Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 990

Chapter 990 Li Yao's Desperation?

Sweating hard, Li Yao was lost for words while Jin Tuyi took the initiative of the conversation.

He thought that everything would be good after he convinced Jin Tuyi of the threat of the Imperium of True Human Beings. It never occurred to him that, even if Jin Tuyi believed in the existence of the Imperium of True Human Beings, the guy could still infer an opposite, dark future different from what was on his mind!

And he could not find any argument to fight back!

“You don’t have anything to say now, do you?” Jin Tuyi said coldly. “Maybe, you can promise me that Cultivators like you are kindhearted and sympathetic, and you will never commit such a foul betrayal. But we are both clear that I cannot wager the fate of a whole race on your personal promise.

“We are talking about the future of a Sector. Vulture Li Yao, you couldn’t promise anything even if your Cultivation was levels higher!

“Did you know? There’s something that is quite ironic.

“The arrival of Flying Star Sector, another world of human beings, motivated the Blood Demon Sector to be united and fight a last war. It has significantly improved the Blood Demon Sector’s desire for war, too!

“Before, after learning the basic situation of the Blood Demon Sector, the Star Glory Federation has always been in an awkward situation because the federation will not be able to gain too many benefits even if the Blood Demon Sector is conquered.

“The resources of the Blood Demon Sector have been mostly drained by the demons. This is a rough land dominated by a rough people.

“Even if the federation pays a high price to conquer the Blood Demon Sector, they might not be able to exploit enough benefits from us to make up for the losses during the war.

“We are a burden for them. They cannot stop fighting us, but they cannot gain much after fighting us, either.

“But it is different now.

“Although the Heaven’s Origin Sector and the Blood Demon Sector are both worlds with a single galaxy where there are not many resource planets, the Flying Star Sector does boast tremendous resource planets that are waiting to be developed.

“As a result, the Star Glory Federation’s demand for ‘slaves’ has soared. Every strong slave means countless crystals, ores, and Heavenly Materials and Earthly Treasures!

“Where can they capture almost infinite slaves? The Blood Demon Sector, of course!

“Do you understand now? The arrival of the Flying Star Sector has multiplied the possible benefits that the Star Glory Federation can gain from the war. Even the Cultivators who are not very passionate about the war will be eager to fight after calculating the gains and losses!

“Vulture Li Yao, you thought that you brought hope of peace back from the Flying Star Sector across the sea of stars.

“But in fact, you’ve brought back a dangerous crystal bomb that increased the determination for war of both Sectors. There’s no stopping it now!”

Li Yao was breathing more and more hastily. His hair was standing up, and blood streaks were all over his eyes. Hot steam was popping up from his body. He was in such a trance as if he was going to be mentally deranged!

“Listen to me!” He scratched his hair hard, as if he did not know what to do anymore. “Senior Jin, listen to me. Even if everything you said might happen, what you are doing right now will only make things worse!

“Jin Xinyue and I have already figured what you are up to!

“You firmly believe that the federation will attack the Blood Demon Sector anyway when the time is right. Therefore, you have to attack before you are attacked and wage a final war through the ‘Red Tide Plan’ before the federation is fully prepared, right?

“You are planning to ask part of the main force of the coalition army of demons and a great amount of cannon fodder to pretend that you are marching on a full scale from the regular route, namely the Dark Desolate Domain to the Grand Desolate Plateau and then to the Giant Blade Pass. But it is actually a fake army. They are not the real main force but decoys!

“Your real plan is to teleport the elite troops of the coalition army and all the demon emperors to the offshore counterattack bases left by the Far East Demon Kingdom in the past through the ‘Eye of Blood Demon’ before you stab into the heart of the federation, right?”

Jin Tuyi did not even bother to blink his eyes. His every facial nerve seemed to be frozen, and there was absolutely no change of emotions. He said casually, “Don’t try to elicit anything from me. I will not talk about any detail of the war plan.”

“Whatever your plan is,” Li Yao roared, “it won’t work out! Your ‘Red Tide Plan’ is just a stepping stone for Elder Nether Spring’s Spore Stratagem!”

Jin Tuyi sighed and said, “Young man, you may find it hard to believe, but the Blood Demon Sector actually has rules. Aside from the clandestine assassinations and setups, public accusations must be supported by evidence! How can I believe you when you are accusing a demon emperor without any valid proof? How will the other ten demon emperors believe you? How will the Insect Clan of the Nether Spring Kingdom believe you? After all, Elder Nether Spring is still the leader of the Insect Clan!”

Li Yao hurried to say, “I don’t any direct proof yet, but let me ask you thishas Elder Nether Spring left you with a troop that will march into the Heaven’s Origin Sector with you? I’m 100% certain that the soldiers he left are spores, or rather, ‘genetic bombs’!”

Jin Tuyi pondered for a moment. His eyelids suddenly bounced as he mumbled, “When Elder Nether Spring left the Pantheon of Demons, he handed over the Nether Shadow Guardians, his best troop, to us”

Li Yao was so excited that he almost jumped to his feet. He snapped his fingers and said, “That’s right. I dare say that the Nether Shadow Guardians are the spores! Perform a full examination on them, and you will certain find something very unusual from their cells!”

Jin Tuyi eyed Li Yao weirdly.

Li Yao burst into anger. “After everything we’ve talked about, can’t you believe me just once?”

“I have been believing you all the time, young man, when you said the ‘same-origin’ theory or the Imperium of True Human Beings,” Jin Tuyi said casually.

“But I cannot believe you anymore because I have already performed a full examination on them.”


“Young man, don’t presume that you are the only smart person in the world. Would I be so foolish as to assign the key tasks of the Pantheon of Demons to some random foreigners easily?

“Elder Nether Spring has indeed been acting weird recently, and it was quite unexpected for him to hand over his Nether Shadow Guardians to me. Considering the rumors about the Demon God Virus, I performed the most profound investigation on the Nether Shadow Guardians with an excuse at the earliest chance.

“My investigation included not only their cellular mutations but also their whereabouts over the past couple of years.

“The conclusion is that they are absolutely normal and not carriers of any virus. Also, they have been on duty around the Nether Spring Kingdom over the past couple of years. There’s no way that they went to the Gloomy Wind Islands in the North Pole!

“Even if your spores do exist and were produced in the Nether World in the North Pole, the Nether Shadow Guardians are certainly not carriers.”

Dumbfounded, Li Yao felt that his face was burningly hot from being slapped. “II got it now. This is Elder Nether Spring’s trap! Elder Nether Spring already knew that we would grow suspicious about the Nether Shadow Guardians. So, the Nether Shadow Guardians are just a smoke screen, a disguise! Just because the Nether Shadow Guardians are good doesn’t mean Elder Nether Spring is good! Believe me. Believe me. The spores must be hiding in the coalition army right now!”

Jin Tuyi was looking at Li Yao and Jin Xinyue with pity, as if he wanted to extend his hand out of the light beam and pat on Li Yao’s shoulder to comfort him.

“Young man, you do have a lot of insights. I would be very interested in having a longer conversation with you, but there is no time now.”

Li Yao was dazed. “What do you mean?”

Jin Tuyi smiled. “There are two things that I haven’t told you yet.

“Firstly, all your endeavors were futile. Nothing can be changed even if you convince me because the ‘final war’ between the Blood Demon Sector and the Heaven’s Origin Sector has already broken outone minute ago to be precise!

“The invincible coalition army of demons has marched into the Grand Desolate Plateau through the Dark Desolate Domain and is about to attack the Giant Blade Pass for a second time. This time, we will win!”

The air that Li Yao exhaled was almost directly frozen.

“Secondly, while we were having a sincere dialogue, my subordinates have finally determined your precise coordinates!

“I have to say that you are indeed a marvelous genius in refining. Such a jumbled point-to-point communicator turned out to boast advanced anti-jamming and anti-localizing techniques that allow it to fake hundreds of false coordinates within a breath. Also, because of the interference in the sky, it took the experts of the Pantheon of Demons such a long time to lock onto you!”

Li Yao changed his face color greatly. “Youyou’ve been tracing us since the beginning?”

“Of course,” Jin Tuyi replied calmly. “Why would I waste so much of my time talking to you if I wasn’t? You do not really think that I was appreciating you, do you?

“You don’t need to look around thinking about your escape plan. Now that I’m telling you this, I have certainly imposed an impregnable dragnet about you that you can never breach.

“Right now, seven devilish warships and five demon emperors have surrounded you, including ‘Ape Fiend’ Yuan Riyue, one of the strongest demon emperors of the Blood Demon Sector.

“His son whom he had highest hope in was killed by you a few days ago.

“Ape Fiend versus Vulture. It’s going to be an amazing battle! Capturing an ‘Ultra-Level Federal Hero’ before the ultimate battles takes place Well, well, well. I really can’t think of a better way to boost the morale of our army!”

Li Yao’s face suddenly turned pale, and blood seemed to be spurting out of his eyes.

He looked around crazily, as if he was sensing the warships and demon emperors in the sky. A moment later, his face was more determined and crazier!

Desperation! Li Yao’s face was brimming with the heaviest desperation!

He seemed to envision that he, his family and his enemy were slowly falling into a black swamp.

If everybody was helping each other, it was still possible to crawl out of the swamp.

However, although everybody was deeply mired in the swamp, they were still attacking each other, hoping to jump out of the swamp on the enemy’s body.

“I will not let you capture me alive.”

Li Yao laughed miserably. The last bit of vigor inside his eyes gradually dispersed. What appeared in front of Jin Tuyi was nothing better than a walking zombie.

The zombie softly repeated with his remaining strength, “I will not let you capture me alive.”

The light beam in front of Jin Xinyue’s eyes suddenly shone brilliantly like a supernova outbreak!