God Level Selection System Chapter 981

Chapter 981: Respectively

Chapter IX Hundred and Thirty Nine

"Why, there is a pure fox nest?"

Seeing the mastiff warning, Yang Tong, the prince's eldest son, turned over and took out a long bow, his eyes narrowed.

There was a force of vigor,

"Pure foxes have spirituality, maybe they still have some means!"

"But...Even so, we still can't escape our palms. After all, the group of mastiffs we brought has the ability to see through ghosts!"

The mastiff roaring in the cave in the valley.

A group of foxes were immediately alarmed, and one by one they withdrew from the state of cultivation.

"what sound?!"

Hong Yi was also awakened.

During this period of martial arts practice, he had already been reborn, and his ear power had also greatly increased. Although he was far away, he also heard the sound of a dog barking from outside.

"Haw, haw! Haw!"

A group of foxes are obviously more sensitive than Hong Yi, and they jumped up when they heard the roaring dogs barking in the wind and snow outside.

Haw barked, looking very flustered.

"No? A hunter has entered the mountain!"

Hong Yi understood immediately.

In heavy snowy days, deep in the mountains and old forests, it is impossible for dogs to bark for no reason.

The only explanation is that hunters entered the mountain!

Right now, he quickly raised his head and looked towards the door.

But seeing that Ye Chen and Bai Ziyue were still talking and laughing, they were shocked and immediately disappeared.

In the Hou Mansion, I have been oppressed for a long time, but for a while, it is difficult to adapt to the feeling of having a big backing behind.

As the saying goes, the sky is falling, and there is a tall man against it.

With Ye Chen and Bai Ziyue here, why should he be so panicked?

"Let's go, let's take a look, which characters are here!"

Suddenly when Ye Chen spoke, Hong Yi and Bai Ziyue looked at each other, smiled slightly, and quickly followed, the three of them walked out of the cave, facing the wind and snow, and walked out of the valley.

Outside the valley is a small hillside with relatively high terrain.

There are woods on the hillside, which can hide the body or be condescending, and see a long path outside the valley.

at this time.

A group of people are driving a dozen mastiff dogs, searching towards the valley.

Their goal is obvious, it is the foxes inhabiting the valley.

"It's them?"

Hong Yi recognized Hong Xuejiao and others at a glance, frowning subconsciously.

The instinct of getting along for many years made him know clearly that these people are very difficult to deal with.

It lies not only in their own strength, but also in the forces behind them...

Fortunately, with Ye Chen and Bai Ziyue by his side, he was fearless.

"Princess, in the woods on the small hill in front, there is something angry!"

"Why, the pure fox is hiding in the forest?"

"Just let the mastiff go up first, I'm afraid it will tear the fox to pieces, that's not good, I want undamaged fur!"

"Xuejiao, your arrow skills are good, wait for the mastiff to go up and drive the fox out, and you can shoot them in the eyes again without hurting the fur."

"Princess, there is no problem."

The group of people who drove the mastiffs and rode their horses were Princess Yongchun, Hong Xuejiao, Jing Yuxing, and Yang Tong, the prince's son.

Just now on the snow, the mastiff noticed the atmosphere of the fox.

While barking, chasing fiercely, finally led them all the way to here.

"It's freezing cold and I was about to eat a bite of dog meat. I didn't expect someone to bring it to my door immediately. It couldn't be better."

Seeing Hong Xuejiao, Jing Yuxing and others driving the mastiff up the hillside, Ye Chen gave a chuckle.

Before the laughter fell, more than a dozen mastiffs turned their heads in unison, a fierce light flashed in their eyes, their mouths roared, and they rushed towards Jing Yuxing's group.

The loyal mastiff actually bites the owner back!


Although Jing Yuxing and the others encountered such a change suddenly, they were not surprised at all, and immediately shot, either fisted, or arrows flew like rainbows.

In a blink of an eye, a dozen mastiffs were killed.

Among the group of people, Jing Yuxing's movements were the most clean, fierce and powerful, and his reactions were like electricity, showing the extraordinary skill of this "Little Li Guogong".

But he didn't have the slightest smile on his face. Instead, he looked at the surrounding mountains and forests very vigilantly, shouting in his mouth.

"Who is an expert teasing me, please show up!"

"If you want Ye to show up, you are still far from qualified because of your little dolls. It's almost the same for Hong Xuanji and Yang Tuo."

The cold voice seemed to fall from the nine heavens.

It was clearly far away, but it rang clearly in everyone's ears, as if it were close at hand.

"who are you?"

Upon hearing the names of Hong Xuanji and Yang Pan, all the people in the group looked horrified.

Yang Tong, the elder son of the prince, took a step forward suddenly and asked.

"Since your Excellency is here, why do you hide your head and show your tail and dare not see people? Is it because you are afraid?"


"It's ridiculous. There is nothing worthy of Ye Mou to be afraid of in this world. It is Hong Xuanji and Yang Pan who kiss each other, but that's all!"

"Damn, this person has a big tone!"

There is no doubt that Ye Chen's contemptuous tone also surprised Yang Tong.

Although he is a member of the royal family, he also knows that the world is so big that people who can not put the Taishi and the emperor in their eyes and dare to call their names are definitely not the existence they can provoke.

Thinking of this, Yang Tong also shouted loudly.


When the voice fell, he turned his horse and ran wildly.

When the others saw this, they were also taken aback, and hurriedly followed Pegasus, who turned the horse's head, and left without looking back.

But in a moment, he escaped cleanly.

Only one area of the mastiff corpse was left, accompanied by a little bit of blood, which was especially conspicuous on the white snow...

In snowy days, deep mountains, valleys, stone caves, Bai Ziyue, Ye Chen, and Hong Yi, the three of them sat around a stove. There was a pot on the fire. There was a large piece of dog meat inside, which was full of fragrance.

"Today I have to see Brother Ye take action, kill the vicious dog while talking and laughing, and retreat from the powerful enemy.

Bai Ziyue took off the gourd from his waist and put it on the table beside him. Chao Ye Chen and Hong Yi beckoned and said boldly: "Come! Come! Come! Let's have a drink!"

"it is good!"

Ye Chen waved his hand in response, and three jade cups suddenly appeared out of thin air on the table, all of them crystal clear, and at a glance, they knew they were not ordinary products.

"good stuff!"

Hong Yi has read many books, and Bai Ziyue is one of the eight great monsters in the world. He is so knowledgeable and can tell at a glance. These three jade cups are gentle and crystal clear, and they are definitely rare treasures.

"Just a few wine glasses."

Ye Chen chuckled disapprovingly: "Compared to Brother Bai's wine, it's far behind. It's about to fall to the bar. Ye Mou can't wait."


Bai Ziyue let out a hearty laugh, got up and picked up the jug and poured the wine into the glass.

Suddenly, a scent of fragrance overflowed the surroundings, puffing his nose.

Moreover, there is a faint fragrance of medicine in the wine, and just smelling it, you can feel the qi and blood surging, and you can see that this gourd wine is a vitality.

Reaching out and holding up the wine glass, Bai Ziyue raised his glass and smiled, "Please!"


Ye Chen and Hong Yi picked up their wine glasses and drank them all in one go.

When the wine enters the abdomen, the fragrance fills the tongue.

Ye Chen paid it off.

After all, with his current cultivation base, let alone a cup of medicinal wine.

Even if it is a genius and treasure, unless it is those rare supreme gods, he can't imagine how much he can improve.

But Hong Yi is different. Although he has recently practiced martial arts and cultivated the Taoism, his cultivation base has been advancing rapidly, his foundation is shallow, and he has the help of medicinal wine, and his body is created strangely.

"Good wine!"

After a glass of wine, Hong Yi only felt a warm breath in his body.

In an instant, the 48,000 pores all over the body exudes a warm stream, and between the breath, there is a fragrance that diffuses, and the room is full of fragrance.

"Good wine! The legendary fairy brew is nothing more than that!"

At this moment, Hong Yi's blood surged, his face flushed, full of excitement.

"I drank Mr. Bai's wine today, and I only feel that the wine is as extraordinary as the other person!"

"I felt something in my heart, and even asked me to make a poem."

As he spoke, he stood up and chanted in a long voice: "The long sword runs across the nine fields, the high crown flicks the mysterious sky, alone in the world, is the hero of the world?"

"Okay! What a hero from all over the world, if he smells this poem, he will be utterly white again!"

Bai Ziyue and Ye Chen admired in unison.

Between words, another drink.

Suddenly, the entire cavern stone room was full of wine, and a group of foxes just smelled the wine, and they were all mixed up.

Although Hong Yi could drink a few cups, it was only a few cups.

After all, this gourd Chinese medicinal wine is carefully brewed by Bai Ziyue to break through the realm of Martial Saint.

Although Hong Yi was born, he couldn't drink too much. After a few cups, he felt drunk and fell to the ground unconsciously.

But the breath is constantly rising between the breaths.

When Ye Chen saw this, he immediately smiled and said, "Brother Bai, thanks to your medicinal liquor, it saves a few months of cultivation... Unfortunately, this medicinal liquor is only useful for people below the realm of Martial Saint, with you and me. I can only taste it."

Looking at Hong Yi, Bai Ziyue couldn't help showing a bit of envy on his face: "This time, Hong Yi is going to sleep for three days. After three days, I don't know how much progress can be made."

"You can guess."

Ye Chen said with a bit of movement: "Perhaps, once he wakes up, he will become a Martial Saint, it may not necessarily be."

"Wu Sheng?"

Hearing this, Bai Ziyue couldn't help being shocked: "This is unlikely, right?"

"Of course it's impossible!"

Ye Chen smiled and said, "However, the realm of the Great Master can still be thought of."

Bai Ziyue was dumb, but he didn't doubt Ye Chen's words.


Three days later, Hong Yi woke up from his drunken dream, and his martial arts cultivation had successfully broken through and entered the realm of great master.

Even with his spiritual cultivation base, he was quite diligent and completely stabilized the realm of day travel.

In the next few days, he followed Ye Chen's practice, and gradually stabilized his cultivation base, his whole personality began to change, as if he had entered a whole new world.

Reborn, not what it used to be!

Before you know it, it's the end of the year.

As a member of Wuwenhoufu, Hong Yi had to leave Xishan and return to Wuwenhoufu even though he was an underwhelmed concubine.

As soon as the farewell was coming, Ye Chen gave him a jade amulet, saying that unless he met a martial artist, or a ghost who had survived seven thunder tribulations.

Otherwise, this talisman can save his life three times.

After Hong Yi left, Bai Ziyue and a group of foxes also began to pack their things and leave.

After all, people have discovered this place, even if they are frightened by Ye Chen's majesty, no one will come in a short time.

But they knew very well that Ye Chen could not stay here forever.

Therefore, leaving is the best choice.

Ye Chen was the only one left in the huge valley.

He has achieved the purpose of coming here, so naturally he has no interest in staying here, so he left on his own and came to Yujing City.

The heavy snow just stopped, and the bustle and bustle of Yujing City resumed.

The streets are full of people coming and going, and all kinds of large shops are even more lively, such as the drinks and banquets in the "Juyuan Building", the girls in the "Sanhua Lou", the pen, ink, paper and inkstone of the "Songzhuxuan", and the silk and satin of the "Songjiang Shop". The antiques and second-hand goods of "Yigulou", the jewelry of "Jinyutang", etc., are the most lively places in Yujing.

Especially, it is now the twelfth lunar month, approaching the end of the new year.

The emperor wanted to offer sacrifices to the heavens and also received envoys from various countries. Those envoys from the Huoluo Kingdom in the Western Regions, Yunmeng Kingdom in the East, Yuantu Kingdom in the North, Shenfeng from the South, Ryukyu Pearl and other island countries also lived in Yujing City. In the museum.

These people in weird costumes often come out to watch the prosperity of Yujing, the largest city in Dagan, but it adds to the excitement of Yujing.

Twenty years ago, Dagan defeated the cavalry attacked by Yunmeng and killed them. The two sides made a covenant at the border and never again. The Dagan dynasty has been in an extremely prosperous period.

Even, it has become the largest dynasty empire in the entire land!

Ye Chen had no doubts about this.

Before he came to the palace, he raised his head slightly, and he could see the purple air billowing in the sky, and his luck was like a dragon, conquering the world and frightening all directions.

"It's really worthy of the Prosperous Dynasty!"

Looking at the true dragon of Qi Luck above the nine heavens, enshrouding the entire palace, the vast purple Qi radiated even more.

Ye Chen couldn't help sighing.

"In such a prosperous world, looking at the many worlds I have experienced, few worlds have had it before..."

Do not say anything else.

Just say that there are many dynasties in the immortal world, but most of them are appendages of the major sects.

There are more than a dozen secular dynasties under Yuhuamen.

And the world of Yangshen, the imperial spirit of the Dagan Dynasty, contains endless majesty, so that the entire palace is shrouded in the glory of imperial spirit.

And this imperial spirit is the admiration and conviction of imperial power in the hearts of the people.

Admiring the majesty of the dynasty and being awed by the legal system of the dynasty, these thoughts merged together, and they became the imperial spirit, entwining the imperial city, so that ordinary ghosts and ghosts did not dare to approach.


The imperial spirit is so extraordinary that ordinary people can't see it.

Only a Taoist who has cultivated to a high level can detect and see through the use of his soul.

In fact, this is quite similar to **** belief.

People fear the imperial power and obey the jurisdiction of the imperial power. Unconsciously, an idea will arise.

The gathering of these thoughts, like faith, makes the palace shrouded in faith.


This kind of thought is not the kind of prayer to the gods, but the natural reverence for the emperor.