projector, and the other was a piece of weird magical equipment that was a hundred times more hideous than the first one and looked like a pile of garbage.

With his profound knowledge, Jin Tuyi managed to distinguish that the magical equipment should have been a point-to-point communicator for the miners of the Heaven’s Origin Sector.

Through such a communicator, one would be able to have a video chat with someone who was holding another communicator within the range of a hundred square kilometers.

On the shell of the light beam projector, three big words had been written.

“Dad, read me!”

The familiar handwriting startled Jin Tuyi. He wreathed the light beam projector with a stream of his demonic energy before leaking his demonic energy into the rig and performing the most thorough examination of every component.

He did not find any anomalies. After making sure that it was not a crystal bomb that had been modified into the appearance of a light beam projector, he activated it softly.


A bluish mystic ray shot out of the top of the light beam projector and formed Li Yao’s and Jin Xinyue’s 3D images in midair.

Of course, it was the Jin Xinyue who had washed away all the disguises and regained her original face.

Jin Tuyi’s eyes were twitching violently when he saw the girl who was identical to his daughter except for the lack of a pair of wings.

However, he did not talk, nor would it make any difference. Such a light beam projector did not support communication functions and could only play the videos that were recorded in advance.

“Father!” Jin Xinyue’s 3D image suddenly greeted him in a delightful voice. “I know that thousands of questions are rolling over on your heart right now. Believe me, if you give us half an hour, we will totally be able to explain everything to you!

“First of all, to make you believe that it is your daughter, Jin Xinyue, who is speaking right now, we have stored one of my hairs and a droplet of my blood in the Red Ball. I believe that you must have your ways to determine whether or not they are real!

“Then, allow me to introduce to you a Cultivator from the Heaven’s Origin Sector. He is Vulture Li Yao, Senior Li. Now, he is also my master and will be the only one in my life!

“No matter how implausible that video clip is to you, please at least give us half an hour. It is of paramount importance for everybody in the Blood Demon Sector, the Heaven’s Origin Sector, and the Flying Star Sector!”

Jin Tuyi took a long, long breath. Holding the knife, he listened calmly.

Li Yao coughed and said, “Senior Jin, I am Vulture Li Yao, the Cultivator who left the Heaven’s Origin Sector from Boneyard ten years ago. I believe you must’ve heard my name before. Also, I am the one who has been raising trouble in the Blood Demon Sector.

“In a moment, I will briefly explain everything that has happened in the past ten years, including the details of the Imperium of True Human Beings and the scheme that is going on in the Blood Demon Sector right now.

“I believe that you will certainly make a sensible judgement after you hear my introduction with your wisdom!

“If you grow suspicious, if not interested, about everything after you listen to my introduction, you are welcome to contact us through the point-to-point communicator.

“Yes, we are current at a certain point within a hundred kilometers of you. Perhaps you can summon all the forces of Heavenly Path City to chase after us, but I suggest you do not rush into anything.

“We went through all the trouble to arrive in Heavenly Path City, and we do not intend to run away so easily. Even if you want to capture us, at least wait until we have said everything we must say!

“However, we cannot speak to each other directly because the point-to-point communicator for miners will release feeble spiritual waves when it is activated. The spiritual waves can be captured very easily to locate the two parties engaged in the conversation.

“We are not sure whether or not those around you are trustworthy. If the supervisor of the whole scheme learns that we have already reached out to each other, we don’t know what actions he will take.

“Therefore, this is what we are going to do next.

“Over the past couple of days, we have wandered in the lower district of Heavenly Path City and found a hundred suitable locations where we planted tremendous crystal bombs.

“At midnight, the crystal bombs will be detonated one after another. Spiritual energy will be blown into the sky like fireworks and condensed into enormous characters.

“On the surface, we will be sending over the simplest information to you in such a violent way because there is no way that we can sneak into the Pantheon of Demons and we are left with no choice.

“But our real purpose is to create an area that is dominated by sweeping spiritual waves in the sky of Heavenly Path City through the ‘firework bombs’, which have quite a long duration. The sky will be a mess!

“At midnight, when the fireworks bombs are detonated, you will be able to contact us through the point-to-point communicator. By then, the feeble spiritual waves that the point-to-point communicator releases will be drowned in the intense spiritual waves caused by the fireworks bombs, like a spark that is hidden in an overwhelming wildfire. Only in such a way can we escape others’ attention!

“Now, please listen to me carefully, and make sure that you are in an absolute safe place where you can talk to us without interference around midnight.

“This is very important. The future of the Heaven’s Origin Sector, the Blood Demon Sector, and the Flying Star Sector will depend on your decision!”

Jin Tuyi put his hands on the bridge of his nose, which looked like a saber. He listened to Li Yao in complete tranquility for half an hour. His facial expression did not change at all even when Li Yao was talking about the most soul-stirring twists. Even Elder Nether Spring’s Spore Stratagem did not raise the slightest astonishment in his eyes.

Half an hour later, Jin Tuyi returned everything to the Cosmos Ring and hid the Cosmos Ring by his chest. Then, he released a stream of intense demonic energy to obliterate the feeble spiritual waves caused when the light beam projector was functioning.

Jin Tuyi opened the door of the relaxation room and walked out. He waved his hands impatiently to the guards who were greeting him. “I am going to have a three-hour deep sleep. Nobody is to disturb me for anything during the period!”

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