God Level Villain Chapter 1198

Chapter 1198: Sneak Attack

But because the moon in the sky today is exceptionally round, the guards of those royal capitals had already seen it when the agency bird troop appeared on the horizon.

Afterwards, alarm bells sounded in the entire royal capital.

Because the people of Xianbei already knew that Tang Jun possessed such weapons, when they saw these wooden birds flying in the sky, the entire king was instantly confused.

However, soon all the gates of the entire royal capital were opened, and then countless people poured out from the royal capital.

The patriarchs of the other eight great meritorious families in Xianbei had already left the capital and returned to their own territory to gather the army.

So now only the emperor Tuoba Teng and some members of the Tuoba clan are in this royal capital, and the other Xianbei nobles have gone back to summon troops or led them to the battlefield.

The door of Tuoba Teng's official palace was also knocked at this time.

"Your Majesty, Tang Jun is going to take aerial attacks again. Their wooden birds are about to fly over the king's capital. Please, your Majesty, get out of the city and take refuge."

Hearing this, Tuoba Teng stopped his push-ups and walked out naked like this.

At this time, a mechanism bird had already flown over the capital, and only saw the jars with sparks falling from the sky.

After that, Tuoba Teng could hear countless huge noises, and at the same time he saw more mechanical birds flying towards here.

At this time, a woman had already stepped out and put a dress on Tuoba Teng's body.

"Your Majesty, let's go out and avoid it. From this posture, it is estimated that the whole king is already very difficult to keep."

"Huh! I will find Tang Jun to return this account sooner or later. Since my royal capital is destroyed, then I must occupy all of their capital."

After Tuoba Teng finished speaking, he walked towards his palace with the people who had already rushed over, and then quickly opened a secret road and escaped.

You must know that Xianbei's palace was originally created by the Han people, so this kind of secret way for escape is definitely not lacking.

At this time, the agency bird troops in the air saw the people escaping from the city gates when they rushed over, so they quickly dropped countless cups directly at the gates, completely sealing the gates. .

With the city gates being sealed off, those who remained in the city naturally had no way to leave.

Then, explosions occurred everywhere in the city, and then the entire king was completely ignited.

Although the Xianbei king's capital is the royal capital, because the Xianbei people are originally nomads, this king's capital was only established to demonstrate the majesty of the Tuoba clan.

But the size of this city is actually similar to Linzi City, and even the city wall is not as high as Linzi City.

So after the organ bird madly dropped the cupping pot, the whole king was quickly ignited by the flames.

As for those who escaped, there are also many who did not escape, because today's moonlight is very good, so people on the mechanism bird can naturally see these people.

So some mechanical birds flew towards these people with the cupping jar, and then began to drop the cupping jar frantically.

After all the cupping pots were dropped, the entire king of Xianbei had completely turned into a city of fire at this time.

The task of the agency bird unit was also completed at this time, and then they flew directly in the direction they came.

They really did it at this time: "I left gently, just as I came gently, although in the end I only left a field of fire."

After the agency bird left, on a small hill about one mile away from King Xianbei's capital, countless people began to walk out from various places.

And these people are all senior members of the Tuoba clan who just escaped from the city through secret roads.

At the beginning, for safety, many of the Tuoba clans residences were built with secret roads, so at this time, the Tuoba clan actually suffered no loss.

And most of the people who are really dying are ordinary civilians.

But for these people, Tuoba Teng didn't pay attention to it at all. As long as he could live, then everything was nothing.

And the most important thing is that in addition to the army of the Tuoba clan, most of the army in the city has moved towards the border, so there are fewer than 10,000 troops in the entire city.

Therefore, this time this air raid, apart from destroying the king of Xianbei, it really did not cause too much damage to the Xianbei clan.

Looking at the royal capital that had been completely ignited, Tuoba Teng not only didn't feel a little bit sad, but he was still a little happy in his heart.

In fact, Tuoba Teng himself had long wanted to burn this king.

In his mind, Xianbei should gallop on the grassland and then rob others everywhere, and this king has already restricted the development of his own Xianbei clan.

I have to say that Tuoba Teng is indeed an ambitious person, but he is destined to end with hatred, because he has to face an enemy that is strong enough to make him tremble.

Tuoba Teng quickly decided to gather all the troops that could be concentrated in the country. He himself took all the cavalry that came the next day and slew to the border. He planned to learn from the night wind and imperial conquest.

And Tuoba Teng had already thought about it this time, since the Han regime that had just emerged dared to send troops to expedition himself.

So Tuoba Teng also wanted to use this time to do something about it. He had already pulled over all the country except for the army to the west.

According to Tuoba Teng's understanding, this time he can mobilize at least 1.2 million people.

Of course, some of these 1.2 million soldiers are slaves of their own clan.

And as long as they are under the coercion of the army, there is definitely no way these slaves can rebel.

With this 1.2 million army, how could Tuoba Teng just expel the Yefeng's army, that is impossible.

Tuoba Teng's plan this time was to use this battle to drive out or even eliminate the Tang army, he immediately drowned and killed the army, and then he could take the opportunity to bring the Xianbei army into the territory of the Han nationality.

According to Tuoba Teng's idea, it is very simple. What he thinks is that at least he will bring his army into the territory of the Han nationality to burn, kill, and looting. He must take back the loss this time.

If possible, Tuoba Teng is still very willing to overthrow the Yetian Kingdom of the Han nationality, and he will establish the Xianbei regime on the land of the Han nationality, and then turn all Han people into his own slaves.