Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 996

Chapter 996 Fatal Teleportation

Jin Xinyue took more than ten deep breaths, and yet she could not stop her teeth from biting her lips. Panting, she asked, “Are you suggesting that the Red Tide Plan I discovered was exposed by my father on purpose and that it was not the real Red Tide Plan but just another distraction?”

“Do you not feel that, for the commander-in-chief of the coalition army of demons and the nominal leader of the Blood Demon Sector, the Red Tide Plan you know is too simple and straightforward, bordering on childish?” Li Yao asked in return.

Jin Xinyue’s chest was fluctuating fast, and she could barely focus her eyes. She mumbled, “Has father been lying to everybody? Thenthen, what is the real Red Tide Plan? How did you learn it, Master?”

For a moment, Jin Xinyue even suspected that her master and her father were in the same gang!

Sitting cross-legged, Li Yao rubbed his temples to ease the explosive pressure caused by the rapidly-functioning brain, and he analyzed calmly, “In order to crack the Red Tide Plan, I’ve been contemplating one question. How exactly can you teleport a million soldiers to the heartland of the Star Glory Federation?

“The Heaven’s Origin Sector and the Blood Demon Sector are being merged right now, like two eggs that are crushing into each other. The Dark Desolate Domain was the point of impact for the two eggs. The ‘eggshell’ here has been broken. Naturally, the egg white and the yolk inside can flow without obstruction.

“Therefore, it is much more convenient to teleport through the Dark Desolate Domain. Or rather, natural, stable wormholes are appearing without anybody doing anything!

“However, after passing through the wormholes of the Dark Desolate Domain, the coalition army of demons will find themselves in a boundless Grand Desolate Plateau, which causes tremendous pressure to their logistics.

“After the Battle of Dawn, the human towns on the Grand Desolate Plateau have been abandoned, and all the citizens have evacuated behind the Giant Blade Pass. The coalition army of demons will not be able to find any prey even if they want to plunder.

“Therefore, it is impossible to march in this way. Even if the Blood Demon Sector spares no warriors, they will be merely committing suicide!

“Your father had to look for a different approach. On the surface, he located the secret wormholes established by the Far East Demon Kingdom in the past and tried to infiltrate the federation through the inconspicuous paths behind it!”

Jin Xinyue frowned. “Did my father not?”

“You will know the answer after you analyze it,” Li Yao replied. “First of all, the Far East Demon Kingdom created the wormholes for the few nobles to flee to the Blood Demon Sector. Then, how large and stable would the wormholes have been?

“It is one thing to teleport a few thousand nobles to the Blood Demon Sector in different batches over several years, but it is a whole different thing to teleport a million soldiers, who are armed to the teeth and boast colossal war potential, to the Heaven’s Origin Sector instantly!

“The Far East Demon Kingdom was not very strong. Otherwise, it wouldn’t have been demolished by the Star Glory Federation. When they were struggling to survive, were they really capable of establishing wormholes of such enormity? And would the wormholes have been so well-built that they are still stable after five hundred years?

“Passing through wormholes is highly dangerous. One moment of carelessness, and all the troops will be lost in the storm of the four-dimensional space!

“One wave is enough to obliterate a top expert. Wouldn’t it be awkward for a demon emperor to pass through the highly-unstable wormhole, only to discover that their heart, liver, spleen, lung, and kidney had been left on the way?

“It is almost like a bridge between two cliffs that was constructed five hundred years ago and is now beyond repair. The valley that the bridge is in has level-nine storms all year around, which could destroy the bridge at any moment.

“Furthermore, below the bridge is an abyss that nobody will survive!

“Right now, your father is asking hundreds of thousands of soldiers to cram onto the bridge. Is there something wrong with your father’s head?”

Jin Xinyue opened her mouth, only to come up with no rebuttal.

“Also,” Li Yao continued, “your father’s Red Tide Plan claims that the counterattack bases left by the Far East Demon Kingdom five hundred years ago will be used as the bastions for the march of the coalition army of demons.

“But as far as I know, the Star Glory Federation has explored the relics of the Far East Demon Kingdom far and wide, and no intact counterattack bases were ever found along the coastline.

“Let’s say that the Far East Demon Kingdom left some sort of counterattack base in an inconspicuous place in the coastline. Then we are back to the question. Are the bases reliable enough after being scourged by seawater for five hundred years? Is there enough room for so many soldiers? Are the rune arrays and the demonic artifacts still functional?

“Besides, although the Far East Demon Kingdom also belonged to the demon race, their biochemical technology was slightly different to that of the Blood Demon Sector. Are the assets that the Far East Demon Kingdom prepared for their counterattack perfectly compatible with the experts, the biochemical beasts, and the devilish warships of the Blood Demon Sector?

“I don’t believe that you father has never thought of such problems!

“So, my real question is

“Do the awesome ‘secret wormholes of the Far East Demon Kingdom’, allegedly leading to the eastern coastline of the federation, really exist?”

Jin Xinyue was dumbfounded as if she had been struck by lightning. She hurried to say, “Butbut if the wormhole does not exist, how is the coalition army of demons going to be teleported over?”

Li Yao squinted and murmured, “That’s exactly what I’ve been reflecting on. Is there a certain way that the best troops of the Blood Demon Sector can be projected to the heart of the Star Glory Federation instantly?

“For example, is it possible to build a certain ‘super teleportation array’ and rip apart the soft barrier between the two Sectors?”

Jin Xinyue hesitated for a moment and shook her head. “There isn’t such technology in the Blood Demon Sector. The largest teleportation array we’ve ever built is the Eye of Blood Demon.

“It took us ten years to build the Eye of Blood Demon, at the cost of almost all the Heavenly Materials and Earthly Treasures in the Blood Demon Sector for teleportation arrays.

“Right now, we have neither resources nor technology to construct a second super teleportation array.

“But the Eye of Blood Demon is the opposite of the Red Tide Plan’s demand. It can project a few elites to ten thousand lightyears away, but it can’t project a million soldiers to another Sector, however close the Sector is to us.”

Li Yao smiled. “Yes. More than ten years ago, the Heaven’s Origin Sector and the Blood Demon Sector discovered ‘Boneyard’ ten thousand lightyears away almost at the same time. In order to explore the unknown planet, the two Sectors dedicated all the available resources to super teleportation arrays that allowed ultra-long-distance projection.

“In the Heaven’s Origin Sector, we built the Heaven’s Artillery.

“In the Blood Demon Sector, you built the Eye of Blood Demon.

“It was through the Heaven’s Artillery that I was teleported to Boneyard.

“The best demon generals of the demon race, led by Wang Ji of the Kingdom of Lion Butchers, were teleported to Boneyard through the Eye of Blood Demon, too.

“Later, I slew Wang Ji and was teleported into the depths of the sea of stars with Skeleton Dragon. The rest is history.

“The designing purpose of the Heaven’s Artillery and the Eye of Blood Demon was to explore the great universe. Therefore, it was the distance of teleportation that counted but not the maximum capacity.

“For the convenience of our discussion, let’s compare most of the teleportation arrays to two different types of slingshots.

“The first type of slingshotslet’s call them ‘distance slingshots’can throw a stone weighing half a kilogram a hundred kilometers away.

“The second type is ‘weight slingshots’, which can throw a huge rock weighing a ton five hundred meters away.

“Distance of projection matters in the first case, and the mass of the object to be teleported matters in the second. Are you following me?”

Jin Xinyue nodded. It was rather a shallow metaphor.

“Both the Heaven’s Artillery and the Eye of Blood Demon belong to the first type, the ‘distance slingshots’, because they are devised to send only a few elites somewhere far, far away, right?”

“Yes,” Jin Xinyue agreed. “But the Red Tide Plan requires the second type, the ‘weight slingshots’!

“The Blood Demon Sector and the Heaven’s Origin Sector are close enough to each other. The excessive distance is too much of a waste. What is needed right now is the ‘loading capacity’ to accommodate a huge number of soldiers!

“With the resources and technology of the Blood Demon Sector right now, I don’t think it’s possible to produce a ‘weight slingshot’ that is large enough. Otherwise, we wouldn’t have had to break into the Heaven’s Origin Sector through the Dark Desolate Domain every time!”

Li Yao blinked. “Do you think the two types of slingshots can be modified and transformed into each other?”

Jin Xinyue was dazed. Pondering, she replied, “The designing mechanism of the two types of teleportation arrays, the distribution of rune arrays, and the construction methodology are all different. They can hardly be modified into each other, can they?”

“You’re wrong,” Li Yao said. “Do you know how I returned from the Flying Star Sector?

“The normal space jump technology of the Flying Star Sector was not enough for me to return to the Heaven’s Origin Sector or the Blood Demon Sector freely.

“But in the Flying Star Sector, we discovered a mysterious planet named ‘Ice King’ in which there was an enormous super teleportation whose sole purpose was to boost the planet, allowing it to make a ‘short-distance jump’ within the Flying Star Sector.

“Despite the size and the mass of a planet, it could still be teleported through the teleportation array. Wouldn’t such a teleportation array be a ‘weight slingshot’?”

Jin Xinyue’s eyes suddenly shone. “It sounds like one that my father is in dire need of right now. A super teleportation array that can sent hundreds of thousands of soldiers!”

“Precisely. But at that time, it was not a ‘weight slingshot’ that we needed but a ‘distance slingshot’, like an upgraded version of the ‘Heavenly’s Artillery’ or the Eye of Blood Demon, so that my few companions and I could return to our home across the sea of stars!

“Therefore, the experts of the Flying Star Sector performed a full upgrade on the teleportation array on Ice King. Eventually, its mode was changed from a ‘planetary warship’ into a ‘super long-distance universal slingshot’!

“Do you see where I’m getting at?”

“Master is saying that, since a ‘weight slingshot’ can be modified into a ‘distance slingshot’, it is definitely possible to do the conversion the other way around and modify a ‘distance slingshot’ into a ‘weight slingshot’!

“The Eye of Blood Demon, the only super teleportation array of the Blood Demon Sector, is a ‘distance slingshot’ that highlights the distance of teleportation but overlooks the maximum capacity.

“However, after a series of transformations, it is very possible to modify the Eye of Blood Demon into a ‘weight slingshot’, which, although unable to cover a distance of ten thousand lightyears, can totally teleport a million soldiers to the Heaven’s Origin Sector, our next-door neighbor!”