Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 991 1

Chapter 991 Black Fire Stone And The Sentinel Part I

When the dark night of Heavenly Path City was illuminated by the brilliant fireworks, on the Grand Desolate Plateau in the Heaven’s Origin Sector, Black Fire Stone felt that his head was rather dizzy because of the overly bright moonlight.

The soft sand below his feet made him feel that he was stepping on the cotton. Staggering for a long time, he finally managed to keep his enormous body steady with his two hooves.

Black Fire Stone took a long breath. The faintness that had only just faded away flooded back again. The air of the Heaven’s Origin Sector was so fresh and sweet that it was almost intoxicating for him. He kept inhaling and forgot to exhale until his lungs were about to explode.

Holding his pounding heart, Black Fire Stone cringed and eyed the new world carefully with the companions around him.

As a black-blood soldier at the bottom level, he had visited the Heaven’s Origin Sector countless times in the illusions with his companions of the same troop, but the real feelings he had after he was teleported to the world could not be simulated by any narcotic drugs.

The sky was so stable, the moon was so bright, the breeze was so gentle, and the air was so sweet. Even the dust that was rolled up by the wind did not seem to carry any venom or poison, much less the hateful blood-sucking gadflies!

Black Fire Stone could not understand why human beings call the place ‘Grand Desolate Plateau’. Compared to the Blood Demon Sector, was it ‘desolate’ at all?

In Black Fire Stone’s opinion, the place should be called should be called called

Black Fire Stone extended his four thick, short fingers and scratched his tough scalp, grinning and leaving the question behind.

As Black-Horned Loading Bulls, a branch of the black-blood demons, Black Fire Stone and his brothers had never been good at thinking. It was their habit to not think about the things that they could not figure out. All they had to do was to listen to the lord’s command.

Black Fire Stone bulged his big eyes and looked for his lord.

He found himself in the middle of a white, overwhelming desert. Behind him was the stormy, volatile Dark Desolate Domain. But in front of him, it was a flat plateau without the least hinderance, except for the few lone sentry posts where lights of panic were flashing.

After the merging of the Heaven’s Origin Sector and the Blood Demon Sector accelerated, the Dark Desolate Domain, as the melding point of the two Sectors, grew larger and larger. Right now, it had already taken up one third of the Grand Desolate Plateau from the north.

It was much easier to rip apart a wormhole in the sky of the Grand Desolate Plateau, too. At the cost of an insignificant number of crystals, it would be enough to send a devilish warship or a demon emperor to the Heaven’s Origin Sector!

Of course, Black Fire Stone did not know such complicated issues. He only noticed that colorful light balls were appearing in the air all around him.

At first, the light balls were shivering like fireflies, but very soon, they expanded into giant torches more than ten meters in diameter. When the dazzling brilliance dispersed and faded away, countless demons had already shown up in the Heaven’s Origin Sector!

Black Fire Stone was too unintelligent to remember the names of the demons. He had never seen so many bizarre-looking companions, either.

Sometimes, he even doubted whether or not the newcomers were his companions because they looked too strange. Some of them were hybrids of lions and tigers. Some had four wings and almost ten eyes with long tail made of colorful feathers behind them. Some were round like balloons floating in the air with layers of sharp thorns on their bodies. When other demons accidentally touched them, they would shriek earsplittingly, and their body size would significantly expand, with their sharp thorns turning into red.

Those guys did not seem easy to deal with. If he ran into them in a forest, Black Fire Stone would certainly run away as fast as possible.

But right now, Black Fire Stone knew that they were on the same side.


Fulminations that sounded like dull thunder broke out in midair. Dozens of light spots resembling fireflies condensed into a magnetic field of mystic rays almost a hundred meters in diameter.

An enormous object was taking shape quickly in the magnetic field.

When the mystic rays dispersed, under the pale moonlight, an enormous insect that was almost five floors tall, with black shells all over its body and a long horn dozens of meters long at the center of its forehead, appeared!


The black shells all over the insect’s body were shivering rapidly, spurting out streams of intense demonic energy, as if a hundred awe-inspiring flags were flapping on his body.

Black Fire Stone could not help but tremble.

Although he did not know what the name of the insect was, as a member of the Horn Clan, it was his natural instinct to revere and worship the divine beasts with great horns.


“Moo! Moo! Moo!”

Black Fire Stone and his companions of the same troop echoed with the giant insect.

A while back, Black Fire Stone had still been a little bit scared of the brutal human beings, but he was fearless now.

Such an awesome insect whose horn was dozens of meters long was here. Could the enemy ever defeat such a godly beast however brutal they were?

“Hurry up! Hurry up! Hurry up!”

The lord who had golden horns and was wearing a black combat suit and dark red armor finally showed up. He waved the super large hammer carved with beautiful patterns hard and roared, “Brute Hammer Troop, gather immediately! What are you stupid bulls dawdling for? Are you f*cking planning on living here forever?

“The evil human beings have occupied the Grand Desolate Plateau, the territory of demons, for two hundred years! They burnt out cities to the ground, annihilated our compatriots, and destroyed our civilization on the Grand Desolate Plateau!

“Right now, after destroying the Grand Desolate Plateau, they are trying to extend their evil hand to our home, the Blood Demon Sector!

“The evil human beings are launching an invasion against the Blood Demon Sector in secret!

“They are going to destroy the Blood Demon Sector in the same way they destroyed the Grand Desolate Plateau! They are going to kill our family the way they kill the demons of the Far East Demon Kingdom and the Grand Desolate Plateau!

“To protect our family, and to defend our homeland, we must cut off the evil hand and eliminate all the malicious human beings!

“Human beings are cowards who only dare launch their flying swords and crystal cannons from behind their city walls!

“But we are the blood descendants of the Pangu Clan. We are the children of Kuafu, Gonggong, and Nuwa!

“This is our last war. The glorious Pantheon of Demons is awaiting us in the clouds!

“Even if our body is destroyed, our soul shall be resurrected in the glorious Pantheon of Demons to realize the eternal immortality!

“Obliteration, rebirth, immortality!”

“Obliteration, rebirth, immortality!”

Black Fire Stone’s tiny ears pricked up as he tried hard to listen.

To be honest, he did not really know what the lord was talking about.

He glanced at his friend, One Ear, who had grown up in the same village with him and was enlisted together with him half a year ago, and noticed that his friend was grimacing at him in confusion, too.

Black Fire Stone grinned in amusement. He was quite happy knowing that his friend was as silly as him.

After living in the military camp for half a year, Black Fire Stone, who was naturally endowed with enormous physically strength, did not have many complaints. But the propaganda three times a day and all the talks about ‘evil human beings’ and ‘glorious Pantheon of Demons’ were giving him quite a headache.

He did not know exactly what the complicated words meant. He only vaguely learned that human beings were not satisfied when they had the best land in the universethey were still trying to burn down his cottage, kill his wife, and cook his children for supper.

Before, Black Fire Stone did not know exactly what the best land in the universe was.

But right now, breathing the fresh air on the Grand Desolate Plateau, he seemed to have realized what it meant.

Human beings were calling such a wonderland ‘Grand Desolate Plateau’; what would the places that were not desolate in their eyes look like?

Black Fire Stone was suddenly grabbed by fury.

Although he had worked hard in the military camp for half a year, he had never forgotten his experience when he looked for food in the barren land.

He could not understand why human beings would be unsatisfied and still want to take over his small, pitiful village when they already had such a fabulous place.

Look. The aspens here did not bite, and the cacti would not shoot out venomous thorns. What a beautiful place!

If he could build a village with his brothers in this place, there would not be a second place in the universe that he would want to go to.

Black Fire Stone could not understand it. Then again, it was his habit to not think about things that he could not understand.

He only knew that he did not want human beings to burn his cottage, kill his wife, and make his ugly children into soup.

“Bring forth the scarabs!” the golden-horned lord suddenly shrieked.

All the Blue-Horned Loading Bulls were excited. The scarab was a treasure when they were in the military camp. Only the black-blood demons who trained themselves hardest and fought the craziest would have the privilege of getting a dosage. They did not expect that every one of them would have one shot.

A fat, round, translucent green beetle was given to Black Fire Stone. Black Fire Stone moved his nose over and took a greedy breath of the scarab after slightly rubbing its bottom, then he stuck the scarab to the back of his head.


The mouthpart of the scarab pierced into his head like lightning, injecting a tremendous amount of nervous stimulant into his brain. The stimulation on his brain nerves made Black Fire Stone roar loudly, and his body size expand. His skin was shattered, and yet he did not feel the slightest pain. He had never been more comfortable in his entire life!

In a trance, he was seeing all kinds of illusions.

Poor village Purple sky Three bloody moons The shrieks of his kids at night because of hunger His wife’s warm body

The golden-horned lord pointed at the sky and shouted, “Do you see it? The glorious Pantheon of Demons is awaiting us in the clouds!”

“I see it now!”

“I see it now!”

“Moo! Moo! Moo!”

Everybody in the Brute Hammer Troop was echoing.

Black Fire Stone did not see it.

Ever since his wife appeared in the illusions, he could not see anything else.

He bit his tongue hard and gritted his teeth to kick away his wife from his brain. Then, he bulged his eyes, which were completely bloodshot, while he stared at the gray, gloomy clouds.

“I see it now!”

“I see it now! The glorious Pantheon of Demons!”

“Obliteration! Rebirth! Immortality!”

His companions of the same troop were shouting one after another. Even One Ear was shrieking that he had seen it before shaking his tail gloatingly toward Black Fire Stone.