God Emperor Chapter 1103

Chapter 1103 Kill Anyone In The Way

The Immortal Vampires of the Qingtian Tribe all laughed in excitement. They thought that the result was set. The human Time and Space Descendant would definitely die.

They might even be able to drink his blood and improve their physical bodies.

“A legendary human is about to die. I really anticipate how delicious his blood must be.”

Princess Yanxin licked her red lips. Her pretty eyes burned brightly.

Blood Saint Zuotian had his arms behind his back casually. Smiling, he said, “As expected, only Your Majesty can kill Zhang Ruochen cleanly.”

Chang Wan lifted his arms. Every inch of his skin shone with bloody light. “If I had more time, I could suppress Zhang Ruochen too,” he muttered.

Princess Yanxin glanced at Chang Wan with disdain. “You’re shameless enough to say that? You’ve already gone through the Saint Trials three times, but you can’t even take down a Seventh Level Half-Saint. You were personally named as the future king by Blood Emperor Qingtian, but you can’t even do that?”

If others dared to humiliate him like this, Chang Wan would definitely punch them. However, this was Princess Yanxin. He couldn’t attack. Princess Yanxin had a huge background, but merely her abilities were enough to instill fear in him.

Chang Wan felt speechless inside too. After all, when he was a Seventh Level Half-Saint, he could kill human Ninth Level Half-Saints too. However, now he’d gone through three Saint Trials and was only a step away from the Saint Realm, but he still couldn’t take down a Seventh Level Half-Saint.

Was there anything more humiliating than this?

“Why are there still waves of vitality from underground? Did he not die yet?” Blood Saint Zuotian sensed something was wrong. His forehead furrowed deeply.

Chang Wan was very confident in Crown Prince Qingtian. “With the Crown Prince’s abilities, killing Zhang Ruochen is as easy as butchering a pig. There’s nothing to worry—”


A loud explosion came from underground. The entire space shook violently. Then a figure with an arched back flew out from the ground. He shot hundreds of feet into the air before stopping.

Everyone looked over. When they saw the figure, they were all shocked. It was Crown Prince Qingtian.

There was blood on the corner of his lips. His stomach had a bloody footprint. It was obvious that he’d been kicked into the air.

Who was strong enough to be able to hurt Crown Prince Qingtian and kick him away?

Zhang Ruochen?

Crown Prince Qingtian stood in the air with serious eyes. He stared at the dark hole below.

Five-colored light flooded out of the hole. It grew stronger until the entire oasis was filled with the chaotic five-colored light.

Footsteps sounded.

Zhang Ruochen walked calmly out of the hole. He was covered in blood, but the bloodstains were all covered by the colorful light.

Without wasting more breath, the 122 apertures of Crown Prince Qingtian all shone with brilliant light. It was like a starry sky. He unleashed all his power and slammed down with both hands at once.

Instead of dodging, Zhang Ruochen actually shot upward while uttering in his mind, Dragon Traveling Nine Days.


A deafening dragon’s roar spread for thousands of miles. An extremely long dragon shadow appeared around Zhang Ruochen. It overlapped with his palm print and crashed against Crown Prince Qingtian’s handprint.


The dark dragon shattered Crown Prince Qingtian’s handprint while Zhang Ruochen’s hit against him. He was thrown into the air again, tossed even higher up.

Crown Prince Qingtian spat out fresh blood. He was heavily injured.

The entire space sank into deathly silence. Everyone gaped at this scene. It was too shocking!

Crown Prince Qingtian, seventh on the Outer Rank, actually spat out blood from the hit. How did Zhang Ruochen suddenly become so powerful?

He stood calmly on the ground, but all the Vampires retreated in fear. He completely looked as if he was undefeatable. All the smiles on the Vampires’ faces disappeared, replaced with looks of fear.

The Blood Ant Beast King and Shizu Bird Beast King inhaled sharply. Their scalps went numb. They immediately led their beasts to 300 miles away.

Zhang Ruochen now gave them as much pressure as the Sky-Swallowing Demonic Dragon. If they didn’t retreat far enough, they might not be able to escape once Zhang Ruochen started killing.

Wan Huayu was also shocked, but it quickly dawned on her. Smiling excitedly, she said, “I see now! Zhang Ruochen attacked the Qingtian Tribe alone because he wanted to use Crown Prince Qingtian’s pressure to reach a higher cultivation realm. Now, it seems that he’s succeeded and the situation will turn now.”

After learning that Zhang Ruochen had reached a new realm, all the humans were extremely excited. This meant that, other than the few Heirs, the humans had another top fighter that could terrorize the savage beasts.

Crown Prince Qingtian finally steadied himself and landed on the ground. Half of his yellow robe was torn up and his hair was messy. He no longer had the elegant and graceful composure. Eyes turning red, he said, “Zhang Ruochen, you used me as your whetstone to help you reach a higher realm. Are you feeling proud now?”

Zhang Ruochen stood across from Crown Prince Qingtian, his expression like still water. “It’s not like I’ve suddenly become a Saint. There’s nothing to be proud of. I can only say that I can finally fight with you. Hurry and use your true abilities. I don’t believe that the 7th place on the Outer Rank is this weak.”

“Alright! I’ll give you what you want.”

Before Crown Prince Qingtian acted, the power of a composite formation from the Ninth Level half-Saints within the bloody array of the Immortal Vampires controlled a tripod-shaped Thousand-pattern Saint Weapon. It flew out, activating the Destruction of the Thousand-patterns and pressing down on Zhang Ruochen.

Zhang Ruochen glanced to the side. He gradually controlled all his Holy Qi and slapped forward. His palm crashed against the Thousand-pattern Saint Weapon.


The Thousand-pattern Saint Weapon flew sideways. It hit a blood pool in the near distance, shattering the pool. There were around 100 Vampires cultivating around the pool. When hit by the energy wave, they all let out pained cries.

Dozens of them died on the spot.

Using bare hands to force a Thousand-pattern Saint Weapon away and overlook the Destruction of the Thousand-patterns was something only the Sky-Swallowing Demonic Dragon could do before.

Everyone was terrified by this shocking scene.

“Act together and help the Crown Prince suppress Zhang Ruochen.”

Chang Wan shone with saintly light. He formed a 300-foot-tall saint image. Lifting two black spears, he attacked Zhang Ruochen first.

Next, Blood Saint Zuotian, Princess Yanxin, and Gui Wu all attacked as well.

Blood Saint Zuotian’s sleeve curled. He swept up the Thousand-pattern Saint Weapon in the blood pool. Holding it in his palm, he activated the Destruction of the Thousand-patterns and attacked Zhang Ruochen.

A red-hot furnace hovered above Princess Yanxin’s head. It also surged with the Destruction of the Thousand-patterns. The yellow-gold trees in the oasis were destroyed instantly. It became a wilderness with spewing flames.

Gui Wu’s body scattered into a cloud of black fog. He rushed into the ground and vanished. No one knew when he would rush out again and perform a fatal strike on Zhang Ruochen.

Each of the four strong figures of the Qingtian Tribe were able to counter lower Saints. It was incredible if they fought together. Even Crown Prince Qingtian would have to retreat.

Chang Wan’s attack arrived first.

His two spears had become as thick as pillars. They surged with electricity and bloody light. They stood like divine pillars in the sky and pressed down on Zhang Ruochen.

“Looking for death,” Zhang Ruochen uttered.

The Abyss Ancient Sword had appeared in Zhang Ruochen’s hand at some point. He cut down, leaving a long trail of light, and hacked the spears apart with a boom. The sharp Sword Qi continued flying out. It tore apart Chang Wan’s saintly image and fell onto him. It left a deep gash on his chest, almost cutting him in half.

Chang Wan was extremely shocked. He repressed his injury and immediately escaped.

“Where are you going?”

Zhang Ruochen stomped on the ground. The power of space burst from his feet, shattering all the space within hundreds of feet.

Princess Yanxin and Blood Saint Zuotian’s attacks all vanished when they entered the shattered space. They couldn’t hurt Zhang Ruochen at all.

Gui Wu, who’d been hiding underground, immediately ran out and escaped into the distance.

Princess Yanxin and Blood Saint Zuotian put away their Thousand-pattern Saint Weapons. They immediately used physical techniques to put distance between them and Zhang Ruochen. They were afraid of getting swept into the shattered space.

Chang Wan couldn’t escape. A spatial crack blocked his escape route.

“Damn it, how can Zhang Ruochen suddenly reach a new level and become so strong?”

Chang Wan was in a panic. He wanted to escape, because he knew that Zhang Ruochen could kill anyone in his way now, even a god or Buddha. Chang Wan wasn’t his match at all.

“Sword Five!” Zhang Ruochen’s voice came from behind Chang Wan. He was getting closer.

Sensing danger, Chang Wan put up his saintly image. But before he could attack, a beam of sword light flew over and stabbed both him and the saint image simultaneously.

Poof, poof.

Dense sword veins appeared all over Chang Wan. Then he exploded like porcelain into a cloud of bloody mist. He left spatters of blood on the ground.

Holding the bloody sword, Zhang Ruochen walked out of the mist. He looked very cold. To the Immortal Vampires, he was like the god of death.

Chang Wan, who’d gone through three Saint Trials and would’ve become a king, had fallen. Who else dared to go against Zhang Ruochen?

All the Vampires looked down ata Crown Prince Qingtian. Perhaps only he could stop this god of death.

But could he really?