Ghost Emperor Wild Wife Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1334

Chapter 1334 Feigning Illness 4

However, she didn’t expect that this young man would actually agree on behalf of Hong Luan!

The surrounding crowd also reacted due to Yun Luofeng’s words and instantly they all looked at Xia Chu.

“Miss, with your background, you are not deserving of Young Master Ling Chen. Why don’t you back off?”

“That’s right, what this young master said is correct. Earlier on, you said you intended to leave Young Master Ling Chen so that they could get together. Right now you’ve been given the chance, so why are you unwilling to leave?”

“Tsk tsk, aren’t you asking the obvious? From the start, she didn’t intend to leave and was merely putting on an act. How can such a woman have any right to be compared to Miss Hong Luan?”

If it was in other places, perhaps many would consider Xia Chu as pitiful and stand on her side. However, this was the East Province!

Although Hong Luan’s personality was domineering, she was also very protective of her own! As long as they were the East Province’s citizens, she would not be miserly in extending her own assistance as long as one was in a difficult situation! It was also because of this that within the East Province she had received the love and respect of the common people.

Therefore, Xia Chu wanting to lead the public opinion around was a good move yet found the wrong location.

“Why?” Xia Chu stood up from the ground. Her footsteps staggered and tears flowed from her pale face, “Just because my background isn’t strong enough, so I have to receive your criticisms and not even have the right to be together with my beloved? Don’t tell me falling in love with someone is also wrong?”

Yun Luofeng crossed her arms and cast a sideways glance at Xia Chu. “First, you were the one who said you wanted to leave and no one forced you!”

“Second since you’re deeply in love with Ling Chen, you can just be together with him, yet now you’re here to disturb Hong Luan. Aren’t you shooting yourself in the foot?”

Xia Chu’s body shivered. “I I only wanted to help Young Master Ling Chen.”

“Alright, then I will give you another opportunity. If you can kneel here for five days and nights, perhaps I might consider giving Hong Luan to him!” Yun Luofeng pulled on Hong Luan’s hands and walked out. “Let’s go, having had the atmosphere spoiled by someone, I do not have the mood to continue staying.”

The moment she walked past Xia Chu, her footsteps paused and she spoke in a low tone, “I will not let anyone harm Hong Luan, so if you wish to court death, I won’t mind killing you!”

After throwing her these words, the white-robed young man had already cut through the crowd and disappeared from Xia Chu’s line of sight.

On the bustling street, Hong Luan struggled free of Yun Luofeng’s hand and stopped. Raising her head, she looked at Yun Luofeng. “Earlier on thank you.”

If it were up to her, she would definitely take action after being provoked by Xia Chu. However, Yun Luofeng was different! Even if she didn’t take action, she could let Xia Chu be totally refuted, and cause Xia Chu who was originally in an advantageous position to immediately fall into a disadvantage!

Yun Luofeng turned and looked at the red-robed lady. “Hong Luan, in order to enter the Governor’s Estate, Xia Chu will definitely kneel in the restaurant for five days and nights. At that time, send someone to monitor her. In addition, you have to be prepared to be reproached by Ling Chen.”

Hong Luan smiled. “In the past, I had fallen for Ling Chen, but afterward I realized that I was blind. Words from that bastard can no longer affect me in the slightest, and in addition”

Her voice paused and she continued speaking, “What you’ve done was right! Ling Chen is deeply in love with Xia Chu and if I force Xia Chu to kneel for five days and nights, he will definitely fly into a rage! In the future, I can also break away from his pestering.” Hong Luan sighed and her voice was somewhat sentimental.

They who were once childhood friends, how did they end up having a falling out to this extent?