Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 993

Chapter 993 Air Fight

When Jin Luanyun ripped apart the clouds in the sky of the Grand Desolate Plateau leading his ‘Gold Eagle Troop’, he did not see the ‘glorious Pantheon of Demons’.

What he did see was the coalition army of demons that was surging like tides from the underground and marching on the vast desert in destructive waves. In just one moment, the ten or so sentry posts of the federal army were swallowed. The intruders dyed the gray desert black.

The battle progressed quite well.

The obstacles ahead had been cleared. The first batch of low-level demons had already steadied themselves and established a defense line.

Behind the defense line, teleportation arrays of an even larger scale were being built. Stripes and runes that took up hundreds of square meters were blossoming like brilliant works, guiding the way for the expedition army of a different world like burning torches.

The low-level demons and the smaller skeleton tanks could be projected to the Heaven’s Origin Sector through the wormholes.

However, the demon emperors and the super-large devilish warships could only be teleported by constructed teleportation arrays, which would be the temporary bridges between the two Sectors.

In the war between the two Sectors, teleportation was the most critical step. It equaled to the ‘beach landing’ in ancient wars!

Jin Luanyun’s ‘Gold Eagle Troop’, which was made of thirteen silver-blood demons of the Gold Crow Kingdom and thirteen biochemical beasts, had been assigned the task of ensuring the safety of the air during the ‘beach landing’ and to clear the possible hostile scouts.

In the previous instances that the Blood Demon Sector waged a war on the Heaven’s Origin Sector, the Claw Clan, the Horn Clan, and the Insect had been the main force, most of which were pure ground troops. Only the Insect Clan boasted certain units that could attack from the midair, such as Ghost Face Silver Mosquitoes or Colorful Locusts.

This was the first time that the ace air force of the Blood Demon Sector had shown up in the sky of the Heaven’s Origin Sector openly!

Jin Luanyun could not help but feel his heart racing and his blood boiling when he thought about that.

He was already determined to let the Cultivators riding on flying swords know who the real dominators of the sky were!

“Intense spiritual waves have been detected 170 kilometers away.”

The ‘Gold Eagle’, Jin Luanyun’s biochemical beast, keenly sensed the enemy from the south. The biochemical brain twitched violently while it searched for similar frequencies in the memory unit.

Very soon, the biochemical brain reported a result.

“The frequency of the enemy’s spiritual waves is very similar to the waves when certain arts of the ‘Agile Electricity Sect of the Heaven’s Origin Sector’ are functioning according to our database.

“The Agile Electricity Sect is one of the top five hundred sects of the Star Glory Federation. They boast an amazing skill named ‘Heavenly Vision Technique’, which grants them better eyesight than many high-resolution crystal cameras!”

Jin Luanyun understood it now.

They were the scouts of the enemy.

“Continue analyzing the firepower of the enemy. Pay special attention to the wind shear. Enter the turbulent area on our left flank and cover our demonic energy with the chaotic wind. Rapid fire when we are within 30 kilometers!”

Jin Luanyun issued commands to his subordinates. Through the biochemical nerves, he adjusted the angle of the feathers of his Gold Eagle precisely, accelerating its speed to a new height, while he dashed toward the Cultivators of the Agile Electricity Sect.

When he was a hundred and twenty kilometers away from the enemy, the Gold Eagle finally detected their details.

“Twenty-two ‘Venomous Bee Armed Shuttles’ have been detected. The armed shuttles of this model are usually maneuvered by ordinary soldiers.

“Seven Cultivators have been detected, including four in the Refinement Stage, two in the Building Foundation Stage, and one in the Core Formation Stage!”

When Core Formation Stage popped up in Jin Luanyun’s head, he sensed excruciating pain!

A flying sword!

Over-the-horizon attacks were the advantage of the Core Formation Stage Cultivators. When they were still more than a hundred kilometers away from each other, and neither of them had locked onto the enemy, the Core Formation Stage Cultivator shot out a rampant flying sword toward him!

Jin Luanyun seemed to be able to envision the flying sword that was surrounded by electric arcs and darting toward him unstoppably through the clouds and win!

Shua! Shua! Shua! Shua!

The eyes of the Gold Eagle were covered in multiple layers of membranes, and its pupils were enlarging and shrinking incessantly, triggering the optical cells on the retina to the maximum. The trajectory of the flying sword was determined in the blink of an eye. Detailed information jumped out of the biochemical brain, too.

“The Mystic Moon III flying sword is 1.7 meters long and weighs 55 kilograms. The body of the sword can accommodate 7.5 kilograms of crystals of the electricity class. The maximum shooting range is 150 kilometers. The best shooting range: 80 kilometers. The greatest feature about the flying sword is that it is surrounded by four tiny ‘servant swords’ as stabilizing fins. The master sword and the servant swords are restricted by the magnetic field. Together with the three groups of vector thrusting rune arrays, the flying sword can change the point of attack at the last phase of its trajectory. It is very difficult to dodge!”

The flying sword was designed for air wars. It boasted of heat tracing, demonic energy tracing, automatic aim, and multiple attack pattern technologies.

Jin Luanyun sensed that he had been locked onto.

He sniffed, and his lips curled into a confident smile.

Over-the-horizon attacks were always what the Cultivators were best at. However, once he was within thirty kilometers from the enemy, and when a close-distance dogfight began, it would be showtime of the demons!

Bring it on. My ‘Gold Eagles’ are entirely different from the Ghost Face Silver Mosquitoes and Colorful Locusts that you dealt with in the past!


Jin Luanyun rushed exactly toward the ‘Mystic Moon III’ flying sword at the full speed. In the end, he was even able to see the shining edge of the flying sword with his own eyes!

When the flying sword was about the pierce through the biochemical beast and him, he suddenly plummeted, manipulating the Gold Eagle as if he had hit an invisible wall. He dived toward the ground vertically, but he left dozens of golden, glittering feathers in the sky, which were simulating the demonic energy of a Gold Eagle!

A clone of demonic energy as a decoy!

However, the ‘Mystic Moon III’ flying sword also turned a sharp turn in front of the false clone of demonic energy and came after him again!

This is an expert!

Jin Luanyun was excited.

The enemy truly deserved to be a Core Formation Stage Cultivator. At the last moment, he adjusted the direction of the flying sword with his telepathic thoughts. Also, the performance of the ‘Mystic Moon III’ flying sword was rather impressive. It was travelling at three times the speed of sound, and the distance was so short. Still, it managed to make the turn!

Jin Luanyun was doing his best. The Gold Eagle dashed rapidly in midair as if it had been caught in an invisible swirl.

The flying sword surrounded by purple electric arcs closely followed him. It was shrieking and rushing in circles behind his back, too.


The ‘Mystic Moon III’ flying sword staggered, and the tip of the sword trembled violently like a spring.

Jin Luanyun smiled and took the opportunity to release a cluster of scarlet venomous gas, wreathing the ‘Mystic Moon III’ flying sword.

Corroded by the venomous gas, the crystals stored inside the flying sword were detonated very quickly, and the blade broke into a dazzling fireball in the sky.

Everything was superb about the ‘Mystic Moon III’ flying sword, except that it had a great weakness. When it was hovering rapidly in small circles, the performance of its sensation rune arrays would drop significantly, thereby hindering the sword from perceiving the subtle changes in the air.

Jin Luanyun took the advantage of the weakness and led the ‘Mystic Moon III’ flying sword to a turbulent area that he had discovered earlier. In such a way, he successfully resolved the over-the-horizon attack from a Core Formation Stage Cultivator!

While he was dealing with the flying sword, his teammates had already lunged close and attacked the human beings’ scouts.

They were exclusively silver-blood demons riding their biochemical beasts. They were definitely the most terrifying existences in the sky!

The ordinary soldiers piloting the ‘Venomous Bee Armed Shuttles’ were no match for them at all. The few Refinement Stage Cultivators were retreating quickly under their attack, too. Only the three Cultivators in the Building Foundation Stage and the Core Formation Stage who were wearing crystal suits could still fight back.

However, after Jin Luanyun, as a demon king, dodged another three flying swords and blew up two, and when he was finally ten kilometers away from the Core Formation Stage Cultivator, the brief impasse was completely shattered.

When Jin Luanyun lunged toward the Core Formation Stage Cultivator with every feather on the Gold Eagle standing up like daggers, he happened to see that a red sun was rising slowly amid the magnificent clouds in the east, dying the sky into a plateau of blood and an ocean of fire.

The spurting red sun was as brilliant and glorious as the future of the Blood Demon Sector!

Yuwen Jiubian stood above the clouds, staring down at the earth coldly with his hands behind his back.

As a demon emperor, he was the supreme commander of the coalition army of demons in the north during the all-in national war.

Below the clouds, his troops were pushing forward unstoppably.

The Gold Eagle Troop of the Feather Clan had cleared the airspace a thousand square kilometers nearby. The Heavenly Might Bronze Bull Legion of the Horn Clan had crushed the biggest stronghold of the federal army in the north of the Grand Desolate Plateau. The Fierce Wind Fiery Leopard Legion of the Clan had even marched five hundred kilometers ahead as if nobody were in their way.

However, Yuwen Jiubian knew clearly that all their endeavors were futile.

The Gold Eagle Troop, the Heavenly Might Bronze Bull Legion, and the Fierce Wind Fiery Leopard Legion were all the elite troops he had right now. The remaining insects and beasts, which seemed hideous and overwhelming, were nothing but neatly-camouflaged cannon fodder.

He was commanding a suicidal attack that was destined to fail.

His sole mission was to lead the false main force and march toward the Giant Blade Pass ‘rampantly’ so that all the elite troops of the Heaven’s Origin Sector would be nailed to the Giant Blade Pass. He was even expected to bait the enemy into the Grand Desolate Plateau and ‘crush’ his own army.

Everything was meant to pave the way for the real main force in the southern battlefield and the Red Tide Plan!

“So what?”

Yuwen Jiubian smiled while he was watching. He mumbled, “Even if the Gold Eagle Troop, the Heavenly Might Bronze Bull Legion, and the Fierce Wind Fiery Leopard Legion are all that I have, I will still make every soldier and Cultivator of the Star Glory Federation remember my name, Yuwen Jiubian, in the thousand years to come!”

He was amused by his own declaration the moment he said it. He shook his head in self-mockery.

He almost forgot that there would be no more ‘Star Glory Federation’ in a thousand years. It would be completely devoured by the Blood Demon Sector, with no bones left.

Yuwen Jiubian had every faith in that. He believed that the slowly-rising, splendid sun not far away would soon belong to them and the demon race!