Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 986

Chapter 986 Secret Dialogue

With a great war drawing near, although it was midnight, Heavenly Path City was still as bright and raucous as the day.

Countless devilish warships and large flying demon beasts were landing and taking off from the ports around Heavenly Path City amid earsplitting jetting and screeching noises.

The Mirage Falcons, Ghost Jellyfish, and Ghost Face Silver Mosquitoes were monitoring the hundred square kilometers nearby dutifully. Countless Flying Spirit Eyes were glittering in the darkness as if thousands of fireflies were hovering in the sky of the city.

In every place of Heavenly Path City, many pairs of eyes were receiving pictures through the remote brainwaves. In the pictures, every corner of the city was in order and peace.



From somewhere in the messy, chaotic lower district of Heavenly Path City, a dazzling fireball suddenly broke out!

A moment later, a streak of brightness darted into the sky, leaving a long tail behind, before it burst out into the most glamorous colors.

The colorful spots of light condensed a giant, shining word in the dark night sky.


As the stripes gradually condensed into letters, the intense spiritual waves spread out, stirring up the pool of frozen water and raising a shocking tsunami in all the defense forces of Heavenly Path City!

Earsplitting alarms were echoing nonstop. Three devilish warships made an emergency take-off. Countless demons were roaring and running to the ports, activating even more devilish warships. The Mirage Falcons, Ghost Jellyfish, and Ghost Face Silver Mosquitoes suddenly accelerated. All the conspicuous defense arrays dropped their camouflage and bared the sharpest fangs!


The second batch of crystal bombs was launched into the sky and exploded into spectacular fireworks. The fire interweaved into the second word.


After the few words ‘WE ARE HERE FOR PEACE‘ were shot into the sky one after another, the entire Heavenly Path City was in a mess. Soldiers were marching into the lower district, looking for the source of the crystal bombs. However, in the lower district, which was crowded and disordered, their intrusion was only causing greater panic and confusion.

New crystal bombs, however, were still being launched toward the sky one after another, filling the entire sky with intense spiritual waves. In the end, mysterious colors that resembled an aurora filled the sky.

The troops responsible for the defense of Heavenly Path City were almost on fire in anxiety!

In the chaos, barely anybody noticed that an extremely feeble spiritual wave was sent out of the commander-in-chief’s residence.

Like a streak of smoke and a shivering, unpredictable shooting star, it darted toward the ground, somewhere in the depths of Heavenly Path City.

Li Yao had finally reached out to Jin Tuyi, purportedly the highest leader of the Blood Demon Sector and the commander-in-chief of the coalition army!

Somewhere in the lower district of Heavenly Path City, in a dark, shabby, half-underground room, Li Yao could not help but waved his hands in excitement when Jin Tuyi’s tall and slender body slowly appeared on the point-to-point communicator. He shouted in the bottom of his heart,Hooray!

However, reaching out to each other was only step one.

The biggest problem at hand was how to convince Jin Tuyi!

The intense waves caused by the exploding crystal bombs above his head covered the existence of such a communicate route perfectly, but they had brought tremendous interference to the dialogue, too.

In the picture, Jin Tuyi was warped by the waves that looked like snowflakes every now and then, making him even more unpredictable and mysterious.

Jin Tuyi stared at his daughter for a moment before he turned around and observed Li Yao.

There was not astonishment or fury after he saw that his daughter had turned from a demon into a human being. There was not worry or anxiety that he should have for Elder Nether Spring’s scheme. There was not anger toward Li Yao, a Cultivator from the Heaven’s Origin Sector who had raised a great disaster in the Blood Demon Sector. Instead, the only thing on his face was nonchalance that was almost too tranquil.

“Senior Jin!”

Li Yao had to seize the time to persuade Jin Tuyi before all the fireworks bombs exploded, or at least plant a seed of suspicion in his heart. “Have you seen the video that we sent over? Believe me. It is exactly the demon race’s origin! Human beings and demons are essentially the same. There is no reason we should perish with each other! Look at your daughter Jin Xinyue. After absorbing excessive Divine Blood of Chaos, her cells have been completely restored to the original state, and she has transformed into a human being!

“As for me”

Li Yao extended his left hand and burnt his cells, with the glittering crystal protruded out of his palm. “Although I am a Cultivator, I am able to utilize techniques such as ‘Cell Obliteration Cannon’! This is all undeniable evidence that can prove everything I’ve said!”

“Exactly, Father!” Jin Xinyue raised her voice. “This is really me. I have turned from a demon into a human being. There must be a great plot in all this! My big brother tried to kill me with the Mirage Falcons. He even had the help of the elites from the Nether Spring Kingdom, the Kingdom of Lion Butchers, and the Sea Dominator Kingdom! Did you know about it?

“If you did not know all about it, or even anything about it, it is very obvious that your intelligence network, your most trusted subordinates who serve as your ‘eyes’ and ‘ears’, has been compromised by Elder Nether Spring!

“Everything we said is true! You must believe us!”

Jin Tuyi looked at them peacefully for a long time before he said slowly, “It was indeed very thoughtful of you to come up with the idea of hiding a Cosmos Ring into a Star Spot Red Fire Oyster and delivering it to me through all the examination procedures. With the appreciation of your marvelous approach, I was patient enough to watch your video, and I decided to waste some of my precious time to talk to you.

“However, if such jibber-jabber is everything that you want to tell me, it will be still too much a waste of my time.

“Same-origin theory? Turning from a demon into a human being? Interesting. Very interesting.

“But so what?

“Even if the same-origin theory is true, and demons were truly transformed from human beings forty thousand years ago, even if you are truly my daughter Jin Xinyue who has changed into a human being after absorbing certain drugs, what can any of that prove?

“Is it enough to prove the existence of the Imperium of True Human Beings or the validity of the Spore Stratagem? Is it enough to prove that Elder Nether Spring is associated with the scheme?

“No. You can prove none of that!”

Jin Xinyue was rather anxious. “Father, please wait for our explanation”

Jin Tuyi interrupted her coldly. “Even if you are really my daughter Jin Xinyue, so what? To avenge your birth mother, you killed your stepmother, which almost caused the division of the two greatest noble families of the Gold Crow Kingdom.

“You conspired with my seventh son to kill my ninth son, and then conspired with my eldest son to kill my seventh son. You also sold secret intelligence of the Gold Crow Kingdom to the Kingdom of Lion Butchers and false intelligence of the Nether Spring Kingdom to the Sea Dominator Kingdom.

“After your scheme was discovered, you even killed a princess of the Sea Dominator Kingdom. Did you know that the Sea Dominator Kingdom has been our hardcore ally?”

Jin Xinyue coughed hard and failed up come up with a reply.

“By the way,” Jin Tuyi said casually, “you didn’t cover you trace well when you murdered the princess of the Sea Dominator Kingdom. It was me who wiped your ass for you.

“If you only did such things, I could still try to hold myself. After all, among all my blood descendants, I always thought most highly of you, other than my eldest son. Although your methods were still too nave and flawed, your brutality was enough.

“However, you were also secretly planning to kill me, weren’t you? How would you like to explain that?”

Dumbfounded, Li Yao looked at Jin Xinyue.

Jin Xinyue opened her hands. “After killing my stepmother and doing so many clandestine things, of course, I was scare that you might find out, and it’s not like I would wash my neck clean and wait for you to kill me when you learned everything and burst into fury trying to avenge your most beloved wife.

“Naturally, I had to make preparations in advance. Although the attempts might have been futile, they were still better than waiting to be killed. Is there anything wrong with that? I didn’t know that you were so broadminded, Father, and that you could pretend that you did not know you wife had been killed by your daughter!”

Li Yao remained silent, having nothing to add.

“Therefore,” Jin Tuyi said casually, “if I state that you surrendered to the Star Glory Federation a long time ago because you feared that your crimes would be exposed and because you wanted to realize your ambitions, and you are now here to perform a strategical deception in order to postpone the date of the final war, you will not be able to refute such a possibility, will you?

“As for the fact that you turned into a human being from a demon, it was perhaps because of some new technique developed by the Star Glory Federation.

“As far as I know, the Heavenly Capital Medical School and the First Federal Military Medical University in the Star Glory Federation boast quite a high potential in biochemical technology, cell mutation, and the relative fields. It is not entirely unbelievable to think that they made a breakthrough that the Blood Demon Sector hasn’t made yet in a certain aspect.”

Jin Xinyue blinked for a long time, unable to come up with a rebuttal.

Li Yao vaguely found that Jin Tuyi was taking the initiative of the conversation. He hurried to interrupt, “Senior Jin, whether you believe in Jin Xinyue or not, at the very least, the changes that have happened to me and her prove the correctness of the ‘same-origin theory’. They also suggest that demons and human beings can be transformed into each other. Then, why do we have to fight against each other to the point of mutual destruction?”

Jin Tuyi smiled casually. “What does the war have to do with our race? Over the past forty thousand years, the number of Cultivators killed by Cultivators is at least ten times larger than the number of Cultivators killed by demons, and dozens of times more demons have been killed by the claws and teeth of demons than those killed by the flying swords of the Cultivators! Even if I accept the same-origin theory and acknowledge that we belong to the same species, so what? Does it have anything to do with the war between us?”

Li Yao was dazed. He had thought that the trickiest part was to convince Jin Tuyi of the ‘same-origin’ theory. It did not occur to him that the guy would accept theory so quickly and the real problem would actually be something else.

Jin Tuyi continued. “Did you believe that, since the Divine Blood of Chaos can turn demons back into human beings, it can terminate the war between us and bring the valuable peace?”

Pondering for a moment, Li Yao nodded. “It’s indeed what I thought.”

Jin Tuyi laughed. “Then, would you like to turn into monkeys, the ancestors of human beings hundreds of thousands of years ago?”

Li Yao gritted his teeth. He realized what Jin Tuyi meant.

Jin Tuyi’s smile gradually turned into cold brilliance. He moved closer to the camera and said, one word after another, “If you are not willing to turn into a monkey, what makes you think that demons will be willing to turn into human beings? What do you think ‘human being’ stands for? Is it really an honorable, glorious identity that is worth being proud of?”