Gamers Of The Underworld Chapter 37

Chapter 37: Baiting Cramer

Sherlock initially wanted the gamers to construct basic and productive buildings. If they could discover valuable ores such as Magic Stones, then he could use the Magic Stones to buy other Dungeon Cores to upgrade his Dungeon.

With the upgrade of the Dungeon Core, he could recruit higher level servants, as Goblins were mere laborers and couldn't become warriors. Goblins were weak and had low intelligence.

But the intelligence of the otherworld's gamers was much higher than normal Goblins. In addition, they could revive infinitely. Sherlock had a bold idea.

"Bru, I have a bold idea," Sherlock said.

"Lord Sherlock, you've finally understood?" Bru said excitedly, "You intend to form an army from the gamers and attack other Dungeons? I prepared a comprehensive battle plan! Though our Dungeon Core can only recruit Goblins, we can make use of various missions to strengthen the gamers. Then we can locate a Dungeon as our target and set up a Teleport Portal outside it. Using the unlimited revivals of the gamers, we can let the gamers attack the targeted Dungeon tirelessly. With sufficient Mana from Lord Sherlock, we will be able to conquer the Dungeon!"

"When we use this method to obtain other Dungeon Cores, I will be able to upgrade and recruit more and stronger Underworld creatures. Our power will snowball, and we can then take over the entire Underworld. Perhaps even the Spiritual World. After that, we conquer the Surface World. At that point, I would become the only Dungeon Core, while Lord Sherlock would become the most powerful Devil King!"

Bru spoke excitedly. In his description, a rosy future unraveled like a scroll painting.

Sherlock didn't respond to Bru's fantasy. He asked calmly, "How long were you abandoned?"

"I was abandoned for 10,000 years, Lord Sherlock. You just woke me half a month ago," Bru replied respectfully.

"That's why. If I were a Devil 10,000 years back, I would be excited hearing your plan, but times have changed, Bru," Sherlock said.

"The age of conquering Dungeons without reason has passed. Now is an ordered Underworld Society. Let's not talk about the difficulties of conquering a Dungeon. The Devils have to go through 90 years of voluntary education, so each of the Dungeon Lords could potentially be my classmate, senior, or junior! As for conquering or destroying the entire world, only ancient Devils would have such goals. The new generation Devils aren't interested."

Sherlock smiled as though he recalled something funny before speaking again.

"The teachers in school told me that if a creature lived in agony since birth, then the suffering inflicted by a Devil wouldn't be significant. The creature would die, and the soul would return to the Spiritual World and have nothing to do with the Devil. If the creatures were addicted to bliss and then inflicted with tragedy, however, their souls would be the most delicious as they suffer in pain while reminiscing about their previous bliss. The Magic Stones formed from their souls would be the most expensive."

Sherlock smiled after explaining.

"Devils are not flesh destroyers but manipulators of the heart."

"The difficulty of your goal is much greater," Bru said smilingly. He then said, "Since I didn't guess your bold idea, can you tell me your bold idea?"

"I feel I'm a genius." Sherlock felt extremely excited as he rubbed his hands and said, "Didn't you say that the Goblins can defeat superior opponents after repeated battles, experience, and revivals?"

Sherlock clapped his hands and said, "I can make use of the gamers to earn money by registering them as Gladiators and letting them fight! Think about it. Their opponents are Orcs, Werewolves, and Stitches, which are very strong Underworld creatures, while I only have weak Goblins. I let them fight superior creatures in the Gladiator Arena, and the bets would be against the Goblins. After being killed ten times, if they accumulate enough experience, I'll bet in the Goblins' favor once they can defeat the superior creatures. I'll have a windfall once they win!"

"Lord Sherlock, didn't your 90 years of voluntary education teach you not to touch gambling? The way you're squeezing those gamers… are you a Devil?" Bru pondered before asking.

"That's correct, I'm a superior Devil." Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Sherlock's idea was bold. He didn't have much money. Even if he registered those gamers as Gladiators and bet in their favor, how many rounds of losses could he bear before he could win back the money? If he lost too many times, even if he won once, he couldn't recoup his losses.

Of course, the gamers had to be as remarkable as Bru had said.

While Sherlock and Bru were chatting, the gamers outside had put on their armor and gathered for a discussion.

"How is it? How is it? What did you find out? How is the skill of the BOSS? How are the skills of the minions?"

"What do you expect? We only fought once. We discovered that the Aggro of the minions isn't linked to the leader, Cramer. We could bait the Houndhead Warriors far away without the leader's notice!"

"Isn't that the same as fighting the Spiders?"

"Yes, could we use the same tactics as we did for the Spiders to fight the Houndhead Men? Bait a few to kill them bit by bit?"

"We could try. I feel it's feasible."

"A few of us could pull Cramer's Aggro, while another group with Short Bows could take care of the minions. Stand far away. After killing a few minions, we could retreat a distance. They have twenty to thirty men, and it would take us a few waves to eliminate them. When Cramer is the only one left, we'll stack on top of the leader and kill him!"

"This method is feasible. The most difficult is Cramer. A hammer for each Goblin. That's totally unreasonable!"

"Wait, are you sure this game has an Aggro system?"

"Should have. If not, why did the Houndhead Men chase us all the way? When we fought the Spiders, didn't they attack the closest Goblin?"

"I feel that we can try this method. Those Houndhead Men blockaded our paths, so we can't fight the Spiders to obtain our materials."

"Yes, yes, let's settle the Houndhead Men. After completing the Main Plot Mission, we can get rewards. I'm waiting to obtain my materials. I haven't improved my equipment."

After they had finished their discussion and finalized their tactics, they formed different teams from 50 gamers. Twenty gamers brought shields, as they had to pull Cramer's Aggro and be cannon fodder. Besides shields, they left their belongings in the Dungeon for safekeeping by other gamers. As the number of Beta Gamers was small and there was no storage system, the gamers helped to safekeep each other's belongings.

Five gamers were armed with Short Bows, and they were responsible for eliminating the main force of the Houndhead Men. The rest of the gamers were fully equipped and were tasked to protect the Archers. When the Archers depleted their arrows, the fully equipped gamers would become the main fighting force.

Those who weren't in the expedition were either not fully equipped or not confident in the tactics. They only wanted to carry bricks and earn money peacefully.

After assigning their tasks, the fifty gamers set out merrily.

Sherlock was interested to know if their new tactics would be effective, so he used his Mana to observe the expedition.

The fifty gamers arrived at the Houndhead Men's campsite and reiterated their tasks and combat tactics. Then the shield-bearers went forward.

The five Archers readied their arrows on the bowstrings as they prepared anxiously. They waited for the shield-bearers to bait Cramer before releasing their volley at the Houndhead Warriors.

Time was up, but how were they going to pull Cramer's Aggro?

The shield-bearer, Peasant, shouted, "I'll bait Cramer." Then he walked out without hesitation. The distant Houndhead Men noticed Peasant when he suddenly shouted, "Grandsons!"