God Level Punishment System Chapter 2204

Chapter 2204: Endless Turbulence 4

And in the monk's subsequent words, it was indeed true that the word Taishangcheng was mentioned.

"After I got it, I gave it to a friend of mine. That friend of mine is still a Buddha of your Buddhism," Ling Zhi smiled. "You can't get out of this boundless sea anyway, you Wouldnt it be better for the things to fall into the hands of your Buddhist sect?"

"Buddha Buddha?" the monk murmured, "There are nine Buddhas in each generation, and the last nine Buddhas met. If there is a Buddha who can worship eight of them and become himself, he can be a Buddha. The next suzerain."

The monks spirit seems to have been hiding in the relic for too long, causing his spirit to seem to have some problems. Although his mind is clear, his words are almost undisguised.

Just like at this moment, the words that popped out of his mouth were far from the image of Buddhism's sorrow and compassion. If they spread out, they might shake the foundation of Buddhism.

Obviously, it is not surprising that the other party, as an ancestor of the Buddhist sect, knows this.

But at the moment the other party said such words so casually, it just shows that he is abnormal.

The nine sons slaughtered each other, but only one person remained, who was the master of the Buddhist sect.

Then the Lord of the Buddha sect, didn't he stained his hands with the blood of his sect before he took office?

"What?" Seeing Ling Zhi's plain expression, the monk seemed a little dissatisfied. "Do you think it's easy?"

"Nine Buddhas must fight each other in the illusion created by the Buddha sect, and from the beginning to the end of the battle, they are not allowed to join forces. Moreover, the cultivation of the Buddha must reach an agreement. A Buddha wants It's easier to talk about surpassing the other eight people in the same realm as you? Being able to be selected as a Buddha has very similar talents!"

Facing the explanation and introduction made by the monk himself, Shi Huang replaced Ling Zhi and asked,

"Even if it is so cruel, one person will inevitably survive in the end. Then why the Buddha Sect has never heard of the emergence and birth of a new suzerain except for the creation of the suzerain?"


Shi Huang's question is normal, and there is nothing short of what he said. This is what has been puzzling over the countless years of Buddhism.

From the fact that one of the ancestors of Anbai and An Bai had to pass directly across the state of the reincarnation star, it can be seen that the status of the Buddha in this world.

But with such a powerful and mysterious sect, in countless years, no new sect master has appeared. Isn't this very weird?

You know, without the appearance of the master of the Buddha sect, no one can integrate the branches of the Buddha sect scattered throughout the universe, and the strength of the Buddha sect has never been able to reflect.

This is extremely detrimental to the development of a sect.

Even if it is for the Buddha to develop his own disciples, it is not good.

But after Shi Huang asked these words, the monk's body trembled violently.

It's the kind of real tremor, the trembling from the depths of the heart.

Even though the soul was damaged and his mind was a little unclear, the monk still showed such a reaction, which just shows that this is the instinct deep in his heart.

This seemed to evoke a certain big fear deep in his heart, causing the monk to tremble and unable to speak for a long time.

After Ling Zhi and Shi Huang were about to lose their patience, he suddenly exclaimed, "The first generation of the Lord of the Buddha Sect is immortal! The Lord of the Buddha Sect is the only one forever!"

This loud roar of his voice was so loud that he actually used the lion roar technique of the Buddha Sect, and the sound turned into a lion, across the boundless sea, spreading throughout the noisy battlefield.

Such words not only shocked the hearts of Ling Zhi and Shi Huang, but also the beast ancestor who was quietly controlling all of them in the dark couldn't help frowning, revealing a look of doubt and palpitations.

It seems that the name of the head of the Buddha sect is the beast ancestor who is one of the four ancestors of the upper realm, and cannot be ignored and despised, and needs attention.

Especially the words that popped out from the monk population at this moment reminded the beast ancestors of some long-lived rumors.

When he got to the point where he was, his views on many things were naturally farther and clearer than those of Lexus.

The untenable saying that the Lord of the Buddha Sect is the only one, eternal immortality, to him, can't be beaten to death with a stick, but should be more mindful and careful.

I just don't know why, after Lexus appeared, the beast ancestor did not attack Lexus, even if his traces had been exposed by Lexus, he was still hiding himself as much as possible.

After the monk yelled, it was like a sneeze. The whole person became much more sober. After stopping for a while, he suddenly said, "Hand over the Longquan Bi tin insect, I naturally have a way. Leaving Wuyahai, why do you say that it is impossible for me to leave Wuyahai?"

"When I get out of the boundless sea, your friend who took my things, I will naturally come to the door and ask for it." The monk said coldly.

"Unexpectedly, you know quite a lot. Even after leaving Wuyahai, things have already been planned," Ling Zhi didn't show any emotion in the monk's words, but said indifferently.

"It's just that you shouldn't want to hit us, because you can't **** the Longquan Bi Tin Worm from our hands. Without it, you can't leave the boundless sea. Of course, when you want to hit us After the idea, even if you can leave the boundless sea alone, you will not have this chance."

After leaving this sentence, Ling Zhi had no time to give the monk any more time to respond, and he stood up and rushed towards the other party.

He also planned to continue the melee, plundering some ancestral spirits, first to feed the Chaos Qinglian, and secondly to force the secret beast ancestor to show up. He didn't have so much free time, and he slowly grappled with this monk here.

At this moment, the monk is sober and sane, it is impossible to make any more tricks.

"So courageous!"

The monk yelled, folded his hands and recited the Buddha's name.

Rays of golden light penetrated from the bones of his body, dyed his bones, dyed his flesh and blood, and even the blood became golden.

It was like sprinkling a lot of gold powder on his body, his whole body turned into a golden color instantly, without the slightest variegated color.

The Buddha's name is like the muffled thunder in the sky, condensed in Lingzhi and his space, condensed but not scattered, constantly shaking, disturbing Lingzhi's soul.

The Weeping Blood Sword slashed high in the sky and cut across the monk's body, but there was a crashing sound, as if crashing on a big bell, there was actually a bell echoing.

The appearance of the bell made the sound of the Buddha's horn suddenly increased a lot.